Golden Globes… stream of consciousness

OK… starting a bit before the Globes start.  This will just be me rambling throughout the awards.  I’ll publish during the commercials and edit and all that crap.  Deal with it. No one’s reading anyway.

Looking for dad… will not see his ass anywhere near the red carpet.  I imagine him being all Mission Impossible and hiding behind potted plants.  He’s not famous enough to be shown anyway.

Giuliana is scary skinny.  Ugh.

For the record, I find Ashton Kutcher smarmy and aggravating and not the least bit attractive.  Natalie, girl, I know we’ve had our ups and downs (OK, you’ve been a snot and I’ve not liked it) but you look damned good in the “No Strings Attached” trailer and I hope you have an eventless pregnancy and a fantastic marriage.

Oh, Christina Aguilera… no.  just no.  One shouldn’t ever want to look like a giant sex toy.

DO. NOT. LIKE the shoulders on Anne Hathaway’s dress.  Gah.  Jennifer Lopez.  Meh.  Love Scarlett’s dress… HATE her Bride of Frankenstein hair.

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Help me, I’m being oppressed!

Nah, not really.  I just haven’t been able to post anything on Celebitchy all evening.  All my posts disappear into the ether, never to been seen again.  Now I have the sads.  😦

edited 1/9/11:  Still can’t post on Celebitchy.  I don’t understand why.  I’ve never broken any of the rules there.

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Christmas shopping sucks

Went Christmas shopping with my friend Lisa tonight.  Hated every blasted moment of it.  Nothing makes you realize the inhumanity of man towards man more than the Ikea Marketplace.  Pushing, shoving, grabbing stupid candles out of my hand (yes, someone actually took a candle out of my hand because they “needed that color and it’s the only one left.”  Bite me.  And since when did self service checkout mean that no one has to work anymore?  I couldn’t find a human drone worker there to save my life.  Also went to King’s Plaza.  Rude salespeople, lack of stock, annoying fellow shoppers, and no, I don’t want to give you a happy ending, security guard.  I think I’ll hit Staten Island over the weekend and call it a season.

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First married Thanksgiving

… and we were thousands of miles apart.  I know JP’s a musician and I know that he pretty much has to take whatever work he can get, but I am angry and disappointed that we are spending this time apart so early in our marriage.  I won’t see him until right before Christmas.  And on top of it, this little groupie bitch emailed me to say that JP was cheating on me.  With her.  I know that’s a lie, but it sucks that I even have to be brought into someone else’s wishful thinking and psychotic behavior.  And yes, Rae, I know that you’re nowhere near where my husband is.  I know you’re in Baltimore.  My husband is not so well endowed that he can cheat on me with you from thousands of miles away.

Sorry if I sound whiny, but I’m having a bad couple of days.  I’m going skeet shooting with my dad later.  If anything can make me feel better, it’s my dad and shooting at shit.

update:  went skeet shooting.  shot like crap, dad gave me advice and since he was holding a gun, I think I’ll follow it.

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Getting up early sucks

I hate having to be up at 3:30 am to make it to a location shoot an hour away by 5:30 am. But alas, it’s my job. Good thing I’m not high maintenance. Time to prep the coffee mug, hop in the Prius, and head for the hills.

Thank you, Seventh Void, for waking me up and for being with me through the day on my iPod.

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scary scary internet people

OK, so I post around the internet on a couple of gossip blogs.  I have noticed that there are always one or two people who think they know everything about everything.  Like they have inside information or are privy to the private lives of the celebrities that they worship and adore.  Maybe they do, but from the tone of the posts, I usually don’t think it’s anything more than hero worship or the opposite.  What’s funny is that they will argue with someone never knowing what that person may be privy to.  For example, I am a production assistant and occasionally luck out and get to learn some directing.  I am on sets for both television and film.  I have the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of being on set with actors.  I actually know some stuff.  Add to it that I was best friends with a musician and was able to go on the road with his band a bit (of course, they put me to work) and I’m now married to a road/session musician who moves in some cool circles and has worked with some fairly influential people.  And my dad works in Hollywood and I grew up in the environment, attending a school of the arts in the Los Angeles area. 

Do I know everyone in Hollywood?  No.  Far from it.  Do I have inside information?  Yeah, a bit.  More about some, less about others, but I do have some inside information.  So really, stop being a bitch and arguing with me when I make a comment about something or someone.  If I make a comment that’s more than an opinion, I know what I’m talking about, because I don’t buy the crap in the tabs, and I don’t comment unless I know.

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Home and Home

Today I jumped on the Jet Blue 11:00 out of JFK and winged it to the left coast for work.  Getting off the plane in LA , picking up my luggage, and seeing my mom there was incredible.  Just seeing her beautiful smiling face said one word to me… home.  Yet being in Brooklyn also says one word to me… home.  Sometimes I feel a little disjointed; how can someone have two places that feel equally like home?  But it’s not the place.  It’s who is in the place that makes it home.  In LA it’s my mom, dad, and sisters.  In NY, it’s JP and our friends.  And many times, the twain do meet.  I’m a lucky girl.

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