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Master Procrasdisaster

I am a master at procrastination.  So much so that my husband refers to it as Procrasdisaster (the ability to create a disaster due to procrastination.)  Hence the two year lapse in my blog.  Let me fill you in (if … Continue reading

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Urban Dictionary…. HAHAHAHAHA

“Lianas are often seen holding on to a machine gun, for they fear a zombie attack will happen at any given moment. Often can they be found in underground punk showings or Walmarts during graveyard hours.”

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What to do… what to do

OK, I’ve been on the low end of the production team for a couple of films and television series. And I’m not really going anywhere. The jump from PA to AD isn’t that great and really, I’ve been spending so … Continue reading

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Being Banned

Yes, I am banned once again from Celebitchy.  And before you tell me that it’s my use of asterisks or ellipses, no.  I’m actually BANNED.  For what?  Nothing.  I did nothing to merit being banned other than state that a … Continue reading

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Oh my

I’ve let my blog lapse BIG TIME. I’ll get to thinking and get to posting.  I actually have some ideas that I have to kick about.

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2011 Academy Awards

Hanging out with a couple of friends and my computer, watching the Oscars.  Overall, the tone of the show is a little… underwhelming.  James Franco seems like he’s a little on the stoned side and is phoning it in, although … Continue reading

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Oh Come On Grammys

Yeah, you did good remembering Dio and Alex Chilton, but you left off Pete. Just because Type O wasn’t “mainstream” doesn’t mean Peter Steele wasn’t influential.

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