Master Procrasdisaster

I am a master at procrastination.  So much so that my husband refers to it as Procrasdisaster (the ability to create a disaster due to procrastination.)  Hence the two year lapse in my blog.  Let me fill you in (if you still care)

  1. Still apparently banned from Celebitchy.  I might even be over it.  Nah.
  2. Living in London.  How long do you need to live abroad before you can be considered an expat?  I do still come home for visits, but it’s mostly to Los Angeles to see my parents.
  3. Thought I was pregnant (finally) but it turned out to be gas.
  4. Still married, still happy.
  5. Still working in casting and loving it.
  6. Hating this whole Obama/Syria thing.  Please tell me that the US is not going to bomb Syria.

That’s about it.  But I do think I might actually get back to my blog on a semi regular basis.  I kind of like writing and I kind of miss doing it.  So, what are you all up to?  Feel free to friend me on facebook (  I’m not on a lot, but early in the morning I pop on and see what’s happening.

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