Being Banned

Yes, I am banned once again from Celebitchy.  And before you tell me that it’s my use of asterisks or ellipses, no.  I’m actually BANNED.  For what?  Nothing.  I did nothing to merit being banned other than state that a job that I have held – production assistant – isn’t just an internship.  Yup.  That’s it.  That’s all I said and the great and moronic Kaiser banned me for it.  And Katie, the real Celebitchy, ignored my emails.  Lovely, right?

Bottom line, I was banned for actually having knowledge of Hollywood.  I was banned for daring to disagree with Kaiser, who I will now dub Kaiser Wilhem (KW for short). I was probably banned for having met and conversed with Gerard Butler.  I was banned for daring to state that Jennifer Garner is one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Celebitchy used to be a smart and clever gossip site.  It used to be fun.  People used to be allowed to have their opinions and express them, and the only thing that merited banning was:

Celebitchy aims to be a friendly, welcoming site where people can discuss entertainment stories and current events in a lighthearted, safe environment without fear of harassment, excessive negativity, or bullying. Different opinions, backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are welcome here – hatred and bigotry are not. If you make racist or bigoted remarks, comment under multiple names, or wish death on anyone you will be banned. There are no second chances if you violate one of these basic rules.

Yeah.  OK.  Now you go there, there’s a new depth of meanness in the posts themselves,  the “head writer” bullies people, it’s rampant with excessive negativity, and different opinions are not allowed.  I have noticed that some of the regular posters aren’t around anymore (Crashie appears to be banned also) and there are many comments about people being on moderation.  Way to kill your site with this urge to be as petty and unimportant as LaineyGossip (another useless dingleberry on the ass of the tabblogs).

I can no longer recommend Celebitchy as THE place for smart and humorous gossip.  Go there if you want to talk about dongs, hitting it, dirty sex, incorrect and unresearched information, and bangs trauma.  Go to dlisted if you want smart and humorous.  And hey, follow me on twitter if you want, or friend me on facebook.  I’m done caring about Celebitchy and this is probably my last blog or tweet about it unless someone asks me.  Life’s too short to give a shit about bitches.

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  1. Karissa says:

    hat site is as bad as Perez Hilton and will eventually go the way of Popsugar. Popsugar used to be awesome and fun, but they let the nastiness take over there.

  2. Melanie Hardy says:

    God, Kaiser is not only a bitch, she’s a boring bitch. Same old shit different day with that one. Tragic, bangs trauma, dongs, and the like. Whatever,

  3. Majosha says:

    Howdy, Liana. I’m not sure if you remember me, but our time at CB overlapped. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I was a regular poster on CB under a different name and actually made some good friends (all but one have since left or been banned), but once Kaiser made the transition from commenter to writer, the site started slipping. I initially left along with the others, but decided to give it another go. It didn’t work out. As Melanie rightly pointed out above, all of Kaiser’s repetitive, yawn-inducing drivel about dongs and bangs is played out, and the atmosphere has become toxic. I also started to notice that she tries to repackage other bloggers’ material and pass it off as her own. Anyway, I’m sorry your experience there ended the way it did, but the site isn’t worth much these days anyway. Hope you’re doing well otherwise 🙂

  4. Isa says:

    Hey Liana! I just happened to wonder where you were today. And then I remembered you had a blog so I decided to come check it out and see what you were up to. I’m surprised to find that you have been banned! That is crazy. I’ve noticed a lot of commenters that were there when I first started visiting the site have gone missing. I figured most of them just grew tired of the blog…but now I wonder.

    I only comment every once in a while now…since I seem to be in perma-mod.

    Good luck to you and your husband on starting a family! And the new job!

  5. Rocks says:

    I realise I’m about a year too late to comment but I will anyway. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’m not a fan of Princess Kate but the hate campaign they run over their is incredible, anyone who points out that this is contrary to the bullying policy gets banned. Anyone who disagrees with Kaiser gets banned. Have noticed that most commenters are all up Kaiser’s arse. She has no original insights, wit or intelligence. How came to be headwriter amazes me.

  6. Ally says:

    I’m a year late too. I found you after googling Kaiser, Celebitchy. It’s a relief to find others in the same boat. Yep, I just got banned. I wasn’t rude, abusive or racist. Nope. But I committed the absolute worst sin, I challenged Kaiser.

    She was admonishing people for saying negative things about the Willis girls’ looks. I agreed but also asked why that rule didn’t apply to others i.e. Princess Kate and Jennifer Aniston. Surprise, my comment never got through moderation. This has happened a few times, usually when I say something logical on a Pitt, Jolie or Aniston post….obviously objectivity is not allowed whenever their is a good ole loonfest going on.

    Anyway, back to the Willis comment. I knew I was on shaky ground but I asked why my comment never made it through and mentioned double standards. That was last night, today I’m unable to post. I’ve now deleted the link from my favourites. It’s pretty obvious Kaiser, who appears to write the majority of posts now, manipulates the whole gossip site to her liking which makes the comment section void imo.

  7. Liana says:

    My former sister-in-law posts there (she’s paranormalgirl) and so far she’s managed to behave according to the “standards” of the site. I just realized I have barely posted on my blog these days… been so busy, but that’s no excuse!

  8. Reality says:

    I sometimes post there but my posts usually get deleted, and everyone who doesn’t worship the Brange or hate on Jennifer Aniston/ Kate Middleton eventually gets banned. I kinda feel sorry for the site owner Katie, as I don’t think she’s got a clue about what happens in the comments section, I emailed her once about some really cruel things being said about Suri Cruise when she was maybe three or four, and she wrote back all apologetic, but nothing changed.

    I’m pretty sure it’s Kaiser who spends every waking minute patrolling the site weeding out comments that aren’t to her liking and calling people who don’t agree with her ‘trolls’. There have been some great posters there, Praise St Angie, Sage Advice, Firestarter, Crash2GO2, people who engaged, didn’t fawn all over certain stars, who you could debate with about more than gossip, but things sure have changed… Now Janet (Cheyenne), Lisa2 (Lisa), Emma the JP Lover (LoveAngelina), and Kim1 (mln) post whatever they like, and nobody can challenge them.

  9. Kay Hali says:

    Thank you!

    I am in love with the comments section of this post. It’s like everything I have ever complained about, has been mentioned here.

    Kaiser is a dictator. I’ve noticed how it seems like all the comments on there sound sooooo. Stepford wife-y. A little too compliant and ass-kissy, if you ask me.

    The commenters all seem so brainwashed and overly enthusiastic about even some of the dumbest posts. You never see any criticism of even the most pointless stories, so it led me to wonder: Are people really this blind?

    Kaiser also seems to foist her most ridiculous crushes on people. Honestly, Fassbender is alright and all, but I would never have considered him babe worthy, were it not for kaiser and her constant fawning. Then there’s Cumberbatch. He seems like a nice dude, but for the life of me, I cannot bring myself to find him attractive… And that’s When it finally occurred to me; that he was Kaisers crush, and that I should leave that feeling of helpless wanting to her.

    She also always seems to post about the same celebs, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Brangelina, Fassbender, Cumbetbatch, Lindsay Lohan, Leann and Eddie Cibrian, Brandy Glannville, Tom Hiddleston, Elsa Pataky, Blake Lively… Etc…. And previously: Saarsgard (forgive my spelling), Charlize Theron, James Franco, Anne Hathaway, Ryan Reynolds, ScarJo… Etc. any celeb she hates or loves automatically become bait for her posts.
    She usually limits her posts to only the above celebs.

    Another thing Kaiser does is, create all these tiresome and offensive nicknames, and use them constantly and sickenly, to the point where the mileage on the name runs out. “Prince Crumpets, Sparkles, FassDONG, The Cracken (Lindsay Lohan), etc.She could use the word ‘Cracken’ 10 times in just one paragraph. It gets to the point where it’s no longer funny, but I guess she’s still the only one laughing.

    And if I see the word “Dong” ONE MORE TIME, I will hurl.

    Googled her… Could not find one positive comment about her. Seems the world hates her. Why doesn’t Katie just terminate her. Ugh! Such a waste of a once good website.

    I had no idea Kaiser was once a commenter. Wow! What really went down? And how did she get to become the reason Celebitichy is now officially a dump?

  10. Reality says:

    Kay Hali, I think she’s trying to be like Michael K with all that Cracken and Crumpet talk. Dong has to be the grossest word, and she says it over and over. But don’t forget biscuit, possibly even worse.

    Don’t even get me started on that stupid ‘Hot Guy Friday’ thing they used to run. People would salivate all over the pictures and post suggestions, like they’d never heard of Google Images!

    What bothers me most is the double standard. Gerard Butler can sleep around, sure. Fassbender can smoke on the red carpet and drink scotch while on stage and it’s fine. But Aniston is a sloppy drunk because she has a Margarita on vacation and Charlize is a desperate slut. It must kill her that they both probably slept with her ‘forever dongs’.

    That and deleting the comments that don’t echo your own opinion is why I’ve actually stopped going there now.

    Anyway, Katie won’t get rid of her, because she writes 90% of the blog. CB writes maybe 2-3 posts a day. They must be doing alright, so I doubt if anything will change.

  11. Rulla says:

    Hahaha I’m glad I found this site. I’m another person that pissed off Kaiser. I called her out on her bigotry and anti-Islam/Muslim post and after a few posts got banned. Oh well!

  12. blaize says:

    I think I’m banned from celebitchy too. Over the past few days I have tried to post comments on different articles from my computer, but the comments never show up. At all. I type it, but then after I submit the comment, it’s as if I never typed anything at all. And guess what I got banned for? Calling out other users for slut-shaming and subtle racism! I sent an email, asking them if I was banned and why- and so far, I’ve gotten no answer. The ironic thing is that both Kaiser and one other writer for the site (I think it was Bedhead) CLAIM to be ‘feminists’, and their commenting policy SAYS they’re against racism and bigotry, and tolerate different opinions, so you’d think that it would be the people leaving bigoted comments who would be getting banned, or that the owners of the site would at least be relieved to have commenters on the site who call out bigots. But apparently not. I wish they could be called out on this in a way that would get their attention. I think I have a plan: On another device, under another name and email address, in another place, I will post an innocent comment on celebitchy that contains a link to this page. Even if they delete my comment after finding out what’s here, they’ll at least have read the comments. I’ll have this done by Monday afternoon. (If you don’t want me to do this, that’s ok. Just email me not to do it or write it here 🙂

    And @Reality: I, too, have noticed a bit of a double standard on celebitchy, among the writers and some of the commenters. When a male celebrity goes topless, in his underwear, or nude, or take on some kind of sexual role, they just talk about whether or not he’s hot and bangable. But when a female does those same things, they automatically call her desperate, trashy, and try-hard. So much for equality, right? It’s like they and the commenters are proving that stereotype about all women being catty and nasty to one another true.

  13. blaize says:

    Never mind. I’m back on celebitchy now because I changed my name, email address, and IP Adress.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Haha, just found this after googling Kaiser Celebitchy too. I tried to post a comment earlier simply saying that Jennifer Aniston has had 6 films that made over 100 million dollars and that three out of her last four movies were ‘hits’. Nothing else. Not attack, no bitchiness. But my comment is now gone…..

  15. Liana says:

    Welcome to Celebitchy. How paranormalgirl (Brenna) survives there is beyond me. I know one time she said she posted a comment with my name in it and the comment was flagged for moderation, then removed. Am I really a bad word there? LMAO

  16. Kelly says:

    Looks like she’s finally snapped….

  17. Kelly says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    That screen grab is awesome. Couldn’t agree more with the comments here. I haven’t been banned yet on CB, but have only recently begun to comment on the site. I’m sure once I become more vocal it’s only a matter of time. I think the comments of CB is a humorous testament to the need of its readers to have their predominantly uniform opinions reaffirmed by each other. I love how much Kaiser gets butt hurt when the readers don’t validate her opinions. The entertainment of the site to me, has become a woman 20 something years older than myself finding it cute to rant about her crushes and the over use of her catch phrases and nicknames.

  19. Lola says:

    I am tired of that website. I feel like it is full of lots of closeted racists that don’t seem to understand the concept of ‘systematic discrimination’. A lot of commenters take it upon themselves to tell minority groups how they should feel about racism/ bigotry/ say things like things are too PC. I am sorry but I am a person that believes in human to human decency and there is nothing PC about calling people out on racist behaviour! Also a few people fancy themselves crusaders for slut shamming/ body shamming etc. but that seems to only apply to celebs and women who are on the curvier side. If you are skinny they can be as nasty as they like and I hate the double standards especially since so many claim to be against body shamming.

    Other things that bother me about that site is how Kaiser seems to have an unnatural hatred of Duchess Catherine. The comments section is also full of hate and goes beyond issues people might have with work ethic. They attack her weight and looks. I notice that if anyone dare to make a comment about a celeb like Angelina Jolie’s weight though, posters rush out and make all excuses and say she is fine as is and that people saying she might look sick are evil. I just hate how that site fawns over the Jolie-Pitt duo and loves to put Cumberbatch up on a pedestal. God forbid a commenter actually prefer Hiddleston to Cumberbatch as well. Said poster will thing be lectured in all ways that Cumberbatch is god.

    Aniston also gets a lot of hate because she happens to not devote every waking moment to charity and therefore is inferior to saint Angelina Jolie. I mean why can’t Kaiser be objective for once? She is so transparent and will use any detail of Aniston’s life, no matter how petty, to prop Angelina Jolie up. yet in the comments section posters lose their shiz if people bring up JA in an AJ article. If it annoys Kaiser so much maybe she should stop doing the same crap herself.

    The worship giving to people like Selena Gomez is also questionable at best (imo of course) since Kaiser admits she does not think she is a great singer or actress even but simply loves her for being ‘cute’ and having ‘good morals’. All the posters have jumped on the bandwagon and it is nauseating.

    That site is full of cliquish and mean girl behaviour. All the commenters have their chummy friend groups and aren’t too nice to new comers and the self appointed experts on all things British Royalty are grating. They act like they are the only ones with access to a history book/ education. There are a lot of uppity people on that site and Kaiser is the worst and she is also a snob and a bully.

  20. Gemma says:

    I long ago determined that Kaiser is a major loser. Very cliquish and immature in her demeanor and yeah, what is with the Princess Kate hate and all her other biased bullshit? Kaiser is a jealous, insecure, petty, controlling, bullying asshole, period. CB needs to fire her already!

  21. Holly says:

    I have also been banned from this site now (several times, actually). I have always been pleasant and was simply banned for not worshiping Angelina Jolie. It’s amazing that Sal and the other posters listed above get away with the ugliness they do. Makes you wonder if they are Kaiser him/herself. It’s such a shame- I’d been going there for many years and don’t understand why they would want fewer readers. The place is a loon infested nuthouse now.

  22. Greenie says:

    I haven’t posted there in ages, but I did know someone who knew Kaiser personally, and at that point, Kaiser was still living at home with her parents and CB was her first real job (and she was in her late-twenties). I think maybe she moved out for college and then right back in. You know, we all live our lives differently and I try not to judge, but when she’s making it her mission to brutally tear down certain women for completely trivial reasons, it’s hard to to wonder if she’s just fueled by her own sense of failure. Her not-so-subtle racism is what finally drove me away. That and the Jolie/Aniston thing. I really don’t care about either, but god, the ever-dominant triangle got so tiresome with all in-fighting and craziness. Thankfully, I missed the Selena Gomez worship. WTF? That’s so random.

  23. Frazzled says:

    I have been banned from CB too haha. I don’t know why the dictator Kaiser banned me but I’ve seen much worse comments from other people. Maybe I don’t worship Cumberbatch and I like Jen Garner 🙂

  24. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment.

    There’s no doubt that that you ought to publish more on this issue, it might not be a taboo subject but usually folks don’t speak about such subjects. To the next! Best wishes!!

  25. Daaahlinh says:

    I got banned today for telling another poster (who was only questioning Kaiser’s anti-fem comments in her own article!) that she better be careful, or she is going to be moderated. Guess who was blocked today? I see so much meanness in there, I just try to be funny and witty, but if you question Kaiser’s intent or subtext, ohmigersh. That’s okay–I’m tired of reading “would you hit it?,” “hot look or hot mess?” “tragic or lovely?” “cute or disaster?.” And leave my Lainey alone. I live for her GOOP posts LOL

  26. shemakesmehatekittens says:

    I just got banned too for basically posting an opinion (in a very polite way) that was not going along with all the maniacal Stepford-wifey fakiness over there. I must add that I NEVER EVER BOTHERED TO READ “KAISER”S stories, I just read the headline and then clicked straight to the comments.

    More than once I have found the actual comments terrifying, in a “stop the planet, I want to get off it” sort of way. Absolutely rabid, fake-ass-fake teenage schoolyard bitchery at its finest. And massive mob mentality, and not in a good way. You really have to be stuck at the emotional age of 12 to be able to tolerate it. That’s it, I’m staying away. I am going to pretend that the site and a lot of the people who actually post there don’t exist.

  27. sussing the smith says:

    I like this thread! Kaiser is extremely immature and childish. I don’t go over there anymore because the posts are so incredibly boring and just her weird single opinion, not open for discussion. She quite obviously has no life and has single-handedly destroyed the site, which is a shame.

  28. Hey Lianna–I agree. I’ve not been liking CB for the past few months. Especially the moderations….and it’s even for the dumbest reasons. Like we used to be able to actually TALK to each other on there, and now…God no. Last week, I went onto the LINKS section, just to post this short little ditty on this amazing dream I had about me and Tom Hardy–like it was PG rated, at best, nothing inappropriate (especially compared to stuff that gets said all the time)–and it was moderated, and then deleted. I don’t understand it. And yeah–if you email them about comments not appearing, or anything like that–they don’t email you back. I mean, that’s common courtesy.

  29. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I googled “I was banned on Celebitchy” and here I am! Lol, This (June 3rd) is the 2nd time I’ve been banned; the 1st time was a couple of months ago. It’s so crazy to be modded for having an opinion. As everyone here (and there) knows, I’m nothing if not polite and respectful!

    Even before this 2nd ban, I was tired of being on perma mod for years – simply because I compared Kim Kardashian to a “human slip ‘n slide”. (Of course, the level of vitriol against Kimmie on Celebitchy now is worse by far!) This last time I was banned for liking Shailene Woodley, for Pete’s Sake.

    Hi, Liana, Virgilia, Majosha, Isa, blaize, frazzled, uh – basically everybody! Thanks, Liana for a great site! I’m happy to be in good company.

  30. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Did I mention that only my first comment on the Shailene Woodly story was modded out, so I was the one who looked like an a$$shole with my followup referencing emails? I can’t seem to let a sleeping dog lie, so here’s my offending bannable Celebitchy post:

    “You might change your mind about Shailene if you read Pajiba’s FULL story, because this story did NOT go down like it’s being presented here.

    “There was sudden silence, and then the audience, which was shocked and angry, began to boo. Fallon said something like “Whoa,” and Woodley held her ground. “As women, we are constantly told that we need to compare ourselves to a girl in school, to our co-¬workers, to the images in a magazine,” she told me later. “How is the world going to advance if we’re always comparing ourselves to others? I admire Jennifer Lawrence, but she’s everyone’s favorite person to compare me to. Is it because we both have short hair and a vagina? I see us as separate individuals. And that’s important. As women, our insecurities are based on all these comparisons. And that creates distress.” –

    Amazing how a few left out phrases changes EVERYTHING. Context.”

    Apologies to all for not letting this go!

  31. itstrue says:

    I too googled “banned from celebitchy” and here I am. I compared Kimora Lee Simmons neck to a child’s ring stacking toy. I really thought it would make someone laugh.

  32. Majosha says:

    LOL, itstrue, that made me laugh!

    Hello to everyone else who’s posted here. Sounds like CB continues to go downhill, which is no surprise. Does anyone have any suggestions for a different gossip site to hang my hat? I just kind of stopped going after leaving CB, but I wouldn’t mind finding another place to snark in good company.

  33. lucy says:

    I had my comments deleted last week, because I questioned Lainey’s blind item about Charlize Theron. I was perfectly respectful, but after my first post, I couldn’t reply to anyone.

    I don’t even bother posting about Angelina Joile or Brad Pitt, as those posts are so heavily moderated, nothing but sugar cover rainbows makes it through. It baffles me how someone who blogs about celebs for a living can be so sanctimonious, and Kaiser’s ‘fashion’ threads (hot or not & tragic or fierce) make me cringe. She’s got no clue.

  34. itstrue says:

    That’s what I am on the hunt for, I have my free time early in the day and CB posts fast and furious until nine or so. I would love to find a new home, I can’t go to CB anymore based on pride and principal. I am a step or two away from hanging out with my kids. EEEK!! I think I’m like one Barney episode away from a mental collapse.

  35. Majosha says:

    My kids have thankfully graduated to stuff like Regular Show which is MUCH better, but I work from home so they’re on me all day now that they’re out of school. I love them but, Christ. Sometimes, I’ll just lock them out of the house with their bikes, some water, and a package of graham crackers. It actually works pretty well.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes.

    I used to read certain CB posts by Kaiser and comment occasionally, but gradually began to find the atmosphere stifling and creepy. I was never banned, but suspected that there was some heavily biased banning going on – some threads are just way too monotone. I guess I was right.

    I’m done with CB & won’t click that crap anymore…

  37. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I laughed too, itstrue! I pictured ET’s wringed neck after reading your comment. –

  38. itstrue says:

    That ET pic made my morning. Absolutely right on. I can’t believe you were banned, you were a pretty active contributor weren’t you?

  39. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Yes, I was itstrue. If you notice, all the regular contributors have got the axe. The ones that are left seem to have shortened their posts and have self censored, probably because they were tired of being modded for nothing. I still don’t know what’s going on over there, but it’s very weird.

    Does anyone know why these strange doings are going on or have anymore gossip on those who mod and write for the Celebitchy site?

  40. Blaize says:

    Remember how I said I got a new user name and IP Address? Well, I used the username and email address of my sister Leila (Leila in Wunderland). About a week or so later Leila took over for herself and started commenting. I told Leila- I WARNED her- that if she made it a habit of calling out bigotry on their in ways that hurt peoples’ wittle bigot feelings, she would get banned just like I did. Leila being herself, she didn’t listen. For a while it was fine, even though she did mention there was a tone-policing problem there where ‘liberal’ and ‘feminist’ women would actually defend people saying misogynistic things and do the whole “Free speech+ it’s just the internet= people should be free to say things that further systemic oppression in this public space without being harshly criticized for it” spiel. But one day she actually got banned for going off on someone who left a racist rape apologist basically stating that if black women don’t want to be seen as ‘unrapeable jezebels’, women like Beyoncé need to be sexually modest. Now, she did tell me that that comment got deleted, but she actually got banned for calling the person out. She did tell me that she did call the person a piece of shit somewhere within her rant, but she didn’t say anything bigoted, and calling someone a piece of shit FOR BEING RACIST AND CONTRIBUTING TO RAPE CULTURE pales in comparison to the problematic things that have been allowed in comment sections on celebitchy. And guess what? One commenter who has made a victim-blaming comment on that site is still allowed to comment there.

    It’s very telling about celebitchy feminism, isn’t it? What the majority of them (and by ‘them’ I mean not just the bloggers, but also a lot of the commenters there) practice is not progressivism, but Respectability Politics. Respectability Politics is basically the victim-blaming notion that if a specific Marginalized group or member of that group does not want to experience a form of oppressive treatment that applies to their group, it’s the responsibility of members of the Marginalized group to make sure their physical appearance, behavior, sexuality, demeanor, image, etc. are in compliance with the ‘standards’ of propriety and respectability set by Privileged groups. In the case of Celebitchy respectability politics, the Marginalized group targeted is women, and the idea is that if a woman is open when it comes to the way she lives her life or if her physical appearance, behavior, sexuality, demeanor, image, etc, are not in compliance with western traditional patriarchal standards of propriety, it’s perfectly natural and justifiable for people to verbally abuse those women in misogynistic ways that include fat-shaming, slut-shaming, whorephobia, and victim-blaming, and the fact that all four of those problems negatively and dangerously impact real women and girls all over the world every day is irrelevant, because ‘freee speech’ & ‘itz just mah opinion’ and ‘she asked for it’ and ‘dis is a gossip site so don’t shame and judge bigoted commenters’.
    The comment policy says “Different opinions are welcome, Bigotry is not’ or something like that, right? A more honest comment policy would read, “On this pseudo-progressive pseudo-feminist site, Questioning the bloggers is not welcome, but bigotry is very welcome and very tolerated, and even defended and justified, so long as it’s directed at unpopular/unladylike women only, and if you make a habit of calling it out in ways that are less than pacifist and accommodating, your ass will be banned, bitchez! #SmoochThePatriarchy!

  41. Blaize says:

    Leila may be happy to know that there are other feminists/liberals who had the same issue with celebitchy that we did. I’ll tell her!

  42. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    Yeah–I haven’t been commenting on CB as often. Part of it is because I don’t want to write a comment and then have it modded–especially if I worked looong and haaard on that comment too. I’m also annoyed that you apparently can’t write about hot dreams about Tom Hardy, but they’ll let people GO TO TOWN on the Jennifer/Justin/Brad/Angelina threads. I mean, I honestly start dreading reading the threads because of a few people who just go after people for disagreeing. Why aren’t any of their comments deleted?

    But yeah, I was telling my friend this, and she told me to start my own site—she convinced me…..:)

  43. Heretofore says:

    I think I just got banned from CB for having a rational discussion about a movie that one of the “imaginary CB boyfriends” was in, and my opinion wasn’t positive. Didn’t swear or anything, just thought it was a bad movie. I have a performing arts degree. I know what I’m talking about. Apparently this was not up for discussion? (This is not the name I post under) I’ll change my handle slightly, but definitely won’t post as much and I’ve been censoring myself for quite awhile. I don’t even bother with Brangelina posts. It really bothers me that so many posts get moderated. Even fairly innocent things. Not sure why they want their readership to go down??

  44. Ally McMel says:

    That’s great news Virgilia. I was going to come on here and suggest a forum for us all to gossip freely and debate celebrity news, so I’ll be along as soon as you’re up and running. If you need a hand let me know.

    I still read CB but not as often, I gave up posting a long time ago. It’s ridiculous over there, worse then a playground. But mostly I hate the way Kaiser controls everything and don’t get me started on the posters sheeplike behaviour.

  45. itstrue says:

    I’m in too, I’m not as educated, but I can help with the dirty jokes.

  46. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Virgilia, if you build it, I will come. 🙂 What can I do to help?

  47. Regina Lynx says:

    Hey you guys, just stopped by to thank Liana for this blog and everybody else for making me laugh. Finding these comments has been like eavesdropping my parents talking about what presents to buy for Christmas. (Or as Michael K would say, ESCANDALOSO!)

    I also think that Kaiser is a talentless hack. Gurl’s got no imagination. Nada.

  48. jess says:

    I am pretty sure celebitchy is paid by the Kartrashian clan (they have daily articles on them) and also by Brangelina for favorable PR/articles. Kaiser haaates every celeb who had a bad run-in with Brangelina – Goop and Anniston, because they once dated Brad Pitt and Chandler because she said something bad about Brangelina. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kaiser and the other writers make comment posts themselves on the boards to encourage other people to make posts. Cray cray housewife loons, bat shit crazy.

  49. danceydancer316 says:

    Oh my god, this. I’m so happy I’ve found this blog. Kaiser is awful, absolutely awful. I go on it maybe once a week (if that now) and I’ll comment in some areas but I’m always modded. And typically it’s deleted. Bedhead did an article on Nicki’s new video have nazi themes and that’s what finally did it for me. The hens there were up in arms about it- that place tries to be more politically correct than tumblr. But just a few months ago their god Kaiser made a holocaust joke and received praise for it. Disgusting.

    I use to go on CB a lot a few years ago when MSat and Jaybird were writers. I remember Kaiser and even then I thought her comments were ridiculous. Now she writes most of the shit on the site and it’s cringe worthy. Biased, hateful, and downright cruel to some while males got all the praise. I remember seeing people not caring about Baldwin’s homophobic remarks towards a journalist but would go nuts over a woman such as Theron.

    You’d think Dlisted would stop linking to the site since Kaiser blatantly rips off MK’s style of writing. Even those that comment on Dlisted know and remark there about Kaiser and the loons that stay on the site. It’s sad when other blog sites know Kaiser and the site for what it is.

    I’ve tried saying in a comment that it seemed like Kris bought off Kaiser or the site in particular. Kaiser doesnt get as nasty in her posts the way she use to and has actually been complimenting Kummy. Granted everyone in the comments tear her down so it kinda just gives Kaiser’s Kim posts more of an open theme of bashing the Ass of Doom.

    There’s so much wrong with that site. From the lack of knowledge of feminism (cause we’ve all seen them argue about it), misogyny practiced by women themselves, the hive mind (one person disagrees and then about 5-10 people have to come in and help tear the original post to shreds), and the blatant racism that goes on there from comments to Kaiser’s posts.

    Kaiser is by far the worst thing about the site though. She allowed one member to say something awful to me (meaning no mod) but when I tried to reply to clarify it was modded and deleted. I feel bad for the new people that come in and try to be mature adults having civilized opinions and discussions because we all know the beasts that lurk there in waiting. Waiting for one person to say something they don’t like so they can seize the opportunity to belittle and insult them. Hate that site so much, so much I hate it.

    “Escapism can be smart”
    Funny. There are no signs of intelligence coming from that site.

  50. (Oh, and in case my avatar isn’t recognizable. Dommy Dearest here.)

  51. Peabody says:

    Kaiser deleted a comment I made on Patrick Shiver and Miley Cyrus’ dating post. Someone was saying that Miley Cyrus is a hillbilly and not good enough for the likes of the Kennedy’s. I posted that the men of that family don’t exactly have the best track record an just because the come off a prestigious and are treated like American royalty doesn’t mean they are better than others. I don’t know but it bothers me when people try to act like some humans are above others due to class, race, gender etc. All the tools of oppression offend me as a Sociology student with a minor in Women Studies I will call people out on that shit. Kaiser is hack plain and simple.

    The way she writes about Cumberbatch like a fricking middle school girl is nauseating. The whole of the comment sections is just like a bunch of popular kids who think they are too good to let newer posters into their ‘cool group’. So many of the threads get hijacked by the most nonsensical bullshit fangirling.

    On the royal threads all those who claim to be against people getting privilege for no reason come out to praise the Queen. No doubt the Queen is a hard worker for what she does but she is no Mother Teresa, Gandhi, or Mandela. Also they insist on berating Kate for every little thing and when someone calls them out on it, they get mad. Another thing…the constant whining for some ‘jewelry p0rn’ from Kate is annoying. If anything I think it is good thing she is not decked out on the jewels that scream the ugliness of colonialism and stealing the resources of other countries who still suffer the consequences today. If Kate doesn’t want to wear jewels just leave her the eff alone already.

  52. jess says:

    celebitchy goes nuts over some posters hinting at the possibility that Angelina Jolie has an eating disorder. It’s almost freaking scary to read some of those posts defending Jolie. Kaiser must be a serious nutcase herself to allow that kind of celeb worshiping.

  53. alicia says:

    After literally years of reading but never posting there, I left my second comment ever on a Celebitchy story a couple of weeks back. Naively, I chose a Cumberbatch story on which to do it (side note: does anyone else find it beyond f^cking weird that he has been given his own tab on the links at the top of the page? what in fresh hell is that?). The story was covering (and I use the term loosely – apparently ‘covering’ in the modern-day milieu of celebitchy mostly involves throwing up some pictures and then saying, literally, ‘here are some pictures of x, y, and z’ … I mean, please, even the dailymail goes deeper than that) one of the recent premieres of The Imitation Game. I only clicked on the story to look at their photos of Keira Knightley, who I love. I must be the only person in the world to have never seen Sherlock or anything else with Benedict in it – apart from Atonement – and have no relentlessly passionate feelings about him, really, either way. He seems like a nice enough fellow, and I look forward to experiencing his performance in TIG when I eventually end up seeing it simply for the fact that Keira is in it.

    So, anyhow, like the fool that I clearly am, I left a harmless little comment on Kaiser’s (who else?) story (re: wankfest) amongst the some FOUR HUNDRED PLUS comments (because CUMBERBATCH) responding to someone who deigned go off-theme and discuss something other than Benedict (such engagement. very scandal. wow) – wondering whether or not Keira was pregnant (or as the girls at fug nation put it ‘has a uterine secret’ lol). The crux of my reply to the commenter was yes, I totally agreed with her, I thought she (Keira) was definitely in the early stages of pregnancy, & adding that I had seen some photos of her (Keira) at Chiltern Firehouse in a white dress celebrating Mario Testino’s 50th birthday party in which a white dress did very little to hide any prospective uterine secret she may or may not have. That was it. I may have even ended it with a smiley face and over-excited use of exclamation marks. Because I am secretly 12. I also recall using the words ‘she looks gorgeous, she’s glowing!’ or something to that effect.

    Cue – little more than ten minutes later – a spurt of unrelenting vitriol from some other random bitch (the first commenter never replied, not that I was expecting her to) implying that I was a PR troll hired by Harvery Weinstein/Benedict’s PR/the Devil himself to somehow infiltrate TeH inTerweBz with Positive Spin on Mr Cumberbatch’s lady friend; Sophie Hunter. Either that or I was Sophie Hunter herself. I believe the words ‘Hi, Sophie.’ were what she ended with, actually.
    Thus, I had, apparently, made the insane – and, clearly, irresponsible – decision to not make specific reference in my comment (which was quite evidently a REPLY TO SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAD USED KEIRA’S NAME) to the name of the person about which I was speaking.

    I was asked to supply links to these ‘supposed photos’ of ‘Sophie’ at Chiltern Firehouse. Then it was inferred I must be lying because ‘if Sophie really was pregnant and there were photos it would have been all over the internet already’. Hey bitch, if you don’t believe something in a comment, why don’t you just google it like the rest of us? Also, I’d have thought it was kind of obvious that the link to Mario Testino – lauded fashion photographer who, hey, wouldn’t you know it, had just recently photographed Keira for a ‘nothing-but-a-towel’ series – would make it rather more apparent who I was actually talking about. But no. Apparently not.

    Anyhow. I put all of this into a response. I helpfully pointed out that it seemed she had made a mistake in assuming that I was referring to Sophie (I mean, obviously that must have been so clear since it was a post with pictures of a Cumberbatch in it that the only woman I could possibly be speaking about was his fiancé, god forbid it be, oh I don’t know, SOMEONE ELSE FEATURED IN THE SAME POST WHO IS ALSO IN POSESSION OF A VAGINA), that it was not my ‘first time posting’, actually, as she so assumed, and I only swore once (okay, maybe twice, but it was extremely tasteful and I blanked out letters and everything). In actual fact I kept things extremely polite, if not a little sharp. I held back on replying for ten minutes just so I didn’t come off as over aggressive. Hell, I even included the links – as requested – to the images of Keira coming out of said venue at said function wearing said dress and looking, as said, rather uterine-secrety. You know, just in case she was still interested.

    The result?

    My second comment was moderated, then deleted. Then I was blocked. I tried to repost it using an IP-address hiding service; a total of ten times (by this time I was really just trying to stick up for myself), with variations on the swearing and removing links. No dice.

    I’ve since commented there only once or twice more since, on an Eminem post in which I was trying to defend/explain him against a wave of satire-immune pearl-clutchers who, I am almost 99% sure, never used to reside in the comments section there. My attempt to respond to the ripping I got was also blocked. In the end I gave up, preferring to relish in the knowledge that they were probably sitting hunched over their keyboards, grinding their teeth just waiting for my reply. Well, they’ll be waiting a long time. Ugh. It’s like trying to fight an army by beating them with a warm, wet lettuce.

    Quite frankly, it’s been a long time coming, but I am moving over to Dlisted now.

    It just took this blog – and thanks guys, for that – to convince me.


  54. KayCe says:

    Does anybody know how Kaiser looks like. I always imagine her as some overweight self hating trailer park chick with a bad taste. She (or is it a he) is definitely not sophisticated. Anyway I don’t post there anymore, its all Kartrashian, salivating over Brangelina, and hating Goop and Aniston. I guess she hates anybody who is an ex to Pitt. Most other posts are about boring, low brow celbs. I moved on to Reddit (way more interesting) and Data lounge (way more juicy when it comes to gossip) I have a feeling they are in trouble, less and less people post there. Kaiser and the other moderators may make comments themselves to make it look like they have a lot of flow on their site.

  55. Mike says:

    I’ve been banned a half a dozen times on Celebitchy. Most recently, I dared to point out that Maleficent would have been a hit without Jolie because it was based on a famous fairytale and produced by Disney. Never got to post another comment after that.

    Does anyone know more about Kaiser? Her real name? Her background? A picture? I heard she was living with her parents until her late 20s but I have no idea if that’s true or not. Most bloggers give interviews at some point. It’s weird that she remains so hidden. Sometimes I get the feeling she might be a PR person working for Angelina.

  56. Red says:

    From what I understand, she really is just some shut in still living with her parents. CB was/is her first real job. Seeing as she’s probably in her 30’s by now, I’m guessing she stays hidden out of embarrassment. I certainly would if I was still crashing on my mom’s couch.

  57. Dommy Dearest says:

    Oh I made the transition to Dlisted a whole ago. I love it there. There’s a right amount of bitchy and the adults are actually adult and talk to one another. You know over CB how the hive mind attacks in an instant and Kaiser makes sure you can’t reply due to moderating the posts.

    Kaiser modded me when I pointed out misogyny when she worded the Paltrow article differently. She made the eggplant wrong and yet Kaiser made it seem like she was trash talking tomato sauce. Kaiser is severely petty and does anything to make the people she doesn’t like, look like idiots or assholes. But then you have AGNT and Kiddo coming to Kaiser’s defense and calling her hilarious and all this other crap that further strokes the troll’s ego.

    Pointed out on Dlisted that I wasn’t sure why MK even links to CB anymore considering how much Kaiser rips on his style of writing and reporting. Kaiser’s posts are fun to troll because she has to read them before she deletes comments and I know in mine I say some shit.

    I hate her more than Perez Hilton.

  58. Kate says:

    @Dommy Dearest I love you! I just saw the post you made about Justin Bieber’s apologies for being a douche. You were very right to point out how when a women or person of coluor tries to make apologies about stuff they are ripped to shreds.

    I also hate Kaiser more than Perez Hilton. At least Perez knows he is vile and owns it for the most part. Kaiser on the other hand thinks herself something special and forgets her place.

    I have actually heard a great deal about Kaiser on femalefirst. Apparently back in the day when Celebitchy had other writers, Kaiser was a regular commenter who would attack anyone who dared say a kind word about Jennifer Aniston or attack her precious Angelina Jolie (she and her crazy band of followers are the only ones who want to continue the feud). She managed to suck up to celebitchy and got hired. From there Kaiser went after and managed to get a lot of the original and much more objective writers fired. I don’t think the retired (fired) writers like Jaybird or Msat etc. could deal with her crazy. If you look at the biographies of all the former writers you’ll notice that they had actual degrees, careers, and accomplishments outside of contributing to the website. Unlike Kaiser they actually had drive to make something of their degrees and lives so this wasn’t actually their first jobs.

    The moral of the story is that Kaiser is pretty damn pathetic and from what I can wager her loony followers are as well. Some of them seem to have all damn day free to sit in front of their computers and rant. They don’t seem to do any actual work at their jobs because all day they write novels and stupid inside jokes/monologues to each other.

  59. Sick of the Hypocrisy says:

    It’s crazy how they allow people to bully Sophie Hunter just because they don’t like that their precious Cumberbatch is engaged to her and that he is the father of her kid! They trash everything about her: her appearance, her career and and question the authenticity of the entire relationship!

  60. Dommy Dearest says:

    @kate: it’s bs like that I hate on that site. Kaiser sat there and trashed Justin yet when he makes an ‘apology’ it’s all forgiven. Yet when others do things, minor things if you’re a female or person of color then that site will never let the people live it down.

    So on the Kate Middelton thread today I snapped. I’ve had it with Kaisers hatred of females. She’s once again (or rather continued) to trash the Royals but focused more on Kate as she always does. Why? Because any woman that isn’t Saint Jolie is horrid and isn’t deserving of even just the basic respect. Makes Kaiser’s feminism rants full of vapid, feeding bullshit. I’m sure it’s removed already and I’m fully banned now but I, as well as so many, am done with Celebitchy so I’ll share:

    You may click on your name and/or comment to edit.

    Oh god. This site can’t stop hating on the royals or women for nothing, and this is coming from an American. Absolutely nothing. Kaiser you spoiled, misogynistic twit. You go on and on about feminism yet all you do is put down women and uplift men even if they’ve done and said things derogatory to women and others. You haven’t a slightest clue about what feminism is, you’re like all the other tumblr twits that look up to Taylor Swift. You’ve completely ruined Celebitchy, least everyone else that had been staffed (before they left due to how insufferable you are) had actual degrees that showed they could write. You? You go on Dlisted and mimic MK’s style of writing showing you haven’t a creative bone in your body. We’re all aware you’re the one moderating and deleting comments that go against what you say or that we point your bullshit out. I know you’re reading all of this and with that I invite you to explore the net and see just how many people are aware of your ‘tactics’- really we’re aware of just how immature and self-loathing you are. It must be great to get built up by women that aren’t aware of what feminism means (so they say) given just how many people praise you when MK said it first.

    Or an example, you completely made Paltrow seem as if she was bashing sauce when in reality, if you know how to read, she identified not preparing the eggplant. But because of your burning hatred for women (all except St Jolie- and yes everyone including the commenters at Dlisted mentions it and the devotion of her from this site) you just had to make sure the people that read the posts take away what you wanted so you could, in turn, create more assholes like yourself. How do you expect others to follow the ‘rules of posting’ when YOU don’t even follow them. You allow others to be nasty yet when someone says something they get moderated or deleted soon after. Intelligence can be smart yet you, alone, have driven out all intelligence and you’ve made room for other spiteful women like yourself.

    We remember you, Kaiser. You started out as a commenter that would kiss CB’s ass major time while the rest of the staff couldn’t stand you. No degrees, no nothing but your parents computer and plenty of time to suck on the tit until you were given a position on this site. Ever since that has happened any intellectual writing or possibly informative posts have disappeared and now we’re left with you obsessing over Bendydicks Cucumbermelon, other white males while we get nasty posts about females and racist remarks. I remember your Nazi comment and how you were praised for it. Funny Bobbi being found like her mother wasn’t covered until days after and was the last story made. CB use to have more people of color posts but since you, Kaiser, have joined up we get a lot of nothing and a whole lot of underhanded racist remarks.

    I’m aware I’ll be banned for this (finally cause I’m tired of being modded) but it’s been needed to be said and others actually value being on this site so no one else will. So Kaiser, you racist cunt, you have completely ruined this gossip site.

  61. Red says:

    Dommy, that was epic. You’re officially my hero of the day.

  62. Ally McMel says:

    I’m virtually applauding you Dommy Dearest. Brilliant, brilliant brilliant!

  63. Dommy Dearest says:

    I know ultimately it doesn’t do anything and it doesn’t bother me that it won’t. But for her to sit there and constantly do all of that is just hypocritical. Liars and hypocrites work my nerve like no other. She’s just a vile person that has been given a powerful device in a gossip blog site with a bit of traffic. She’s going to end up hated like Laniey, or whoever it is that the blogging world has turned against. Enough people just have to be aware of her nastiness being nasty and not funny in the slightest. But as so many try to defend it by saying it’s cele’bitchy’ for a reason. You can have bitchiness in any comment but the way she and other commenters go at celebrities or other commenters when someone says something the majority doesn’t like is awful. You’d think it’s full of high school teenagers rather than adults that are able to have mature conversations.

  64. Kate says:

    Dommy that was awesome! I applaud you and I think it is because you have been calling her out on this shit that she now thinks she is being more smart and self aware. Case in point…today on Celebitchy she posted an article about Barron Hilton’s blow up on an airplane. At the end of the article Kaiser wrote this:
    “Here’s the thing though… even if his name wasn’t Conrad Hilton, he’s still being treated differently than an Arab-American man or basically any darker-skinned man or woman who tried to pull this kind of stunt. I mean, if this was Mohammed Hilton-al Jabari, they would have put down the plane immediately and he would have been either shot or arrested on terrorism charges. Not only is this a tale of a poor little cracked-out rich boy, it’s also a tale of white privilege.”

    Now I wouldn’t mind this statement of Kaiser herself wasn’t such a hypocrite. Kaiser and her band of followers are so ignorant that anytime a non white actress talks about feminism and its different brands (aka feminism just isn’t for white women) they throw fits. They attacked Beyonce for her comments on feminism saying she has no right to talk about the subject and dismissing her as stupid while championing a lot of the white feminists out there. Kaiser tries to act like she is breaking new ground bringing up race issues in America and hollywood but she is just as much apart of the system that helps perpetuate the system of racism, sexism and all forms of oppression with her horrible biased/ hateful opinions about women like Kate Middleton and Beyonce etc.

  65. Jess says:

    I have been banned from Celebitchy but didn’t realize it. I rarely comment on internet posts BUT I enjoyed the back and forth on CB. That is, until I stopped parroting Kaisers idiotic thoughts on EVERYTHING. I was pretty shocked when my comments never showed up, because they were certainly never racist or bigoted. I realized I was blocked today when I commented very, extremely slighted critically of Viola Davis. The only comments on the entire site were “I LOVE HER ONG I LOOOVE HER” and now I realize she clearly censors everything on he site ot make it look like everyone agrees with her. It’s freaking pathetic.

  66. KayCe says:

    I think celebitchy is known around the web for shilling for certain celebs. I am sure they are a paid PR arm for Brangelina. DListed and Datalounge frequently has comments about how Kaiser favors only people who subscribe to her opinion and how her crazy hating on other celebs like Aniston, Goop and Handler is just because they either broke up with Pitt or they say something bad about Pitt/Jolie. Funny how there are pictures on the net of Michael K and Lainey but there is nothing on the celebitchy webmasters. There seem to be less commenters over the years, I guess only crazy Brangeloonies want to go there. And somehow it seems there are less and less of them too. The Pitt/Jolie shtick has worn out and people realize that they are mostly a media fabricated phenomenon and behind the facade is an anorexic famewhore and a dumb pretty boy.

  67. Val_ says:

    I am so glad I found you guys. I was a longtime lurker on CB before I started posting (not often, and mostly small comments), but as soon as I said anything possibly critical about Jolie or positive/neutral about Anniston, I got modded right away. I swear that site is full of entitled, holier-than-thou morons. It used to be fun and interesting to read but now it’s like a rabid hen-nest. Kaiser is a real piece of work. I once asked her why the bang hate (so repetitive?) and the comment was deleted, lol.
    I don’t know enough about Lainey to hate on her, but her site doesn’t allow comments, which is boring. Vive Dlisted!

  68. itstrue says:

    OH my god, I literally started clapping while I read your post Dommy. That is the best thing I have read all day.

  69. Stefanie says:

    I am glad that I am not alone. I am again banned for the most mundane shit, because I simply disagreed with what Kaiser wrote about a super sensitive, historically loaded subject in Europe (free speech or what is not considered free speech). It made me ragey since Kaiser wrote some uneducated nonsense and I especially feel that such topics should not be discussed on a gossip website and especially not by someone who has no idea.

  70. Cucumber says:

    I tried to post on the Amanda Knox story today but it was deleted. I said:
    Kaiser, are you kidding me? I’m cold and unemotional in front of everyone because my parents abused me into submission. I was in a car accident recently and I was completely neutral. I didn’t freak out, I didn’t cry and I didn’t say a word. I don’t process trauma in front of people. As soon as I got home I cried uncontrollably in the bathroom. You are not the only person to think that cold and unemotional means sinister, and assumptions like that are why innocent people are sent to jail. Have you ever read the outsider by Albert Camus? I’m one of the most empathetic, kind people I know but I don’t seem warm and fuzzy by traditional standards. I know plenty of people who are charming and nice seeming in front of people but who are sinister on the inside. However, I don’t automatically think that they’re innocent in a bad crime because ‘Johnny would never do that, he’s so warm and emotional.’ Do you see how your line of thinking is dangerous? Please consider that people are different and so-called ‘normal’ isn’t the only way to exist.

    I tried writing similar things in reply to others, but to no avail. I’ve had issues with Kaiser before and I think I’m ready to throw in the towel on this site.

  71. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Yeah I have found my kinda people, I too have had it up to my ears with Kaiser, she has had me in moderation for months and today I was finally banned for making a comment saying that Olivia Wildes and January Jones sons look similar, I used no threats of violence, bigotry or rude language, that was literally my comment that those two kids look alike, I am now off to Dlisted.

  72. I’m an anarchist so I don’t have the same issues as you guys do. I hate that she rips off Michael K of Dlisted and sh-ts on Kit Harrington like her dumbass has his type of Celebrity or even could. But I like to write shit about her on my blog so, it all works out. 🙂

  73. Mary Brawley says:

    Ih been rea and commenting on CB for quite a while and got to know people. I was shocked to be blocked off and some comments deleted. Someone said how football teams all had gf beaters and the Patriots were shameful enough to have a murder when the conversaconversation was about the ball. I said not to compare something as serious as murder and abuse to a ball, and it was deleted and I was blocked. I was probably on thin ice from anti Angie comments anyway

  74. Brionne says:

    I too am banned after commenting fairly frequently as Brionne on CB. I’m not exactly sure why since no one bothered to respond to my emails, but I suspect it had something to do with my saying some of the women making accusations against Bill Cosby may have been expecting career advancement by hanging around him . I didn’t think that was victim bashing as many of these women have stated themselves they thought they were auditioning or practicing for parts. However Kaiser only allowed comments that bashed Bill Cosby, called him a savage, an animal etc. That may be the case but let commenters engage in a true discussion without banning the opposing opinion. Kaiser describes herself as half east Indian, southern, and feminist. Not so sure if any of those things are true.

  75. Pedopetyr says:

    I have had some of my comments deleted and it pissed me off big time (even because it was on a post about Kelly Osbourne-Giuliana Rancic) and I have to say it’s not fun anymore.
    People are so uptight and they jump at each other’s throat as soon as a chance comes up. They take everything so seriously!
    The hatred Kit Harington gets is unreal. Since the start of season 5 of GoT me and other posters were using CB as a playground for our theories and it was fun until Kaiser came up with a new post on Kit Harington every day only to get visibility for her website. I know this shouldn’t be a bad thing.. but then she moderated everything she didn’t like and since we’re making each other a favour don’t be a bitch. Just let me write what I think and you get your visibility.
    Since i realised that, i pretty much stopped commenting and I only visit to just read the comments. I never read what Kaiser writes anyway because she’s boring as hell, using the same words over and over and I also think she has a terrible fashion sense.
    Some of the posters are great though. Very insightful, clever and with a great sense of humour.
    Sorry, rant over!

  76. Gina says:

    Today’s post on Amal pointing out that she’s never confirmed her religion, so she might be *gasp* Muslim is just blatantly racist. And Kaiser has scrubbed half the comments calling her out on it.

  77. Duckie says:

    I know that I’m late to the party here but I’m so glad to have found this blog! I was banned from Celebitchy around a year or so ago for pointing out that Kaiser goes too far with her hatred of Kate Middleton and it’s too much. I also pointed out that as a UK taxpayer I have no issue with the royal family and so I don’t see why Kaiser, as an American who pays nothing towards them, does and is so disgustingly vocal about it. I find the way she reports on Taylor Swift equally disgusting.

    Alas, after I raised these issues I was banned and never allowed to comment again. So much for free speech, huh?

  78. MissPriss says:

    I’ve found my home planet and people! 4 years late, but oh well. I’ve been banned more than once because of different IPs. She banned me and yelled at me for posting a link to a crazy coked looking gerard butler. That place is becoming even more viperish than I thought possible. The political activism and her progressive girl gang of commenters make me nauseous. You disagree it’s because you’re white/privileged oppressor and you need to educate yourself on your privileged bigotry. But she lives around white people in rural Virginia so she’s the epitome of oppressed and knows all about racial nuance, because Maddow or Chris hays toled her it was so. Theit ratings are at less than a million, a lot less than a million, but she’s the enlightened one. I want to bop her on the nose like I do with the labs I watch.

  79. LC says:

    I can’t believe I found this, and I don’t think it’s accidental that it has been steadily fueled for 4 years. Back in 2012, I was a lurker who came out of hiding because both Kaiser and her sycophantic commenters were just going on and on about how absolutely 100% true Lainey’s BIs were with the reasoning of a couple of them having been proven true. I pointed out that I had interned for a publicist who serves many of CB’s faves, and he was open about feeding false stories on his own clients to a few outlets, and Lainey was one of them. For example, he leaked one of his clients was involved in an affair with a married co-star just to try to skew her image as sexier because she had been polling poorly that way. It was completely BS, but Lainey reported it and then “revealed” it at one of her stupid parties. I used to think maybe she didn’t know she was being fed these things, but now I think she is merely a hateful, vacuous person who doesn’t care.There were other similar things, but that one bugged me the most because I saw so many people just going on and on about how Lainey was alway right. I think all I did on CB was to comment something like “You might want to check out Huvane’s reputation for media manipulation before believing her.” You guessed it! BANNED!!

    I guess it was because I said his last name, but I didn’t even care. I hated working in that industry, even as an intern and was thankful to move far away. It did make me aware of all that goes into fueling the celebrity gossip machine, and I’m as guilty as anyone for enjoying it, but the CB site had become unbearable. I went back recently under another name just to see if things had changed, but I just can’t tolerate it anymore, which is what brought me here. The groupthink among the posters is just nauseating and Kaiser is still Kaiser. Awful blog that needs to just fester in whatever level of hell Lainey is in.

  80. aenflex says:

    I’ve been a reader/commenter on CB for 6 or 7 years. I feel I’ve watched it morph from a fun, gossipy, laid back environment to a tightly moderated platform for the writers. Man-hating is pervasive. Feminism is pervasive. Which is fine, whatever. But aren’t these the girls who used to run hot guy Friday? And talk about dongs incessantly? It’s a crime to objectify certain women, but somehow fine to bash others, and publish crap like hot guy Friday? Because feminism?
    Here’s the thing, when your business is dirty laundry and shit talking, you can’t ride a selective high horse. Today is my last day reading CB. I won’t miss it.
    I’m not banned from the site, just moderated.

  81. vennylava says:

    So happy I found this (multi-year long) thread! I was also banned from making comments under my original email address. Absolutely no idea why. My comments were few and far between, and rarely more than 2 or 3 lines, always respectful, etc. My best guess is that I may have corrected Kaiser on something she wrote, obviously without fact checking first (happens all too often on that site).

  82. Dommy Dearest says:

    Oh I can promise any and all you’ve all been banned due to Kaiser. CB doesn’t really seem to care about her site anymore and hasn’t. I visit from time to time- okay I visit when dlisted posts a link- and I just go straight for the comments now. I monitored for a bit and found that after I submitted my rant that got me banned (finally), kaiser had started to put some MINOR thought in her posts. Clarifying she isn’t trying to be a racist, misognist, etc etc. but now she’s back to her usual self. Trashing the royals and yet uplifting the Kum Dumpster Sisters.

    I opened up the site today and saw the Kylie thread with the butt cream. Kaiser has been bought off by PMK. It’s obvious in all of those posts. Mentioning implants/injections but not really talking about them the way she use to when Khloe and Kim’s ass kept growing and growing.

    Maybe her and the hens commenting about Kit is their passive aggressive way of admitting they’d never have a chance in hell with him? Even if he wasn’t a celebrity.

    I’m noticing the comments aren’t hitting what they use to, even just months ago. I’m silently hoping the people that visit the site have opened their eyes to the ignorance that is Kaiser and her mass of followers.

  83. Julie says:

    FYI- kaiser isn’t American.

  84. CunspeerissyTheery says:

    Hi Liana! Thanks for posting this. I googled “Celebitchy writers are retarded” and came here. I got banned from Celebitchy a few years ago for NOTHING. After moving and having a new IP address, I decided to try posting again using my usual handle. Banned again. For nothing. I’m sure it goes back to once-upon-a-time disagreeing with the talentless, vapid shrews that run the site, but I stopped caring once I realized the site is crap. Crap gossip, crap writing, crap opinions, and after all the great posters they’ve banned, crap commentators. There are better sites and better writers out there. Don’t get me started on Kaiser and her “bangs trauma” bs. Bitch, pick a new topic. And who’s the “half-Indian” twat who thinks she’s a goddess and compares herself to every sort-of-exotic actress she writes about? She’s probably hairier than a fucking lemur monkey, but we have no proof and have to take her on her word. SUUUUUURE.

  85. LCW says:

    Arghhhh this post is amazing! After many years as a CB reader today is the last.
    I first got into it because I loved the commenters and how as others here have said you used to be able to have great discussions / debates before Kaiser that basement troll usurped the head writer position and went about obliterating any differing or intelligent opinion.
    I got banned years ago over some bs but decided to start commenting again this week, Mainly to call out the rampant pearl clutching and faux feminism in the comments.
    Things came to a head on the latest WE ALL HATE MERYL STREEP BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T WANT TO BE LABELED A FEMINIST post lol
    All I said was if some of believes in equality and promotes it surely that is more important than the label itself. Kaisers head ass kisser and equally unfunny henchperson “Kitten” came back at me with “If you believe in equality and promote it YOUR ARE a feminist even if you don’t accept it”.
    I responded twice and both got deleted, “If she believes in equality and promotes it which is supposedly what you believe in why aren’t you giving her props for that instead of trying to force a label on to her” and surprise… BANNED.
    That site is complete trash now anyway, the constant and dreaded bangs trauma, cracken, cumby, forever dong, dong dong, biscuit, dong, ass of doom and other overused phrases and basic ass writing from that flop Kaiser is unbelievable and so are the uniform ass kissy pearl clutching comments looking to be outraged over any small thing they can find.
    If I didn’t know that Kween Kaiser mods and deleted any comments that disagree I would despair that everyone was so dumb but obviously all the normal people ended up here and then on to dlisted which I’m switching to today too.

    Gonna e-mail the owner of CB just to explain my opinion and then I’m done.

  86. DCJ says:

    Well, add me to the long list off the mysteriously banned. I hardly ever comment so it is puzzling. I also get sick of the constant insinuations kaiser makes about certain celebs. She despises Amal Clooney for no reason that I can ascertain. I also hate the way she treats the Daily Mail as some sort of paper of record. Duchess Kate and Jennifer Aniston are the other ones who get thrown under the bus no matter what. I got so sick of the hundreds of comments shredding Sophie Hunter for daring to be in a relationship with Cumberbatch. I also don’t like the way they just take something as truth and just keep repeating it. For example IT IS KNOWN that Cumberbatch was trapped into marriage by Sophie, Justin Theroux uses Jennifer A for publicity and everyone is in a fake relationship/always calls the paparazzi, etc. Oh and dont get me started on how they love Brandi Glanville and hate Leann Rimes. What a stupid thing to get so riled up over.

  87. Oh my God. I’m home!
    I stumbled onto your blog Liana, after I spotted a couple of former Celebitchy posters on DListed who mentioned you.
    I’d been wondering where some long time posters I’d been friendly with had gone to, and now I know — this all makes So. Much. Sense.
    I’m finally done with CB. I’ve been reading and commenting since around 2010/11, but recently I’ve reverted back into the status of lurker after moderation after moderation after deleted comment. I think I’ve been clinging to happier times when there were truly intelligent and funny discussions in the comment threads and entertaining posts.
    Now, barring the occasional witty observation by the odd commenter or two, it’s dissolved into a place of vitriol and PR pieces. Check out posts from their new writer Corey – it reads exactly like a Daily Fail article – fawning, lifted from a press release with little to no personal observation from the author.
    I think this one is replacing Bedhead. And with that, I wave goodbye to Celebitchy and move onto greener pastures, hopefully with you lovely lot!

  88. Jumpinjamie says:

    Kaiser is allegedly some Australian drunk lol

  89. mnemoni says:

    Hi former CB’rs! I’m sure I was never anyone’s favorite, but I’ve enjoyed many a comment of yours. I haven’t been banned by CB, but it’s becoming more and more boring. I don’t understand where Bedhead went. I usually liked her articles. Virgilia– I haven’t had enough time to read all the comments on this page; did u start your blog?! Will check back. I would absolutely love to switch my tabloid addiction to a site penned and pwned by you and Sloane… And Rita if u could find her. Thanks Liana for this blog post!

  90. Julianna says:

    @mnemoni They must have gotten rid of Behead for being too objective! Now they have some new ass kissers like Hecate and Corey as writers (so good luck to them). That site has already told Corey that her or him that his articles are too sugary though so I haven’t seem him post in a while.

    @Virgilia I still see your comments in CB from time to time and you seem friendly with Kaiser and a lot of the commenters seem to love you. Do you really plan on leaving and starting your own blog?

    And just a general comment. I hate Celebitchy and I hate Kaiser. I hate how that site is such Kardashian fodder. I hate how the posters bash Beyonce and call her dumb but uplift Kim K. I remember one article where Adele (their self appointed Queen) said she loved Beyonce and I think the article was received like crickets. I commenter (Almond Joy) pointed this out and it was so hilarious. The commenters just couldn’t handle that their precious Adele likes Beyonce.

    Kaiser is just about the clickbait. Even posters are starting to regularly call out her misleading titles and articles full of subjective and false information. Like she said The Left Overs was not critically acclaimed and people really came for her. They came for her on a few other stories as well. It was glorious!

    Also her hatred of Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jen Aniston, Kit Harrington, and Justin Theroux to name a few is getting out of hand. I am losing braincells visiting that site.

  91. Billlll says:

    Celebitchy is being paid by the Kartrashian clan to make posts about them and keep them in the news, same thing with Angelina Jolie, that’s why Kaiser hates Justin Theroux, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Best to ignore the site completely.

  92. VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

    I do have a blog, but I haven’t been very good at keeping it up. I wasn’t sure if people were interested, etc. But I’ll definitely start keeping it up now. I started it because I dislike the censoring. You all know me–I love Brad and Angelina, can’t stand Jennifer, don’t mind Justin except for his friendship with Uncle Terry. You can tell me I’m wrong alll day long if you want to. I love that–debating. That’s what Celebitchy lost. I’ve been reading CB since 2010. I saw it turn into the CB that we loved (early 2010s it was very “I believe everything the tabloids say, 2011 changed all of that), and then back in 2013/2014, it started doing a down turn.

    I guess I wouldn’t say I was friendly with Kaiser? IDK. Neither she nor Celebitchy ever responded to any of my emails asking about the censoring or being moderated………

    Here is my blog:

    Go to it tomorrow, lol. I haven’t posted anything in months for it.

  93. Frosty says:

    I am just in love with this comment section right now, so glad to have found it. I thought it was just me! I’ve been on and off mod for a couple of years now. After no replies to polite emails wondering what I’d written that violated the commenting rules, I finally realized there are NO commenting rules, just Kaiser’s mood du jour and how protective she’s feeling over her sacred-cow subjects. Ah well.

    It’s too bad the site’s gone downhill, but then CB isn’t a real gossip site – they don’t break any stories for instance. Everything they post is taken from existing sources. Hell, I’ve sent them links to stories before, so other posters must as well.

    A good friend of mine is in the business, privy to all kinds of wild stories, and was banned promptly by the dreaded Kaiser, — after my friend’s comment received a bizarre reply saying my friend was lying, was working on behalf of Jennifer A and that “they” knew who my friend was! LOL Then again, he made the mistake of posting about St. Ange – oh the horror!

    when she’s not suffocating the site with her censorious, school marm-ish ways, or shaming any female celeb (except AJ), Kaiser’s “writing” repetitive, clunky posts about the same 10 celebs. It’s beyond dull.

    It’s too bad about CB, but there’s plenty of other places for commenters like me who enjoy give and take and don’t take it all so seriously. That’s what I appreciate about Dlisted, etc.

  94. Frosty says:

    P.S. Btw, an easy to get past ban or mod is just to remove the site’s cookies.

  95. Alice says:

    I’m fairly positive Allgoodnamestaken and Kaiser are the same people. Idiotic comments followed by failed, one sided logic to excuse their shitty attitudes.

  96. poppy says:

    wow just stumbled across this and things make more sense.
    i couldn’t figure out why my comments are 100% moderated all the time for years now (despite never breaking the rules or arguing with commenters) or where some of the longtime posters went to.
    the best i could ever figure was that i move/travel frequently or maybe someone else was posting under poppy and being crazy during the periods i was unable to follow regularly. or maybe people complained @ me since i am fairly negative/critical of all celebrities. loon-levels goop hater here😜

    i figured my posts that never made it on were due to my ineptitude lol but maybe the posts were negative against jolie

    there are many times I completely bypass reading the comments because certain commenters will dominate the thread and it gets crazy fast while going nowhere slowly.
    not sure why so many people feel compelled to reply to another’s comment regarding opinion when they disagree. correct misinformation but if i think brad pitt is not attractive smart or talented that doesn’t mean i’d let him suffer. or what i think should break your brain.
    i’ve been a reader there from near the beginning and have seen little cliques come and morph and even though i never was part of any, i always liked the “community” despite some real bullies and the cliques. there have been some really smart funny people over the years that i have thoroughly enjoyed. i enjoy it less when bitches aren’t free to be snarky or the smart commenters aren’t there to discuss the craft of those arts (including clothes and surgery).

    i have been involved in many areas of media and know for a fact how contrived the entire industry is and am consistently shocked at what the writers and readers there are ready to believe. and nearly kill themselves trying to convince any nonbeliever. yet they are able to see the manipulation clearly in other instances.

    what happened to bedhead? i enjoyed her pre-celebitchy days and thought she was going to bring more of a film studies vibe to balance the fashion and gossip. whatever happened?

    i will keep my eye out for you all and your endeavors.
    love all u bitches. -poppy

  97. Tindy says:

    I hate Kaiser with the power of a thousand suns – what a knuckle dragging bigoted bitch, you CANNOT EVER question her frankly worrisome narrow minded Yankie attitudes that only serve to export American Oppression Olympics to the entire world

    – everything on that site is geared to click bait and incense Americans or those of the ‘outraged’ persuasion – when was the last time there was genuine light hearted gossip on there? everyone who stays there and doesn’t get banned in 30 seconds is a turgid hang wringing morally superior mean girl – just look at the regulars, no finer echo chamber of bile have I ever found on the internet.

    I live in hope that her merciless hatred for anything she doesn’t agree with kills her young, oh and that some script kiddie from 4chan decides to take their website down for shits and giggles…

  98. ThisNameAintTaken says:

    Ditto to what everyone else said. I don’t even hate read anymore because Kaiser’s writing is so.fucking.lazy. Her recaps suck (do you even watch the shows?) and the Kardashian-esque click-baiting is grotesque. Not to mention her blatant plagiarism of all things Dlisted. The last thread I read was about Beyonce dropping Formation and you could see the posts (some of which were really well articulated) literally disappear before your eyes. Lazy, unimaginative, boring site, no thanks.

  99. Miss M says:

    Hi there! I found this blog a while ago (before bedhead left cb to work at uproxx). I have been moderated many times and many of my comments have been deleted (I had to change my name 3 times there). But I do not comment as often as I used to do. I usually comment on the new writer’s posts (not the one you mentioned here, the other one new one) because they are very informative and, in my opinion, well written. CB used to be really fun and now we only have catty commenters and excessive moderation.

  100. margie says:

    I found this b/c my comments on Celebitchy have been deleted and it gets old and is so dumb. I am so happy to find people who realize what a hack site CB has become! I commented yesterday that I get tired of Lainey Gossip constantly insinuating she is awesome and cool for not knowing who Rita Ora is, when she should know who she is, b/c her job is being a gossip person. Comment deleted. I think my CB days are over; I will stick with D Listed, b/c he was doing this gossip thing first and he still does it better.

  101. Allie May says:

    Thank you for all the info here. Nice to have some perspective on Kaiser. And DListed is so much better. Very funny and much higher volume of comments.

  102. MissMe says:

    I guess I’m the only one who has had issues at DListed. I thought I got along with everyone and there were no negative comments, but I was alerted by Disqus (their commenting platform) that all (not some, but all) of my comments over there were deleted or flagged.

    I do believe it’s because I didn’t tiptoe in like a meek bitch and I said what was on my mind about certain stories. For a site ran on snark it sure is sensitive.

    As for Celebitchy, my God, I am a grown woman. Why the hell are you censoring my comments? Unless someone is being racist or just plain nasty, why would you delete opposing thoughts?

    I made a comment about a certain celeb CB fawns over as mature and smart, but who I see as calculating and fake. She pushed the envelope recently and I brought it up. The comment was deleted.

    I’ve also defended Taylor Swift and those comments are no longer around. You can say nasty things about Taylor and Duchess Kate, Aniston, etc but you cannot go there with certain young Hollywood stars, Rihanna, that dipshit Leo Di or anyone claiming to be a feminist this week.

    If you mention a celeb looks heavier or slimmer, pretty or rough, all hell breaks loose.

    Again, I am no longer a pupil at anyone’s school. I don’t understand why adults need to be moderated. It’s too much.

    I also noticed that for a gossip site they don’t have a lot of comments or new commenters. Kaiser or whoever takes stories from DListed and Lipstick Alley, puts her own vanilla spin on it and slaps it up on the site.

    Does she think people care about her unfunny opinion? I side eye DListed for their subtle moderation but at least Michael K and Allison are funny.

    Cumberbatch is ugly. Fassbender IS sexy but a mess. Colin Farrell is not a bad boy turned good who needs to be babied; he’s still a cheating douche. Hiddleston is a weak chinned nerd. Jennifer Aniston IS pretty. Angelina IS a whore. Selena dated racist Bieber. The Kardashians are filth.

    Although DListed moderators also come across as insecure, at least they just get rid of you immediately if they see you as a snarky threat. CB cherry picks which comments they will keep.

  103. Alice says:

    UM. Is anyone else surprised that Kaiser is supporting Amber right now? I would have bet my own life Kaiser would be dragging her through the mud, and I’m sure a part of her really wants to. It’s not her usual opinions. Wonder if it’s due to Amber and Johnny being white (this coming from a white woman)? Maybe she’s growing as a person. OR. She knows majority would turn hard as fuck on her at that site. I’m positive it’s the last one.

    I’m also laughing my fucking ass off over AGNT. She was bitching about people and their kids on one thread, was checked by multiple moms, and now she’s much more self aware when it comes to posts about kids. She even adds in sob stories now to make her statements not smell like asshole. But it still does. I love reading her comments due to the sole fact a week later she’ll have completely changed her story, or finds the next thing to complain about. Then sure enough, once she gets checked, she’s well mannered only until she finds the next thing. A cycle is what it is and it’s hilarious to watch.

  104. Lab Mom says:

    So many things mentioned here now make sense.

    I’ve commented on the site for a couple of years, just on a few celebrities (heaven knows they tend to cover only a certain assortment). I kept noticing several commenters dropping off, and then I entered mod jail almost permanently. I’ve seen comments disappear, even if it’s on the end-of-day links post regarding a late breaking story. Most of us have other things to do each day rather than try to think through what exactly will be “worthy” of posting on a GOSSIP SITE. However, I will post more frequently while in “mod jail”, just so they have to spend their valuable time moderating.

    As others have mentioned, the number of comments per story seems to have significantly dropped. Why continue the mod/ban overuse? Could a certain writer be concerned that (1) people may be pointing out poor research/writing, or (2) some commenters may simply be better writers, period, which shows poorer quality work by comparison? Hmmm… I am constantly amazed at key details that are left out of posts, which only take seconds to look up/confirm.

    I truly believe most anyone who has commented here could toss together a “post” in thirty seconds that would be of equal if not better quality.

  105. Tiara says:

    I just found this site! Kaiser just deliberately defamed me – there was an article discussing and actress getting age innapropriate parts, where despite being a great big Feminist I had the temerity to point out she was playing a part in the issue, I was dragged through the mud by the regular mean girls who post there, I attempted 4 times to clarify this, all reasonable posts, ALL deleted by the pathetic vile Kaiser, I even requested for her to delete the original comment if she wasn’t going to allow me to clarify my own post, what happened? insta ban, on a Saturday morning, so this loony despotic piece of crap is SITTING THERE banning people in real timeon a weekend for asking her not to defame them by blocking additional posts.

  106. Tiara says:

    Just to add – its pretty obvious Kaiser is taking money from the Kardashians – there is an article or 2 e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y where there is simply nothing to gossip about and its never judgemental despite lets face it the K’s being the scourge of the world. Do you think Kaiser has ever had sex? a genuine adult relationship? She is bitterness and tin pot Hitler personified, I wont ever go back there but I know CB wont last much longer, they barely get any comments these days unless its one of those ridiculous click baity ones.


  107. Lab Mom says:

    It is interesting how various regulars can be so sarcastic to others, if something doesn’t perfectly match up to their view. Yet the premise of the site (per commenting guidelines) is supposedly to be a friendly place. Act as if you are speaking in person – keep it civil, etc.

    If you don’t agree with a certain opinion, why jump on one poster (which often happens)? Why not separately comment instead of claiming “troll” or other condescending nonsense to someone else over their OPINION.

    It also is humorous how some will call someone out for allegedly being “too invested”, when often the one making that accusation is on the site for seemingly hours on end, every day, on most posts, giving lengthy, seemingly highly invested opinions. It’s comedic, really.

  108. Meg says:

    I got absolutely cremated on CB, like piled on, because I pointed out an inconsistency in the ongoing Heard/Depp fiasco. It wasn’t even a pro-Depp spin, it was a legitimate query and omg the wrath of a hundred posters came down on me. When I tried to clarify, I was banned. I totally get the severity of DV, but crap when you can’t even ask a question without getting called horrible names….I dunno. I used to like the site but the hive mentality is atrocious. I lurked a couple times but then said eff it, I don’t want to give them the clicks.

  109. sleighttrick says:

    We really need a proper forum to talk about CB, lol. On the one hand, I hate the hive mentality, and that certain celebs are untouchable and/or only hate-able. I don’t go into anything St Jolie-related, I head to Dlisted instead.
    However, what I do appreciate is the lack of trolls that you get on less moderated comment sections, as it does get tiring always having to read misogynistic comments online. So I somewhat like the moderation on the DV threads. I’ll add that as an Amber fan from the start, it feels nice to not have everyone hate her for once.

  110. Passerby says:

    Celebitchy banned me, apparently. I was responding to someone saying Bryan Singer was child molester – yeah, he was accused, but the accuser’s since been convicted of fraud and extortion and his lawyers admitted he was filling bogus lawsuits. I thought it was an honest mistake, you know? Those news reports still come up when you Google him, I just figured they hadn’t read any more recent news. But when I responded, they deleted my comment and locked the thread.

    Because why should a celebrity gossip site support sharing information about celebrities, am I right?

  111. Billlll says:

    I don’t think DListed is that much better, same brain dead crowd just more aggressive. DListed doesn’t seem to be sponsored by the Kartrashian clan or by the Jolie/Pitts though and Michael K’s posts are a bit more funny.

  112. Christine says:

    When your CB comments disappear it’s because Kaiser likes your writing and intends to steal it from you to use at a later time.

  113. Clementine says:

    I’ve just been banned for saying Trump is an arsehole for not knowing about Brexit and for pointing out that its Americans not people from the UK that are generally Myopic in their world view. That’s it, nothing else and all moderated and banned within 60 seconds of posting. Its ok though I know the right techie people and that trash hole of a site is going to get a little education on how to treat people.

  114. Amelia says:

    Oh my God, did you write the myopic bits and pieces before the JK Rowling and Trump post?
    Kaiser just lifted that word for word into her writing.
    Jesus wept 0_0

  115. GiGi says:

    Haha! I found all the banned posters! I’ve missed you guys!

    Just got banned for calling Kaiser (and CB in general) out for becoming crochety and judgemental rather than snarky and fun like it used to be.

    Over the past year the writers have decidedly taken on an “old person” tone with a lot of their opinions. Which is crazy because they’re the same age as I am. So frustrating!!!

    And I, too, have had Kaiser lift my exact words without credit. She must make CB a lot of money, but I feel like she really is bringing the place down. Almost every story has some sensationalistic headline now. Blah.

  116. LadyE says:

    I was just banned because I pointed out that saying “she had a friend who took pain pills that she had to stop dealing with” sounded extremely judgmental. So she took my advice and edited the story, but banned me from commenting.

  117. Wow… i hate that goddamn kaiserloon. She posted a story about Kate Middleton’s hairnet while i pointed it to her that prince William had meanwhile recorded a video message about the bullying aspect of school life as well as adult life, which was far more important and deserved to be informed. She deleted my post 4 times. What double standards. I hope cb becomes history.

  118. LadyE says:

    It’s truly ridiculous. I wasn’t rude or anything in the slightest. Oh well, it seems 99% of their content is lifted from Jezebel and other blogs anyway.

  119. GiGi says:

    @Nullius – Ugh. I’m IP banned, so I can’t post at all anymore… all for saying that I wished they’d get back to snarky/fun commentary in their posts vs. the cranky/old lady type posts they’ve been doing lately. IP BANNED! For that!

    We need a new place to post. I don’t mind reading at DListed, but the commentary tone is not really my style. I see so many of my favorite posters in the comments here – it’s really sad. I’ve been peeping the comments at CB and it’s down to about 6 core commenters, unless it’s a big grab post where you see a lot of strangers. Really unfortunate. I can’t imagine why CB gives so much control to Kaiser. It’s all Kaiser posts with one a piece from the other writers. Too bad – I loved commenting over there. Maybe I’ll start a gossip blog that really is for smart people… and allows dissenting opinions!

  120. LadyE says:

    Let me know if you do!

  121. MissPriss says:

    I still look at the main CB website everyday, and I am absolutely tickled by how much their readership and commenting numbers have plummeted. What a group think echo chamber made in Hell. The supposedly grown women on there who decry bullying, popular girls, and ‘white, blondes’ (ewww) all in the name of making everything more ‘just’ are some of the most pathetic, hateful women I’ve come across. Did they not have friends ever? Is a girl gang on a website the best they can do? The comment numbers are pathetic. And pushing Kardashians for political advice? Bitch, you crazy.

  122. LadyE says:

    Agree. I still go there almost daily. They must’ve booted a lot of commenters.

  123. Nance says:

    Like most of you, I found this post because of the frustration.

    I used to love Celebitchy, going there in the morning was a ritual, post comments, it was fun. I don’t remember when it start to suck for me, maybe a year or so, my comments keep being deleting, sometimes I don’t know why (I’ve just said that I like Jennifer Lawrence and don’t care about the age of her characters as long as the movie is good), other times is when I disagree on something (I’ve said Joseph Fiennes was an ok choice for Michael Jackson in his later years).

    We can’t criticize anything or give any other opinions and they have gone full SJW.

    I don’t think I will comment anymore. I’m tired. Going to Celebitchy was the first I do on the Internet, I love the interface, it was easy to click on an article you wanted to read, but now it’s just not as fun to read the articles, not as fun to comment (even if I could comments freely).

    I think it was the final straw for me, start looking for other gossip sites.

  124. Aviva says:

    Dear god, Kaiser claiming to have “invented” the term Special Snowflake and these morons are kissing her ass for being “brilliant.” ROFLMAO

  125. Lorelei says:

    News broke Angelina Jolie filed for divorce – comments are going crazy. Kaiser is probably in a fetal position lol

  126. Ally says:

    Lol…Lorelei. Love the image of Kaiser in a felt position. We need to start up a facebook group or page for discussion. I don’t mind setting one up if people are still interested in having somewhere to go.

  127. Ally says:

    Not sure what happened there, obviously I mean FETAL position.

  128. ray says:

    I am banned there all the time. and I have tried changing devices and name but after a post or two I am on moderation and then banned. haha.

    I agree that this site gets money from k vlan and Jolie. also I agree with th e person here who said she bans you so she can steal your words and use that in her posts.

  129. Bibi81 says:

    Yup, I have just been banned from Celebitchy from stating my opinion in the Jolie/Pitt case. First time for me… I have just lost my virginity. LOL. Either it was Kaiser or some other loonie reported me. Which is interesting, because I have never ever reported anyone in my life for disagreeing with me. Talk about their character, huh?

  130. Thirdpostdifferentname says:

    It’s funny because now Kaiser and her Krew are acting all neutral like and as if they never worshipped the ground Jolie walks on. It’s pretty funny to watch actually, haha
    Bibi81 what was your controversial opinion? 😛

  131. Mrs. Darcy (on CB) says:

    Hi Liana! Longtime on and off CB’er here! Also not a Brangeloonie (nor a Aniston’er, there seems little room in between there). And don’t get me started on Cumberbatch – ugh! I have had several comments not published over the years by Kaiser as well I think- 99% of the time there was nothing offensive in them that I could figure anyway, other than my opinion was not towing the party line. I don’t comment nearly as much as I used to, there’s a sort of core Mafia group there who leap on you if you say anything they disagree with. It’s a shame because I do have nice interactions too, but the negative ones make me less inclined to visit. It kind of never occured to me that other people felt the same way I do until yesterday when I noticed a thread on D Listed poking fun at CB’ers and their obsessive-ness. Which, I mean, I think it’s fun to share gossip and be geeky about it too, but they are so clique-y there it’s crazy/sometimes ostracizing for anyone who is not a diehard regular. Anyway fun to read your blog, I know this is an old post but I see fellow CB’ers are still looking for a fellow voice of reason so nice to find it anyway!

  132. Anastasiia says:

    Oh my God! Thank You! I was a little bit shocked, when I was banned from CB. Since when I can’t have my own opinion, or with another words, how can I not worship Jolie? It’s ridiculous.

  133. LL says:

    I never really comment on CB but have been a reader for years. I think Kaiser’s articles have become more and more obnoxious – she thinks that her opinions are actual FACTS just because she feels that way! Obviously everyone who feels differently from her is a hater in her eyes.

    I also feel like she uses feminism in a way that I’m not sure I agree with.

  134. DCJ says:

    “she thinks that her opinions are actual FACTS just because she feels that way!” – You hit the nail on the head here! That is what annoys me the most – she will keep repeating something over and over that is something she made up. She does this constantly on the Duchess Kate stories. I also hate her snide comments that undermine whatever a person has said. For example, she did a whole post on why we should believe Marion Cotillard’s denial but then said her pregnancy timing was “interesting”. I guess leaving herself open in case she is wrong?

  135. LL says:

    Thanks DCJ!

    I bet she would have loved if Brad is the father of Marion’s baby, just to prove her own point that Brad is the monster in his divorce! Just so she could keep standing behind Angelina completely ignoring the fact that it usually takes two to make a marriage go sour(not saying his alleged actions were in any way appropriate). I really do believe she takes some inappropriate pleasure in covering situations. She loved to paint Amber Heard as a completely blameless victim as well and I would not be surprised if she described covering these divorces as fun.

    I feel bad that I continue going to CB’s website, at this point I mostly only read the headlines and not the articles themselves but like others have pointed out the layout is very user friendly. Does anyone have recommendations for other like websites they like better?

  136. Thirdpostdifferentname says:

    I wish we had a proper forum to discuss this CB mess (other than Dlisted threads lol).
    I still go on CB, because while Dlisted is cool, there’s so much random crap on it and you don’t have a good overview of the recently posted articles… plus some of the misogynistic asshole comments are annoying and I’m not always in the mood to read that shit.
    I like CB for the fact that it’s a “safe” place to discuss certain topics like domestic violence. I don’t know if there’s any other site 😦

  137. Merry says:

    I only heard about Celebitchy from going to Dlisted, ive heard such terrible things I wanted to check it out lol went there – made two comments, one about Jolies ‘proffessorship’ and her being considered equal to William Hague her sometimes political lackey and ex PM of the UK, which is of course ridiculous, the other about the Great British Bake off – no chance of upsetting someone on That thread you would think? I just asked her to do basic research before she wrote about the BBC.

    Well BOTH comments deleted within 5 minutes! tried one more time, pointing out Jennifer Annistons sartorial choices are based on her Greek heritage and being a cunt about her wearing Turquoise is really weird – got a delete and an insta ban!

    What a piece of work, no bloody wonder its going down the pan with less and less commenters according to Dlisted people – just flipping through her articles its obvious she is a race baiting bigot who see’s herself as Lainey’s successor, what a truly lonely bitter arsehole she must be.

  138. Lorelei says:

    @Ally A separate place for us ex- or current- perma-moderated CBrs to meet would be fun. I dislike FB though.
    @Merry Kaiser’s been clinging to Lainey’s coattails lately like her life depends on it. Lazy thing. They’ve got two new writers I’d like to read more from, yet Kaiser continues to hog most of stories while plagiarizing comments. Allegedly. It all feels like Kaiser hopes to parlay her writing into a bigger gig elsewhere.

  139. Sasha says:

    Ha-ha. Just got banned too for not supporting Hillary. I am going to vote 3rd party as I originally was Sanders supporter.
    I was called a troll for daring to criticize Hillary. And the posters there suggested I go to Fox, and leave them be! I am a Guardian reader, and they sent me to Fox and banned me.
    CB is definitely an echo-chamber and a hypocritical one at that.
    I was pretty much in constant moderation mode anyway.
    Oh, and Kaiser doesn’t like Cumby anymore, in case anyone cares.

  140. Samantha says:

    I find it incredibly odd that Kaiser shows an interest in American politics considering she’s not even a U.S. citizen. 😽

  141. Lily says:

    So I kind of thought that my reasonable post might not make it through moderation today, so I copied it before posting. Surprise! It never made it through.Replying to another poster on the Brangelina post today.

    “Yes, it comes across as manipulative releasing this statement when nothing has essentially changed except his asking for joint custody last week. I was actually on her side until this statement. I think she’s overplayed her hand and it’s making her look bad, because there is no way in hell he’d agree to her releasing this statement. It’s completely humiliating.

    1) He’ll get “therapeutic visits” and she’ll retain custody? Nowhere in the statement does it say that this is a continuation of a temporary agreement to avoid putting the kids through more stress. Which it obviously is.

    2) “This has been determined by childcare professionals to be in the children’s best interest.” Why has this been included? Even if true, there’s no need to basically suggest that she’s the more fit parent before custody had been agreed, which will be done in court, by a judge. Not by a childcare professional or either parent.

    3) “We hope now that it is clear that the events which led to the dissolution filing involved minor children and their wellbeing, there will be understanding of the sensitivity of the family situation.” Good gravy.

    Even if he was drunk and lunged at Maddox ( we don’t know what actually happened and likely never will), the smart and sensitive move would have been to file for divorce quietly, not mention the children at all, and deal with any issues in private. That would be in the interest of the children’s wellbeing, not this circus.

    You don’t go from husband and father of the year to no custody over one incident in less than a year, so it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that he doesn’t deserve joint custody of their children.”

    I really don’t understand why it was deleted.

  142. Noname says:

    As a Bernie supporter I steered clear of the political posts, as I already expected it to be a crazy Hillary hive. Sorry that you had to deal with that! People there are nuts.

  143. paolanqar says:

    I am so pissed.
    I have been banned because i expressed my opinion about Hillary.
    Kaiser if you can read this: you are a poisonous bitch. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and the fact that you delete some comments because you don’t like them makes you petty and childish.
    GROW UP.

  144. Anonymous says:

    Ugh. Sorry to hear that Paolaqar. I’ve loved your posts!

  145. kktullius says:

    KAISER IS THE F’N WORST!!!!!! Longtime reader here and although I used to enjoy the site, it has now turned into something that I hate-read out of habit… but I think I’ve finally had enough. Her political posts re: the recent election (FROM SOMEONE WHO IS APPARENTLY NOT EVEN A U.S. CITIZEN!!!!!) sealed the deal for me… especially the one posted this morning ‘Here are Some Silver Lining Moments in the Wake of Donald Trump’s Victory’ in which she had the audacity to chastise her very own readers/commenters really made my blood boil. Instead of an open forum filled with friendly debate and intelligent and witty conversation, she has filled the site with crazed ass-kissers aka Kaiserloonies. I wanted to comment on the ‘Silver Linings’ post and then realized that, wait, why waste my time? I have NEVER had any of my comments (none of which warranted being deletion) make it through moderation in all the years I have been reading the site. Sheesh, I still haven’t calmed down. On a more positive note, I am thrilled to have found this site and know that I am not the only one Kaiser has alienated.

    postscript: I know you will eventually read this Kaiser, because well, you. Please tell me who wants to live in a world only surrounded by “yes” people? Is your ego really so fragile that you can’t handle criticism or even allow a *gasp* opposing opinion to be posted?! You have destroyed CB and the tone-deafness of the site is appalling. I despise you and don’t fool yourself, you will NEVER be Lainey, you hypocritical PLAGIARIST! And NEWSFLASH: YOU CHOSE TO BE A BLOGGER – So GROW UP and either crawl out of your f’n hobbit hole and find a new profession, or suck it up, grow some thicker skin, and be willing to accept all that your job entails. Differing opinions and banter should be welcome yet are only promoting the very thing you claim to be against… and ironically, are too daft to realize it. Joke is on you.

  146. Tara says:

    Thin-skinned doesn’t even begin to cover it. Accidentally breach their perception of themselves and out you go.

  147. Tara says:

    paolanqar: are you still unable to post?

  148. paolanqar says:

    Hi Tara
    I have changed the email address so I can post now but whats’ the effing point when kaiser picks and chooses what part of my comments to publish, just to make me sounds like a lunatic asshole.

    Now someone on the thread about Trumps protesters as just made a racist comment ( because racism works both ways right?! Not only white vs black ) AND i cannot even respond to that because that bitch deletes everything I write.

    Kaiser is a petty bitch and I cannot wait for the moment where someone will take charge of that site and kick her out.

  149. paolanqar says:

    I think I will just stick to gossips now. But hey, it happened before, she deleted my comment to use it as her own in the thread. maybe I should be a blogger and show her how it’s done.

  150. ES says:

    “I find it incredibly odd that Kaiser shows an interest in American politics considering she’s not even a U.S. citizen”

    it helps her feel superior to everyone else. And she gets a lot of gratitude from traumatized Hillary supporters.
    I created a tumblr for therapeutic purposes, of course. It is called “bannedfromcelebitchy”. It helps to have an ability to say what you think without being censored. )) Even if nobody is listening.
    And by the way, their traffic is down big time since Kaiser turned political and banned everyone who didn’t think Hillary was a saint. I give Celebitchy a year before it is gone.

  151. ES says:

    “You have destroyed CB and the tone-deafness of the site is appalling. ”

    Yes, she definitely did. The CB site was so much nicer even 2 years ago. Not it is same old same old.
    Kate- bad, Harry- good. Angelina – good, Brad – bad. And let’s also keep on insinuating that Marion was somehow involved.
    Kaiser’s lack of sophistication is showing. Her writing is at the level of Daily Mail.

  152. B Flat says:

    CB is just a toxic, not-fun site now. Especially since Kaiser decided to post about the election — it’s all just compulsive posting by the same angry, troll-y commenters attacking any comment they disagree with. Kaiser’s teeny group of pet commenters can attack other commenters, post racist crap, etc since they agree with her. And let’s be honest, it’s not like they are towering intellects, any of them.

    ES Thank you for setting up the tumblr

  153. Anonymous says:

    Wish I had googled and found this sight a couple of months ago!
    For the past several weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out how a GOSSIP site which I read regularly and enjoy became a hateful, abusive propaganda site devoted to a one-sided, angry, bitch named Kaiser!
    I have always posted well within the guidelines, but am also banned…twice now.
    All because I dared to offer factual info re Hillary…and not in an antagonistic way at all.
    On one thread, I was allowed to post probably because Kaiser saw that her cronies started to gang up on me.
    I was bullied and threatened and called hateful names and she allowed every single post…
    I never replied in the same vain…I stayed respectful, but the HATE continued as I’m sure Kaiser watched with glee.
    Then I was banned…
    I just posted from my phone through cellular service rather than wi-fi and my comment went into moderation…I’ve always been in moderation, for some reason.
    But it got DELETED because I posted something in favor of Brad Pitt and asked why was it that it took the FBI months to investigate a single incident when it took only ONE WEEK to read and investigate 650,000 Hillary Clinton emails?
    This chick is full of hate, entitlement, bigotry and it seems that she’s rallied dozens of commenters with the same mentality of hate and intolerance.
    Can a gossip website be dangerous?
    I think Celebitchy has become that and I look forward to it crashing and burning.
    Too bad…it used to be my go to for the latest gossip – you know – “Escapism” as they claim with really insightful commenters that I enjoyed.

    And as others have already said on here…


    That would require talent and integrity.
    Neither of which you have.

  154. Myrna says:

    Want to say that the post above is from ME – Myrna.

  155. heather says:

    I am so happy to have found you all! This election has absolutely pushed Kaiser over the edge! So done with Celebitchy!

  156. Myrna says:

    heather – i remember seeing your posts (if you are the same heather!) I agree. The election “coverage” from kaiser has been over the top and hateful. The comments have been just awful…like a lynch mob. I was unnerved to be banned, but incredibly satisfied in finding this blog and learning that others have been victimized as well! I was ‘banned’ awhile back well before election tim, but thought it was a mistake and innocently emailed bringing to their attention that my posts were getting gobbled up by the spam filter. It took some time, but I was again allowed to post. But in thinking about it, i had posted something negative about angelina jolie! LOL! I would have never imagined that a post not swooning over her would get me banned (I posted well within the guidelines, after all), but that was absolutely the case. And it was Kaiser’s post, so I now know that it was deliberate.
    I’ve posted above…I think it’s truly dangerous that the blog is permitted to be so hateful.
    Wish I could see them FAIL and soon.
    Maybe we could start a movement in contacting their advertisers?

  157. Lancelot says:

    Myrna, you’re very dramatic. Nobody called you names, nobody bullied you, though I remember your post got a lot of replies. You were just being asked to give a few reasons for your political views. Can’t defend them? Then get off the pot. No reason to develop a tiny persecution complex because of lack of reasoning skills.

  158. Myrna says:

    Lancelot, you’re a bully, through and through. Why else would you come here? I don’t have to defend anything. Get a life.

  159. Lancelot says:

    Myrna, as it happens, I’m here because I have a life, specifically a professional one. I’m part of a larger research project on information diffusion on social media, and my focus is on self censorship on distinct venues. I end up reading all sorts of stuff and being on all corners of the internet, including this one. I would not make this present discussion part of my research, obviously.

    I’m not interested in your general beef with that gossip site, but I remember very well that specific exchange you mention. Besides it is easily retrievable. Two points: you’re being untruthful, nobody called you names and, while you don’t have to defend anything, you don’t have to play the victim if you’re not willing to exchange ideas. Second point: talking about being victimized and the dangers of a gossip site is jumping the shark and quite hilarious coming from a Trump supporter.

  160. Myrna says:

    Ah, but I was called misogynist and racist…and I am also a professional and am educated.
    I didn’t engage when asked to detail my political views.
    My point was to bring to light how blanket statements i.e. Insults lodged toward Trump voters was not fair and hateful. I tried to bring to light that educated, kind, fair-minded people may simply have different political views and are entitled to them.

    As to what I posted here, I can only give my personal take.
    And I believe I was bullied.
    The replies and taunts to stand my ground re my political views came off as bullying.
    And it was allowed in…while I was banned…
    That’s my point.
    I didn’t violate terms of the site…and I was banned.
    While other posters, in my opinion, violated the terms, but were allowed.

    I am not inclined to have an intellectual debate with you.
    Nor do I have to need to prove how intelligent I am.

    You are bullying when you say I am untruthful, playing the victim…that the thread is easily retrievable…go ahead…retrieve it.
    It may be altered at this point.
    But I can assure you that many of the replies and egging on were bullying.
    Again, my opinion.

    Now that I know others like you will reply here, I will not be back.
    Life is short and I certainly have more productive venues to expend my energy.

    I’ll leave with this…my final reply on that thread said something like I was simply stating that it’s not fair and harmful to categorize an entire voting faction as hateful labels and that I come to a gossip site to engage in harmless, petty gossip.
    And I ended with …. peace…as I’ll do here…Peace…

  161. Lancelot says:

    Re: your education: Insults… WERE (not was). Kind of blatant.
    Opinion is not fact without proof. Somebody may opine the world is flat, but they’re not to be taken seriously. So, no, you can’t assure me you were bullied, you can only give me your opinion.
    If you don’t want to have an intellectual exchange or “detail your political views”, that’s fine, but being asked to argue a point is NOT bullying. It’s what adults do. And if you’re the master of your ideas, you could have used them to implode those blanket labels which, I agree, can be fallacious. It’s still a mystery to many, myself included, how compassionate, educated, yadda yadda, people could’ve voted for Trump. You had a chance to explain your point of view. Again, you didn’t avail yourself of that chance, it’s perfectly OK, but don’t cry for safe spaces if people are mystified.
    I went back to the text, and I found no insults directed at you. No need for that dab of conspiracy theory about the text being modified. I’m sure that by doing so you think I’m bullying. That is childish. If you won’t/can’t exchange ideas, at least do not personalize the discussion and insult the other person.

  162. ES says:

    @Lancelot, it is a little bit hard to defend one’s views and explain them when one’s posts are moderated and willfully misinterpreted. There is no free and open dialog at Celebitchy. It is manipulated and many posters behave like a mob.

  163. Frosty says:

    It seems I’ve been banned. Kaiser turned to election coverage and there have been massive number of comments and links and arguing, etc. I posted a link to a piece in Slate Star Codex in which the writer questions the coverage of extreme right wing of Trump’s supporters. Not disputing the existence of these supporters, mind you, or endorsing their doctrines – he’s quite clear on this point – but analyzing the nature and breadth of media coverage. I posted it because I find it concerning when media bloggers like Kaiser obsess and actively seek to enlarge the fear many people already feel.
    A commenter called Hmmmmm was smearing a few commenters that day – by that I mean attacking while either not having read or misinterpreting a comment. Hmmm smeared my comment by saying I was a trump supporter who linked to a white supremacist site. With that both comments were cut. But, I was banned while hmmm – a liar, as anyone who clicked through would have read for themselves, ahem, Kaiser — continued to comment.

    Whaddyagunna do? Nuthin! It’s not that surprising to be permabanned by someone who probably sleeps with an Angelina Jolie blankie.

  164. Myrna says:

    Welcome to the club, Frosty. You should check out Interesting stats/info on how Celebitchy is tanking. Unfortunate. It used to be a great site for gossip with dozens of insightful commenters.

  165. Millie says:

    So I got my comment deleted today for daring to question how Martin Scorsese’s film ‘Silence’ is ‘problematic’ to quote the insipid Kaiser. She obviously has never read the actual book and assumes that just because it features European Jesuit Priests in Japan it is about ‘white washing’ or some shit. Now, I am a black woman with sense and I am not going to jump on every little thing and call it problematic just because Tumblr social justice warriors tell me it is.

    I have a sociology degree with a minor in women studies. I am doing my Masters in Social Work now. I think I know what I am talking about Kaiser. Bitch is obviously threatened because I have the education to back up my ‘claims’.

    I love how everyone on that site (a lot of white women/ and poc who eat up the sjw/pc narrative) love to jump the ‘evil white man’ for all the world ills and blame white men and men in general for everything. Yet, the second the narrative gets changed and someone brings up something about white women being oppressive to other women it’s a whole bunch of ‘why can’t we focus on the positives!’, ‘why can’t we all get along!’ ‘Only white men are racist and sexist!’ (actually every race of people is prejudice and I can admit I am racist because all humans are). Yet when someone tries to defend white men, in the same way, they get called out on their privilege. All these idiots actually want to be ‘special snowflakes’ though they never get tired of calling every other white/black you name it celebrity out on their ‘special snowflakes’.

    There is one poster MrsPitt who defends her sons (and rightfully so) from being painted with the brush of evil for being white men. She is always told how she can’t be individualistic by all the enlightened and ‘woke’ women on that site. Yet, these same women want to be individuals when called out on their BS. The double standards and hypocrisy and laughable.

    Oh and if you are a person of color like myself who wants to think objectively about somethings without jumping on the ‘he’s an evil privileged white man’ train or ‘he might be black but he is still a male so he oppressed me as a woman’ train then consider yourself not welcome on that site.

  166. ES says:

    >There is one poster MrsPitt who defends her sons (and rightfully so) from being painted with the brush of evil for being white men.

    I saw Mrs. Pitt post there the other day as well and felt very sorry for her. What is she supposed to tell her sons? That they can’t do anything right? It is a road to nowhere.

    And you have right description of Kaiser – insipid. She is simply not as well educated, worldly and sophisticated as she pretends to be, and it shows. Other Celebitchy writers seemed to have wider range of experiences that they could relate to.

  167. Josie says:

    I’m sad to have found this site, but also happy because of the disillusionment of CB as it stands. I am a longtime poster, back when K was a commenter, I saw her rise to a writer and amazing writers like Jaybird drop off. The site was always fun for me, and in the past few years that I’ve been commenting, I’ve always felt very pro CB. I knew a lot of the users, the users knew me, and I delightfully engaged in convos I don’t normally have in person. I deeply appreciate having a forum to discuss things like this openly, and engaged. For the most part I found there were some emphatic people depending on which crazy was being posted about (Leann/Eddie-Cumberbatch-Angelina/Jennifer etc) but I found other comments to postings to be insightful, educational and fun.

    I’ve never been blocked, and I have only had a handful of comments deleted. I’ve always been in moderation from my first post, so I think when I started posting (I only read for a good 5 years before ever posting) the rules had changed and everyone went straight into moderation. I didn’t necessarily think anything of it, since every comment went through.

    I’ve always had a problem with K and her style. At times I found it immature, other times unoriginal and other times I found it combative, aggressive and coming from a wounded place. This would at times annoy the hell out of me, and other times, as I grew to know some of the commenters, it annoyed me less because I was more interested in the content and couldn’t care less about K.

    For the most part, I find the site, and it’s commenters to be normal. I see SO MANY OF YOU HERE!!!! hi!!! I truly miss your posts. I think it’s gotten better with tonality, with having more women of POC being stood up for during this election season, which certainly isn’t any praise for the writers, but I was glad to see it. Of course if you like Trump, that wasn’t the place for you, but that’s the case on a lot of liberal websites, so I won’t place the blame game there. The hive mentality can also occur anywhere where posting comments is allowed, so that I don’t care about either. I’ve never had the hive go against me, but I have had some commenters not like things I’ve posted. That part doesn’t bother me and can lead to some good debate.

    Recently, I’ve seen a few things. The first thing I noticed was K lifting/plagarizing commenters. That struck me and raised notice. I remember thinking a particular comment was incredibly funny and unique and then saw K post the idea of the comment almost exactly. I wish there had been a way for me to ask that commenter if they noticed, but obvisouly I couldn’t. I think that was my first sign that something bigger was going on.Then, I noticed that a few of my comments got deleted. One was when I said I thought that Lainey posted like a 15 year old, and another was a reply to an Angelina stan. Neither were remarkable, I’m a polite poster even when I disagree. But both comments were deleted twice, even when I made each comment as vanilla as possible. I have to be honest when I say that annoyed the hell out of me.

    I did a little research and wound up on another thread, reading about people being banned and everything. I think after reading that, I was tainted and more annoyed because I saw just how many people, how many commenters I knew being banned left and right, over the same things. Short note it was always about Kaiser. Always. After that whenever I went back to post I couldn’t stop thinking about K and how the bigger picture shows someone control hungry, power hungry, controlling. Not freedom of speech. Not good conversation in fun. Some things you see you can’t unsee, and this was the case I found with K, her posts and her heavy moderation hand. Unless people are cursing other people out etc, I don’t think any comment should be deleted. It’s a joke. If someone wants to call another commenter out for being aggressive and rude to other commenters, they should be allowed to.

    Also, it’s embarrassing, in my opinion, that a writer would attack their commenters in the way she has in the past. That’s dirty, distgusting, vile behavior from someone in a position of power, I don’t care who it is, or how she was working alone or whatever. If you can’t hack all aspects of your job with decorum and grace, then you need to step away. That there is proof around of her nastiness would embarras me to my very core, if I were her.

    Basically all the website is is her reading news from various outlets, possibly reading the comments on other sites too, and then regurgutating it for the people. I don’t care that she does that but let us call a spade a spade. She’s not doing investigative journalism, she’s not breaking stories, she’s collecting and curating news, reporting her spin and then heavily moderating anyone who doesn’t agree, and then some. It’s beyond frustrating.

    But I do love so many of the commenters, and their perspective, but I’m having a harder time lately commenting, because I see the injustice. I want to tell everyone else about these sites, so they know, but alas, no way to send out the smoke signal. And then other times I think, you know what, let this chick have her glory or whatever. I would actually hate to have her job, and the constant need for approval, the heavy moderation, scouring the web for things to write about. Every post is an open ended question designed to make people comment and give their opinion.

    It was nice to see all of you here. I miss so many of your comments.

  168. Duckie says:

    I know what you mean, when I first found Celebitchy I enjoyed both the articles and the comments. Now I can barely make my way through some of the articles and the comments are just as bad. For a site that goes on and on about equality for women, I found the recent title of ‘Justin Timberlake’s wife’ incredibly inappropriate yet in the comments people were raving about Kaiser’s hilarity. The constant bitching about William and Kate also verges on the ridiculous, as does the fact Hiddleston is now clearly on the hate list along with Cumberbatch. Such a progressive and pro equality site yet they shun the women they dislike, are happy to mock them, and continue to do hot guy posts when there would be uproar if one was done for a woman. Ridiculous site. If you believe one thing, stick to it instead of bending the rules for you and your cronies.

  169. Josie says:

    Well, it’s been a known “joke” that she’s just a wife, but again, to not name her is simply ridiculous. If it’s been noticed that she is continusouly in the shadow of her husband, why not give her dress a chance to shine? That’s the type of hypocrisy I’ve been noticing more and more. With every commenter who says K is the best, or the funniest, she sits a little taller in her seat.

    Have you been on the Femme site (not the whole name but I don’t recollect) where I am fairly certain she kept combating comments there. I don’t care either way if CB stays or goes, I honestly don’t see it going anywhere, nor do I see K removing herself from the throne. I don’t think the actual CB give a crap. Either she has “real” things going on, or is happy to let Kaiser take the reins. When I think about K (which I hadn’t ever before) I see a woman who must spend an incredible amount of time on her computer, even on the weekends, maintaining the site. Which isn’t bad, more power to successful women, but there is a false sense of inflation when you really believe the hype of people you don’t really know.

    It’s hard for me to read her articles anymore because I see a dictator. I see another PEOTUS in her, someone incredibly thin skinned. Someone who had confidence in their viewpoints wouldn’t be sidelined or put off with comments that don’t agree. Also, WTF is up with almondmilk on the Angelina posts? Holy crap that chick posts ESSAYS, is aggressive with the commenters and NEVER ever sidelined. I feel like K must think she’s got an in, when in fact I think the chick is just off the rails. It’s weird.

    Taylor ruined Hiddle, the tide changed on them. And K has always had a problem with Kate. It’s silly.

  170. Josie says:

    I do realize the irony that I too am writing an essay, but man it feels good to connect with these comments. CB was my go to every morning. It feels like a breakup to an extent.

  171. Majosha says:

    Josie, I know what you mean–it really does kind of feel like a break up. While I haven’t visited the site in years, I went everyday for ages so making the decision to leave for good was a big deal. Anyway, welcome to the thread! I keep meaning to check out the Banned from Celebitchy site started by another poster here. I’d certainly love another gossip home.

  172. Mary Brawley says:

    I was wondering if I was the only one banned. Ridiculous. I’ve been reading and commenting on CB for a long time and got to know the people. Yesterday, there was something about Jerry Seinfeld making a joke. I said it didn’t sound racist, that I hate when black comedians joke about mean racist things and that my boyfriend is black. Wow. A lady came after me like crazy calling me elementary and nasty putdowns. This morning I tried to comment about Trump and found out I was blocked. Too bad.

  173. Angry says:

    I have been banned multiple times under multiple IP’s because I have tried to call out not only Kaiser but her brainless cronies on there hypocrisy.
    First of all, stop telling me as a black women, who I should hate,what I should hate, how I have been oppressed and what I should be offended by. Period. Kaiser hates white people, but only certain white people.
    Her favorite pharses used by extremist SJW, is everywhere is”white privilege”. Whenever she can’t come up with a real reason to hate someone she just uses there sex or race to dismiss them.
    She steals from people on twitter opinions. She basically vomits up whatever popular SJW buzzword or pharses and uses it to DEATH even when it doesn’t imply.
    She encourages undeserved and unfair hate agaisnt any women / man she hates.
    I.e. T.Swift and Kate Middleton. Yet she loves Kin Kardashian, even if Kim has shat on them multiple times by saying she isn’t a feminism.
    Also why do people bring up that Taylor has blonde hair and blue eyes? I’m sorry but is she in control of that? Did she choose that? Are we hating people because of skin and hair they were born with? Something no one has control over?
    Isn’t this what was done to countless POC, but it is okay to do so to white people? It’s okay to generalize? It’s racist and as a POC,I would never do that to anyone, because I have had it don’t to me.
    I judge by actions. Not skin color. Try that Kaiser.
    She writes about the same topics everyday.
    She is a bully. Period. She is a hypocrite, and worse of all she projects and manipulates quotes and stories to mean what she wants them to mean.
    I wish she would get fired, but then again Celebitchy seems to like her.
    It’s really funny, because for a feminist site that regurarly shits on white people for little to no reason, I’m positive that most of the writers are white women. I think Kaiser is indian.

    I’m liberal as fuck but I hate how, race baity Kaiser can be. Whenever there is a negative story, I know it’s from Kaiser.
    And the funniest part is she always talks about there not being a lot of diversity, yet she only talks about the same five or so people who are all white. All the favorites on the site are white. .
    Also, Tom Hiddleston worked with Woody Allen, it’s nice how because they all like him, that they don’t bring it up, but Blake Lively gets called out every since time.
    Is it her blue eyes and blonde hair?
    Because according to the not being a POC is enough reason to hate you.

  174. Angry says:

    My post has a bunch of mistakes in it. Lol, I was in a rush to get all my points out. Sorry!

  175. ES says:

    Yes, Kaiser is Indian. I came across her profile on Linked In. I was surprised because she doesn’t seem to want to write about one topic she should know about – Indian culture and India. Is she hiding her identity? She seems to write more about black culture and issues than about Indian culture. I found it very odd.

  176. ES says:

    > Wow. A lady came after me like crazy calling me elementary and nasty putdowns.

    The only time you are allowed to have your own opinion on CB on the articles that are race sensitive is if you are a POC yourself, and declare it to be so. And even then it doesn’t fly most of the time.

  177. Josie Pucat says:

    Who came after you? Do you know which commenter? There are a few who seem to like to go on the attack.

  178. Cathy says:

    I’m on permanent moderation.
    The stories are days old; gleaned from other sites. K’s opinions change whichever way the wind blows–meaning, with the majority of posters.
    Every time I’ve responded to an anti-semitic post, my response wasn’t posted– but, the anti-semitic post remained.
    I’m sick of the racism (allowed on a one-way street) on the site. I’m not sick of the discussions about race (those are valid and important); I’m sick of the name-calling allowed by some. I’m sick of every joke being jumped on– everyone and everything is sooooo serious, carries such import, has such social significance. Sometimes, a banana is just a banana— lighten up.
    The articles are not insightful or intelligently written.

  179. LinaLamont says:

    Welp…I just experienced it.
    There’s a thread about calling people out on racism (Jeffrey Dean Morgan: it’s ‘stupid’ that Walking Dead shirt was pulled for racism: 2/24/17). I mentioned Kaiser’s remark in another thread…my post was up for one hot second and, then, deleted. This was my post:

    “I don’t know why you deleted the following post by me. I have screen grabs of your article. You call everyone else out on racism…. deserved or not.

    Yes. Also, did you know that “going off the reservation” is offensive? You’ve (Kaiser) used it several times, most recently, in your piece about Swift on February 21.
    ‘Also: I wonder if Karlie is losing in friends in general because of her fiance, Joshua Kushner. I get the feeling that the Kushner family is losing a lot of friends because Jared has gone off the reservation.’
    I tried to post my distaste, but, you didn’t post my response.”

    They can dish it out, but, they sure can’t take it.

  180. @LinaLamont says:

    I saw a comment like yours (was it you?) and I agree. I often wonder how many complaints about Kaiser and her hypocrisy are caught in moderation hell or outright deleted.
    Kaiser is a negative person, period point blank. Every post that is about conflict is always Kaiser. If there is no conflict, if she dislikes the person , she will say something negative to make it about race or sexism even if it isn’t.

    She also tried to link a man being racist and saying dumb shit, to being about people who liked a movie(la la land) saying in a round about way, that they must be racists as well..This was a thread made today.

    She loves to race bait. To her the only races in the world are black and white. She talks about the same few people everyday, and she reports more opinion then actual news.

    I also love how she and all the commentors love to talk about certain women’s looks, when I’m positive they don’t look half as good.
    I think Kate Middleton must have killed her dog or something.
    She and some commentors seem to personally hate some of these celebs, it’s scary. It’s not snark, it’s just mean outright unjustified hate towards certain women.

    So, yeah I get what you are saying because it happened to me.
    If your comment gets through moderation people will tell you to shut the fuck up and dogpile you or it will just get deleted.

    I must ask, why have a a comment section, If you can’t take criticism?

  181. LinaLamont says:

    I’m not worried about people ganging up on me online. I’m not thin-skinned. I’m an adult. I just hate the race-baiting and hypocrisy. I posted as “LinaLamont” on that site.
    I posted on this site as Cathy, the other day.
    “Cathy says:
    February 22, 2017 at 12:56 am”
    I stand by my words. I think discussions about race ARE VERY IMPORTANT, but, not when it’s the same old diatribes and platitudes .I, also, was VERY vocal in the political discussions..I appreciated them. Celebitchy/Kaiser refuses to remove the offensive phrase (going off the reservation) they used.
    LaLa Land sucked on its own merits…nothing to do with race. I’m in the business…I didn’t vote for it in any category….nothing to do with race. Kaiser just puts in catch-words and popular opinions for click-bait. I don’t comment on celebs I haven’t met/worked with…unless, I know about their reputations from my colleagues…even then, I’m not interested in their looks or personal lives…except if they have distasteful political opinions…are rapists/molesters..that kind of thing.

  182. Ha, I am another one of those regularly banned, always on moderation, often deleted posters. It has been going on for years. The first time I had no idea what I did wrong, but I later noticed the patters: I disagreed either with Kaiser or one of her lapdogs in the comments.

    So far I’ve been banned for terrible sins like quoting an actual scientific research, calling them out for deliting opinions and calling them out for bullying. I’ve also noticed many people mention this in the comments, the comments and the people disappear, and then it takes some time before they reappear. I wonder what happens to them. 😉

    @LinaLamont – I remember you. You post so often (from my perspective) that I thought you were one of the “inner circle”. I cannot believe you get banned too.

    @paolanqar – You and I agreed on a few points too, I remember you from recently. But I guessed immediately that you’ll have trouble with your opinions.

  183. LinaLamont says:

    @Ellie Monroe
    Maybe, I banned myself? 🙂
    I’ve had too many posts not making it past moderation. As I said, my last post (calling out Celebitchy/Kaiser for using an offensive phrase) was deleted a second after it was posted. So, I banned myself. I don’t know if future posts would pass moderation, but, I have no interest. Tiddlebanging (greatly amusing) and the election are over…time for me to move on. The Celebitchy world is very small…the real world is too big to be caught up in a small group. There are some very thoughtful posters on Celebitchy who have a lot to offer on the political threads. I enjoyed reading their thoughts and observations.
    Also, though, some of those Celebitchy people are so vicious and so caught up in actors’ lives. The way they turn on their imaginary boos. Jeez. Get a life.

  184. QueenJ says:

    I too am banned for a comment on Kim K. After years of reading I am no longer interested in that site. I understand its gossip, but to be a credible writer, you have to earn the trust of your readers. Now Kaiser’s bio claims she is a mother and lives part time in Germany after someone called her out for not being American! LOL. If you have read any of her articles, you’ll see her views on motherhood. She hates moms and has written (numerous times) that she never wants to be one. She’s a pathetic person who sits on a computer all day/everyday, writing about lives she can only wish she had. She’s a celebrity blogger. She can only function in a cyber world. Sad.

  185. @Newa says:

    Today on Celebitchy, Kaiser does what she always does, she hates something and whines on and on about it. She obesses over it.
    For some reason she HATES that some people like a movie she doesn’t, so she just splooshes herself whenever her opinion is validated.
    Is that why she mods the shit out of the comments? She wants to have a soapbox, but doesn’t want any opposing views?

    It’s a fucking movie. Stop throwing a fit and crying rascism or sexism, everytime shit doesn’t go your way.

    You don’t even have diverse thoughts.
    You steal from Dlisted writers, Twitter and the comment section.

    Get over people liking la la land, why does it bother you so much?

    Oh yeah, because you’re a spoiled brat who hates when people don’t agree with you.

    Everyone who doesn’t agree with “special snowflake” Kaiser, is a white, racists,sexist Nazi. Btw, come up with something original, stop using “special snowflake” like that shit is clever, and not something that has been used millions of time.

    I can’t wait to read the, “White People Win The Oscars” post that will be up tomorrow, because only the movies that YOU think are diverse enough matter.
    Get the fuck over it.

  186. I most of all oppose to the lack of objectivity and the absence of an intelligent debate.

    It is true that people like Kate Middleton, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift, LeAnn Rimes, Anne Hathaway, Kate Upton, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Matt Damon etc. disappointed some of the public, but Kaiser acts like they are truly evil. She claims in the same breath that they are harmless and that this is all just a fun snark, but it often goes beyond that. She twists any support they get, minimizes their success and efforts. The latest detestables on her list are Brad Pitt, because of the divorce, and Ryan Gosling, whose only sin was to star in a film that is gaining more accolades than the films she liked.

    In contrast to that Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Solange, Kanye, prince Harry, Dev Patel, Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba etc. can do no wrong. She does not quote articles that paint them in unfavourable light, unless she can claim the journalist’s motivation is racist or sexist.

    In some of these stories I agree with her, although never in such a fiery manner. But I have caught myself wondering. If I replied to a poster with an opposing view and this poster never answered back, was it because they agreed with me or were they censored because Kaiser agreed with me more? I have been censored, deleted and then banned too many times to believe all people just give up. And I do not want that to happen. I want to have a discussion with a person with an opposing view, otherwise I would not start the conversation at all. I do not want the people who disagree with me deleted becasue of their opinion, like I do not want to be deleted over my opinion either.

    Kaiser, if you are reading this, you are neither particularly intelligent nor a good debater. Anyone can see that. What you are is self-righteous, and an abuser of power on that webside. You are not enlightening people, you are just living in an echo-chamber that you yourself created. And because you are living in your small reality, do not be surprised when the rest of the world does not share your view.

    Sorry everyone for the long post.



  187. Arianna says:

    I agree, I have never agreed with Kaiser about anything, because she has one or two feelings, extreme idolization or extreme hate.
    Some celebs can do no wrong like the few you mentioned, Others can only do wrong.
    The Hate campaign she is running agaisnt
    La La Land and everyone involved is scary.

    I feel like she HATES that people like the movie, and she HATES everyone involved
    On a person level.
    Not snark, but she really HATES them.
    Though she hasn’t went this hard against the Casey Affleck movie, even though he was accused of sexual harassment, yet she is going nuts on Twitter dragging La La Land?
    What is it about this movie is so offensive to her? Is it because she really HATES the leads?
    It’s a fucking harmless musical.

  188. Lolo says:

    A “sexiest guy at the oscars” post, were Kaiser acts like a 14 year old gushing over men, whose spouses she hates on, and if roles were reversed.
    (A man wrote a sexiest girl at the Oscars post) everyone would be crying about objectification and misogyny.
    Talk about double fucking standards.
    Then again, that’s Celebitchy’s M.O.
    Kaiser does to others what she doesn’t what others to do.
    She is a hypocrite.

  189. LinaLamont says:

    I’m disgusted by some of the posts that passed moderation… calling Warren Beatty  “gramps”, senile, etc..
    Warren wrote, produced, directed, starred in a film this year. Everyone in the industry knows him and knows he’s not senile, that’s just the way he is…sort of (ostensibly) laid back and, sometimes, meandering in his talking…it’s nothing new. He was put in a tough spot last night.
    (I thought “Moonlight” would win. Then, “LaLa Land” was announced and I thought, “Oh, well.:. When the “LaLa Land” people had to hand over their Oscars, I felt terrible for them. They were very gracious…EXCEPT, ripping the envelope of of Warren’s hands.)
    Believe me, I’m no fan of actors, but, this is the ignorant, vicious crap that gets posted on Celebitchy.
    I don’t know who moderates that site.

  190. Daisy says:

    Can we talk about that commenter almondmilk? You know, the Angelina Jolie fanatic. She shredded Jennifer Anniston in multiple comments today but let anyone breathe wrong in AJ’s direction and she goes on a diatribe about misogyny. She must spend her whole day defending Angelina online based on her celebitchy volume. I always think if AJ met one of these psycho fans irl she would either laugh in their face or run for her life.

  191. Yamidash says:

    It gets scary. The hate that Kaiser and certain commentors have for certain celebs, seems personal.
    There are a few pyscho fan girls that I’ve noticed.
    AlmondMilk and Maya who will jump on anyone who says anything bad about Angie Jolie.
    There’s NoSugarHere, who hates Kate Middleton to death and often acts as if she knows Kate personally and posts on every Kate article.
    Then there are the many Tom Hiddleston fans, who whine endlessly about people picking on Tommy. The head being Crox, in my opinions they don’t bother me much.

    Then there’s the biggest fan girls of them all, Kaiser.

  192. Yamidash says:

    The funniest part being is that her and Maya’s long novels always get through moderation.
    No matter what.

  193. LinaLamont says:

    “…we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”
    And, this is why I HATE actors (celebrities)… get your heads out of your asses.

  194. LinaLamont says:

    The ONLY thing they celebrate is THEMSELVES.

  195. Imagine if one of the hated celebrities said that in a speech, insted of the praised Viola Davis (nothing against Viola!). There would be a mocking article every day for the next two weeks.

    I used to be bothered by complaining stans until I noticed how biased the page authors were. Now I think it is great that the stans of the HATED celebrities keep commenting. They probably give Kaiser patches of grey hair and they consume a lot of her time. Until they get banned.

    I also lost all respect for Sixer now when she flipped out when she was served some extremely innocent snark. Another one who can dish it out but cannot take it.

  196. Oh, and Casey Affleck! There were comments about how Denzel Washington looked unhappy because a sexual predator won the award and that Viola Davis is leaning away from Casey because of his past. All of this is pure projection. Denzel looked pissed off and at the verge of tears because he is a sore loser and not because of WHO won, and Affleck is not ignored on all pictures, just the ones Kaiser handpicked. Geesh. Talking about creating reality.

  197. Yamidash says:

    Ellie, I’m calling it now about The Viola Davis situation, either Kaiser will make it about race and say something like, ” Special White Snowflakes are offended by Viola’s speech” and she will say that people are trying to keep a black woman down. She will say something about Trump.

    Or she won’t report it at all because it makes someone she loves look bad.

    As a black woman, I adore Viola, but what she said, that one part was a stupid comment, in a otherwise amazing speech.
    But to Kaiser Viola doesn’t fit in the check boxes that mean she can hate on her.

    She isn’t white and Kaiser loves her.

    So if this was any other celeb than Kaiser would be up in arms.
    Also, about the Stans, Anyone who takes part in the damnation of Kate Middleton, I instantly dislike them.
    Not because I care about KM, but because it’s irrational crazy hate.
    People accusing her of having mental issues, all types of crap, so I never liked the commenter who flipped out on the Hiddleston Stan either.

  198. LinaLamont says:

    Most articles (especially, the political ones–which I liked and engaged in much more than the celebrity ones) were days-old news. I’d post links and observations about the news waaaay before Celebitchy did.
    I did see Kaiser lifted the Oscar cosplay line from someone else. “Jessica Biel in Kaufmanfranco at the Oscars: Oscar statuette cosplay?”
    Also, @Ellie Monroe…I was surprised when Sixer went after another poster (I think it was Crox?) a few days ago, too. I thought it was out of character, but, I never read too many celebrity threads, so, I can’t say. I mean, everyone has a bad day. Dunno.

  199. Yamidash says:

    Two Kate Middleton posts, were Kaiser talks about Kate’s posture.
    Kaiser, I would love to know how perfect and beautiful you are.
    I would love to see all the commentors who seem to have such high authority and beauty, to judge a women as they constantly do this woman.
    If Kate is such a bore, why the fuck do 100s of people comment on every post?
    Why does Kaiser write about her the time?

    Oh yeah because they’re a bucket of bitter bitches.

  200. Viola’s Oscar speech is quoted, but Kaiser didn’t expose that line. Of course she didn’t. Somebody called it in the comments, and a lot of people agreed. So at least the commentors are still sane.

    @LinaLamont, I used to LOVE Sixer’s posts, her social and political commentary was spot on. Lately she’s been losing her touch, and it is even more lame that Celebitchy’s queen of snarks cries foul when somebody corrects her with a snark, and demans to be left alone. You fucked up the facts, woman, own it.

    And I see Crox changed her name again. This time to Nanny to the Rescue. Is she going full-troll?

  201. LinaLamont says:

    @Ellie Monroe
    I don’t know posters well enough to know who changes names. The only one I noticed and figured out right away was “lightpurple”.

    An example of the crap that goes on….
    16. sanders
    “This bozo had one simple job, hand over the right fcuking envelope. According to the NY times article I read, he lost his focus fawning over Emma Stone, the epitome of white and Hawaiian femininity.” 
    See, this is the shit I can’t stand. What does her race/ethnicity have to do with anything. You can hate her for whatever reason you want, but, because she’s white?  I’m sick to death of race-baiting, white privilege, Becky, posh being dragged into EVERY discussion. I’m sick of reading ignorant people calling Jewish a race… that’s what Hitler did. Every time I brought this up as a counter to those ignorant comments, my post wasn’t allowed…never passed moderation. Only the ignorant hate gets through.
     I’m sick of people not understanding that acting consists of portraying someone you’re not…. gay, straight, another ethnicity (not, necessarily, race), etc…. that’s why it’s called “acting”.
    I’m sick of people who know nothing of the industry spouting off about how the various academies, guilds, aspects work.
    Dismissing people, summarily, because they’re white, black, brown, yellow, educated, uneducated, rich, poor is cheap and lazy. It doesn’t further any discussion…it just shows how small and ignorant you are. Same for lauding sometime just for the same reasons/attrihutes.

  202. @LinaLamont:lightpurple used to be lilacflowers, right? Another Hiddleston stan. Crox changed her name at least twice recently. She always announced it. I think her old incarnation nannied for Benny during Sophiegate. She switched to Tommy after Hiddleswift became a thing.

    Race-baiting is huge on Celebitchy. Half the time that’s how things are explained. I understand some people feel vulnerable under Trump’s administration, but the world is still grey. Kaiser does admit not all Hillary-supporters are good people, but she won’t understand not all Trump supporters are bad people. (I’m a Hillary supporter myself, but even I understand why some people did not like her campain and thought she was the greater evil.)

    And don’t get me started on the Becky issue. There actually was a topic, I can’t remember what it was about, but it wasn’t long ago, where Kaiser described somebody as Becky. There was a big uproar about the problem of that name in the comments, and then the master purge happened. Not only a huge mass of comments disappeared, they were deleted in the weirdest way. The comment calling out Kaiser was deleted, but the hateful replies to that comment remained and fell to the end of that comment section. All comments from halfway down then looked like a bunch of people bitching about things that aren’t there.

  203. Arianna says:


    I found this ridiculous post on a Kate Middleton post.
    A couple of people were complaining rightfully so about the hypocrisy, and this person came back with the weakest excuse ever.

    ‘I like the shoes. I like the dress. She looks good here. She looks fresh if I may say that. Don’t know why but it’s an improvement in general.
    I read some posters here complaining that we shouldn’t put down woman and body shaming and stuff. That we should be supportive to one another, not be jealous and stuff. Well, yes we can be
    “mean” but there are some reasons I think. First, this is a gossip site and we come here to gossip which, if you don’t know is good for unwinding the stress of the day. Second, when there is something to bitch about why not say it but repress it due to some “women united” thing people are pushing these days under the Political correctness label. Third- and nobody can deny this- this woman is in the public eye and it’s a joke as is her husband. That is a fact. She acts like a child, dresses like and idiot 95% of the time, is MIA 80% of her time and when she shows up for “work”=whatever that means she is useless, so much so that people forget why she is out in the first place . She has everything handed to her and she can’t even dress properly???
    For closure there is a thing called “critical thinking” and when I was in high school we were required to practice. We used to separate in teams, given a subject and forced to protect a line of thought (even if we didn’t personally agree) till the end. Our teacher said that this exercise would help us in the long run to being able to think and express our thoughts in a coherent way and be our own person. so bulling people to stop expressing their opinions about something or someone, as far as I have been taught is wrong.”

    So this person is saying it’s a gossip site.
    So as a experiment, I’m going to be a troll and talk about every celeb in the way that they do women they hate.

    I’m going to call them ugly, talk about how old they look, call them too fat or skinny, tell them what length of hair fits MY standards.
    I’m just going to be a bitch.

    I love how CeleBITCHY is a fun loving gossip site when it comes to Kate, but any other celeb, you have to PC to a fault.

  204. Arianna says:

    Here’s the thread from the comment section I was talking about.
    ( This is a KM post)

    February 28, 2017 at 10:34 am
    Wow. It has become rare, at least in my corner of the internet, to read such needlessly malicious, small-minded commentary on a woman, by a woman who doesn’t even know the object of her derision personally. It is not intelligent, or witty, or relevant, but just seems bafflingly mean. I know Bitch Eating Crackers is a thing, and I have that too with some people, but I thought it was generally understood that it’s not actually a virtue.

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    February 28, 2017 at 11:16 am
    Are you aware you’re on a website named CeleBitchy?

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    February 28, 2017 at 12:16 pm
    I agree LaLa.
    Though, Everytime someone points it out they get the same response.
    “This ain’t a Kate Fan website”
    “this is CB”
    And the problem is that it is CB.
    A blog that talks about social issues such as body shaming, sexism and the unfair judgement of women, yet every Kate post is a circle jerk about every single flaw she has.

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    February 28, 2017 at 4:14 pm
    Victoria, she has spent 15 years focusing on how she looks above all else. She does nothing of substance, says nothing of substance. If she’d stop shopping, pin her hair back, and get to honest work instead of these 30 minute flybys? We’d have something to talk about. She is the one who has made it about her looks for 15 years.

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    February 28, 2017 at 11:31 am
    You need to look at Hello Magazine, or better yet Majesty Magazine. You will find nothing but praise and adulation over the Duchess of Cambridge.

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    February 28, 2017 at 12:07 pm
    I agree. Green eyed monster is huge with some regulars. Maybe its an addiction!

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    February 28, 2017 at 1:20 pm
    It may be petty or mean criticism, but there’s little evidence that it’s derived from jealousy. Unless, of course, the posters are of the belief that they could do so much more with Kate’s global platform.

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    February 28, 2017 at 2:17 pm
    Oh please! Being a woman, I can spot jealousy. So can you.

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    February 28, 2017 at 2:26 pm
    I am a woman. You got that part right. I don’t think that the female of the species has any advantage over the male in being either more prone to jealousy or better able to identify it, however. We’re pretty equal in our virtues and vices, as far as I can tell.

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    February 28, 2017 at 3:45 pm
    Joannie. You support Kate but always attack Meghan , so are you jealous of Meghan? Must be since you never have anything nice to say about her. Being a woman I can spot jealousy and hypocrisy too.

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    February 28, 2017 at 3:51 pm
    I dont attack Meghan! Phfft Hardly pay any attention to her.

    @graymatters, I agree with you re: men/jealousy. They aren’t as catty as women but can be just as mean. They dont pick apart one another in the same way. At least that’s been my experience working in an all men environment.”

  205. Anonymous says:

    I found this page after googling Celebitchy and banning, so add me to the club. I was getting on just fine there, enjoying the snark and social commentary, until I got put into permanent moderation straight away for pointing out an unnecessarily mean and, frankly, sexist remark in an article about Jennifer Aniston. I’d never had any issues before that. I got banned a little later, I believe for saying that I don’t think Kate Winslet (who I’ve actually worked with and is entirely lovely but Kaiser despises her) is lying about not using Botox. Or maybe I’d just been marked as a troublemaker by then- I’d also commented that I thought the vitriol towards Kate Middleton was a bit much but that never got through. It’s just a little frustrating that an ostensibly ‘feminist’ website seems to relish in tearing women apart at times.

  206. jashauna r says:

    I love how Susan S. Is canceled to Kaiser because of her politics, but she said she went to go see Casey Affleck’s movie

    A man who was accused of sexual harassment Multiple times.
    I guess to Kaiser a woman not agreeing with her politics is worst then watching a movie with a actor that goes against everything Kaiser supposedly stands for.

    She’s just hates women.
    Except Angie Jolie. She would eat the corn out of her shit if Angie asked her.

  207. Millie says:

    Excuse the jumpy and long rant ahead. I truly just needed to rant about Kaiser for a hot minute hahaha!

    I can’t believe how horrible this bitch Kaiser and her merry band of followers are being about Jen Aniston! Why? Because Brad Pitt apparently dares to text her again after all these years. Barely anyone attacked Brad, but if they did it was stuff like “Brad and Jen deserve one another!” or “She can have him because Angie doesn’t want him!”.

    There is some serious cognitive dissonance going on there. They act like JA did something wrong when AJ was actually just fine to go and cheat with Brad. Why is JA constantly treated like crap when she has stayed out of the love triangle shit for years?

    I am really over the narrative that Angelina is some saint and savior. Basically, she is the epitome of the term ‘white savior’ but Kaiser with all her race baiting and bleeding heart liberalism would never call Angelina out on having the complex like she does other white celebrities who actually don’t go around acting like they are saving all the world. She has no formal education beyond the 9th grade and yet we are supposed to fawn over her working for The UN or teaching at the London School of Economics? No. Angelina only has these opportunities because of her…wait for it…Kaiser’s favorite buzz from Tumblr…PRIVILEGE!

    But no word from Kaiser on this subject. Apparently, everything Angie has is through blood, sweat, and tears and not because she can use her celeb status to get opportunities she has never earned. I am still waiting on the saint to adopt a white child who is in need. I will be waiting till my face turns blue because we all know that doesn’t fit the agenda of the bleeding heart liberals. The bleeding heart liberals are too busy telling me as a black woman that I am a victim 24/7 and apparently, all white conservatives are just the big bad evil out to get me.

    Also, funny how Angelina can look full blown eating disordered but not get any of the nasty comments that Kate Middleton or Amal Clooney get.

    I really really just hate Kaiser. I don’t think I have ever had such irrational hatred of a person I have never met before, but I truly want more than anything for Celebitchy to be destroyed.

    I wish she’d keep the name of learned and well educated black sociologists and feminists (because right now she capes for the black folk in all her race baiting) she has probably only encountered in Tumblr blogs, out of her mouth as well. It really bothers me how she and her band of followers twist the words of Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks, Patricia Hill Collins, Angela Davis and so forth for their race baiting agenda. Kaiser should focus on her Indian culture and bring its issues to light if she is so concerned and race relations. But she really isn’t. She just wants to act like she is but is unable to start with herself.

    I hope Celebitchy loses so much ad revenue and visitors that it will be forced to shut down. Then Kaiser will actually be forced to get a real job and utilize that philosophy degree she apparently has.

  208. Giulia says:

    I was just banned! I posted a comment on a Susan Sarandon thread. The site’s gotten super political over the last few months and Kaiser’s aimed the rage cannons at Susan Sarandon for not voting for HRC and being vocal about it. I just pointed out that HRC lost because of the electoral college, not Susan Sarandon. Elections are run to win the college. If a candidate also wins the popular vote, then they have a mandate. That’s it – no bad language, no attacking other commenters. The comment was instantly pulled. The mod’s reaction was so childish I actually did LOL. It’s a bit disturbing that a site with thousands of hits a month actively encourages ignorance of how our system works just so Kaiser can spew her daily vitriol sermon to her core commenters – who are probably friends and and relatves anyway.

  209. Anonymous says:

    Kaiser is more like Trump then she thinks.
    She makes up stories and creates controversy, she spews hate against certain women, based on their looks, politics and skin color.
    Instead of hating POC she acts as if she is our Savior, by hating CERTAIN white men and women, and idolizing others. Which is the most backwards shit I ever heard of.
    I’m black and I’ve experienced racism from white, black and every colors of the rainbow people.
    Does that mean I should hate a whole race?
    Should I hate all white people because some are jack asses?

    She covers her ears (banning) and eyes whenever someone disagrees, so instead of having a agrument, she just stifles you by deleting your comments.

    She’s ignorant, doesn’t even bother to watch or even wiki the things she talks about (aka The Great Wall, which she calls a white Savior movie when it isn’t)

    All of her values are copy and paste from Twitter,Tumblr and other people.

    She’s just as hateful in her own way.

    I guess you become what you hate.

  210. Sick Of the Idolization says:

    Anyone sick of having people jump on anyone who says anything about Tom Hiddleston that isn’t 100% praise? Anyone sick of people calling other people, “stans, fangirls and lunatics” In Harry&Meghan posts?
    It’s annoying. Period. It makes me not even want to go on the site,because if it isn’t Kaiser deleting my posts because she doesn’t agree, it’s some “all knowing and woke” person chastising me for having a opinion.
    Now people are racist when they don’t like H&M. Tom Hiddleston is getting fucking bullied because someone isn’t giving him verbal fellatio.
    It’s stupid.
    There is way too much idolization on that site.

  211. Eh, it’s all the same as always. I noticed according to Kaiser the world only has fucking five celebrities. Today:
    Angelina Jolie has a movie about Cambodia but if somebody else made that film it would be whitewashing, white savouring, something.
    Susan Sarandon is the only person responsible for Donald Trump’s win.
    Kate and William are terrible and lazy.
    Meghan is fine because she’s not completely white and Kaiser can’t hide her race bias. Just to be clear: I like Meghan. But I don’t see how she’s diffrent than Kate. And I like Kate too.
    Hiddleston gets two posts because he’s apparently so important, and while Kaiser still hates him for fucking Kaiser’s poster girl for whiteness last summer, his stans are working overtime.
    Goop and Aniston are missing. Probably because Sarandon is taking their place as Kaiser’s most hated woman.

    And since when is stan #1 insult to go to? It’s effective. It’s too mild for bans but it ends every debate. I guess it pops up when the actual arguments run out.

  212. I’m waiting for un-ban. After that I’ll just save every commet I make and paste it here if it doesn’t go through the moderation. Then you can tell me what the fuck was wrong with it.

  213. paolanqar says:

    My comments were deleted today AGAIN for no reason at all on a post about International women’s day:
    ‘Sorry Amy but…… Meghan Markle at age 11 wrote a letter to then First Lady Hillary Clinton and other high-profile figures complaining that a soap advertisement implied women belonged in the kitchen. The soap’s manufacturer was then forced to alter the advertisement after her complaint.
    Don’t celebrate women today but every day do what Meghan did when she was just a child: call out on any injustice or any a***ole who, in 2017, still believes that women have less rights than men or none at all.’

    I guess I used Hillary’s name wrong and since Kaiser is such a supporter no one can express their opinion if they don’t cover HRC with praise.
    Kaiser might think of herself as liberal who always speaks of freedom and rights but all I see is a controlling person who doesn’t want other people to express their opinions when they don’t agree with hers. Such a childish behaviour, especially for a blogger who gets a living out of a gossip site.
    Grow up Kaiser. We can still disagree with each other and be civil and give other people freedom of speech.
    But hey, I am not black so my opinion doesn’t count because I am privileged.

  214. @paolanqar says:

    Yesterday a whole bunch of your comments on Angie thread were deleted as well.

    Also Kaiser is a troll, Why wasn’t Amy banned that day?

    Because she was brinig in the comments and clicks, so Kaiser let her stay and get everyone pissed off in the comments.

    It’s funny how you got banned for nothing, but Amy broke the rules by posting under multiple names. Yet she didnt get banned.

    Kaiser isn’t even black and this may sound ignorant; but I would loved if she talked more about her culture and how they were oppressed instead of trying to be some black savior of something.

    Kaiser pisses me off because she seems to fetishize black people as a way of proving how “woke” she is.

    I do not want the support of ANYONE who hates white people just because they’re white.

    As a black woman who dealt with hate because of my skin, I refuse to support someone who hates others for thiers.

  215. @paolanqar says:

    I also find it ironic that CB are striking, when Kaiser puts down woman every single day of the week.
    She manipulates stories and doesn’t do any research, just to make a woman she hates look bad, yet she feels like she’s doing God’s work by running a faux feminist blog were she baits and trolls all day.
    I love how Angie Jolie isn’t accused of cultural appropriation or being a white savior, yet a movie she didn’t watch (The Great Wall) and a movie she hates irrationally (la la land) are horrible racists movies.
    Yet, Angie hasn’t been called out yet.

    She is such a hypothetical manipulater.

  216. huh says:

    Yep. My comments kept being deleted. Chandras DasGuptas aka Kaiser really is an effing idiot. Done with that site. Being reading it since 2010. Posted under various monikers most recently as “Huh”
    I have had comments deleted and haven’t thought much about but today’s really was the last straw. Posted a link to a politico article about the women’s march. Puff. Gone. I then posted this comment;

    “Just for clarification, I wasn’t in agreement with the article I posted. I thought it was a very cynical take on the strike. And after I googled the author I wasn’t surprised to see she worked for Ted Cruz. The moderation on this site is ridiculous. It’s like dialogue isn’t encouraged. ”

    And yep. She deleted that as well. She really is a moron of trumpic proportions.

  217. huh says:

    Yep. My comments kept being deleted. Chandras DasGuptas aka Kaiser really is an effing idiot. Done with that site. Being reading it since 2010. Posted under various monikers most recently as “Huh”
    I have had comments deleted and haven’t thought much about but today’s really was the last straw. Posted a link to a politico article about the women’s march. Puff. Gone. I then posted this comment;

    “Just for clarification, I wasn’t in agreement with the article I posted. I thought it was a very cynical take on the strike. And after I googled the author I wasn’t surprised to see she worked for Ted Cruz. The moderation on this site is ridiculous. It’s like dialogue isn’t encouraged. ”

    And yep. She deleted that as well. She really is a moron of trumpic proportions.

  218. paolanqar says:

    It pisses me off so much when just because I am white I have no right to express my opinion on any topic that involves race. Also too many people use the race card to defend their argument like that person who yesterday said ‘people hate Meghan Markle because she is black’.
    What the actual fuck? Do they even realise how stupid they sound??

    Yes I had a lot of comments about Angelina deleted yesterday and just to clarify I don’t particularly like or dislike her. I believe she is a terrible actress but a good director with a lot to learn. I think she is an amazing woman but i don’t get all the praise she gets. Also I don’t believe Brad Pitt is a monster and I retain my judgement on what the cause of their divorce was because I have no idea of what went down behind closed doors. And I don’t like to speculate.

    I can’t stand Solange, another one too quick on playing the race card but with no education to back it up. Especially considering how privileged both sisters were since the day they were born. But I dislike her persona not because her skin is black.

    The other day i was going to point out how much Viola’s speech sounded stupid and patronizing when she said ‘ We are the only one to know what it means to live a life’ or to point out that Moonlight never shows a non black person in a film set in Miami where the Hispanic community represent the 66% of the population. I guess that no one cares if the color is different from black, but I knew my comments would have never gone through so why even bother.

  219. paolanqar says:

    She also stole some of my comments and after deleting them she used them in the thread and made them her own.
    Do we have a picture of Kaiser? I really need to see her face at this point.
    I bet she was fun un school too.

  220. @paolanqar: Were you among the big mass of people that got banned or deleted in the post about Solange getting some shit thrown at her? ’cause that’s when I first ended up on the moderation list (deleted with a big bunch of others, comments kept disappearing there). I said with all due respect, it’s possible Solange got handled because she was fucking rude, not because she was black. (I didn’t write fucking, of course, but that’s how I feel about it since.)
    That’s not denying racism and how some people get mistreated, but Solange bothering other guests was a bad example for racial injustice.

  221. Which comments did Kaiser steal? I mean what’s in the article now? She prolly jusr steals everything from wittier people in the comments.

  222. paolanqar says:

    Ah yes! I had many comments deleted from that thread and then I got banned. I don’t like Solange’s constantly angry face or her dress sense and she is a violent, angry person. I despise anybody who takes her side.
    I believe she has never finished high school since she’s spent most of her time touring with Destiny’s child and then went on to have a child and marry as a teen.
    She has had stints as a backup dancer, actress and she is a much less successful than her sister. She has been pushed to the side by her own parents to make way for her sister and in light of this lack of true accomplishment in any field, she has become angry. She tries to make up for it through this faux intellectual Malcolm X facade that is not backed up by any intellectual credentials or otherwise, pushing the blame onto everyone else, except where it belongs: her family.
    It’s a shame because she is more thoughtful and deep in her musid than her sister.
    But of course you can never bring this conversation on a table on CB.
    And I would say the same about her if her skin was white, yellow, red or blue with pink dots.

    And don’t let me started with her sister… she has stolen ideas, coreographies, material and whole songs from other artists without giving them credit. She has made millions with Lemonade in which she goes to a great extent to diss her own husband and all his side pieces.. but hey! People only see that she started a revolution (what the hell!??) but ignore the fact that after so much fuss about the album she still is with Jay Z??? I find this unbelieavable. If you trash your husband in that way and don’t leave him, you’re just doing it for the money. She is such a bad example of emporewement.

    Kaiser used some of my comments in the past, especially on Game of Thrones threads. You could tell she was completely oblivious of the plot in her pieces and struggled to keep up so she was using people’s comments to make her threads funnier.
    Honestly now I don’t even read what she writes anymore, i go straight to the comments.

  223. huh says:

    Her name is Chandra DasGupta. Can’t edit my earlier comments.

  224. Myrna says:

    So, I caved and went to the Celebitchy site last week and decided to comment to confirm that I was still banned – which I assume is accomplished by blocking IP addresses
    And my comments, though they went into moderation first as they ALWAYS had, for the 7 or so years I had been reading Celebitchy – got through!
    Apparently the IP address isn’t blocked anymore?
    I don’t know.
    I used my same handle – Myrna…

    Since finding this site months ago, my fury has subsided for having been banned, because, hey, there are more important things in life, right?
    But the hatred and attacks and hypocrocy and banning are truly ridiculous.

    I see many others here since I first posted and I’m not undermining your experiences at all…being banned pissed me off beyond belief, especially when I did nothing to violate the rules…I play by the rules and expect to be treated fairly in return.
    And I still would like to see the site crash and burn based simply on principle.

    What I haven’t seen, though, since my original posts here, is that Lancelot person attacking others’ comments as she/he did mine.
    Not quite sure why Lancelot came after me in particular here, which intrigues me.
    Why my comments…who is Lancelot?

    Anyway…thought I’d post my latest experience in that as someone once BANNED…I have been allowed again to post.
    But I assure you, I will not go on Celebitchy again after my latest cave.
    It’s just not worth it…

  225. The ban isn’t permanent. I never changed my ip, mail or nickname, and I was always alowed back after a while. Klicks are important.

    I don’t know who Lancelot is, but I reread your argument with her, and I must say it’s rich that she accused you (or anyone) of not being able to back up their claims on that page. I will never forget how I was moderated for trying to post the recepits for one claim. First with a link, but the comment was deleted. I thought posting a link perhaps isn’t allowed (although some people post them), so I just described where to look for the article. Deleted again. Then I only wrote a vague description of what was it supposed to be. Deleted again.

    So fuck anyone who claims people on Celebitchy fail to back up their claims. It’s fucking hard to do that when the claim isn’t by Kaiser’s liking.

  226. paolanqar says:

    Ellie completely agree with you. Sometimes you just want to smash the computer because that nasty bitch doesn’t allow you to post any reply to some poster.
    It’s like I can see kaiser’s smirk when this happens. Because she reads everything we write and since she is a sadistic bitch she will delete the message without second thoughts.
    For someone who’s apparently so dedicated to people’s rights and gets so shocked by the littlest things when it comes to race and human rights, she is an effing hypocrite for not giving freedom of speech to the posters.
    I wonder where the real celebitchy is and if it’s worth it to make a formal complaint, maybe all together?

    Myrna I was banned many times but I realised that changing the email address it will let you to post again.

  227. @paolanqar says:

    I hate bait post just so Kaiser can get her hate out about Ed Sheeran/Tswift.
    Calling him a alcoholic, and taking his words literal, then a bunch of the comments are talking about his looks.

    It’s really great that a website that they can call a man ugly,but if a man says anything that isn’t worded carefully about a woman, he’s a misogynistic horrible pig.

    Kaiser go fuck yourself and everyone in the comments making this dude seem like he’s this horrible person, can as well.

  228. Hypocrisy says:

    Sorry paolanqar, I need to change my name this wasn’t @ you.

  229. Hypocrisy says:

    It’s just so and uncalled for bcause the only reason Kaiser is even talking about Ed is because he said something about Taylor a few months ago, so of course, Kaiser can’t pass up a chance to talk about him and Taylor.

    Sometimes I wonder if she hates white people because she isn’t one. I think she may be in love with them or some shit, because being so hateful for little to no reason is scary.

    Oh, and because she knows that T.Hiddston is loved, she’s writitng about him everyday now, So fucking original.

  230. paolanqar says:

    Ahah! No worries!
    Wait until Kit Harington comes back in style around May time and you will see the drivel she writes.
    TS made Ed Sheeran famous in the US, of course he is going to be loyal to her.. plus he is a man, he’s not going to say anyhting bad about TS, he doesn’t probably give too much attention to what happens in gossip sites!

    I think Kaiser supports the POC’s cause so fiercely because it makes her feel good about herself. Supporting ANYTHING black people do is a form of racism too and very often she is racist the other way around. I wonder if she knows that racism is not only white vs black.

    What a stupid woman she is.

  231. Myrna says:

    EXACTLY to all of the above!

    Makes sense that those banned are eventually let back on to post…they need the clicks…good point.

    Yeah, hypocrocy at its best.
    And it’s sloppy, the website, in that it has no focus, doesn’t make a contribution to intelligent, insightful social/cultural role of gossip…it’s simply a one-sided, immature, hateful monologue.

    But, yes, it is incredibly frustrating to be accused of not backing up one’s opinion when you’re not allowed to rebut because your ‘explanation’ is deleted!

    My point, all those months ago before Trump won the election (seems like years now with all the daily goings-on in Washington) was that, while I may have had contrary opinions to whatever Kaiser had posted and/or what other posters were saying, that I didn’t appreciate the attack given my opinions…and couldn’t we all simply state our opinions without the hatred?
    And saying that only fueled the attack and bullying for me to defend myself.
    I simply didn’t engage and the tirade continued.

    And then I was banned…not the others who clearly violated the terms for posting.


  232. Kaiser’s definitively a troll when it comes to race-baiting. I wonder if she reads our discussion here (hello Kaiser, fuck you) because she’s so extra with racism today. Right on time!

    Sienna Miller’s photos are described as whitewashing (yeah, I’m sure this isn’t how this word is normally used, this is really exaggerating) and correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t saying that Nicki Minaj “is responding like a white artist” racist? Kaiser doesn’t speak about hip hop vs. pop, she uses the term white. As in white people don’t go into openly aggressive fights but black people do. Nice stereotyping there, bigot.

    Yeah, and Ed Sheeran is guilty by assosication. What’s new?

  233. paolanqar says:

    Of course she reads us! That’s why I am keeping the same name, so I can tell her what i really think. I’m sure it drives her mad to not be able to delete our comments from here.

    Yeah when I read about the ‘white washing’ stuff I wanted to bang my head on my laptop. Wtf.
    She seems very confused about the race issue, she should stop writing about it and maybe open a book or 10.

    And don’t get me started on the Samuel L Jackson story.

  234. ES says:

    “Sometimes I wonder if she hates white people because she isn’t one. I think she may be in love with them or some shit, because being so hateful for little to no reason is scary.”

    That is what I always suspected. She is too selfish to do it out of some high ideals, plus she is very confused about it all. She never talks about her own ethnicity, as if she doesn’t want to acknowledge it. There is saying – from love to hate there is just one step. My theory is that some white person rejected her, and she internalized it.

  235. ES says:

    “So fuck anyone who claims people on Celebitchy fail to back up their claims. It’s fucking hard to do that when the claim isn’t by Kaiser’s liking.”

    This happened to me multiple times. It is infuriating. You would post something , and then people would immediately misinterpret it and jump on you and the next thing you know there are 20 replies talking about how ignorant and uneducated you are, and you can’t even reply because you are blocked. I am sure it is great fun for Kaiser.

  236. ES says:

    “And I still would like to see the site crash and burn based simply on principle.”

    It is not doing so hot, anyway. I was just thinking the other day – Kaiser has exactly the job she deserves. It is nothing to brag about – she is working 24/7 on some gossip blog, for little money, no benefits, no pension, no healthcare..
    And it is not like she could leverage this into a respectable job as a write/ journalist somewhere. Anyone who reads her blogs will see that he writing is at a middle school level.

  237. Frosty says:

    WTF are you kidding?? Revealing her RL identity? “Waaah Kaiser didn’t post my comment so I’m entitled to destroy her life”. Kaiser’s an imperious twit, but that’s all she is. Nothing she does on her site merits doxing her. Thanks for giving her standing to get this site taken down jackass.

  238. @ Frosty says:

    Yes! Liana please please please delete those comments! Because if they are her real name or not, I would hate for a 6 year blog to get deleted!
    No one deserves to be doxxed. I have a issue with Kaiser because of what she writes on her blog and twitter, which both proves she is a hypocrite and can be a bully.
    I have a issue with “Kaiser” the persona that she uses, not whoever she is as a person, because while i do believe she is as hypocritical and faux feminist in real life, I do not personally have a vendetta agaisnt her.
    So please Delete it!!

  239. Dayjay says:

    I don’t know if it will make you feel any better, but she does have her name and occupation on her public linked in page. So it wasn’t totally secret to begin with.

  240. @Dayjay says:

    Oh, well if it’s public information then I guess it’s fine.
    (I’m the @Frosty person, not Frosty)
    Thanks for telling me.

  241. ES says:

    I also saw her real name on Linked In, that is how I found out she was Indian. Up to then I always assumed she was white.

  242. Frosty says:

    None of the CB writers’ RL identities are listed on the site from what I can see. Just because “huh” had some business side knowledge of Kaiser’s actual identity doesn’t entitle “huh” to throw it out there. “It’s public” – gimme a break. On CB’s side they can easily identify any commenter, and not just because of your email. Any site can see a users IP address, whether they’re using a VPN or what browser they use, what sites they were on before and where they go after they leave the CB site. Loads of info really. Yet Kaiser’s never revealed a commenter’s identity to hit back. I think the way she handles moderation is spiteful and juvenile, but that’s it.

  243. @frosty (The person who said Public) says:

    Okay, I feel like regardless of anything the post should be taken down.
    I really don’t want Liana’s blog to be taken down because of one person’s post. I’m really conflicted on the issue,because if it’s public information, it’s one thing.
    But you do have a point about Kasier not reveailing commenter’s idenities and it’s not listed on the website.
    Either way, please Liana, because I do love coming here to chat, both of these posts need to be deleted.
    When I said it was public, I was thinking along the lines of if, I have a twitter without my real name, and I have another social media were I list my twitter but use my real name than I would’nt have a issue with people saying my real name or using it. Because I linked to it.
    But I get what you are saying now that you explained it some more.

    but to avoid any more issue I think it should be taken down.

  244. ES says:

    “But you do have a point about Kasier not reveailing commenter’s idenities and it’s not listed on the website.”

    That would probably be illegal. But it is also the reason I never sign into such places with my real email, I have a junk email for that and I never sign in with a facebook account, or anything like it ,which could link to the real identity. In fact, I don’t even have the facebook account.

    If people are uneasy about having her name in the open, then there is no issue with deleting it, imo. Anyone interested can always find out who she is on their own.

  245. (The person who said Public) says:

    Thank you, I just did’nt want her to someway find her way here and use that as a reason to get this blog taken down or some shit.

  246. Frosty says:

    I understand we can get caught up in the moment and take things too far, but I doubt anyone wants the hassle and expense of having to hire a lawyer over any reason, let alone over Kaiser for cryin’ out loud.

  247. Lilly says:

    Seriously. Nobody is going to sue over information that’s already in the public domain, and the fact that you are repeatedly asking someone to take down a post with a bloggers real name is weird and kind of suspect.

    It’s it’s extremely unlikely it will be taken down, that link you’ve posted is completely irrelevant, and it reads like you’ve got a vested interest for some reason (Chandra?).

  248. (The person who said Public) says:

    In other news, I fucking love that people were calling Kaiser out in both the Justin Timberlake and The Nicki Minaj posts, it made my day to see that lol.
    She tried to throw in some bullcrap about Justin Timberlake not liking Beyonce and a couple of people shut the shit down quickly.
    Of course the usually suspects all agreed and fell for it.

  249. Tara says:

    Doxing is a legal grey area, but these are the current danger zones: 1) info was obtained illegally; 2) info is being used to stalk and harass; 3) info is being used on another site or medium without owner’s consent, e.g., a revenge porn site.

    Way to bring the CB histrionics to this small cyber fjord, Frosty.

  250. Tara says:

    Paolaquar: I can post on CB again too but don’t go there much anymore. The article topics are usually stale and the writing moreso. Dlisted is a lot like CB used to be: commenters generally funny and intelligent. You can disagree without being moderated into silence. For all the juvenile humor and wrastling, it’s more of a grown-up site.

  251. Frosty says:

    @Lily – I didn’t ask the post to be removed. Pointing out a potential consequence, that’s all. Not the same thing.
    @Tara – See above. By the way, even though this site appears to be abandoned, out of respect for “Liana” I didn’t post a live link.

  252. mnemoni says:

    @Frosty: So “Yes! Liana please please please delete those comments!” isn’t requesting deletion of the comment/info?”

    Also, I had no idea that, in 2017, we aren’t supposed to post links (lol). There’s no request not to do so on this site, and the link leads simply to an article about the current legal environment around doxing.

  253. (The person who said Public) says:

    That was actually me, I asked Liana to delete the comment. Not because I thought Kaiser would press charges but after reading Frosty’s post I kind of agreed; but I also said that if it’s public information it’s okay.
    I just don’t think people should mention real names because it doesn’t really add anything.
    I don’t hate C. I hate the Kaiser persona, that I feel is real in some aspects but I feel like she is a race baiting thin skinned troll, just for clicks.

    However when. Frosty mentioned it I just kept saying “please delete it” just to stop any conflict.
    So @frosty was me, talking to Frosty.
    I write in here all the time but I was on a different computer at the time so I just @ Frosty to talk to her.
    I use the name Hypocrisy.
    I’m sorry if people felt I over reacted.
    But @ Frosty and @frosty(the person who said Public) is me talking to Frosty.

  254. paolanqar says:

    It all started with me asking if there is a picture of Kaiser somewhere not to harrass her but just out of curiosity. I would love to see her face! Lol

  255. Hypocrisy says:

    Another day another post by Kaiser hating on someone and her uninformed followers in the comments projecting and vilifying them. The worst part is, this dude didn’t even adopt any kids, so everyone is harping about what they assume his attentions are. (Bad because he’s white /s)
    I wonder how many children they have adopted?

    I love how people can so freely question someone’s sexuality. Like, Oh this dude has on a tight shirt, he looks like he grooms and takes extra care of himself, he’s gay.
    Yet they are the moral police when it comes to stereotypes and all that.

    I love how they make villains out of normal people, but people who are actually offensive (AKA Remy Ma and Kaiser pretending as if she even listens to rap or knows anything about it) gets a pass. This dude simply said he wanted to adopt a lot of kids.
    Somehow Kaiser twists it into some type of white person power trip.
    How much do you want to bet that there will be at least two more posts following up on this dude?

    We get it Kaiser you’re woke and you hate (certain) white women and men. It’s funny that most of the black people on this blog (myself included) have all told you that the shit is stupid and that we don’t hate white people.
    Yet I guess you think you’re so WOKE and shit, so if it makes you feel good.
    Go ahead, hate people for no reason.

  256. paolanqar says:


    Some of the posters were making fun of him saying ‘good luck with adopting a kid from Antartcica’ when he didn’t even mention f-ing Antarctica. Geesh these people are so stupid and lame.
    Kaiser is more racist every passing day with her blind anti-racism campaign. She sounds so stupid and inconsiderate sometimes, as if she wants to push and push to see where she can get.
    I don’t read her posts because usually they are completely uninspired or copied by sokme other blogger/website.
    I have noticed that very often she covers a story after a few days it’s actually happened: it gives her time to read what other people wrote about it and she can then nip and tuck those input and put together ‘her own’ story.
    Such a loser.

  257. Hypocrisy says:

    “I have noticed that very often she covers a story after a few days it’s actually happened: it gives her time to read what other people wrote about it and she can then nip and tuck those input and put together ‘her own’ story.”

    You have described what Celebitchy is at this point, Kaiser just goes with whatever Tumblr SJWs are saying.
    I just read for shits and giggles now, but I do enjoy some people who comment, but as everyone has said, it’s an echo chamber of misplaced negativity.

  258. paolanqar says:

    All those big talks about not supporting this actor or that singer because of their racism/chauvinism orn whatever but then she keeps linking that Popholic website which is just disgusting. kaiser is confused to say the least. How the hell did she go from poster to blogger I have no idea. Surely they had better people to choose from??

  259. Hypocrisy says:

    My example of this is Casey Affleck. Kaiser went to see his movie, she said she liked it and she felt he deserved to win.
    Which wouldn’t be a big deal if she was someone who separated the art from the artist, but she’s not.
    She constantly talks about Matt Damon, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Tom Brady, Kate Middleton, Justin Timberlake etc. like they are the worse people in the world because of minor and sometimes completely made up mishaps, Yet, you play the fence?
    When it came to La La Land for some reason she loathed the movie and everyone in it, yet she goes see a movie with a man in it, who was accused of something that goes against everything she supposedly stands for.
    Once again, If Kaiser was the type of chick who didn’t let Actors and Actresses personal life deter her enjoyment of a product, then that would be fine but she isn’t.
    Susan S. is “Cancelled” because of her politics, but Kasey Affleck isn’t? You are boycotting Susan, but you supported Casey?

    It’s a feminist site that for some reason hates T. Swift because she’s a “Faux feminist” yet Kaiser, supports the Remy vs. Nicki beef, which is basically two women slinging mud at each other and slut shaming?

    She is a hypocrite, she says one thing and does another

  260. Lilly says:

    Interesting timing with the argument for Kaiser’s right to privacy.

    “I hoped that it would only take a day to identify Broseph McDouchebag, but the Facebook photo went viral on Friday and throughout the weekend and I still don’t think the guy has been ID’d. Do I think this dude should be arrested? No. It’s not against the law to grind on a statue of a little girl. But I still hope someone ID’s him and he’s fired from his job. This is appalling.”

    From today’s post on the Fearless Girl Statue. It made me think of the ‘so you’ve been publicly shamed’ by Jon Ronson. Nobody is anonymous anymore, but people still act like they are.

  261. ES says:

    “How the hell did she go from poster to blogger I have no idea. Surely they had better people to choose from??”

    Not necessarily. A blogger is a very low paid job with no benefits and no prospects, no career path. And in the US having no benefits is a huge deal. You end up paying 1K for health insurance, just for starters. Then there is no pension, no 401K plan.

    Unless you own the business owner and get all the revenue from the advertisement, it is not a lucrative/ attractive job at all.

  262. Hypocrisy says:

    (from the Wallstreet post)

    “aang says:
    March 13, 2017 at 10:08 am
    This is why I warn my daughter against the white boys who wear Top Siders, khakis, and ties to school and want to major in business. I know it’s a broad brush but seriously I couldn’t handle her with one of those privileged, upwardly mobile brosephs. Thank God my other girl is a lesbian.
    Nina says:
    March 13, 2017 at 10:13 am
    Unfortunately, it’s still a straight, white man’s world, and as long as queer women have to interact with assholes like this guy, they aren’t totally free from rape culture and misogyny.”

    Are there people out there who really fucking think like this?

  263. So this counts as offensive now? A guy taking a stupid picture with a statue? I hope none of these CB people ever see the photos of me with statues, because the statues had better sense of humour than them. Not everything is an evil agenda. Sometimes a joke is really just a joke.

    Also, “drunk Wall Street frat bro with rape-face”. Rape-face? Did she really write that?

  264. From commetns:

    “I have this talk with colleagues at work. They dismiss it as “having fun”. They argue that thr bros know the girl is not real. In real life, they argue, they won’t do it. They’re not an animal, they know what’s real and what’s for fun.
    I disagree. The thing that stopped them from doing that in real life is not because they know what is fiction from reality, but because they’re worried about consequences.”

    Oh dear lord, the drama! I’ve humped at least two animal statues for photo reasons and I assure you I wouldn’t hump real animals. Not because I’d be worry about consequences, but because it’s gross. Get a life.

  265. Hypocrisy says:

    They are calling that man a pervert and all types of shit. At best he’s an immature asshole who was making a dark shitty joke.
    But should he lose his job? Should he be labeled a sex offender? No.

  266. paolanqar says:

    I don’t understand how some posters on CB find it ok to just twist every word and make it into a race issue.
    They seriosly need to understand that not all white people are racist.

  267. paolanqar says:

    Ok, that’s it. I’m done.
    This is the last time that bitch deletes my comments. I cannot even defend myself.
    Kaiser if you read me you need to get your ego in check. Samuel L jackson is saying exactly what trump and brexit voters say: you can’t go to another country to seek work because people from that country deserve it more, but since Samuel L jackson is black gets a pass. Imagine if a white man said those exact same things, I don’t think all those posters would be so keen in hearing what he has to say.
    I am not going to comment anymore. That’s it. I’ve had it.

  268. Myrna says:

    It’s incredibly frustrating isn’t it, paolanqar?
    The times I’d post re Trump and other political articles, I did so in hopes of contributing to the conversation while acknowledging others’ opinions and simply saying, ‘but what about looking at it like this?’
    And I’d get deleted.
    What added to my furor was that oftentimes the others posting echoed what I’d hear on all the liberal leaning media outlets (while I’m a conservative, I gather my news/opinion from various sources so that I can be enlightened and gain perspective on other views – now wouldn’t it be nice if others did the same?) and I thought it important to offer a polite opposing way to look at an issue.
    But that is not allowed.
    What is allowed is taking away other viewpoints and pushing a one-sided narrative.
    A Hateful Narrative.
    You’re right…for some reason, some aren’t able to acknowledge that each ‘side’ does the same thing, but different standards apply.
    And Celebitchy nurtures and perpetuates the divide.
    For me, it goes beyond being petty and bitchy.
    The site and the slant perpetuate all that’s wrong with today’s political environment.
    It’s not even political anymore.
    It’s carried over to the way we treat each other.
    And I can’t and won’t support a site – especially one that’s supposed to be ‘escapism’ – gossip – that does that.
    I’m done, too.

  269. paolanqar says:

    I am so pissed off right now that I want to find a way to report the website.

  270. Hypocrisy says:

    It’s sad that you can’t even email Celebitchy (The actual owner) with complaints because she won’t do anything. Kaiser brings in the clicks with her one-sided hateful negative posts and doing something would go against Celebitchy’s money and clicks.
    It’s sad that a gossip website takes itself so seriously that they delete and ban you for opinions. I used to love Celebitchy and I enjoy the other writers. Even the some of regulars have issues with Kaiser and her reporting.
    It’s telling that literally every other writer on the site actually reports the gossip, but Kaiser reports her opinion and then mangles and projects shit to make something mean what she wants it to mean.

  271. paolanqar says:

    I know, it is very upsetting and frustrating but there are other places where you can actually comment wthout excusing yourself for being white and educated.
    I think Kaiser can read all the emails people send so the real owner will never know what a problem this behaviour has become. I wonder if there is a place where I can make a formal complaint. I honestly want to rock her boat and make her understand that what she does is the epitome of bullying and cripple people’s freedom of speech.

  272. LinaLamont says:

    Apropos of earlier complaints, other posters often appropriate your comments, too. I just experienced it in the “Daniel Kaluuya” thread. It’s hardly the first time.
    I commented, the other day, about writers being the driving force; not actors….welp….a regular poster pretty much appropriated my statement as her own (she even agreed with me in the original thread in which I posted). Ironic considering the culture-vulture theme.
    I don’t care. I’m just pointing out that so many posters don’t have original thoughts, either. I don’t know how much critical thinking really goes on.

  273. This attitude Kaiser has towards any political debate, when she’s shutting down the other side and not even trying to understand where it’s coming from, is the same attitude Hillary Clinton had and it’s what cost her the election. And I’m a liberal and a Hillary supporter.

    The Daniel Kaluuya thread is a mess. Already the actors themselves are speaking about different issues and gossipers are even worse. But I’m enjoying it. Three of Kaiser’s loved ones (Jackson, Kaluuya and Boyega) are fighting and she’s forced to pick sides. I’m sure she’s twitching writing every article. Can we have Angelina Jolie versus Beyoncé next?

  274. LinaLamont says:

    I beg to differ about HRC. Yes, her stumping mistakes (taking WI for granted, for example) contributed, but, the MSM (who coddled Trump), Russia and Comey (not to mention voters’ willful ignorance — revocation of ACA and extreme cuts in Medicaid are coming back to bite them in the ass) cost her the election.

  275. LinaLamont says:

    I forgot to add…gerrymandering. 3million more popular votes.

  276. My point of view is this: Trump didn’t win by a landslide, they were very close. If she didn’t make these small mistakes, she would have won. She had no means to control what Trump and Putin are doing. But she could have controlled her own actions. She fucked up.
    I’m saying this because I wish her (or the Democrats) to do better next time. And if we want to fix things, we have to start with ourselves.

  277. LinaLamont says:

    Had the factors that I mentioned not been in play, this wouldn’t be a discussion. This was interference on steroids. This was nowhere near a normal election. It was rigged by all the aforementioned factors. Had the MSM done their job calling Trump out on all the lies and despicable rhetoric; had Comey followed protocol (he screwed himself…good); had Trump, Comrade Vlad, Assange and their other comrades not colluded; had gerrymandering not been rampant (at least, Texas courts are trying to do something to stanch it); and, above all, had the Electoral College done its job….it wouldn’t have been close.
    I agree, the Democrats have to do better. They have to grow a pair.

  278. Hypocrisy says:

    It’s actually kind of funny and sad that whenever Kaiser googles her name the first thing that comes up is a bunch of people complaining about her.
    It makes me wonder if she reads the stuff and puts it in a folder in her brain marked, “Haters”. Probably.
    A lot of people stopped visiting Celebitchy by force (being banned or moderated) or because of Kaiser.
    You would think, that a website that actually wants to gain new readers more than they lose them would try to make a change.A site that wants more than a handful of loyal readers.

    Celebitchy isolates their readers. Dlisted, while the comment section can be a mess at times, they have a community.

    The only complaints I ever see about Dlisted is about the comment section, but everyone always says they enjoy the writers. The complaint about CB is Kaiser, moderation, banning, manipulation, idolization, unfair and untrue reporting, faux feminism etc.

    Kaiser has to talk about certain people to get above 100 comments, it has to be negative or someone well liked or hated. Where Dlisted can write a story about twinkies and it gets more comments than a non-click bait CB story.

    Plus, has anyone noticed on CB that whenever the other writers write (Usually positive stories) no one comments. So the site depends on negative race baiting and click bait.

    P.s -Kaiser’s new target is Charlie Hunnam, I think she just hates guys that people think are attractive because she feels like she is going against the grain. So she tries to nitpick and finds something to damn them over.
    Her new favorite word to spam is Douche, lol.

  279. Hypocrisy says:

    Today was the biggest shit show of them all, from people jumping down Chris Evans throat, to the three royal threads all talking about Will, to Kaiser spouting irrational hate against Goop and Aniston, for supposed “home wrecking”
    Though, the Taylor Swift thread is what did me in.
    I’m done with Celebitchy. I will for sure visit here and comment, but I not give that hateful site anymore of my clicks.
    fuck off.

  280. Hypocrisy says:

    Ps. Lalu, I know eventually you will come here because you have been posting some real shit and everyone is shitting on you for no reason, welcome.

  281. paolanqar says:

    I went to see what the posts were about and as soon as I saw Chris Evan’s and Taylor Swift’s post I knew what was going on without even having to open the link.
    I am NO FAN of Taylor Swift whatsover but for once I thank her for not shoving down our throats her political beliefs and why – for the love of god – are celebrities crucified for not expressing an opinion on politics? 90% of them are college drop outs and I wouldn’t take their tip on face moisturizer let alone anything related to politics.
    Thing is anyone is entitled to an opinion, if you don’t like what posters have to say.. tought shit. Your job as a blogger is to be sure that the comments don’t take a wrong turn. This is plain old bullying.
    Kaiser is a failure and her blog speak for itself.
    I have decided that from now on, just to piss her off, I will comment only on posts written by other people and I will shower them with compliments telling them how much Kaiser is shit at doing her simple job.

  282. Hypocrisy says:

    Lol, that is actually a great idea, I may just read just to find your posts and giggle.

    I’m no fan of T. Swift either, but I hate how they vilify her.

  283. paolanqar says:

    LOL we should all do it!
    By the way there is a way to avoid moderation, I write from Italy (now from the UK) and I know that Kaiser writes her shitty posts when is night in the US and posts them first thing in the morning around 6 am, after she has read what other people have written on the topics and she can then copy and paste ( I am 100% sure she does that because she writes too many posts at a time to be 100% hers) and I know that if I post something when she is sleeping aka 10-11 pm my time, she can’t read them or delete them.
    So yeah, I might write something nasty tonight just for the sake of it.

  284. paolanqar says:

    I might in fact link her this very site and watch her rip her wig with anger while she reads all the posts.

  285. Hypocrisy says:

    I shitpost there a lot and lately my shitposts have been going through, lol.

  286. paolanqar says:

    Is it me or the Kardashians are finally slowly disappearing?

  287. @paolanqar – That won’t work for us who are under moderation. My post won’t show publicly until a moderator approves it. I wonder if Kaiser’s the only one?

    And we can only dream about Kardashians disappearing. Soon they’ll do something outrageous to remind us they still exist. Divorce? Assault? Murder? If something happens we can take bets on whether Kaiser will defend Kim this time or shit on her. It all depends on who’s involved in the beef.

  288. paolanqar says:

    Call me crazy but it feels like the Kardashians have already done anything possible to get attention. They’re finally slowly fading away.

    I tried to comment on CB last night with different email and IP but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. If I do it..she wins! I’ll wait until something really juicy comes up LOL

  289. Hypocrisy says:

    That’s what happens to me is, I would see a post, get pissed and write this huge block of text and halfway through I’d think, fuck it.
    yeah, I don’t think there’s much more else the K clan can do, a couple of weeks ago Kylie was selling shirts with her greased up ass cheeks hanging out and no one gave a damn.

    Their show (I think it aired last week?) was about Kim talking about her robbery, no one cared. Kim was the one keeping her family relevant, but now that she’s stepped down, it’s like they all faded away.

    Plus we all know Kaiser loves Kanye, even if, he is a misogynistic asshole, she hates T swift with a burning passion, so if the K’s next plan is a divorce or something, she would definitely be on Kanye’s side.
    Plus he’s black and according to Kaiser, us black folks can’t be questioned or wrong, without it being somewhat racist.

  290. paolanqar says:

    Oh my god. Please read the Brad Pitt’s piece of today.
    What the hell is he supposed to do while is ex wife and 6 kids travel the world? Stay at home and stare at the ceiling?
    Stupid people make me upset.

  291. Hypocrisy says:

    I love how everyone like, “Brad’s Pity Party” no, he’s just chilling and Kaiser is putting her spin on things as usual. She makes it seems like he doing something wrong, this was hardly news, but I guess since Kaiser didn’t have any useless Angie Jolie stories to spam and gush over, she decided to throw a Brad story in the mix.
    BTW, there is one poster who I realized today after checking in for the first time in a while, that I do not like at all.
    Also, Kaiser admitted she is mixed with white, so can she please check her privilege? I mean, she’s had half the fucking privilege. Why does she hate white people so much, when she IS half white? What about her white family members, are they the “good” type of white folks?
    It’s funny to me when the wokest most race baity person who goes on and on about “white Privilege” and “white people are the root of all evil” usually are white women themselves.

  292. ES says:

    The “white privilege” thing is so offensive to me. When you come from a place where you didn’t know what you were going to eat tomorrow, where young girls had to sell themselves for ffod, and then some wealthy person who was born in a first world country and who didn’t have to struggle financially because parents provided for her, lectures me about my “white privilege” I am about to fly off the handle.

  293. paolanqar says:

    ‘White privilege’ is such an ignorant term used by ignorant people and it should be banned. People often forget that yes, POC and their ancestors have gone through so much in the US, but let’s not forget that in Europe and in Eastern Europe many millions of people were victims of comunism until the 1990. And they were all white. And what about the Holocaust? 90% of them were white too.
    Russia, Albania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Romania.. all white people who grew up in poverty due to the Comunism in their countries.
    Young girls sold as prostitutes, no food, no human rights, no prospects of a better tomorrow.
    I am Italian and I know too many girls who fled their countries (mainly Albania) to find shelter and have a normal life leaving everything behind. Talk to them about white privilege.
    Plus I am not willing to pay for whatever has been done to POC in America. I am white but my opinion matters and I shouldn’t just shut up because I’m white.
    On my side of the world we had our own atrocities going on, possibly for a longer time too, and I am not very keen in siding with someone just because of their color and certainly I won’t just shut up because I am white.
    I sometimes feel that the card race is played far too often and it triggers racism more than ever.
    I grew up in a total white environment, not for choice but because other races were not interested in coming to Italy until the 1990s, and we considered people for what they did not for the color of their skin.
    Some dumbass out there still believes that just because you’re white anything is given to you on a silver platter. I disagree wholehearteadly.

  294. “I sometimes feel that the card race is played far too often and it triggers racism more than ever.”

    I think you are correct and it scares me. But those dimwits will never understand this.

    I also don’t understand the outrage about white savior complex (which every celebrity except for Angelina Jolie has been called so far). I get the phenomenna but what do you achieve by raging about it? If Madonna closes her schools in Malawi, the children there will not be better off. Sure I agree that it would be much better if the country did it all by itself but it didn’t do it, so fuck that argument. And why is it a problem when Madonna does charity there but not when Rihanna does it? They’re both wealthy foreign celebrities and Rihanna’s skin tone does not make her Malawese.

  295. A regular Spidey today noted that her posts are sometimes disappearing. I presume she’s not under constant moderation because if she were, that post would disappear too. Because my posts wondering if my comments disappeared never made it through.

  296. Hypocrisy says:

    Kaiser hates any woman who dates a dude she thinks is hot. Like she finds a way to villify them or accuse them of cheating or something.

    like, bitch get a grip, stop letting your internet crushes turn you to even more of a hateful person.

  297. paolanqar says:

    Didn’t you guys know that only some people (preferably black) can do charity???
    I am so naive because I always thought that anybody could do good: white, black, yellow, blue, purple with orange dots, etc etc
    Kaiser is the epitome of stupidity and now that I don’t comment anymore i visit CB website once every few days because I cannot be bothered.
    Coming from a different perspective I realised that the topics are always the same as are the discussions and the comments. Over and over. Like a loop.
    Plus Kaiser has the worst fashion sense known to man.
    And how she can spin the eating disorder topic depending on which woman she is talking about is appalling.
    Angelina Jolie is clearly underweight and most likely has an eating disorder so NO ONE can spoeak her name but if we come to Kate Middleton then all is permitted.
    crazy uh?

  298. Hypocrisy says:


    What article was this?

  299. huh says:

    Frosty you really are an idiot. Your lucky I didn’t see your idiotic comments earlier I really would’ve given you something to think about. Bitch.
    Also I got her name after a single web search. A few more clicks and i found her pictures. It’s hardly classified information you fucking fool. How does posting her name an invitation for doxing? Earlier comments on this site mentioned CB’s real name as well as insulting her husband i dont see you getting your filthy panties in a twist about that. Next time cool it with the internet messiah act. Jackass.

  300. Hypocrisy says:

    I think NoSugarHere is Kaiser.

    If not, they need to get a fucking life, instead of showing up every Kate M.Thread to tell people off for saying nice things about her.

    You really really hate this woman so much that you have to attack anyone who dare has a different opinion of someone you loathe?

    It’s sorry.
    Yeah I’m going back to NOT reading CB again.

    And I love how people called Kaiser out on her shit in the Michael Che post, and she added a update saying, “well I never tried to downplay anything, I was just saying he’s problematic”‘ and people still where giving her shit about it.

    Ha ha.

  301. Hypocrisy says:

    so predictable.
    Scarlett Jo. is Kaiser’s new target, and now she is going to write an article about her every day to talk about a movie, that she wouldn’t have cared about if it wasn’t some type of race-related controversy.
    Like, Bitch, Do you even know the premise of the story? Or are you just on the deep end of Tumblr recycling others ideas?
    Get over it, the movie failed because it sucked, because people who are actually fucking FANS of GIAS, thought it sucked.
    And stop writing about Amal Clooney just so the haters can hate on her, but no one can say anything about queen Angie.
    It’s a fucked up to see a site that talks about women’s issues and all that, but in the next article, not only the writer but the commenters do the shit they say they are against.

    Subjective feminism, at its finest. I love how people yell, “it’s celeBITCHY, a gossip site, so if I want to say, that Kate Middleton needs to eat a burger or her skin is haggard I can!”

    But yet those same people will chastise anyone who says something about the looks of someone well liked. Yet Kaiser always talks about the ultimate enemy, “The White Cis Male/Women” always trying to put people down, but she regularly does it.

    Also, you’re half white so using your logic, you’re half the problem.

  302. The latest whitewashing compaints are terribly America-centric. Even the ScarJo article proves that. A Japanese man says people in Japan are not bothered by ScarJo in that film, but then Kaiser quotes s Japanese American man who claims this is because of Japanese inferiority complex and Kaiser agrees with him. It’s The Great Wall all over again. Fuck what the Japanese and the Chinese actually want, they apparently don’t know what they want anyway because it’s not what the Americans think they should want. Kaiser, it’s a Japanese story, start caring what the actual Japanese say, not Japanese Americans. And also, isn’t giving a role of a Japanese character to a Japanese American also a type of washing, only that it’s nationality, not race? (Most names that get listed as alternative actors are always Something American, not natives to the land in question.)

    And no, you analitical idiots, it’s not white (or American) actors that people want to see in their films. It’s STARS that they want to see. INTERNATIONAL STARS. THAT’S why “whitewashing” is done. Because ScarJo in Ghost in the Shell or Matt Damon in The Great Wall can sell these films beyond their usual fanbase. People in the comments then argue that there are many great Japanese (American) and Chinese (American) actors out there, and that is true, but who beyond Jackie Chan is such a huge star that would bring in more viewers than Scarlett and Matt? There are very few exceptions of foreign films being huge hits without stars.

    And don’t flatter yourself that it’s the whitewashing complaints that ruin films. The bitches mostly wouldn’t go see these films anyways. The anime fans I know have all gone to see it and we didn’t particularly like Scarlett being cast instead of a Japanese actress, but we did understand WHY it was done. It’s the fact that the films are badly done that kills them (Ghost for example was dumbed down, so it wouldn’t sit well with a Japanese actor either).

  303. Rula says:

    I came across this site earlier today (following a really frustrated google – and if you guess that that google was ‘what the fuck is wrong with kaiser celebitchy’, then you will totally win the prize which I’ll now search a drawer for, dust off, wrap in a Fortnum & Mason ribbon which I have since Christmas and promise to send you) and just want to say that it’s nice and reassuring to be in the company of people who also think that Kaiser, with her control-freakery poundshop ‘analysis’ of celebrity at large, has killed that site stone dead.

    I’m not banned and I still post from time to time but she has so made me so not want to bother anymore.

  304. paolanqar says:

    Kaiser will jump at the throat of whomever is white and willing to discuss the race issues. It doesn’t matter if you want to share your life experience, all that matters is what she believes and if you are white, educated and with a functioning brain you’re against what she writes about. But only when it suits her. She will twist anything to make it about race and call you a racist because you were raised white and apparently privilged.
    I haven’t been on CB in days now and I honestly don’t care about it anymore. She is just as important as we make her and for me she counts for nothing.
    The race issue is a huge deal but she is pushing it so much, even when not necessary, that it is starting to become such an easy ground to land on and it enables people to argue over colours rather than ideals.
    She is a manipulative bitch. I really hope she is not like that in her day to day life because if she is, she is what a call an ‘energetic vampire’.

  305. LinaLamont says:

    “Coming from a different perspective I realised that the topics are always the same as are the discussions and the comments. Over and over. Like a loop”
    Yup. I find Jezebel to be a much more intelligent site.

    I think it’s laughable that Kaiser used to defend Ivanka Trump and the POSs wife. Most others on the board did, too. I was one of the very few who said both women were of the same cloth as the POS. Now, all of a sudden, Kaiser is so anti-TrumpWomen. Not a word about how she used to be pro. She’s not the most insightful or brightest bulb. As I said before, her stories are days old and add nothing.

    I, too, complained about all the white-bashing. My comments, either, we’re never posted, or, I’d get lectures from ignorant people (who, apparently, lack reading comprehension and/or analytical skills)… the same diatribes over and over. I don’t need these people to school me. (They trivialize the real problems. Racism is real. Address the real issues..I called Oprah Winfrey a moron, and, I was called a racist. Apparently, I’m not allowed to hate Oprah-the-person.) Same for women’s rights. Are you fucking kidding me?  Don’t ever lecture me about equality….I wrote the book. I have no problem with debates, but, it’s just the same crap over and over. Some of these people read an article and, suddenly, they’re an authority. No critical thinking.

    If I read the word “posh” one more time, I’ll scream.

    Celebitchy (the site) is very boring.

    Thanks for letting me vent, even though we don’t agree on some topics.

  306. Val says:

    Wow this comment section has gotten heated. Can we stay civil please? This is where we come to get AWAY from the CB mess. (This is directed at the people calling each other names).

    I’ve gotten out of moderation but I’m bored of CB. Every day it’s the same type of articles: the British Royals, Trump, random reality stars, and sometimes something interesting. I get that the site is a collation of Kaiser’s hobbies, but come on! It’s a celeb gossip site… can we get more actual celebs?

    ““…we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”
    And, this is why I HATE actors (celebrities)… get your heads out of your asses.”
    I actually liked that statement from Viola. In a way it’s true, because films DO celebrate ordinary life and humanity and the stories that make the world around us (sorry if this sounds pompous lol). But so does art and literature and music.

  307. I don’t think the problem was just in Viola thinking actors celebrate what it means to live a life, it’s the fact she’s claiming they’re the only profession that does that.

    And there’s also a double standard going on here. If this was said by Goop, Johnny Depp, Cumberbatch, Hiddleston, or some other celebrity Kaiser likes to tear down, trust me, she would not give it a pass.

  308. Hypocrisy says:

    So I checked in and it’s the same.
    One thing I want to point out is, god, I have no issue with Tom Hiddleston, but there are two people (you know the ones) that will jump on anyone about anything that has to do with him.
    If you say you don’t like him, they question you.
    Like, it’s cringe worthy, it was cute at first, but it’s just getting creepy now.
    And Kaiser trolls them with posts because she doesn’t like him but wants those clicks.

  309. paolanqar says:

    Ah Hypocrisy! It’s so much fun to see as an external now how the game is played on CB.
    Same shit different day.

  310. Which two? There’s like ten of them now. But I must admit I don’t mind the stans at all. At least they defend their object of admiration, not attack for the pettiest reason, like Kaiser does in her articles.

    I learnt some shit today! For example, there’s only one standard of beauty and heaven forbid it’s not what the regulars find sexy. The women on the Vanity Fair sexyest list are not my cup of tea, but I daresay if I asked my husband, he’d bang half, if not all of them, if given the chance. Why are so many people upset over a stupid list like that?

  311. poppy says:

    in response to the Angelina Jolie and Tom Ford post today, my comment was banned. TWICE.

    it was a joke ffs although AJ does NOT know how to blend HD makeup so it doesn’t look like she uses powdered doughnuts for a powder puff.

    smh what kaiser is so sensitive to.

  312. I can’t even. 😀

    There’s hundreds of more offensive (and still not really offensive) comments written daily on that page. How does this get banned? 😀

  313. I’m still laughing at this. How thin-skinned do you have to be to delete this?
    You made my day!

  314. paolanqar says:

    OMG you guys! That article on CB about Rachel Dolezal sounds like it’s been written for Kaiser.
    You seriously need to read that and all the comments.
    I swear to god it’s comical!

  315. Hypocrisy says:

    Lol, so I left a comment yesterday on the “Kate Needs Subtitles because she’s unintelligible” thread that Kaiser put up Friday.
    It was my first time commenting in months, so basically Kaiser swore that the hate for Kate would overshadow the fact that EVERYONE in the video had subtitles.
    So she just singled out Kate because she is obsessed with hating Kate and she wanted the clicks that talking about Kate twice a day brought.
    So that’s what I wrote.
    I said, basically the whole article was a fail, because what she’s trying to put Kate on blast for something that wasn’t even true. And she knew that.
    She knew that everyone was subtitled, she knew that there wasn’t much to pick at anyone about. So she zeroed in on her obsession, she zoomed in on her release of pent up faux feminist rage on Kate.
    So this morning I came back to check on my moderated post and not only is the thread locked, but she deleted SO MANY comments telling her how bullshit she was because it was a failed attempt at trying to pick at Kate. Comments made on April 21 at 11am, were at the bottom of the comments because she deleted ALL the replies to the original posts that were calling her out.

    And today the Kate article is written with less snark, so I guess seeing my comment made her go on a deleting binge and it also made her rethink how she reports news because people aren’t falling for her Bullshit Bait articles.

  316. Kate says:

    we should all wish Kaiser a belated Happy Birthday 🙂

  317. paolanqar says:

    ahaha Fuck Kaiser!

  318. OK, after the Wes Anderson post today there’s no way Kaiser isn’t an actual troll. No fucking way she believes the nonsense she writes. Too bad tho that by pulling shit like this she (and everybody who does the same) just pushes people away from caring when an actual injustice happens.

    And I can’t force myself to open another Kate Middleston article. The title is already stupid. Is Kate contractually obligated to like horses or something?

  319. Hypocrisy says:

    People were calling her the fuck out and I loved it.
    The past few days people have been coming at Kasier for all her baiting Bullshit.

  320. Kylie says:

    I just found this place! I discovered CB a few years back, it was ookaay nothing brilliant but not bad. Since coming back there ive been shocked then angered and now I just want to throw that race baiting bitch Kaiser off a cliff. I cant believe what I just read there and what happened, she is writing a race baiting article calling out Wes Anderson for having too many whites in the cast for his new movie, a movie about……dogs…who just so happen to be on an island in Japan, oh did I mention its an ANIMATION? THATS RIGHT, A CARTOON WITH DOGS IN IT VOICED BY ACTORS FROM ALL OVER THE WORD SOME OF WHICH HAPPEN TO BE WHITE.
    So a white actor cant take voice work on an animation where they play a dog because something something racists bastards something something.

    Just die already!!!

    I wrote a comment – I know I know don’t get drawn in to her hateful ways, i said ‘i bet you were not happy about Lost In Translation then’ and within 2 minutes i had my comment deleted and was blocked.

  321. paolanqar says:

    Kylie welcome to this awesome place where you can let it all out.
    Kaiser is a fucking moron, an enabler and an obtuse racist bitch who’s using her power to stop your freedom of speech.
    I am not even going on that site anymore, her pieces are always at least 1-2 days old and she steals them from other sites/people.
    Don’t get mad, it’s not worth it.

  322. paolanqar says:

    Oh Ellie.. I just went on CB to read about Wes Anderson. There is no way on earth that Kaiser isn’t trolling. She has gone mad. She seriously needs help.

  323. NewWester says:

    I am so glad I came across this site! I was wondering why I was banned from commenting. I had never got into arguments with anyone on the site but I guess I had said the wrong thing and Kaiser decided to ban me. I do agree with some posters here that the AJ articles and some of the posts border on disturbing. Why the worship?

  324. paolanqar says:

    A lot of people were slagging of Kaiser on Dlisted, It all started with me of course. So many familiar faces 😀
    I am Sandy Paper on there.. enjoy!

  325. Margot says:

    Hi Liana. I too have been banned at CB and for a stupid reason. All I said was that Angelina Jolie is an untalented director back in 2014 and I was permanently banned. I also find if hypocritical how Kaiser likes to talk about white privilege and racism alot but then she worships AJ, who is a white woman that got away with doing drugs, doing incest, having affairs with married men and now falsely accusing Pitt of child abuse. And now I heard that Kaiser is actually indian? God what a loser!

  326. Hypocrisy says:

    Oh my god every Tom Hiddleston thread this commenter has to say she’s 65. We get it, you’re 65, and you love TH,I love those Threads they are hilarious.

  327. LinaLamont says:

    I have to laugh every time she calls TH her “pretend son”.
    The lady doth protest too much, methinks. We know he’s your “pretend fuck/bf/anything-but-son-unless-you’re-Jocasta”…own it, no matter how creepy it is or how embarrassed you are.

  328. Another Tom Hiddleston thread with 120+ comments, come on. I can’t master energy for them today to see what you’re taking about, although his stans proclaiming their age does ring a bell. Not to mention Kaiser and the commentators are either salivating over him or are shredding him to pieces. I’m not sure what’s worse, because both comes out of nothing and is boring as fuck. NEXT!

    Wow, Kaiser actually didn’t missinterpret Colberts words. Should I give her credit for that? I don’t think so, because she’s doing the same shit she’s accusing Trumperoos of doing: they’re all of a sudden concernd about (faux) homophobia and she’s all of a sudden not concened by it, eventhough she is usually upset about faux anything. Whatever fits your agenda, Kaiser!

  329. paolanqar says:

    I can’t believe how Kaiser still tries to spin Brad and Angelina divorce. Time to give it a rest!
    He is an ass, she is an ass. They lied about their relationship in the press for many years but she knew he was a booze head and an alcoholic but still went along and made a family with him.
    He went from no kids to 6 kids in 3 years. Any normal person would freak out.
    The blame is on both of them. She might be an amazing humanitarian but what she has done in the past 6 months is unforgivable. She could have kept things private for the sake of children but she went public to get the sympathy vote.
    Not cool.

  330. Olivia says:

    What I find hilarious is that before the Brangelina divorce, Kaiser would go on and on about how Brad is a great movie star, how he was right to leave Jennifer Aniston and cheat on her with that junkie, how he was right to make that drug addict the mother of his kids,etc.
    And she suddenly turns around trashing Brad without even hearing his side of the story. I swear, maybe AJ pays CB to talk good about her? Kaiser really believes that Brad is a alcoholic who beats up kids and refuses to believe that Angelina Jolie is just as responsible for why their marriage failed and why their kids are uneducated isolated weirdos. AJ did a nasty and a dangerous thing making their divorce a media circus and making up lies about Brad through the media. She endangered and has scared her children for life.
    Had this been another celebrity couple who displayed their divorce in such an ugly manner, Kaiser would have ripped them and flat out called them bad parents.

  331. Lara says:

    What bugs me with this Brangelina nonsense is that there is a certain poster taking up half the comments section writing paragraphs of angry garbage. And then creating multiple accounts to agree with herself!

    I defy anyone to say Almondmilk and Bangerandmash aren’t the same psychotic Jolie stalker. They say the exact same thing, in the exact same lengthy, angry way. They use the same CAPSLOCK, the same over punctuation, the same ‘lol’ while sounding completely unhinged.

    Kay, Crazydaisy & Yepisaidit are the same loon too and a week ago she was TheRealDeelio until someone called her on the obvious name changing…

    Are you still around Liana? I love this comments section!

  332. paolanqar says:

    I agree.
    I swear to god, some people on that site are totally mental and low life losers.
    How can you be so angry about someone you don’t even know.. or worse.. they don’t even know who you are!
    Geeez talk about psychotic behaviour!

  333. Everytime people insert lol or rofl or sure jen or start with pet names of some sort (whatever you say, sweetie) DURING AN ARGUMENT, it’s because they’re too angry to handle the situation and they are trying to play down their outrage because they are loosing the argument. Lol has not been about laughter for a long time. And yes, unhinged is the best description of lolers.

  334. Shit I can’t stand the way QQ writes her posts. Out of all commentators on that page, even the foreign ones, she’s the only one I have to read twice every time to figure out what the fuck is she trying to say. Lately I just skip over her posts. Anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

  335. paolanqar says:

    I though it was just me because English is not my first language.. happy to find out it’s not?
    She gets a lot of praise in her posts but I really struggle to understand her langugae ( or it’s slang?) so I just don’t read it. Plus the Capital letters freak me out. She uses them too often.

  336. Hypocrisy. says:

    I feel like she is just a meme. Like she’s corny, and people eat it up because she’s a regular.
    I understand none of it, its not like any slang I’ve heard in my life to be honest, and I’m so sick of her and her two followers getting pissed at everyone but Kaiser, the one who is actually throwing shade at Beyonce.
    Like, who cares if people don’t like her, stop trying to accuse people of being racists or whatever because they don’t like her.
    I like Beyonce but I could give two fucks how anyone else feels about her, especially getting pissed off every time anyone says anything negative about her. Kaiser is the one who throws her wack ass passive aggressive shade at B, to get people riled up, and they should come at the biggest troll.
    And I like QQ.
    I just think she tries way too hard and is dismissive.

    But can we talk about one sided feminist police Okatu Fairy? I love how she comes hours after a post is dead, trying to chastise and “educate” people.

  337. Perheps these three know that going against Kaiser just gets you deleted. Ranting at fellow commentators does not unless they’re Kaiser’s pets.

    Okatu Fairy rings a bell but I can’t remember her posts. Point us to some of her writing?

  338. paolanqar says:

    That Lynnie on Beyonce’s post needs to calm down and breath.
    Why is it always about race??? why???
    God they’re so haunted and feel so inferior and it’s becoming so so absurd

  339. GetOverIt says:

    It’s nice to see the racists have found another place to congregate. Disgusting.

  340. And you, GetOverIt, just proved paloanquar’s and Hypocrsy’s point. Well done!

  341. paolanqar says:

    It seems like you have read nothing on this site. Please first read and then think. Stop bringing race in everything when there is absolutely no reason for it.
    For that you can go on Celebitchy.

  342. GetOverIt says:

    If you think that is the only post on this bootleg blog that’s racist, you’re lost.

    I’m so so sorry speaking about race hurts your white privilege. Oh let me guess, you’re 1/18 Cherokee and therefore you can’t be racist?

    You’re living on a website where the owner can’t even afford a yearly domain name so you can stalk someone you don’t agree with. You hide behind your anonymity and you’re pathetic. But you already know that.

    Get over it. And go outside.

  343. Has somebody higher up hurt your feelings? Tell us more.

    Either way, you’re guilty of putting a long forgotten Eagles song into my head. Catchy as fuck and I’m probably stuck with it for 2 days. For that, I shall hunt your sleep for 8 nights!

  344. paolanqar says:

    ahaha I can only laugh at your anger.
    The only reason we write here is because kaiser will delete every comment she doesn’t agree with (not the other way around as you’ve stated).
    Show yourself out if you think this is the wrong place for you.
    Once again.. not everything is about race. You keep brining it up for non reason at all.

  345. But in all seriousness: See, this is the beauty of this place. You can say what you like, I can say what I like, we can go on forever, and nobody’s getting banned for it. THAT is why we’re HERE.

    And somebody 1/18 Cherokee can totally be racist. So can somebody 100% white or 100% black or 100% anime character. It depends on the definition of racism, really. But let me guess, you disagree with this definition and want to use another one?

  346. paolanqar says:


  347. Brita says:

    I really think regarding the Brangelina boards, its the same 5 people commenting under different names making it look like a ton of people actually care about this shit!
    Its really pathetic and weird.
    Apparently some folks on FF found out that Kaiser posts under different alias too. She posts as Maya. Someone noticed both of them give out the same person details of their lives and they both write the same exact way.
    Kaiser has gone mental. She needs to seek some therapy. I think.

  348. Well look at that! Okatu Fairy stormed in a day late and schooled everyone by misunderstanding their posts. Just like Hypocrisy said she would. This is beyond comical.

  349. paolanqar says:

    Hi Ellie
    I try to avoid CB but everytime people on this post mention what happens there I get curious and I give in.
    I quote what Otaku Fairy said: ‘One of my hobbies is using photo editing software to play around with people’s features and make them look like different people.’
    That’s all I need to know about her. I’m not reading further.
    She sounds like an idiot.

  350. ES says:

    GetOverIt, it is you who makes everything about race. You see the world through a prism of race, which is in itself racist.
    They’ ll love you at Celebitchy. It is strange you feel you have to denigrate this blog. You have all of Celebitchy to rule and nobody to disagree with you over there because anyone who disagrees with the party line there gets banned.

  351. Hypocrisy says:

    So I realized something,Kaiser doesn’t give a fuck about racism, UNLESS it’s black people.
    Kendell Jenner being on that cover of Vogue India seemed to be right up Kaiser’s alleyway of saying something is “whitewashed” or whatever, but she gave 0 fucks, even when SHE is Indian.
    I like to imagine if it was a black magazine with a white woman, she would be up in arms and not because of “white washing” but because me ( a black woman) is the popular cause for all this super duper feminist to rally,
    It’s a trend. All this fake “wokeness” that only works when it’s white against black, it’s gross.

    I’ve felt this way for a while.

    Because I’m positive years ago Kaiser didn’t give a fuck about black men and women. It’s a trend for her to seem like shes this ultra woke feminist.
    It’s annoyingly and fake.
    Kaiser obsesses over hating Taylor Swift, but she’s just like her.
    Except Taylor Swift doesn’t bring up your name every five minutes like you do hers.

  352. Deborah says:


    Do you really think that someone who goes out of her way to hide her true identity is going to publish her real name on a phony LinkedIn acct? She’s as white privileged as they come.

  353. If I remember correctly, she has written on CB too that she’s Indian. Not that this means anything, I can pretend that I am a French-Algerian model and while you can’t prove me wrong, that is still a lie. I’m willing to bet a lot if not most people on CB and other pages lie about what they are.

  354. paolanqar says:

    Can we please drop the term ‘white privileged’ to describe people?
    You just speculate on people’s life, pretending to know everything you need to know about someone just because they’re white. It’s such a sloppy, lazy, superficial way to describe a bunch of people you know nothing about and that have nothing in common but the color of their skin.
    White people can face significant obstacles in life too, be they economic, geographic, or what have you, and there are people of oppressed or marginalized races that live very successful, privileged lives. We still are individuals and we shouldn’t judge people based on their race only, or we become – guess what? – RACIST.
    The term ‘white privilege’ is a distortion of racism, a watered down term that is designed to confuse Black and other non-white people into thinking racism is all about the stuff white people get.

  355. paolanqar says:

    And yes, Kaiser described herself as Indian many many times and I have no reason to not believe her. For some reason though she prefers to not touch issues regarding her culture but concentrate on Black people’s culture and issues, which she knows nothing about and she should abstain from doing so.

  356. Lyan says:

    Adjacent to the main discussion going on here, but appropriate:

    I just want to say to all Trump voters who might have wandered here, especially that Myrna person and to all it might apply:

    Go fuck yourselves!!!!

  357. Deborah says:

    I grew up with the bitch and have known her for 20+ years. So yes, I can use the term white privilege without speculating on her life.

  358. paolanqar says:


  359. Loreatta says:

    Yes, Kaiser is Indian. She mentioned it many times and does talk about Indian celebs sometimes. She claims to be also in her 40s, had a child and got dumped by her boyfriend for another woman. Her man left her her while she was pregnant.
    Makes you wonder why she hates on someone like Jennifer Aniston so much, who Kaiser has more in common with, while idolizing a junkie homewrecker like Angelina Jolie.

  360. Loreatta says:

    And yes, Kaiser never talks about how Indians have an obsession with wanting to be white, looking white( ie her stupid obsession with a anorexic drug addicted white celeb like Angelina) and always likes to talk about Black issues so much. I mean, she isn’t Black! What does she understand about them?
    And fuck her rants on ‘white privilege’. Its such a racist and stupid term!
    Like, how can you assume someone had a easy life based on the color of their skin?
    I can name plenty of famous and rich non-whites who never worked hard or struggled to make it.

  361. NewWester says:

    Just wandered over to Celebitchy again and I can’t believe how much it has gone downhill. Some of the people commenting have got really nasty. They can be rude, and yet those who say anything about Kaiser’s favourite celebs are banned. Crazy

  362. Diana says:

    Just discovered this blog/post due to a dlisted poster! I am very grateful.
    I have been banned from CB before too, I mean who hasn’t? It is like a badge of honor.
    I still post there although it is very seldom. Anyway, (deep breath), here are some of my issues with the site:
    1. Kaiser
    2. Kaiser (posting under some other handle: presently prob AlmondMilk or Bap or YesIsaidit)
    3. Echo-Chamber: Intelligent discussion is actually fun, educational, great for helping to form your own thoughts, and should always be respectful and respected.
    4.POLITICS: It is one thing to attempt to sway and/or shape opinions on movie stars thru biased, sometimes, outright lies in posts but when a person/blog does this on something as important as politics then it is frightening. No respectful dissent allowed. I don’t know if the popular subgroup think they are that smart and “woke” (please, die phrase) or what but haven’t they noticed that they get no credible disagreement? Also, continuing to let a small sub-group police all other posters on EVERYTHING.
    5. Race Baiting: I don’t see how posters don’t see this happening. Black, white, whatever “color” one is shouldn’t preclude discussion. Any truly valuable exchanges can’t happen in CB’s atmosphere.

    I don’t read all the stories posted anymore and refuse to even think of clicking on any and all political subjects (saves the incredibly childish, “orange cheeto” stuff for her diehard followers). I can’t believe people of any political stripe actually want to get their politics delivered with the infantilism that Kaiser writes. It frightens me to think that some may actually be forming their political beliefs based on what this lunatic writes and on what the few privileged posters are “allowed” to respond about.
    I seldom comment on anything there but when I do it is almost always straight into moderation. Most definately if I post on a Jolie, Pitt, or Aniston thread.
    Also, Hi @Paolaqar, I recognize you from CB! So many people are gone now that I miss seeing true posters instead of the self-censoring posters (including me, rarely) that are there now.
    Also, @Hypcrisy, I loved everything that you have written on this entire thread. It greatly doesn’t surprise me to see that black and white folks are just that, folks. It’s never right to segregate and attempt to demonize any group and Kaiser does it relentlessly.
    Also, @Virgilia, I missed you at CB too! Hope all is well.
    Last of all, anyone know of a site that we can all jump to en masse? I enjoy Dlisted but don’t post there. I would like an option if anyone out there has one.
    OH, this isn’t my CB handle.

  363. paolanqar says:

    Hi Diana!
    The Dlisted poster who recommended this site it’s me 🙂 (I post there as Sandy Paper)
    I am very happy I am not on CB anymore and Dlisted is a cool blog. You also receive notifications when someone upvotes you or receive a new comment. It is much more interactive to that piece of crap of CB where you had to refresh the page constantly to find out if someone has indeed left a post for you.
    Maybe give it a try there?
    Plus, all the people on there hate CB and Kaiser,.so, what’s not to like? LOL

  364. cocoa says:

    Well Paola, I wouldn’t praise DListed that much. Even though MK it’s a sweetheart and his snark never fails, that blog has turned to shit and the reason is, ironically, the posters! I started reading Dlisted years ago and this is the first time I’ve seen it so filled with whiny, oversensitive assholes, I basically seldom post there anymore because I can’t bare how insufferable and dramatic people have become there, and it makes me sad because Dlisted is a damn good blog and I’d hate for it to become CB, where everyone is easily offended and whine about everything.

    BTW, can you get banned even if you’ve never posted? Because I commented on one of Middleton’s post for the first time and it didn’t showed up, the way that lowlife scum Kaiser it’s so obsessed with Kate when that woman is so harmless creeps me the fuck out.

  365. Hypocrisy says:

    Every Kate Middleton thread is full of lunatics projecting and foaming at the mouth about every little flaw that she has, I honestly feel like some of these Commenters HATE this woman, and it’s such a mindfuck to read all the tiny little things they pick up on and try to villainize her for.

    And I think the Royals are useless and outdated, but god, people really look at a picture and create all types of theories and bulllshit and I’m like, “so her touching her hair means she has a mind of a five-year-old and she doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin, You get all this from a PICTURE?”
    Then all the concern trolling when I’m positive her and Angie Jolie both weigh about the same weight.
    It’s all so interesting to me. I really think those commenters are really imaginative.
    I also love how people get so bent out of shape whenever anyone says anything that does not worship Markle.
    People can talk about how Kate has a short torso, they can call her daughter ugly, they can say she doesn’t love her kids, but don’t you dare say that “you don’t like Meghan” because then resident Kate Hater “Nosugarhere” will write a whole novel chastising you and bring up Kate for no reason.
    They are unhealthily obsessed with that woman, Kaiser as well.

    I hope one day I check in and read a comment that criticizes Kate for her breathing speed, or how many times she blinks or something.
    They are a hoot, that bunch.

  366. Hypocrisy says:

    Did you know thirdginger is 64? She can’t go a thread dealing with Tswift/Thiddleston without announcing the fact that she’s 64.
    Lol, I love those threads.

  367. I’m confused … Are third ginger and lightpurple the same person? They are both obsessed with Hiddleston, are roughly the same age, like to tell everyone that and I think they have both mentioned Hiddleston as a son figure in the past?

    Are there any known doubles? The possibilities mentioned recently were
    NoSugarHere = Kaiser
    Almondmilk = Bangerandmash
    Kay = Crazydaisy = Yepisaidit

  368. klop says:

    Celebitchy is becoming close to unreadable now.
    Otaku Fairy claiming women who don’t like Emily Ratajowski are Trump supporters. Funny because she’s the most ‘librul’, but they CHOOSE TO DO THIS, so it’s EMPOWERMENT, DUH!!!! of all the posters on there – is she unable to apply critical thinking to her own views?
    I’m aways baffled by the reams of ‘omg I spit my tea out laughing!!!!!!!’ comments that follow anything QQ writes.
    Sixer’s need to bring EVERYTHING back to her family – this isn’t mumsnet, no-one cares about sixlet major/minor/hubby – and her weird screeds on any post where she can wave her ‘I AM BRITISH, LOOK AT ALL MY GOOD BRITISH KNOWLEDGE!’ flag.
    And oh my GOD if I read any variation on ‘bangs trauma’ again I think I’ll pass out.

  369. Hypocrisy says:

    Fairy does this every Emily thread. She comes at anyone who says anything about her.
    Look at any Emily thread and you will see her calling people “misogynistic” and all types of shit from simple statements.
    The she goes on other threads calling Bella Hadid, “plastic looking”
    I guess that’s cool though.
    What a funny bunch.

  370. Mary-Sue says:

    To be fair, those commenters were trying to be catty and imply that those women Emily-whatever and Hailey- something were prostitutes, and Otaku Fairy said those commenters could be either Trumpster women or liberals, so I’m not bothered by her use of ‘misogynistic’ in this case. But I wonder if she would have said anything about the misogyny if it was on a Taylor Swift thread? And I wonder how the commentariat and the mods would have reacted if it was said about one of the site’s faves?
    I don’t really get the hate on for Kate Middleton either. And Taylor Swift is out with a new boyfriend, so we can expect more of those posts.

  371. Hypocrisy says:

    Ah, you are right. I went back and I looked, but the reason I assumed she was just being her normal self aka coming in and giving one sided views, and trying to lecture people.
    As soon as I see her name I think she’s doing that.

  372. ES says:

    >It I wonder if she would have said anything about the misogyny if it was on a Taylor Swift thread?

    It seems Lilacflowers got banned once, it was when she stood up for Taylor Swift against Kanye. Then she became Lilacpurple. So even regular pet posters get banned if they go against the flow.Lilac learned her lesson now.

  373. Hypocrisy. says:

    Light purple is odd, she’s a Tom Hiddkeestin fan, and she likes T swift.
    Usually its one or the other on the site.
    And Fairy did stand up for Taylor in the “new boyfriend “post a few days ago.
    People were trying to call Swift a hoe and O.Fairy swooped in a day later and lectured them.

  374. Hypocrisy. says:

    Oh I thought you were talking about light purple not lilac.

  375. paolanqar says:

    Do you guys still comment on cb?

  376. Hypocrisy says:

    I don’t. I just skim through in the morning at times.
    I just find certain fans and topics funny.

  377. paolanqar says:

    I sometimes go on there too and I find every single one of them unbearable and exhausting.
    The other day I was reading the piece on Goldie Hawn and 2 lines into the article i stop and sai ‘WTF this can’t be Kaiser?’ and right I was.
    I the noticed how kaiser (100% chances) fights with the other writers to write about Brad Pitt, Dicaprio, Kardashians, Depp, Cumberbatch, Meghan Markle, Angelina Jolie and so on and on.
    So pathetic.

  378. heather says:

    Where has the wonderful Myrna gone?!?

  379. Sandy says:

    “Kaiser” has a multiple personality disorder. It is laughingly obvious with some of the other names under which she comments and starts disagreements to stir her hornet mob.
    That “sixer” makes me laugh, she has no interest in celebrity culture, so what the hell are you doing on celebitchy, hypocritical no-body. And apparently she reads Financial Times, LOL! And isn’t aware that Duchess of Cambridge’s sister was going to marry. Right.
    That “feminist” website is dirtying the word itself. I am indifferent to royal family but I don’t get the bullying and body shaming they indulge themselves when Kate Middleton is concerned. Hate those hags. They worship that z-lister because of her skin colour. Very depressing cesspool of negativity.

  380. Frosty says:

    (Her viewpoints are so contradictory and argumentative, I suspect Kaiser is the biggest troll of all)

  381. Kate says:

    Sandy called it just right. This is why she has multiple facebook pages, twtter and instagram accounts, linkedin profiles, and uses various names to troll. Bitch needs serious help!

  382. Hypocrisy says:

    I love how Kaiser always complains about movies and Hollywood not being diverse,yet on her own website, she talks about the same five or so white people.

    And everytime there is a post about a POC, no one comments unless it’s race baiting. In fact whenever it’s a post on abuse or anything no one comments.

    So the writers nor the commenters practice what they preach.

  383. Myrna says:

    Hi heather – not sure if you are being sarcastic or not calling me ‘wonderful’ – why are you looking for me?

  384. heather says:

    Not being sarcastic at all! Just always appreciate your insight. Sorry if I made it weird!

  385. heather says:

    I know you from CB, and I always enjoyed your thoughtful take on numerous situations. God I feel like an ass! I will go and put myself in a corner.

  386. Myrna says:


    Well, thanks!
    Yes, as I had posted when I first saw you post here, I remember you from CB, too.
    But after being singled out by someone upthread, I am a bit defensive!

    I am on here every now and then because I’m curious as to what’s going on at CB stlll.
    I won’t go on CB anymore because it’s become such a sophomoric hateful place and who needs that?
    But it’s intriguing to read other experiences.
    The pettiness continues…

    Nice seeing you here again!

  387. heather says:

    I never visit CB either. It’s not even a matter of clicks, but I just get so frustrated with how the dynamic has changed. Do you frequent any other sites?

  388. Lyan says:

    Hi Myrna (waives frantically),

    Now go fuck yourself!!!!!

  389. Myrna says:

    Hi Lyan!!!
    Get help…child…

  390. Lyan says:

    That from a Trump voter… is a certificate of mental health. Are you enjoying the shit show you help bring upon the country? I think you do.

  391. paolanqar says:

    Oh lord.. my comment was banned from here too. what the hell?

  392. What do you mean, banned? When? I thought Lianna hasn’t been around and that’s what basicly makes this blog free of censorship.

  393. paolanqar says:

    Well my post has disappeared.. I did post a few links and maybe it went straight into moderation.
    It’s a juicy, juicy story about AJ.

    Anyway.. long story short.. I was on Dlisted last night and someone pointed out that Angelina Jolie, after the Sony leak drama, has been caught using a Disqus account that has been active since 2007. Her email address on the emails that have been leaked mathces with the address she has been using on Disqus to comment (bitch) about many celebrities, especially Jennifer Aniston, whom she refers to as ‘X’.

    People at FF and Lipstick Alley looked closely into this and they found an Angelina’s email address in the Sony leaks, which was tied with the Disqus account called TLOL1365.
    As soon as people started suspecting that Jolie was indeed behind the account, that Disqus was changed to private.

    It comes to mind now that she has probably posted on CB too and Kaiser probably knows it’s her. That would make so much sense and it wqould explain all the sucking up to her and how anyone who says anyhting bad about her is banned for life. I think she might be AlmondMilk or Emma the JP Lover

    if you search her nickname on google you will find all the screenshots of her comments before they were deleted (after she got busted)
    Look for: thelookoflove1365 or TLOL1365

  394. Isa says:

    @paolanqar : OMG, I came here because I was just looking into the whole AJ = TLOL1365 thing after reading about it on Dlisted. Completely missed it when the news first broke (in 2015- LOL, I’m slow). Was just reading CB (specifically AlmondMilk’s comments) to check if it really is AJ, I think it is. That account is kissing Angie’s ass big time and seems to have inside info about Angie’s day routine and what goes on in her mind. Read it also could be Maya, because she is also a hardcore loon. The stuff they exposed on FF is insane, I totally believe that’s Angie’s Disqus-account. I’ve even thought about Kaiser being/working for/with Angie, because she is so far up her ass she can taste her shit.

    Now on-topic; I’ve also been banned multiple times on CB, I now have a perma-ban.
    First time I got banned was because I said that Blue Ivy looks exactly like Jay-Z, after a comment from someone else about Jay-Z being ugly as hell (sorry, she does look like him, and no, I don’t find her a beautiful child, but didn’t even say that out loud on CB, still got banned).

    Got banned again for saying something neutral about Jennifer Aniston in an Angie-topic, someone else brought up Jenn and I asked why it was necessary to bring up Jenn in every Brad/Angie topic and that I didn’t understand Jenn had to be dragged every time, especially after all these years + Jenn being the actual victim of the situation.

    My perma ban I got for a weird reason imo, it was in a thread about rumors that Idris Elba might play James Bond in an upcoming movie. Discussion got kinda heated, a lot of people thought Bond should be played by a white man, like the writer of the books intended. I disagreed, I found everyone’s reasoning racist. Eventually the discussion died a bit, just me and someone else were left. We were chatting about the topic, like adults, just exchanging ideas/views, no yelling or namecalling. It went from talking about Idris Elba to talking about (the lack of) PoC in blockbusters, the reasons behind that, the hypocrisy of Hollywood etc. It was actually pretty cool and very interesting imo. I really enjoyed the conversation, but suddenly I went into moderation and couldn’t comment anymore after that. Tried again with different name and email, nothing. Tried again a couple of times, was never able to comment again.

    After reading some of the comments above I kinda understand why, especially when I read about Kaiser being a racist. I also noticed that Kaiser doesn’t allow any serious conversations on CB. Whether it’s racism, eating disorders or actual intelligent comments about politics; threads die suddenly when it gets serious, probably because one of the people talking gets banned. Only dragging people like Jenn Aniston and Leann Rimes is allowed + the asskissing of certain celebs and Kaiser.

    I’m now mostly on Dlisted (i’m Isa with the Tim Gunn-avatar), I’ve been there for years, even during CB. CB really went downhill and is indeed copying Michael K (but no one can do snark like MK). Commenting there is really fun, people are smart, are allergic to blind fangirling and love a good (and adult) discussion.

    So cool I found this website, I’ll come back tomorrow to read the rest of the comments (there are so many, jesus! So many ppl got banned, even years back and it’s still happening..)

  395. Myrna says:

    @paolanqar Great gossip. Went and read those posts. Incredible. Thanks for sharing.
    Welcome Isa!

  396. paolanqar says:

    You’re welcome Myrna! 😉

    I have spent a couple of hours reading Almondmilk posts and I am 100% sure that she is Angelina Jolie herself.
    She also sounds batshit crazy. Mental insitution kind of crazy.
    And is so true what you say about the change ofn direction from Brad fantastic father/husband and 5 seconds later he is an asshole and he needs to go to hell.

    If that is not AJ herself then that person needs serious help. Talk about a loonie.

  397. paolanqar says:

    I also think that Almondmilk, Bangerandmash and Maya are the same person aka AJ.
    She probably has realised that she sounds like a total aggressive psycho so she uses different names to spread her comments and to not get people suspicious.
    The way they write is the same (same punctuation, same words, same caps, same ‘lol’) and the level of information about her personal life, routine and schedule is insane.
    And Kaiser knows it’s her.

  398. Myrna says:

    @paolanqar Just read past Almondmilk posts on CB – WOW! Don’t know why I didn’t realize it at the time, but it does seems it’s AJ. I remember thinking how invested Almondmilk was in her posts re the Jolie-Pitts, but it never occurred to me, EVER, that it could be AJ!
    And, yeah, makes perfect sense that Kaiser knows it’s her…hmmmm

  399. Myrna says:

    I’d add TheRealDeelio, Lily and bap to the list of AJ monikers.

  400. paolanqar says:

    Hi Myrna!
    I’d scrap Bap off that list purely because the way she writes (typos, errors, what she says) doesn’t match with what almondmilk and Maya post. She also sounds way less aggressive than the other 2(3?) psychos.

  401. Myrna says:

    Hi paolanqar! You think? I find that almondmilk erroneously inserts commas often and thought I noted the same with bap, but I could be wrong. It seems she uses the variety of monikers to respond to and agree with herself! It’s a bit jarring, isn’t it? She seems off the rails and I’m surprised. Anyway…it’s good gossip 😎
    Thanks again for posting about it.

  402. paolanqar says:

    I can’t put my finger on it but Bap sounds less unhinged and a lot less into Angelina’s head.. god knows!

    You’re welcome! It’s so much fun! LOL

  403. Josie says:

    Hello fellow banned ones. I’m not banned, this isn’t my username over there, but I haven’t been on in ages, although I stopped by today.

    I never thought that almondmilk was Angelina Jolie, I just always thought that Kaiser seemed to think that almondmilk either had inside information or was part of the family and that’s why almondmilk is always allowed to post these extensively long, ridiculous, pedantic posts on every single comment on any Angelina Jolie thread. She never gets modified, every single comment is allowed to go through, and any comment that I’ve ever seen questioning her gets deleted really quickly. I tried to question her once or twice and those comments never even got through moderation. Also, she sounds straight up mental.

    Kaisers strikes me as so narcissistic that I could see her believing the comments that allude almondmilk is part of the “inner circle”, because if you notice all of the comments that are allowed to stay mention almondmilk having insider information. Kaiser is probably so flattered, like Angelina Jolie loves me and loves my posts. She’s such a loon it’s laughable.

    If is is actually Angelina Jolie, well that’s a disappointment and kind of depressing. She’s not doing a very good job of showing herself to be a sane rational woman, because almondmilk’s posts read like fan-fiction! Seriously. And if Angelina is so obsessed about her image that she has to post a response to every comment written about her, across many platforms, that’s a full time job right there because man is almondmilk ON IT. Watching almondmilk post just one days worth of comments on one post on CN is exhausting to read!

    So I’ll continue to think Kaiser is getting trolled by someone who really wants everyone to think she’s actually AJ or an insider because that is the funniest to me.

  404. paolanqar says:

    Hi Josie!
    Nice to see you here!

    If almondmilk is not AJ why is she so invested in her life and everything she does?
    I refuse to believe a stan would do that to that extent!

  405. Josie says:

    Hi P!! You and I chatted a bunch on the other site!!

    The way I see it is because CB is so heavily moderates, none of the really mean and nasty comments get on. I have a hard time thinking that AJ would pick only CB to up and defend herself to the rather tame comments. Why not pick DListed where the comments can run nasty? And if this person is defending across a few boards, it can’t possibly be a busy actress/UN ambassador/director with 6 kids, right?

    Didn’t you ever see the loons come out over LeAnn, Taylor, Sparkles and kristen? Even the ones for Cumberbatch. Those ladies can go deeeeeep. I think this is the case with almondmilk. Way, way too invested in AJ to be a normal person. I mean, when almondmilk was posting about the airplane incident, I have to believe that AJ was too busy cleaning up here life than to go line by line commenting on CB….??? If she care she that much about her image, that’s depressing!!

  406. paolanqar says:

    Hi Josie!
    What is your other name? I’m curious now 🙂

    Well AJ does care.. she got caught posting many comments on many different gossip sites so she does care. A lot.
    Maybe we are reaching with CB but things are fishy over there and people tend to be mentally unhinged when it comes to certain topics.

  407. paolanqar says:

    I don’t think people on Dlisted would give someone like almondmilk too much credit. She would be seen like a troll and forced to exit.

  408. Josie says:

    Little Darling. (:

  409. paolanqar says:

    Ahhhh!!! Nice to see you then 🙂

    How come you haven’t been banned? LOL

  410. Josie says:

    I agree about the mentally unhinged. Some comments read so stalker like, and so defensive about people we don’t really know in person.

    But I would have stayed for the comments. It’s really the moderation and the censorship that got me. To censor and block comments on a celebrity board is a joke. Way to take yourself way too seriously, and also, way to control the story. If you’re constantly deleting comments that you simply don’t like, then you are changing the entire tone of the commenting. It becomes tone deaf.

    I miss the old writers; bedhead, jaybird. CB used to be my jam, my happy place, and it was very hard for me to leave. Like a dirty drug habit you can’t quite quit. It was one of the hardest breakups for me!!! I swear! I had major withdrawal, and frankly I missed the posters I did like. Like you and Myrna, and others I’ve seen here.

  411. Josie says:

    I wasn’t banned because I’m incredibly diplomatic in my approach and I never really pushed the limits. BUT I lived in moderation for years and years. I thought everyone was moderated, so it didn’t bother me much. When I found out that wasn’t the case I was pissed. My comments questioning almondmilk never ever got passed, and that annoyed me. Other people could question anyone else, but if you questioned her, deleted.

    Tipping point was when they wrote about Hayden and said something about her postpartum depression and instead of saying treatment center they wrote rehab. In my work, I work with so many women with severe postpartum depression, and at not called rehab, it’s called treatment. CB wouldn’t change their misleading wording and that was it for me.

  412. Myrna says:

    Hi again, Little Darling aka Josie – good to see you here. I really believe almondmilk is Jolie. The level of detail and rattling off of agent names, projects, timelines…IDK…it seems logical that it’s her. But, yeah, who would think someone with her status would be on a gossip website writing novel-length retorts to anything J-P, or Jen, or Goop related.
    That’s what makes it so disturbing…
    Gotta admit it’s been fun reading the posts and noting an enormous similarity with other monikers.

  413. Hypocrisy says:

    I’m so sick of hearing, “but I wonder how Obama kids felt when XYZ happened”
    Because two wrong do not make a right. Period.
    That’s childish as fuck, we are adults, we can say, “that’s fucked up what Kathy did” without trying to make excuses for her, just like the Right Wing would.
    It’s so stupid.
    What she did was disgusting. It was a poor judgement and not funny.
    Obama had to deal with so much during his time and that shit was horrible and disgusting.
    ….still fuck Trump…And I hate to say it but Kathy you were wrong. I’m with….Them on this.
    Kathy you made yourself look bad.
    Not the Left.
    Just yourself.

  414. paolanqar says:

    Hypocrisy I agree with you. I hate her for doing it and give that blonde, bloated asshole an excuse to play the victim one more time and be in the right in the eyes of many.

  415. Josie says:

    Hypocrisy; hi!! (:

    I agree that Kathy Griffin is a try hard awful person who will literally do everything possible to gain attention. What she did this time completely crossed a line, isn’t reflective of any liberals that I know of, and her swift public condemnation was appropriate and is to be lauded.

    Yet, I don’t have a problem with anyone reminding anyone about the awful abuse BO had to go through, which was far more frequent and far worse because it was commonly spread across the country, not a one off bad publicity trick from a thirsty D Lister. His likeness being burned, lynched and other horrific things. I don’t mind people reminding others that this is why they went through for 8 years. Google image “Obama being hung” and prepare to get completely sickened. That family endured far worse than one off kilter comedienne who is known for being crass, and there wasn’t nearly the public outcry when it was happening.

    For 45 to highlight this via tweet, and the affect it has on his son/family shows a missed mark so completely, as he hounded Obama for his entire presidency without a second thought to his family or kids.

    Everyone is condemning Kathy, thank GOD. Hopefully she will finally, finally go away. (Not counting on it though!!)

  416. Hypocrisy says:

    Hello!! I agree 100%.

  417. ES says:

    Just came here to say that my opinion of the CB posters sunk even lower after I read all the “two wrongs make it right” arguments, or the arguments along the lines that Barron couldn’t have found out about this and that somehow make it right, on the whole Trump’s beheading debacle.

    The irony is that they are complaining about the republicans, the republican hypocrisy and don’t even realize they sunk to exactly the same level, to the level of the most out there, over the top republicans.

    There were a couple of posters who tried to say that the stunt crossed the line but they were drowned out by dozens of whataboutism posts. Pretty much every single poster on those Griffin’s threads lost the right to call themselves a progressive or a liberal because they don’t even understand what those words mean. They are all faux-progressives.

  418. Josie says:

    ES: I haven’t swung by there, but if everyone isn’t saying outright that Kathy Griffin is a vile human being they have serious problems. She shouldn’t have done it. It was disgusting/gross/awful etc etc.

    To not decry it as such is all kinds of messed up, I don’t care where your politics lie.

    Honestly though, when I went by the other day, the commenters mostly suck now.

  419. Karla says:

    The Angelina Jolie Disques thing is crazy! I really think its her and she really needs to go see a psychologist for her issues!
    What hate on someone as innocent as Jennifer Aniston so much? It was Jolie who ruined her marriage to Pitt and flaunted the affair in her face all these years!
    I think Brad must have told Jolie he regretted being with her or never loved her and she knew it. I think he genuinely did love Jen and Jolie didn’t like it one bit. Hence why she seemed to vent it out so much on the internet!

  420. Diana says:

    Hey everyone👋 I am so glad that I checked back in. I’ve got some serious venting to do about CB but don’t have the time right now. I will be back, hopefully, later today.
    I am very happy to have found this little corner of the net! I love knowing that people can say what they want to say, respectfully.

  421. LinaLamont says:

    Griffin should have held up a bloody pile of shit. Now, THAT would have been an accurate portrait/facsimile of tRump.

  422. There is a great comic of griffin holding up hwr head and 45 holding up a smoky, bloody world with the caption “you think that was a joke, how about this?”

  423. Diana says:

    Instead of ranting about CB, I have a few comments about some of the posts that I have read here today (none of which would get posted at CB – I’m not even going to try!):
    1. Kathy Griffin – Absolutely no pity for her. I’ve enjoyed her before and disliked her before but this stunt just ends her for me. I think the picture was tasteless, not threatening. Still, if it were my job to protect POTUS, I’d check her out because better safe than sorry. Also, I would want to make sure that she doesn’t become a rallying point for violent dissent of her own volition or not.
    To be clear, the picture didn’t finish her for me, the press conference did. It was a cringe worthy attempt to dilute the issue. She attempted to lay the blame on “old white men” (apparently, a synonym for evil incarnate to Kathy and the ilk she is playing to). Kathy also attempted to portray herself as a victim of the Trump family. She may well be a victim of death threats which I roundly condemn but she isn’t a victim of the Trumps in any form or fashion. She is also not a victim of the various organizations that have fired her. Unfortunately, she used gasoline and struck a match in what turned out to be her own conflagration. Further the Trumps aren’t “after her”. Why should they be? She is self-emolliating. Personal responsibility is a thing, she needs to become acquainted.
    On a very personal note, the vilifying of “old white men” disgusts and angers me. When my father passed, thankfully, he was old and, so happened to be white. He would automatically fall under the “evil old white men” banner that is so popularly waved today. Worse yet, he was southern. What else was he? Oh, just a fireman that saved lives without checking race, religion, ethnicity, or anything else. He saved humans. He also built homes. For whom you ask? Well, mostly black and white people, he was beloved by many of those people because he always would have time to ask after people and have real interest in them. One of them became particularly close to him, an older black lady, and when he passed she sat across the kitchen table from me and comforted me. She also made me proud that my father could touch people the way he had touched her. At his funeral, the Iranian family that owned the local gas station were there. He didn’t just stop in and chat every morning. When they wanted to go on vacation, he gladly handed over the keys to his luxury, captain-seated van so that they could all travel together…because they were his friends. His photo still hangs in the new, ultra modern station they built showing him cutting the ribbon as their first customer. While he was ill and getting cancer treatment, I’m ashamed to say that as we sat in the hospital as a mixed race couple passed us holding hands, I gave him a side-eye wondering if this would upset this old white southern man. Do you want to know what he said? He said, “As long as they love each other” and smiled. Lesson learned: Don’t assume, love each other, and smile.
    I hope this wasn’t too much, too saccharine, too personal, too anything. It was just on my heart. Perhaps, the nearness of father’s day has me reflecting. At any rate, “old white men” is irrationally dismissive and paints an entire gender and people with a broad, hate-filled brush. SMH

  424. LinaLamont says:

    You know, I thought what KG did was all kinds of wrong and attention-whoring.  But, the more that asshole opens his flaming sphincter about London, the more indifferent I’m becoming to what she did.

  425. LinaLamont says:

    This baffles me and seems to contradict everything you said.
    “I’m ashamed to say that as we sat in the hospital as a mixed race couple passed us holding hands, I gave him a side-eye wondering if this would upset this old white southern man.”
    Why would the thought even cross your mind if your father never gave race or ethnicity a thought? If what you said about him is true (which I’m not denying), why would you think he’d care? Odd.

  426. Diana says:

    It was an odd thought to have which is why I was ashamed of having it. I suppose that even then there was an awful lot of entertainment, comedy, popular culture stuff that either outright or covertly suggested that if you were this and this then you had to be THAT too. I think unconsciously some of it had taken root in my mind if even for a split second. Embarrassing, I admit and, yes, I do see how that statement may have made me seem contradictory. I even thought about leaving it out. But that would have been dishonest and a disservice to what, it seems, we are doing here. I know mostly it’s fun to share CB gripes and gossip freely and I am all for that. I just don’t want to present myself as flawless or paint a “pretty picture” like CB posters do. The KG thing made me angry and I wanted to explain why. I probably did overdo the self-examination…..which I’m doing again!😉

    I am not sure if I am making sense but, to me, CB nurtures, fuels, and feeds that same destructive thinking that I had that time. A group decides that if you are fillintheblank then you have to be fillintheblank also. Then the echo chamber chants it back. It really can have a deleterious effect on a person. It is one of the reasons I have almost given up CB.

    It’s the way they have such false equivalence so, i.e., if you like Jen Garner then your a proponent of women being doormats, if you think Brad Pitt didn’t beat his child then you are in denial, if you think that Amal, Duchess Kate, and Jolie are all abnormally or unhealthily thin then you are a jelly hater that is only right about two of them…..any guesses?😬

    Okay, I promise I will lighten up. I guess it has been a long time since I could write something and have the pleasure of seeing it appear! I didn’t mean to get carried away.

    Also, so interested in the theories here that Jolie may be Almond Milk and/or posting under the TLOL account. I had seen that other places but really didn’t pay it much attention. Now I am going have to see what old stuff I can dig up. BTW, how do you search CB for almond milks posts? I have tried before using the search box but I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for any help.

    Full disclosure – it is super late and I’ve had my sleeping meds already so I hope this is cohesive…..oh, last thing, Bill Maher is a smug know-it-all, he didn’t get much sleep, really?

  427. Hypocrisy says:

    The same five people comment on Every “I hate Taylor Swift” circlejerk.
    I get it, you hate Tayler Swift Kaiser & friends.

  428. Hypocrisy says:

    That shit is so negative and obsessive.
    It’s not even fucking clever, Kaiser’s snark is at kindergarden level. Especially, Nicole who brings up that Taylor is “White, skinny and blond” every thread, like that fucking matters.
    Kaiser just wants a reason to write about TS, She’s the new Kate Middleton.
    Kaiser also gets really upset when people don’t HATE Taylor Swift.
    She doesn’t even get this pissed when people talk about Angie Jolie. God. YOUR saltiness level is high, because you keep talking about this chick for cheap clicks.
    And I don’t even like Tay Tay, but god, give it a rest.

  429. Josie says:

    @diana To see the joy and beauty that is almondmilk, and her link the lengthy posts, you have to probably search Angelina Jolie first, then go into every thread,and then in every thread you can search for almondmilk and her comments will come up!

    Also I’m sorry you were feeling raw with Father’s Day coming up and your father passing.

    @ hypocrisy i’ve just quickly checked out CB the past couple days to see what’s going on over there and it’s interesting how many commenters aren’t there anymore and also I feel that the amount of comments are not as high as they used to be.

  430. Myrna says:

    I Googled ‘almondmilk celebitchy’ and links to multiple posts on Celebitchy came up.
    I recommend doing the same for ‘Bap’

  431. Diana says:

    I really appreciate that you took the time to acknowledge my sensitivity about Dad. It’s one of those things I try not to bring up irl too much cause it upsets people.

    @Myrna and Josie,
    Thanks for the search tips! I will definately use when I can block out some playtime😬😬

    You are so telling the truth about the T. swift snark/hate. There are things that I like about her and things I don’t, like with most people. CB is so nasty to her that if I am much more of a fan, it’s because they have made me into one! Oh well, “white, skinny, & blonde” is never going to play well at CB. Most of us aren’t that anyway but it doesn’t make me automatically dislike people that are. I also don’t look like gorgeous Rihanna but I don’t dislike her either. As with Taylor, some stuff I like and some I don’t.
    I did appreciate Rihanna’s response to that reporter being a jerk about her weight. She is stunning regardless and I think a few extra pounds just changes her beauty, it doesn’t obliterate it. Beauty really can be in different shapes, sizes, heights, weights, ethnicities etc. maybe I’m just more and more open minded about beauty as I age and, also, more appreciative of women but I see so much more beauty than I did when I was younger.

  432. Hypocrisy says:

    People sticking up for Bill Maher is disgusting.
    All these white women or “woke white women” preach all this bullshit, but when someone actually says something racists or offensive and they like him, or feel like he’s fighting the good fight, they excuse his obvious racism.
    Then tell other people how to feel.
    But T-Swift is a racist predator, Kate Middleton is the devil, Amal Clooney gets shat on, but no, some white dude saying, “Nigga” is okay.
    If this was a reoccurring theme on Celebitchy where they didn’t accuse people of being Racist for just being “white” then I would be like, “at least their playing by their own rules” but it’s not.
    They call people racist for anything. Though people are bending over backward to say what is and isn’t racist, since it happened.
    I thought they fought against this stuff.

  433. Josie says:

    @hypocrisy AMEN!! Full stop. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    CB is trife with stories of racism, the fight for racism, but it’s the Pantsuit Nation type of feminism; handpicked for certain situations. A lot of them haven’t proven to understand intersectional feminism, and what being a true ally is. When corrected a sling of typical Becky responses, and that’s ONLY if the all mighty wizard behind the curtain allows the comments to go through. They don’t fight the good fight, they fight the obvious and convenient fight (not all; I have seen *some* stand out commenters really trying to rationalize and explain.

    Also, Bill is a misogynist and racist, he’s been highly problamatic for a long time. He is just another power worshipping white dude who hides behind his self-appointed title of liberal crusader, his carte blanche to say whatever he wants. There is a video of him saying he thinks white people can say that word because black people have reframed it. It’s breathtaking arrogance that makes his apology ring hollow and weak, with no notion of how damaging words are to those who were killed over them. Either that, or he doesn’t care because he thinks he is RIGHT.

    Some people are claiming he simply said a “bad word.” If he said “f**k,” I’d shrug and move on. He said a racist word, and I don’t think any white person can say that word unless they deeply believe in their white superiority. It doesn’t roll off your tongue that easily unless you’re racist.

    If he says that publicly it means he is already thinking it or saying it privately. I don’t care how clever people think he is–he is wrong –and when one person does it, especially a person in the public eye, it gives a ‘free pass’ to others. It is not clever or titillating or ironic or anything else–it is offensive and If we don’t draw hard lines now, when will we?

  434. LinaLamont says:

    Fuck Celebitchy. They keep deleting my posts. Time to go to Jezebel and/or dlisted.
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice….

  435. Josie says:

    @linalamont for what? What are they moderating on you?

  436. Myrna says:

    I just posted on Celebitchy again – Yeah, I’m a masochist, apparently – and the post is in moderation, but I expect it will be deleted.
    The supposed non-misogynists are ripping Ivanka Trump to shreds regarding her looks and supposed lack of intellect.
    One poster – Original TC – slammed Ivanka for misusing the word “veracity” when in actuality Ivanka said “ferocity” and used it in proper context.

    Business as usual at Celebitchy…it’s become a hate pit or hypocrites.

    Interested, too, in what linalamont was deleted for.

  437. Frosty says:

    @linalamont I’m almost always in moderation – maybe CB uses some sort of set and forget system that periodically times out. That might explain the periods when my comments aren’t reviewed.

  438. Myrna says:

    Well, 2 comments I posted got through!
    And they were in defense of Ivanka Trump!
    How can that be?

    Embarrassing how posters are full of petty hate ripping her apart.

    I read a comment on from someone saying he/she doesn’t live in the U.S. but the person reads celebitchy.
    And that person asked why it is that a gossip site devotes so much time and so many posts to politics, the President and Ivanka.
    It’s a pure, innocent post and made me laugh because the ridiculousness of the site is evident to so many.

  439. Hypocrisy says:

    Oh my god, Kaiser, why the fuck do you keep writing these dumb ass articles about Katy Perry? You really want your daily dose of Taylor Swift hate huh?
    So boring.
    Are even going to buy her album?

  440. Uri says:

    Kaiser is a such a racist, bigoted, one sided cunt. Some user called her out today for not covering the story shooting by a Bernie Sanders supporter, and how she offered no sympathy to the 4 Republicans who got hurt. She is such a hypocrite and a cunt!
    Then that user got attacked by the racist assholes on that site. I am glad to see some folks are seeing Kaiser for the nutjob she is.

  441. Diana says:

    I specifically checked CB today to see if there would be a post on the shooting which I suspected there wouldn’t be. As was mentioned above, this gossip site has had between 2 to 4 political posts daily for quite awhile now. The posts are so infantile and so are most of the comments so I stopped clicking them long ago. No surprise that injured GOP leaders and staff by a Bernie supporter wouldn’t be mentioned because in the “church of Kaiser” the only political stories are those she can spin to her agenda and then listen for her choir to repeat the appropriate chorus, hand clapping included via comments.

    I don’t know the last time I posted although I was preparing a lengthy post last week and half way through it, I just stopped. As someone above pointed out, there no point in posting there anymore unless you want to join the echo chamber. It is so easy not to post now. Soon I hope to give up even checking it out at all.

    Anyone else feel like the site may be dying?

  442. Myrna says:

    The lack of any post yesterday re the Congressional shootings is glaring.
    The site is sophomoric and hateful.
    Perhaps if they stuck to gossip, they’d have a chance.
    But who knows.
    Unfortunately, they have a following of others not offended, but rather invigorated, by the ridiculous hatred.

  443. Lyan says:


    You’re wrong. Again. But a pathetic Trump voter like you always plays catch up with reality.

  444. #ForeverBathinginOrangeTears says:

    Ugh, of course a few Trump-supporters have to come and turn this into a conservative pity-party.
    Uri: Celebrity Gossip sites don’t always cover stories the day they happen, sometimes they cover it a day or two later. That’s not “racism” or hypocrisy, that’s just how celebrity gossip sites work. Don’t feel bad, they didn’t cover one of your guys stabbing up two men on a train in Portland because they called him out on his racist/xenophobic harassment of two innocent Muslim women either, even though that story fits ‘their agenda’ (because we know it can’t fit with the Trump crowd’s agenda).
    Myrna: Listen, YOU chose to vote for Trump and not give a shit about what a vote for him would do to us minorities, women, and LGBT individuals, as well as immigrants. You have not once yet shown any sign of being even slightly apologetic about it or remorseful about the impact it’s having on our lives, despite the rise in hate crimes, open racism, Muslim bans, people’s family members being deported, and attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Anyone who’s supporting Trump is supporting all that, intentionally or not. I have people- some of them kids- in my family literally worried about being harassed, raped, stabbed, shot, and otherwise harmed by the kind of people your vote empowered. Own the consequences of your actions and realize that the majority of liberals or feminists are not going to be super polite and respectful about Trump at all times because of it, whether they’re hypocritical assholes or not. And guess what? Go to any republican site and you’ll see them not being super respectful about Hillary, the Obamas, liberals, and feminists too. It’s not one-sided. Do you regularly do anything to call out the racists, the homophobes, and the misogynists in your own party, or is your main concern about getting liberal women to validate your support of Trump? (Something that makes me question not only your empathy for others, but your self-respect as a female?) There may have been valid things to criticize about Celebitchy at different times, but one thing I definitely co-sign 100% is how they don’t fuck with the Trumps or their complicit, bent -over sycophants, man or woman. If you require Trump-friendly commentary in order to feel respected and not hated on, most left-leaning sites are just not going to be the place for you. There’s Return of Kings, JudgyBitch, StormFront, A Voice For Men, and Breitbart. All those sites are pretty Trump-positive. Woman-positive and POc-positive, not so much. Gee, I wonder why.

  445. ES says:

    > I have people- some of them kids- in my family literally worried about being harassed, raped, stabbed, shot, and otherwise harmed by the kind of people your vote empowered.

    I didn’t vote for Trump. But to pretend that Trump is a some sort of aberration but not a natural consequence of dysfunctional American politics is blind. People are so blindsided by Trump they can’t see the forest for the trees,
    The things you were describing all existed before Trump.
    If you remove Trump tomorrow, nothing much will change. Nothing much changed under Obama’s 8 years. Obama betrayed most of his promises.
    I don’t mean to turn this in a political fistfight and I know there is no way I am going to convince anyone of anything. But pretending that Trump is the root of all problems in the American society is childish. He is a symptom and not a problem. And Hillary’s supporters need to take a good look at themselves as well.
    Myrna makes some valid points too. And refusing to listen to the other side because you feel that voting for Trump is morally wrong is not going to get you or anybody else anywhere.

  446. LinaLamont says:

    Don’t forget the indigent, disabled, elderly…everyone who won’t be able to afford health care. I certainly hope Scalise and the others fully recover, but, don’t forget to look at his record– no qualms about taking health care away from millions, A+ rating from the National Rifle Association, voting with Trump on almost everything. Too many despicable votes to enumerate.
    How about the fact that those Republican treasonous traitors are destroying the Constitution?

  447. Lyan says:


    Nobody’s claiming Trump is the ‘root of all problems’. Who said that?

    The cretins who voted for Trump are the root of all problems.

  448. LinaLamont says:

    No, you’re right, it’s not just Trump. It’s ALL THE TRAITOROUS REPUBLICANS in Congress that stand and vote with him. Remember, he didn’t win. It was a rigged, corrupt, gerrymandered, infiltrated election– in which HRC won 3M more votes. McConnell, Pence, Ryan, McCain, Putin… all of them… they hijacked the country. They’re the minority in popularity. Unfortunately, they control Congress and the WH. So, no. You’re wrong about “we the people”. The majority of U.S. citizens is appalled by Trump.

  449. ES says:

    > Nobody’s claiming Trump is the ‘root of all problems’. Who said that?

    The poster I was responding to, #Forever, made it sounds like all the awfulness started happening due to Trump and people were morally wrong voting for Trump and actually were personally responsible for those issue. I disagree. And what are people supposed to do when voting for either of the candidates (Hillary or Trump) is wrong? I didn’t vote for the first time because I simply couldn’t vote for either.

    > It’s ALL THE TRAITOROUS REPUBLICANS in Congress that stand and vote with him

    I am a naturalized American citizen, and perhaps my view of the world is a bit different from most of you. But to me the foreign policy is just as important as domestic policy, And foreign policy is where the president has most power.
    In foreign policy both, Democrats and Republicans, including Hillary, are guilty of crimes against humanity. So sorry, in my view, neither side has the right to get on a high horse and claim high moral ground. Yes, Democrats are better socially at home. But Hillary’s foreign policy record is so awful, I simply couldn’t vote for her.

    Pragmatically, the divisiveness I see (of which Trump is a symptom) is not helpful. We need to find common ground and work together towards what is best for the country, regardless of our political views.
    I think we could start with minimizing military spending, ending foreign wars, and redirecting funds towards infrastructure and social spending at home. I think this is something most of us can agree on. Attacking each other over political views is counterproductive.

    > Go to any republican site and you’ll see them not being super respectful about Hillary

    But I don’t go there and I have no desire to. There is no rule that I had to get to the same level . I am an independent. I seek to do what is right.

  450. Diana says:

    I do not want this to become a political place. Of course, that is not my decision. I will say that I am as uninsured under President Trump as I became under President Obama thanks to escalating premiums. I think there is too much thinking along party lines. Also, the executive branch has been usurping powers that it shouldn’t for many years. IMO, congress has failed in its job to protect the rights of their body. The system of checks and balances were there for a reason and that has been eroding over the past 15 years or so. While one may be happy when their preferred candidate is president and can get more done to fulfill an agenda by bypassing congress, that same individual will lament that kind of thinking when someone they don’t like is in power. Honestly, the Constitution has been under siege for a long time. I am in agreement with those that want this nation to be ruled (with amendments) by that document. We have bodies to create laws. It is not, and should not, be within the purvey of the executive branch regardless of who is occupying that office.
    All that said, I am finding it easier and easier to stay away from CB! That place is so toxic. I realize my mood has been elevated as a direct result of not forcing myself to read all of the outright hate and hypocritical commentary. Unfortunately, things are kind of dead celeb gossip wise right now and while I love reading dlisted, , especially the UNFILTERED comments (yay!), no subject is particularly interesting right now. So I am wondering what particular celebrities are you guys favorites (or that you can’t stand)? Just curious. I don’t know that anyone will be interested in answering and, if not, that’s okay too.

  451. Diana says:

    I just saw your last post and I am in accord with you. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

  452. Myrna says:

    @ES Brava!

  453. Hypocrisy says:

    So anyone notice how that commenter (Double letter girl, the one that I can’t understand half she writes) Everytime she comments, the Same person always comments and cosigns?
    Everytime? I think they are the same person.
    (AlmondJoy) it’s really weird that whenever Q comments, she comments as well, but only when Q comments first.
    Also third ginger said she was 64 in two different threads yesterday.

  454. Lyan says:

    What do Trump voters have to offer in order to achieve the middle ground? What rationalization can they bring for voting for somebody who’s the embodiment of our country’s sleaziest tendencies? Bring it on, Myrna et al? Convince me you’re worth listening to.

    Otherwise, that’s all hollow talk.

  455. Becca says:

    When she’s not being a special snowflake and celebrity blogging, you can always count on tweets about bdsm stuff at perfect tease 26.

  456. #ForeverBathinginOrangeTears says:

    I never said that sexism, xenophobia, racism, and hate crimes didn’t exist before Trump’s reign of terror started. But the INCREASE in these problems since then have been well documented up to this point. These kinds of people have been sent the message that their ‘beliefs’ are acceptable and have been empowered by Trump’s win. A kkk-endorsed rapist (along with his anti-woman hyper-Christian homophobe VP nominee, who has supported the abuse of gay/bisexual teenagers) ran a campaign pandering to the worst of American culture and promising to be a threat to the livelihoods, rights, and safety to certain people, and people like Myrna here voted for that. The Trump administration is keeping true to what was promised, and yet still 96 percent of Trump supporters would do it again and are more preoccupied with self-absorbed complaints about how left-leaning poc/women/ lgbt people are being impolite toward them and hating on the Trumps. Myrna voted for “Let’s Take Back America” (from everyone who’s not a Christian white heterosexual cisgender male American or one of his complicit little submissives at home). People like Myrna voted for man’s right to “Grab em by the pussy” and get away with it (and better yet, be rewarded with a presidency for it). What great role models Trump-supporters make for little boys! And then she has the nerve to whine about why liberals and feminists aren’t treating her with the delicate respect she feels she’s entitled to as an opinion-haver? Miss me with ALL of that. ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CULTURE THEY HELP TO CREATE AND FURTHER.
    Myrna:You kissed your ‘right’ to courtesy from liberals and feminists goodbye the moment you decided to publicly defend your choice to bend your ass over for white supremacist patriarchy on a website that everyone knows is less than Trump/GOP-friendly, sweetie. You could demonstrate how you’re “Not That Kind of Trump Supporter” by attacking the inherent patriarchy and racism/xenophobia put on display by your own party every day, taking responsibility for the outcome of your choice, and not defending or repeating it. But what do you do instead? Brush aside those issues by hiding behind “Those groups of people have always been treated that way” commentary so you can continue your pathetic fan-girling for Ivanka/Melania/Donald and whining about how the Trump family and their stans deserve more politeness from those same people. Ivanka and Melania get criticism online you say? And their husband-daddy too? And a lot of it is mean? Fuck those worthless bitches. May they never receive anything resembling respect or courtesy for the rest of their meaningless lives. Their personal feelings don’t mean shit. I hope their supporters continue to lose sleep over pig in chief and his first concubines being trashed. It’s apparently the only real problem you people choose to concern yourselves with. Good luck getting the average feminist/liberal to swoop in an validate your shitty political decisions.

  457. ES says:

    > So anyone notice how that commenter (Double letter girl, the one that I can’t understand half she writes) Everytime she comments, the Same person always comments and cosigns?

    I don’t think they are the same person. I think they just share the same views and background. QQ writes in a type of slang. Almondjoy writes in proper sentences. I get a different personality vibe from them.

  458. ES says:

    > When she’s not being a special snowflake and celebrity blogging, you can always count on tweets about bdsm stuff at perfect tease 26.

    Lol, does Kaiser moonlight as a bdsm afficionado?

    So I saw comments here that she is not Indian but faking it. And now I got my doubts too. I read an article on Amal today and Kaiser was shading her for family involvement with the kids. This is such an American thing not to understand. If she were Indian the family taking over the house would be the most natural thing to her. It would actually be completely expected.

    I have no way of knowing whether Kaiser has any Indian blood but it is very unlikely she was raised by an Indian parent.

  459. Diana says:

    I was weak and went to CB today because I thought they would have an Angelina story to fawn over but , nope, instead it was about Brad getting to visit some of the kids before Fathers Day. Usual suspects eviscerating Brad while promoting Angie as a saint. I have never seen people turn on someone as fast and visciously as Brangelina fans turned on Brad Pitt. Angelina, apparently, is just a victim of Pitt and his addictions! Don’t get me wrong, I believe Pitt has serious substance problems but I don’t think it is anything new to Jolie. He had them when they married, she was aware of it but her fans will never admit it. Jolie is responsible for nothing! I’m glad Pitt is taking responsibility for his problems, addictions, and mistakes. At the same time, I don’t see Jolie ever admitting to any part she played in their marital woes. Both would do well to admit that the peripatic lifestyle they subjected themselves and their kids too was hard on all of them. I don’t think it will ever happen though.
    I am trying to check in on once a day or less and absolutely no commenting. I wish the site would die. From what I see very few commenters are left especially as I suspect several are Kaiser and other people with multiple handles. It’ll be interesting to watch the site self destroy thanks to it’s own poor management and hypocrisy.

  460. April says:

    I remember they used to fawn and praise Pitt non-stop for shacking up with Jolie and leaving Jen for her, but I really think since they turned so against him. That these people may be very well PR people who Jolie’s pays to troll the net on her behalf.
    Just like how she went from saying all these years that ” Brad is such a wonderful father, such a great man, he really loves the kids” to saying ” He is an child abusing asshole” so fast!
    Also, I really never believed that Angelina Jolie had all these fans at all. She isn’t very well liked in the public nor is she even liked in Hollywood based on those Sony Leak emails about her.
    People still dislike her for breaking up Jennifer Aniston’s marriage at the time. It doesn’t matter how many trips she makes to 3rd world countries or keeps adopting foreign kids, you can’t turn a whore into a wife. She showed her true colors in this divorce.

  461. Giulia says:

    The manufactured Russophobia and McCarthyite screeching on CB.
    Kaiser is the perfect useful idiot to tout the propaganda that is leading us into WW3. Trump is following policy St. Clintoon herself proposed! Recall that voters rejected Clinton also for the war mongering ways. I posted a similar comment on the Jill Stein thread, whcih was pulled within seconds. At least Kitten got to call bullshit on the threads “We’re in this disaster because third party voters” commenters.

  462. Lyan says:

    ‘Manufactured Russophobia”?

    Aren’t your concerns special, darling? Nobody’s hating the Russians, but their criminal leaders.

  463. Hypocrisy says:

    ThirdGinger has said in four different articles this week that she’s 64.
    God I love her.
    Celebitchy has really become a place where they don’t give a fuck about being PC anymore.
    Kaiser and the comment section is full of slut shaming, thin shaming,race baiting and basically rude bitter women, talking about woman who either are dating someone they like (or used to) or just being nasty.
    They talk about how Courtney Cox’s gets so much surgery because she’s afraid of aging, looking imperfect and getting judged.
    Then they blame “old white men of Hollywood” for it, yet they pick at every single flaw every woman featured on the site has.
    Shit I often think, maybe Courtney read the comments that you “woke feminist” left and saw everyone was talking about how she looks, and decided to get fillers.

    What a bunch of hypocritical judgemental women. The motto of Celebitchy is, “we can talk about women any type of way, but if a white male does it, it’s sexist, misogynistic and it’s wrong” No. When anyone does it it’s wrong.

    Celebitchy has become a very very negative place for women. Even more so than before.
    (Also, I love how all these women are so Woke and shit, but whenever theres a posts about a WOC no one comments unless it’s something negative.)

  464. Diana says:

    Have you noticed a decrease in the number of comments/commenters? Just curious as to what you see versus what I perceive or want to perceive.
    BTW, does anyone know how old ThirdGinger is?🙁😂😂😂😋
    Also, fillers, Botox, hair pieces and extreme thinness is a very horrible thing to be commented on negatively if that person is Duchess Kate, but if your are Dame -Commander-Special U.N. Ambassador-Child Savior Extraordinaire THE JOLIE then why would you even think that’s true, little less comment on it?😳🙄
    Also, if you are white, you should just shut up and be schooled. Could this account for fewer comments on WOC posts? Also, if you are a WOC don’t you know that you are obliged to a agree with what the WOC of CB have decided to be the consensus on certain issues? If not, you should join the white women and get “woke” and shut up until you do!😱😡😤
    It first all of this made me so angry, and still does at times, but I am now more entertained and bemused by this cringeworthy site and the bubble they have created and maintained. Join me in laughing at them😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  465. ES says:

    > lso, if you are a WOC don’t you know that you are obliged to a agree with what the WOC of CB have decided to be the consensus on certain issues? If not, you should join the white women and get “woke” and shut up until you do!

    Very true.

  466. Hypocrisy says:

    I wonder if Kaiser and the woke gang will cover the BET awards.

  467. Hypocrisy says:

    Kaiser is Baps and all those crazed Angie Fans in the comments because today she’s calling people “Brad Stans”
    Girl, please get a new vocabulary.
    You are so immature and petty.
    It seems people are too stupid or maybe they don’t read the posts, to see that everytime the comments disagree with you, you get all shitty about it and start calling people “Stans”.

  468. Hypocrisy says:

    Oh my toads! So, earlier I said I wonder if “Kaiser will cover the BET awards’, well guess what? She decided to cover a agrument that a bunch of rappers had and Kaiser basically said, “nothing noteworthy happened on the show, so I’m not going to cover it, I’ll just talk about what was happening on twitter” (Aka the princess of wokeness didn’t watch the BET Awards and just saw that was trending on twitter) and so a lot of people were complaining about how dismissive the post was and complaining about Kaiser.

    Everyones stance was, why cover anything from the BET Awards? Why not just ignore the whole thing and be hypocrtical as always, because you always race bait and all that, but on your own website, you basically dismissed a amazing show that was full of diversity and amazing moments, Also you cover LITERALLY EVERY AWARD SHOW.
    Kaiser loves to call people out on not being inclusive yet you aknowlegdeged the BET Awards and chose to report on something negative and after the show.
    So tell me why, kaiser not only deleted a bunch of comments, but she LOCKED THE POST.
    Instead of owning up to it, or apologizing, she LOCKED THE POST.
    Shes so weak, I swear she is, god.
    (I’m not saying that she HAD to watch it, I’m saying, she didn’t watch it, because if she had she would know that their were a million moments were things she CLAIMS she cares about were spoken about and adressed. Why talk about the Award show at all, if you thought nothing happened was worth talking about?)
    Kaiser…please do better..seriously..I like some of the posts on the site (That aren’t by Kaiser) but honestly.
    It’s not that serious. made a mistake, own up to it.

  469. Josie says:

    Omg I can’t believe she locked the damn post. 38 comments or something. That’s RICH.

    CB isn’t inclusive as long as that woman is at the helm. She isn’t woke, she doesn’t pay attention to the details of stories because she’s just regurgitating what she reads on other sites. Her commentary isn’t original, thought provoking or witty. She steals comments and ideas all of the time, and then shows herself to be unable to allow people to have discourse about topics posted if they in any way go against her ideas.

    Someone else posted above about this but I definitely see that commenting has gone down if you look at the site cumulatively. When I was posting I feel a lot of comments would be in the 80s etc, and now I see a lot of lower numbers, 40s. Maybe that’s not accurate, but to me the whole site has changed.

    I’m glad people called Kaiser out on her lame ass of the BET awards show, for highlighting the negative instead of how Solange, Yara Sahiridi and Chance The Rapper all had amazing speeches, and how Chance also won a humanitarian award.

    This year, more than ever, after seeing POC repeatedly getting police brutality, the BET awards were a real and necessary place to celebrate black culture. The fact that CB missed the opportunity to shine the light on the cultural impact that the channel BET has in it’s own right gives it no place claiming it has inclusiveness or intersectional feminism.

  470. Hypocrisy says:

    I think I love AlmondJoy and QQ for holding it down and calling Kasier out in that post. Lol

  471. Josie says:

    Almondjoy has been a fave poster for quite sometime, and you know QQ isn’t going to let a single thing slip in regards to race relations.

    But, can’t everyone else see the blatant silencing going on in the comments? I mean, do you think that finally today a lot of those posters will realize that Kaiser is a crock of baloney? What will it take for them to realize I wonder.

  472. Diana says:

    I’m hoping people are becoming aware of the oppressive hypocrisy of the site and Kaiser. I went to read about the BET awards too. I didn’t watch them. I don’t watch the Grammys either but I like to see the next day’s commentary on the good acts and links to performances. I didn’t get any of that today from CB.
    I guess I will have to take myself to YouTube to search out Bruno Mars, Chance, Solange, and even unknowns I could have discovered thru decent coverage!Ugh!

  473. Hypocrisy says:

    Yeah…it’s honestly sad. I give QQ and AlmondJoy some flak, but more often than not, in their weird way, they DO make sense, it’s just all the…bullshit that gets to me.
    And the numbers have been going down.
    See, in the morning (When I’m up to it) i check CB out, and then while I’m on break (around 4ish) I check the site again to read comments and I see that in the morning a post about someone like Angie Jolie will have about 100 or so comments, but later in the day Kaiser comes back and deletes comments, so it’ll be about 90 or something.
    She does it when she thinks the threads are dead, but no, they aren’t. You can always tell when she deletes stuff because the comments go to the bottom and they’ll be comments made at 8am, under comments made at 5pm.
    There are only 15 or so regulars on the site because unless you walk a VERY thin line, Kaiser, will block you.

  474. Hypocrisy says:

    Let’s see if Kaiser apologizes or even mentions what she did yesterday.

  475. Josie says:

    I highly, highly doubt it. If an apology was going to come, it would have come with not closing the comment section, you know? she would have been like, you’re right, my bad, let me watch and do a write up tomorrow. The fact that she closed the comments says it all. When was the last time that happened? I’ve been reading the site for a long long time, over 10 years, and I don’t recall many times where the comments were closed due to anything other than they’re older posts. Maybe the LeAnne threads got crazy and had to be closed down.

    She is a horrible moderator. She shouldn’t be moderating her own posts anyway.

    I’m going to start checking the morning comments and evening comments, just for a week or two and see what goes on.

    I’m honestly so disgusted by the site. I am so glad that the addiction, the need to get on every morning and engage, has gone away. I’ll be honest and say it was a hard breakup. CB was very much a part of my daily life.

  476. Diana says:

    I feel for you, CB was part of my daily life too. It took awhile to admit how much of a stress trigger it had become and even longer to act on it!
    I check in sometimes by as I said earlier, I is eady to shrug it off now. Plus no desire to comment.

  477. LinaLamont says:

     June 19, 2017 at 5:01 pm
    ” I never said that sexism, xenophobia, racism, and hate crimes… validate your shitty political decisions.”

    Yes to everything you said.

  478. NewWester says:

    A poster on Celebitchy was asking in the links post today if anyone had seen QQ or Almoundjoy since Monday. I remember how the two of them gave Kaiser grief over the BET awards post. Could Kaiser have banned them? Their posts on the BET awards have been removed

  479. Hypocrisy. says:

    I went on Kaiser’s twitter and on the link to the Joe Budden post , someone said that Almond Joy asked Kaiser to make a apology post and Kaiser immediately deleted it. So they probably aren’t banned they probably just done fucking with CB.
    I didn’t see them In the Rihanna post, so I assume they are done. They’d usually be all over that. Or kaiser really banned one of the few regulars she has because she’s a asshole and doesn’t give a fuck about black people past making click bait posts.

  480. Diana says:

    Glad to hear people are bailing.👍🏻😋

  481. NewWester says:

    Yes, I did the same thing I checked the Rihanna post and scanned a few others. I think this last post Kaiser did on the BET awards was the last straw for many people.

  482. NewWester says:

    Just went to check Celebitchy and I noticed the post from the poster inquiring about QQ and Almondjoy has been removed. Someone is not happy….

  483. Josie says:

    I think the closing of the comments speaks volumes. It also says a lot about being a dictator, who is at the helm, and the silencing of POC. Sorry.

    Also on Twitter someone as Bill Maher is basically calling Kaiser out for needing to be fired!!

  484. Giulia says:

    (and for someone who is supposedly half Indian, it’s odd that Kaiser has failed to post anything about Baahubali2 which has been a big hit. The only time she talks about her alleged heritage is when she wants to score points or bolster her credibility as a POC.)

  485. Hypocrisy says:

    I love how Kaiser is trying to do more black post, as if to say, “forget about that thing that I did”
    Nope Im not and I hope people keep clapping back at her on Twitter about it.
    I noticed she ain’t saying shit back too.

  486. Diana says:

    Kaiser has managed to alienate white people, people of color, people of reason, and anyone expecting to have a free, even-handed exchange on a range of topics. She really is an equal opportunity asshat. *smh*

  487. paolanqar says:

    I spoke to QQ today and after that BET stunt from Kaiser, she is off CB too.
    Sick of Kaiser’s attitude she is taking her comments elsewhere. She was quite pissed off that Kaiser shut down the comments to that post.
    That was truly the nail in the coffin.

  488. paolanqar says:

    I forgot to say that QQ and Almondmilk are quite close and they quit together. They won’t be back either.
    CB is crashing and burning and all by the hands of Kaiser.
    Nice job!

  489. paolanqar says:

    Almondjoy not Almondmilk! Sorry ladies!

  490. Hypocrisy says:

    That’s amazing. I gave them a lot of blues, but more often than not they were always putting people in their place.Kaiser thought because they liked her they wouldn’t call her out. That’s not how life works Kaiser. People can like you and give you critiscm. Kaiser is always calling somehow out but can’t take being called out herself.
    She also is ignoring people calling her out on Twitter, but I thought she was so tough and about it?
    She can dish it but not take it.
    Now she has lost two beloved regulars.

  491. Hypocrisy says:

    Celebitchy commenters care so much about black folks that there’s only 8 comments on the ice cube post talking about police brutality.
    People rather thin shame Kate Middleton and turn around and go to the Shonda post and preach about body positivity and yet they go in on every celebs body with no regard.

  492. Myrna says:

    Good that they are taking a stand against the BS…but you know what? This has been going on since at least 2010 that I know of and the site is still kicking and other more reputable websites tag CB and on it goes…this latest scenario won’t end them.
    I’m glad, like some of you also note, to have moved on from the habit that was CB.

  493. paolanqar says:

    It is very hard to discuss race issues on CB. I am sorry to say this but the feeling is that if you’re white all you can do is sit down and be lectured by people of color. This is not ok for me. We should all be able to discuss anything in a civil manner, without calling each other names and respecting every single opinion. That is how people grow and sometimes understand things they didn’t know before.

    QQ told me that she knew Kaiser was a dick but at least she could deliver her points on race issues and have visibility involving people in the discussion.
    She is a clever girl and despite the fact sometimes I have no idea what she’s talking about ( her slang is sometimes a wtf for me but english isn’t my first language) but she knows when enough is enough.

    I can’t wait for Kaiser to write posts and no one will comment on them, and for CB to become a ghost site.

  494. Josie says:

    @paolanqar will you please tell QQ and Almondjoy that Little Darling says hello!!! I always enjoyed their perspectives on things, and CB has no idea what it’s doing to the loyal folks. Ugh!!

    To hit on your other point about sitting down and being lectured on CB; It’s actually hard to discuss race issues all over, not just on CB, and to be honest, I did hear some of the better discussions surrounding race on CB, without the help of Kaiser. In real life, I have spent the last year learning about systemic racism, class ideologies and how to be a better ally. While I’m not white, I was raised on white privilege and pass as white, so I didn’t even know a lot about my own internal biases. Now, CB isn’t a safe place for POC, not by a long shot, but I can say that through everything I’ve learned from my mentors; powerful WOC; the best thing a true ally can do who isn’t a POC is to sit back and listen to the experiences of POC. That’s what being a true ally is about, and that is how race relations in America will get better and bias will be dismantled.

    Oftentimes white people have a tendency to center themselves in the conversations as POC try and explain their oppression, and while it might seem like you’re being lectured, you’re actually just be shared with. Sometimes it is better to sit with the information and not talk back about your own experiences, because I’ve found a lot of the talking back/sharing experiences doesn’t pertain to what the POC are trying to share, as they are usually centered in our own experiences, which regardless of those experiences, they aren’t the experiences of POC. They can’t be, if you’re not a POC.

    Motivation is also a big idea when discussing race relations; what do you have to say to a POC regarding race relations that is helpful? Why do you (generally speaking) feel the need to chime in your own experiences and what do you think it is going to bring to the conversation that makes it impactful?

    White fragility is also a very real thing that occurs in many difficult racial conversations. “White Fragility is a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves. These moves include the outward display of emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors such as argumentation, silence, and leaving the stress-inducing situation. These behaviors, in turn, function to reinstate white racial equilibrium.”

    However, since CB isn’t a safe place for POC to share their experiences, I would imagine that a lot of conversations about race go south pretty fast since no one is properly moderating and explaining their interactions.

    “2. For white people, talking about race is uncomfortable. For people of color, it’s a necessity. No, talking about race isn’t fun. Confronting privileges and structures far larger than yourself — ones which you may feel you have little-to-no control over or no idea how to change — will always be uncomfortable. But… tough shit. “The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings,” wrote Metta. (See: “white fragility.”) Many people don’t have the ability to ignore these issues, because they worry that the color of their skin could mean dying in police custody after being pulled over for a routine traffic violation, or being killed for walking down the street wearing a hoodie, or being massacred by a white man in their house of worship. Discussions of racism can’t be dictated by the emotions of white people.”

    “6. People of color are allowed to be angry about racism. Don’t dismiss that anger, take it in. Social change requires making some noise. As the Black Lives Matter protest at the Netroots Nation conference proved, activists of color are going to hold all influencers — allies or otherwise — accountable. And doing so probably will involve “disruption,” fueled in part by (righteous) anger. As white people, we have to accept that anger is a natural response to being systematically oppressed. And it can be an effective tool. “Frustration. Anger. Silenced. Talked over. Ignored,” reads a post on Eclecta Blog, about the Netroots protest. “Every single one of these emotions are felt acutely and painfully every single day by racial minority groups in our country.”

  495. Lyan says:

    Myrna, you still exist! I thought Trump voters withered away under the burden of their shame for voting for a women’s abuser! No? Then, I must conclude you’re a sociopath!

    Don’t forget to go fuck yourself!

  496. paolanqar says:

    Josie I will pass the message to QQ!

    I understand what you say and I agree completely but let me say that if we all sit down to just listen because our past is speaking for us we will only end up even more confused that we are now.
    I am not American and since I don’t live there I really can’t feel the climate in which you’re living in right now, I can only imagine it.
    What I tried to say many times on CB and I was banned for it, is that we shouldn’t defend people like Jaden Smith (Or Solange Knowles, who uses the race card to be a rude dick at any given chance) purely because of the color of their skin. He was born privileged, probably more privileged than any other regular white kid, despite the color of his skin and to me taking someone’s side because of their color, is racism.

    I do listen and try to learn as much as possible, especially in the political climate we live now, but sometimes people just concentrate on race enabling hate even more.

  497. Myrna says:

    Rage all you want…sad existence…

  498. Myrna says:


  499. Josie says:

    @lyan and @myrna:
    Is this real?

    @paolanqar Agreed. Jerks are jerks; privliged kids are exactly that; and CB never did a good job at maintaining a balance between innocuous comments like yours and then portraying themselves as WOKE. In general, the moderation of the site is ridiculous, and being banned for comments that aren’t racist; but merely leading a discussion is pathetic. Unless comments are menacing or violent or full of expletives, I think they should stay up.

    I’m contemplating bringing CB to my ally group to see if we can inundate Kaisers twitter or inbox. The group runs around 3,900 deep and these folks like nothing better than to school folks on racism. Perhaps CB needs a little bit of that.

    Then I think, why do I care? I guess I care because of folks like us here. We found something good that has been literally thrown to shit because of ONE woman. Argh.

    I agree with @myrna; Kaiser has been out of control for awhile, yet CB is still deemed respectable among its peers and is linked everywhere.

    @Guila agreed. She doesn’t post about her heritage unless to talk about it in regards to some whiteness or their looks.

  500. paolanqar says:

    @Josie don’t give Kaiser all that importance, she really is not worth it.
    Plus she will never read the emails, she wioll automatically send them to a spam folder.
    Don’t worry, CB after it’s been given to her, it’s gone to shit.
    Everybody knows it and every other gossip sites avoids it purely because of Kaiser and they all mock her protegees.

    It was a hard break up for me, I used to read it daily and I have met some really nice people but enough is enough.
    I just went today to read what was all that fuss about the Bet awards that I’ve read from here. I haven’t gone on CB in weeks!

  501. Myrna says:

    I apologize for responding to Lyan this evening – something I’ve avoided previously.
    Apparently it is real for her – very real.

    It’s not something I support – badgering folks with opposing views.
    It’s what my experience was on CB and I never replied with the hatred Lyan and others spew.
    But it hasn’t stopped the raging and attacks.

    It’s everything that’s wrong with this current political culture.
    It’s disturbing, but it’s real for them it appears.

    I enjoy this place where most of the commenters are thoughtful and have something to offer.

    I can’t control the Lyan’s, but I am done responding to her and all of them.

  502. Lyan says:

    The delicate flower who voted for Trump is crying about negative reactions? Are you really, hypocritical ass, complaining about a damaging political culture after you voted for Trump? You imbecile. I hope you undertake a deserved greater share of all the ills this presidency brings, unlike the innocents – minorities, people with disabilities, people with sick children and so on.

    PS: fuck yourself already.

  503. paolanqar says:

    Some people on Dlisted are fucking bananas. I see the same shit that goes on on CB. If you have a different opinion, you get bashed for it.

  504. Hypocrisy says:

    I loved dlisted, but it’s really cliquish.

  505. H. says:

    Hello to all my banned sisters. Lol.
    Gulia, she doesn’t write about Indian culture because she’s not Indian. Not even close. We were all very tight, and close friends growing up until she did some things that alienated some of our group. Seems things never change. Fuck her. She will continue to see the world through her white eyes. Because she has an infinity and sexual desire for black men doesn’t make her knowledgeable of black culture. It Just makes her white chocolate. She’s completely skitzo too. Pretending to be Indian, Kenyan, American, and god knows what else.

  506. Josie says:

    Dlisted and CB were my faves long before they became insane. Like, Chicken Cutlets for Phoebe Price and Rojo Caliente for Cynthia Nixons wife; Michael K is always so freaking hilarious. But the comment section was always a little too gnarly for me. The commenters were funny but I never found it to be satisfying discussion. I think that is why I leaned towards CB, once I started commenting, that seemed to be the bigger draw. Even commenting with the people I didn’t agree with felt like good conversation, if you know what I mean. Dlisted, for as wonderful a site as it is, couldn’t provide that for me, so I found myself just reading the articles every day until I stopped in favor of reading and commenting on CB.

  507. Almondsilk says:

    The perfect tease 26 covered the BET awards.

  508. Josie says:

    Bustle is a great site who did full coverage of BET, is incredibly inclusive and feminist and informative. Unfortunately you can’t comment, which makes me sad. But check it out, it has impressed me so far. Covers a wide range of topics.

  509. Diana says:

    I want an alternative site to have conversations at. Dlisted is hilarious and I read tons of comments but it doesn’t seem to be conversationally satisfying. I think it’s the format, layout, and just atmosphere.

  510. Sandy says:

    Diana, Try Love Lola hearts.

  511. Diana says:

    Thanks Sandy, I will!

  512. Giulia says:

    H, that makes sense, crazy though it is. I guess she really hates herself. Wow, this puts her posts on Rachel Dolezal in a new light. Bizarre.

  513. Blind Item says:

    @Myrna The Unapologetic Trump Supporter: “It’s not something I support – badgering folks with opposing views. It’s what my experience was on CB and I never replied with the hatred Lyan and others spew. But it hasn’t stopped the raging and attacks. It’s everything that’s wrong with this current political culture.”
    So basically you’re the True Victim here, right? I’ve noticed that throughout this entire conversation you’ve completely ignored any and all mentions of the effects of Trump and his supporters on racism, xenophobia, and misogyny in this country in favor of centering the discussion on how YOU, as a conservative phemale, feel about yourself and the Trump women not receiving the warm, polite treatment you feel entitled to from feminists. (Never mind how Trump himself treats women or how the GOP treats women, issues that I wouldn’t expect old bible-beaten aryan submissives who vote Trump to care too much about anyway).
    “I can’t control the Lyan’s, but I am done responding to her and all of them.”
    But don’t you realize that by shutting out all criticism for the sake of your own personal comfort, you’re proving Lyan and those of us who agree with her right, and failing as any sort of ally? White/conservative ‘comfort’ trumping the suffering and inequality of everybody else IS white supremacy and patriarchy at work.(I’m sure you’ll just dismiss that fact as ‘hate’ and ‘badgering’ and ‘abuse’ too.)
    Lyan and @OrangeTears: You’re both harsh but nothing said was a lie. No matter how other groups are effected, not offending the most delicate sensitivities of some little alt-right subservient Christian plantation belle, her husbandly owner, or her dusty old Pa who’s almost ready for ‘The urn’ (Thanks, M. Shannon!) is always what gets put first in this country. And THAT’S what’s wrong with this current political culture. Even if either of you did change your approach to something more polite and ass-kissing to pacify these Deplorables, as long as it’s criticism, it’s still ‘hate and abuse’, so why bother?

  514. Sandy says:

    “some little alt-right subservient Christian plantation belle, her husbandly owner”

    What has religion got to do with your little internet rant. Feel free to attack Christianity, eh? But let them talk one harsh word against M, and you would beat the drum of intolerance. Hypocritical, much?

    “Husbandly owner”, idiot. Is that your definition of feminism, any woman who chooses family first automatically belongs to the by-gone era and is a threat to the freedom of all American women? What about her choice.

    Instead of examining and reflecting on what made American People vote against Clinton, you internet Feminazi’s abuse any random person you find on internet. Don’t act like you know each of them personally.

    For you, so “Woke” man-hating internet mob, it is either your way or no way. It is time, so-called femininazi’s (you have cheapened and toxified the word feminist and you are no feminists) to accept the fact, that respect isn’t demanded, it is earned. All the great women who ever lived, their awesomeness had nothing to do with their genitalia, it was their own hard work and don’t claim their own merit for your feminazi causes.

    Come to think of it, when was the last time you protested outside the Saudi Arabian embassy for the lovely treatment of their women?

    I voted for Clinton even I loathe her as much as Trump, but I wouldn’t go insulting other voters and their religions. It is not as they owe me anything as you and the likes believe.

  515. Josie says:

    While I’m firmly in camp of disowning 45 as a president, I’m also not down with personal attacks and/or name calling in the name of politics. There is enough information out there to get a political point across without smearing someone, and randomly attacking (and by attacking I mean name calling and curses) an internet commenter isn’t the way to persuade someone to change their politics.

    I will also say that it’s SO MUCH MORE than politics to so many people. It’s a matter of life and death for many in regards to healthcare, of public education, of hatred and supremacy rising to the top; of a government that puts their own at the forefront of every decision, who makes private shady deals, who signs big bills in private without a vote.

    We aren’t talking politics when we talk 45, it’s so much more personal than that these days.

    The cognitive dissonance of white Americans on either side of the political spectrum is truly a sight to behold sometimes.

    Ben Carson is black, and is Katrina Pierson. Alex Castellanos is Latino. Milo Yiannopoulos is gay. All Trump supporters. Individuals are individuals. They represent a supposed counter-argument to the idea that the people they are stumping for are racists or anti-semites simply because they are Black or Jewish. “Bannon isn’t anti-semitic! Just look at me! I love the guy and I’m an Orthodox Jew!”

    I have been told by several Republicans that Bannon is not a white supremacist and we should stop being divisive. So y’all quit. He just loves being white and being surrounded by white people and vilifying minorities. Nothing wrong with that. No story here, none.

    Minorities and other disparaged groups have tried to warn passive non racist white people that this is how their white peers think, but they just get ignored or told that they’re being too sensitive or “I don’t personally know any proud racists so there cant be that many” or that the “racists are declining and will die eventually” or any of a variety of statements that pass the buck in some way. And even now I’m still seeing the blame be placed on everything and everyone except white people. Minorities not voting didn’t do this. HRC not being “trustworthy” didnt do this. Economic insecurity didnt do this. White people did this because a large enough number of them have been successfully brainwashed by white imperialist culture that they actually think that a minority gaining rights means they are losing theirs.

    We all have to remember, 45 ran on racist, misogynist, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric in a very open way. That is what separated him from everyone else. America interpreted this as “Telling it like it is” and rewarded him with the presidency. And now that he’s in, they want to rebrand it as economic, or just tell us to “Give him a chance and wait and see.” I get it, no one wants to be the racist president or the racist voter. But you avoid that by not being racist.

  516. Mae says:

    @Josie @Hypocrisy @paolanquar just wanted to say I have been really enjoying your guys comments these past few days.

    I will be sorry to see QQ and AlmondMilk gone from the comments. Those girls were level headed.

    I want to know if anyone knows what happened to GNAT (GoodNamesAllTaken)? She used to post on CB all the time. In fact, she was in a clique with Kitten, Sixer, and LAK. They were all sorta like an echo chamber just always agreeing on everything and not necessarily welcoming to the newbies. They also go off topic and use the comment section like a personal group chat to talk about their personal lives. I still see Kitten around and Sixer and LAK are always on the Royal threads, but I haven’t seen GNAT. I wonder if something happened with Kaiser that caused her to leave?

    Kaiser is sure alienating a lot of people and you know what I say it is much deserved karma.
    I do also wonder why the hell she doesn’t focus on issues involving her own community and racism because as a black woman a lot of what she says is just…she thinks she is so nuanced about black people but really she is just as clueless as all the people she tries to call out.

    I also think she is a smiling racist. She sure loves to give herself a pat on the back day in and day out for raising awareness, but a lot of her posts especially concerning black men celebrities give me the side eye. They reek of racism and classism.

  517. Josie says:

    Hi Mae! I think someone said in the above comments that GNAT went away either because she was a Brad Pitt supporter and the site was pro Angie, or because she is a 45 supporter and everyone ganged up on her. Whatever reason it was it was something like that.

    Kaiser is a cookie gathering “ally”, meaning that when she says things to seem woke or like an ally she’s really doing it to collect cookies like oh my gosh you’re so great for speaking up on that. But realistically she’s problematic as all. And the proof of that is what happened on the BET thread…or lack of thread. She displays such internal bias, such misogyny while constantly calling out celebs for their racism and misogynistic ways.

  518. Blind Item says:

    “What has religion got to do with your little internet rant. Feel free to attack Christianity, eh? But let them talk one harsh word against M, and you would beat the drum of intolerance. Hypocritical, much?” My placing ‘ALT-RIGHT subservient’ before ‘Christian’ should have been enough to clue you in to the fact that I was referring to a specific type of Christian and conservative. Not a conservative Trump-loving Christian who’s cool with rape culture, sexism, homophobia, or racism? Cool, not talking about you. Reading comprehension much? I’m not going to apologize for YOUR mistake. And no, I personally wouldn’t be offended in the slightest if someone made it clear that they were calling out the Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other religious-equivalent of that TYPE of ‘Christian’. Religious and political beliefs are not above criticism, especially when they enable the oppression of marginalized groups of people. Try again.
    “’Husbandly owner’, idiot. Is that your definition of feminism, any woman who chooses family first automatically belongs to the by-gone era and is a threat to the freedom of all American women? What about her choice.’ WTF does this have to do with ‘choosing family first’? I give no fucks about whether or not someone is a stay-at-home-mother, married, single, childless or whatever else. This is about women who actively vote to take women’s rights away and promote disgusting men like Donald Trump. Conservative women who pride themselves on normalizing patriarchy and promoting the subjugation of women, all while whining about not getting enough feminist respect.
    “….you internet Feminazi’s abuse any random person….” Oh yeah sure, because criticism= concentration camps and abuse now. You captain-save-a-Trump-Supporters’ are ridiculous.
    “.. man-hating internet mob,” Where, exactly, is the man-hating? I guess you’re an MRA-idiot who assumes that if a woman has no respect or tolerance for the ‘Grab ‘Em by the pussies’ of the world, she must hate ALL men period. (Either that, or you’re just a weak ‘Boys Will be Boys” kind of woman who believes “That’s just how men behave” and that any woman who doesn’t accept that or respect people who are ok with that are ‘abusive feminazis’). Let me guess, you also believe any POC who hates Richard Spencer or David Duke hates all whites too?
    “Respect isn’t demanded, it is earned.” Cool, so you’ll remeber that principle when liberals and feminists refuse to respect Trump and his accomplices, right? And you’ll also remember that before you start your thin-skinned bitching about people daring to criticize religious beliefs and groups that have oppressed their groups? Or is this just more of the typical sexist, self-serving ‘women must earn respect through submission and tolerance of racism and misogyny’ bullshit? Sexist and racist conservatives WILL NEVER be owed our respect. Like you said, it has to be earned, and they’ve done nothing to earn it. You, Myrna, and all your worthless conservative Trump-voting friends and relatives can GO FUCK YOURSELVES.
    By the way, none of this is about people being owed respect because of their genitalia. If you personally feel that people don’t even owe it to you to give a shit about your human rights and not promote violent misogyny, then all I can do is hope you eventually find self-respect some day- or at least empathy for those who aren’t as safe as you. You can go on worrying about people not having their disgusting racist votes or anti-woman, homophobic religious beliefs insulted while the rest of us will continue working on trying to clean up the mess people like them make of the culture. Like we’re supposed to give a shit about their hurt feelings when people are literally discriminated against, abused, endangered, and killed because of their ‘beliefs’.

  519. Mary-Sue says:

    “Feminism (noun): the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

    Hate to break it to you sandy, but nothing in that definition says a woman has to be respectful to sexually abusive, misogynistic, racist male presidents or the people who choose to empower him (and others like him.) A person can be a feminist and trash Trump and his supporters all they like. Go on any feminist site and you’ll find that the majority of us do not respect Trump and aren’t afraid to call out his supporters. Your argument about respect having to be earned was lost the moment you started complaining about this man and his supporters being disrespected by ‘feminazis’. (It seems you don’t know what a nazi is either, or at least have a very whitewashed memory of what they did to people if you think feminist vitriol directed at Trump and his supporters is somehow a valid comparison. I’ll never understand the Camilla-Cosby like women who swear they didn’t vote for Trump but fall all over themselves to valiantly defend any internet Trump-supporter who gets any criticism for voting for/supporting this disgusting racist pig (and making it okay for all men and boys to behave like him.) Sorry, but this president will never have feminist respect.

    Blind item, I’ll have to borrow that “Alt-Right submissive plantation belles.” Just the kind of sorry-ass woman who would champion Trump.

    I see some of you guys reccomending D-listed. I’ve tried it before a long time ago but my problem with it was the misogyny- especially of the commentariat. Terms like ‘whore’, ‘ho’ ‘prosti-tot’, ‘slut’, etc. are thrown around, I’ve seen a commenter who criticized it get accused of being a prostitute herself, sex crimes get blamed on how certain women present themselves, and all successful women and gilrs who anyone has a problem with are accused of owing their success to being passed around to directors or record execs either as kids or adults. People use gross comments about sexual abuse as put-downs for women they don’t like, and when Amber Heard exposed Johnny Depp’s abuse of her, a comment like “this thirsty trick would be nothing without him, so I don’t believe her” got upvoted. On occasions where serious issues such as women and girls being blamed for sexual assault based on clothing were being discussed, the comment section was full of comments labelling young women who raised that issue as ‘a generation of subserviant whores’ and defending people’s right to disrespect/abuse women who dress that way, among other things. I was disgusted and haven’t been back since then, so I don’t know if this aspect of Dlisted has changed, but don’t really want to find out.

  520. Sandy says:

    Leave the President orangutan aside, is Myrna getting “criticized” or downright bullied? The foul language some are directing at her. Healthy and intelligent debates are always welcome but she is getting name called as if she is known personally to some of the commentators here.
    She CHOSE to vote for Trump and I respect her CHOICE to exercise her will, that doesn’t mean I respect Trumpy, as if!
    I feel strongly against Hijab and what it stands for but I don’t go telling my friends to go “Fuck themselves” because it is not what I support. It is called TOLERANCE.
    While you claim to be a “Feminist” (LOL!), you don’t think being civil is important while debating opposing political thoughts. Feminazi indeed (there, I said it.)
    And what about the need to drag the word Christian?

    And I don’t need a lecture on Feminism, I respect it when I see it. Thank you very much.

  521. fwerzy says:

    sandy, aren’t contradicting yourself? you earn respect, you don’t demand it… but you ask that Mirna should be respected? Umm, how so? she just lost my respect because of how she voted. BTW, feminazi is kinda bullying, no?

  522. paolanqar says:

    Hi Mae!
    Thanks 🙂

    Despite my initial enthusiasm I had to delete my Dlisted account.. I can’t stand bullies and there are too many on that site.
    If you’re new they will make fun of you and disagree with what you say without brining any costructive argument to the discussion.
    I wonder what is wrong with people.. I don’t know why we can’t agree to disagree but instead gang up against one person and push her to ‘insanity’.

  523. Just wanted to say you guys went into a lot of personal attacks eventhough you know nothing about each-other. Voting for Trump does not make a submissive southern alt-right MRA belle or whatever, and hating 45 does not make one a feminazi (a lot more was said of course but I don’t feel like quoting the whole conversation). Stop operating in the extremes, most of us don’t belong there and I highly doubt any of you do either. I’m a Hillary supporter and even I can see where she went wrong to allienate the undecided. Shit happened and now we’re living with it.

  524. Sandy says:

    You just don’t get it, do you?
    Not everything in the universe is about Trump, Some of us actually do possess a life which isn’t affected by Trumpy 24*7. “She lost your respect” because? She doesn’t think like you and her political views are contrary to yours. In your mind, you are the RIGHT one, right? And, you probably are but prove it to your opponent by intelligent discussion instead of arrogance coupled with foul language, people here could make some positive debates against Trump, where both sides get to put their points across without getting personal or kaiserified.
    My problem with the “liberals” and “feminists” is their hypocrisy and double standards. Throwing word “Christian” like an insult (Femi”Nazi’s” as in using religion to make me feel ashamed) but still demanding that we respect Muslims and their barbarian faith and the satanic verses they won’t defy publicly.

    Some of the greatest misogynistic pigs I know are WOMEN. And no, I didn’t say hating that orange thing makes one Feminazi, but shaming domestic life preferring housewives as husband owned things does. Being increasingly intolerant towards anyone with a different opinion does. And claiming to be a “feminist” while our own sisters are getting stoned and raped to death in Muslim countries, funny that Emma Watson and the gang never talk about it. Instead of marching against democratically elected “President”, why not march to the Saudi embassy every time they stone the rape victim. Instead, we get veil glorification by our own domestic brand of “feminists”

    And yes respect is EARNED, but politeness and keeping a civil tongue isn’t. Those are good manners. You feel yourself bullied because I wrote the word Feminazi, my bad and I am sorry for it. What a paradoxical world we live in.
    As a matter of fact, many people in my neighborhood voted for Trump but none of them would admit it. I would love to hear what made mryna vote for that narcissist dirt bag. Not being entitled little feminist, just a request.

    I am not defending Mryna the Trump voter but Mryna the person whom no one should feel entitled to single out and call her “imbecile” or “cretin” (Trump shames the disabled people and Lyan uses the physiological disease as an insult).

  525. fwerzy says:

    sandy… i’m not defending anybody’s language i’m just surprised you’re using the same tactics as the ones you condemn… as in crossing hte line. Ok, you’re responding to several people.. i get it… and now muslims have a barbarian faith… man, you’re a peach, aren’t ya..

  526. ES says:

    Wow, the politics on here are too much. Trump is not the end of the world. It is not like the US has had such great presidents last 100 years. I can’t think of a single decent one. Obama was a decent guy but a failure as a president. We lived through 8 years of Bush, we will live through Trump as well. Trump is just a symptom of the failure and rot and corruption in the system. Removing him won’t solve the actual issues. And don’t forget that the only other choice was Clinton.

  527. Josie says:

    Sandy, by you saying that there are people who are not affected by trump 24/7 reeks of white privilege, I’m so sorry to say that. And I’m not actually talking about your race, I’m just talking about the privilege that is demonstrated in a statement like that.

    There are a great many people who are going to be affected 24/7 by Trump if we continue barreling down this path that he is taking us, as a country. We as women are going to be affected by it regardless of whether we have private health insurance. The legislation that he is taking and making directly affect us and will start to take away our rights to abortion free choice etc. so I find it highly insensitive that you are going to attack people who very well might be impacted by this today or yesterday or have grandparents who can’t get into the country right now because of this ban. But I guess we know where you stand on that, calling Muslims barbaric. What in the what?!? Your attacks are no better than Lyan’s, they’re just phrased differently. The intent is the same.

    You also mentioned all of the American feminists not standing up for other women in other countries. While perhaps that might have some validity to it, I think right now many of the women in our country, particularly women of color, are wondering if their husbands/kids are going to be gunned down by another police officer who won’t get convicted. Do you think those women have any bandwidth to worry about women in other countries, I don’t think so. Do you think the women who live in Indiana and now have virtually no access to birth control or family planning or abortion; do you think they’re going to be really concerned about what’s going on in other countries if they can’t even get proper care here? What about all the women of color dying in childbirth. Maternal death rates in America are the highest amongst other countries who have the same type of privilege, specifically so for WOC.

    And then we’ve got the white women; that amazing 53% who voted for 45, unable to make one good argument about how they can still support this man and I think a lot of the problems here with Myrna is that she hasn’t been open for a debate on politics (don’t quote me on that I just believe that I recall reading something like that on this thread someone asking Myrna how come she won’t talk about why she voted for him but I would have to check and I can’t check right now). As recently as June 16 @lyan asked for Myrna to try and explain, and she did so in a genuine way. Myrna chose not to, which is her right, but again, that doesn’t close the divide either. If you supported the man and you still support them and have a backbone to stand up to it and explain the reasons why whether or not people understand, whether or not they name call if you feel that you were right then defend your choice and sleep well at night.

    If 45’s white female supporters can’t stand up to the valid criticism, or fear, or questions that everyone else has and they can’t defend their choices without feeling like they’re getting ganged up on by people who are validly upset about the changes that are going on, that’s a problem too.

    So far in all of my discourse I have been unable to find one single Trump supporter who stood behind their choice to vote for him in a way that was broken down where I could say, hey I kind of understand. Instead what I see a lot of the time are attacks and name calling.
    Yes, I’m aware that @lyan is also engaging in that, but to me it’s really clear that @lyan is very deeply personally affected and I don’t know the backstory there, but I’m certainly not going to judge her for being passionate about her stand and calling out people that she doesn’t agree with because as mentioned before this is so much more than just politics, or a “bad president”. Sure there are plenty bad presidents but in the year 2017 we don’t really expect that. But now we should, right? America has spoken and what it’s saying is DAMN UGLY.

    I listen to a podcast called Strangers, and the very liberal host Lea Tau recently posted two incredible podcasts called “Lea in Trumpland” where she has visited with two 45 supporters in order to engage them in above the table conversation and dialogue about how they could have voted for 45 and the reasons why. They were hard to listen to but it was probably one of the only times I’ve actually been able to hear intelligent discourse on this without mudslinging name calling hurt feelings snowflake business or white Beckys coming out. I highly suggest whoever is interested in this politics discussion to check that podcast in those two episodes out.

    And the fact of the matter is that Christianity, in a lot of ways as we know it in the south and in the more staunch Republican groups, is not demonstrative of Christianity’s message as a whole, which is one of love acceptance and lifting up your fellow people. And that’s where the whole church/state business comes into play, and that’s where a lot of people veer off in different directions with their hard core opinions. But a lot of these decisions being made in the name of Christianity aren’t demonstrating Christian belief at the core. It’s also a bit naïve to pretend that Christians are always “godlike” or even very Christian for that matter. Before you ask, I am a Christian. But I guess I’m that type of Christian who really wants to elevate everyone, who wants people to have a choice that is outside of their religion when it comes to living their lives. I want to be a Christian who supports the elderly and those less fortunate and not support them in a way where I am in control and say how I’m going to support them, I want to support them in the ways that they need. I really don’t see this happening with 45s Christian voters I see the Christian voters as putting brackets around the type of help and putting qualifiers around the type of help.

  528. Josie says:

    Hi @ES!! A lot of what you say is fairly accurate, and I have enjoyed reading your perspective/words on politics immensely. These are the intelligent conversations that engage and highlight, and I appreciate that you’re willing to talk about them in the way that you do.

    In a comparison of 18 European party systems and researchers found that compulsory voting goes hand in hand with increased numbers of spoiled and invalid ballots — slashing through them, turning them in blank, or writing in a candidate like “Mickey Mouse.” So people who vote for a cartoon character are part of a democracy and superior to those who abstain.

    Even though the U.S. ranks 31st out of 35 developed countries in voter turnout, according to a recent Pew Research Center study. However, our low voter turnout does not accurately correlate with our views on politics. As a country we may seem unenthusiastic when comparing voter turn out rates but we are on par with or surpass other countries in other measures of political involvement and interest. According to Mert Moral, a political scientist at the State University of New York at Binghamton, “If you look at survey data you find more Americans are equally if not more engaged than their counterparts [in other countries],” he says. “They have bumper stickers, they talk about politics [and] they are interested in political topics at the local level.”

    Also, America was founded as a republic with the idea that eligible citizens get equal say in decisions with protection of unalienable rights to individuals and sovereignty is held by the people as individuals. It is a representative democracy with restrains placed so that the will of the majority cannot strip minorities of certain rights. That remains the stated type of government. In theory we have a republic in practice however, things are far less clear.

    Over the past 40 years we have shifted away from the ideals of our Republic. The views of the majority of Americans is no longer reflected in public policy. Think about certain gun control measures that are supported by an overwhelming majority, the fight to legalize marijuana, and the fact abortion is still up for debate. The will of the people is no longer reflected in the government of the people. The people’s beliefs, concerns, and voices have been replaced by lobbyists, industry, and pay-to-play donors. If our elected representatives no longer represent us why is it so important to vote for them? To make voting mandatory it has to be meaningful. Until the system is reset and the government is willing to honor its end of the bargain and promise to the American people, why should we honor out commitments to them as citizens? Also, when the state, through both election policy and denying crucial education about civics (the single most reliable indicator of if you will vote), is the biggest cause of low voter turnout and individual disenfranchisement, why is the blame placed squarely on the shoulders of the voters?

    However, I do think as a naturalized citizen, especially someone who chose not to vote because “Hillary is just as bad”, all you did was add to this problem. If people of color and women of color were able to look aside and still vote for Hillary knowing that Trump is definitely the worse option, meanwhile they’re the ones getting killed and incarcerated in droves, then I think everyone else with less to lose could have voted Hillary too, REGARDLESS. Because that choice was a clear one. An independent vote was never going to move far anyway so that might as well just be an empty vote, and I don’t have respect for the ease at which people could choose to not exercise their voting power, but I guess it makes it easier when you’re a naturalized citizen, or really genuinely believe we were dealing with two people of the same negative impact. I don’t know. I can’t endorse that line of thinking, nor can I support not voting in such a high stakes election.

    But yeah, love your comments!!! ❤️

  529. Blind Item says:

    “You don’t know him personally, so you don’t have the right to judge or bad-mouth him for his actions” is the same logic Chris Brown defenders use to chastise anyone who says anything negative about him for the shit he’s done and his attitude about it. Sorry, but people are always judged by other people when they make choices that harm others. Life is not a fantasy world where you can do whatever you want, not give a damn about how anyone else is affected by a decision that you make, (an attitude that Myrna has demonstrated here) and still expect politeness or cry “Don’t judge me! I’m the victim!”

    And comparing some women wearing the hijab to people voting for Trump is a false equivalent because one has a drastically different effect on people’s lives than the other. We can talk all we want about the misogyny that leads to many women and girls being forced/coerced to cover up more than they personally would care to at times (whether it’s a country where state-sanctioned violence/honor crimes are used as a weapon against women and girls who are considered ‘whores’ or whether it’s a nice, civilized western country where rape and other forms of abuse and inequality are taught to people from an early age as natural consequences of women and girls being/dressing/acting like ‘whores’ ), but in the end, a hijab all by itself is just an article of clothing that isn’t going to make or break the patriarchy. The same can’t be said about voting for Donald Trump. First there’s the fact actual rights and healthcare are attached to votes, and there’s the fact that these votes set standards for how acceptable certain behaviors are considered in society. Your entire argument here is basically “Sex crimes, sexism, hate crimes, racism, etc, are vile, but people who actively support those things are still owed politeness from feminists, otherwise feminists are being unfair Nazis and the supporters of the oppression are the real victims. because TOLERANCE!” So by your logic it’s ok to call Hitler an asshole, but to call someone who supports/supported Hitler an asshole is ‘bullying’ and anti-feminist. That makes no fucking sense. Same with Hollywood scumbags like Chris Brown and Roman Polanski: “Sure, call them what you want, but you’d better be polite to their female defenders or else I’m revoking your feminist cards, ladies!” Not all beliefs should receive ‘tolerance’ in a sane, equal, non-violent society. And those of you arguing for tolerance of racism and sexism are part of the problem- the last thing people making racist/sexist decisions need is a bunch of pacifying, tone-policing ‘yes-men’ like you fueling their entitlement by insisting their beliefs and behaviors are ‘just an opposing viewpoint’ that must be politely tolerated by all, and that when they don’t automatically get that, they’re being victimized.
    By the way, feminism doesn’t have shit to do with manners and politeness. You must be mistaking being a feminist for ‘being a lady.’ Since nobody is being sweet to male Trump-dumpsters while being harsh with female Trump-dumpsters, politeness isn’t a feminist issue here.

  530. Sandy says:

    Obviously, Lyan is ENTITLED to get angry and talk foul with a complete stranger. Her “anger” is her justification. But so am I. I lost a friend to Islamic terrorism. Slay them whenever you find them, like their pedo prophet ordered them to.
    Even though I am a Christian, I am fully aware of the barbaric lines contained in the Bible too, I defy those lines which are misogynistic, racist, homophobic and drags us back to the centuries gone by. I don’t see that with Muslims, they come into our country and demand we respect their faith and their “holy book”. But let me, like Lyan tell them to go Fuck themselves in their own country, and suddenly i am an islamophobe racist white American southern belle. My anger doesn’t matter because of my skin color, I guess.

    But thankfully I don’t think like Lyan, I hate Islam but i know how to separate person from ideologies. Some of the best people have been Muslims and their contribution to our country can’t be denied. Ironically, many Muslims voted for Trump too because they were “tired of Islam apologist approach of previous government”

    Western liberals stood up against Christian hypocrisy and rightly so. Do beat the radical Christian with scientific facts and intelligent debate. Tell them where Bible goes wrong. Good job. But why shy away from placarding the equally misogynistic and violence encouraging Quranic verses, eh? Selective outrage as in Selective feminism?

    My ancestors were poor Irish immigrants, my father was the first one in his family to attend college. He became an atheist. My mother came from Christian family. Fortunately, I had a childhood where religion was completely balanced by reasoning, logic and Science. Many verses in the Bible offends me and I am glad, reputable people call them out on regular basis. But when people start apologizing for islam, It makes ME angry.

    Wouldn’t Lucy Stone and Amelia Bloomer smile and be proud of American women celebrating “Hijab day”! And what would Thomas Paine say, I wonder.

    When someone threw word “Christian” around as an insult, people started cheering but when I wrote Islam as barbaric, people couldn’t find the correct words to insult me. Little hypocrites.

    Being White, yes, I never faced the struggle that people of color go through every single day. I am aware of the privilege that my skin color provides. I too, am a victim of prejudice imbibed in my brain subconsciously but I am always ready to learn and evolve. But I can’t do it, when people are busy selective outraging and you wonder why they voted for Trump. How about no political correctness non-sense.

    I am not the one to tell people what to do, what to wear or whom to vote. But I am free to criticize Islam for the politics it is, like every single religion out there. I am not a hypocrite. My first response here was to call out on someone who used word Christian as an insult (but you heart Islam!) and use the pathetic misogynistic “husband owned” part to make your point after someone else bothered to write the dictionary meaning of word “feminism”. Honestly!

    We don’t have time or resources to raise a voice against violence on women in Middle East. Yeah, right. Only our problems matter.

    Let’s say, I voted against Trump because the moron doesn’t understand how global warming works and I care for the planet more rather than women and minorities, same as your justification of how our beloved and much victimized feminists can’t be bothered to protest against Islamic treatment of women. Is that all right? Or am I a White racist misogynistic husbandly owned ignorant cretin?

    (I never intended to make it a toxic back and forth debate, I am just tired of heavy hypocrisy. People justifying internet bullying as “anger”)

    Anyway, I think it was fun to watch Trump class the Europeans on NATO funding! Our Country could learn a lesson or two on squashing Islamic terrorism from China and Russia too. I want Trump to make laws which would make it extremely difficult for firms and huge corporate businesses to hire Indian cheap labor and rob locals of job opportunities. And if Trump could stop making American Calais or Rochdales from happening, I wish him luck.

    A complete stranger loses someone’s respect because she voted for Trump and if she voted for Trump, she supports his ideas and views. O-kay. Using the same twisted logic, Muslims too have lost the respect and should be banned as well. Right?

    Now, Lyan do go and insult me as well if you like, I don’t care. I am quite young and there are many more elections to come, but let me go insult the other voters I find. And dare to be a proud hypocrite to their faces. That will teach them how right I am and make them vote against Trump the next time. Because when they go low, we go lower!

  531. Sandy says:

    Blind item, Why is it bloody always the “who is the biggest VICTIM competition”. That Obama droned children in Pakistan. Your leader, Hillary Clinton ruined Libya for good. Trump voters are “supporters of oppression”, give me an effing break.
    Feminist, oh please! Hijabs are not just a “piece of clothing”, ever heard of that brave chess playing girl of Iran, who wasn’t allowed to compete because she refused to wear just “a piece of clothing”. When you support Hijab, you support Irani regime. Funnily, the Iranian women actually request foreign visitors to defy the Hijab as mark of support to their struggle. And this victimized Swedish feminist government walked with their head covered Infront of Iranian “supreme leader”, feminist, Donkey ass! And how about Asra Nomani? Another brave heart. Doesn’t matter, does she? The “imbecile” who talked against Muslim patriarchy, and got called “supporter of white supremacy” by little feminazi’s (by goodness, Feminist, they are not). Ever heard of Dr. Tasleema Nasreen of Bangladesh, who criticized Islam? And the lovely treatment she received from the savages. Let me use your logic against you, when you support Islam, you support the torment and torture brave Muslim women receive. BBC’s 100 women had a Pakistani girl, just as brave as Malala, who defied the patriarchy by bare head and lipstick.
    Just effing don’t talk about feminism when you support veiling in your “Women march”.

    You are no better than rabid Trump followers. They support denying women the bodily Rights and you support violence of Muslim women. And shame on those Muslim women who enjoy all the rights and freedom United States of America provides, a freedom their own fellow women back in their own country could only dream of and yet, parade through the streets of Washington wearing their Hijabs and upholding their “virtues and modesty” shit.
    Don’t talk bloody feminism to me. Trump voters insult and so do you.
    Symbolism matters, When Marine le pen refused to cover her hair to appease the Iranians (that was feminism) not when some MP decided to feed her child in her workplace, showing titties isn’t feminism, it is entitlement.

    But drone on about misogyny, racism, and blah blah. These prejudices are as old as civilization. Blame the oxytocin. Only good education, awareness and open mind can irradicate them. Your selective Twitter outraging won’t.

    Trump presidency isn’t going to last forever. Your hypocrisy and double talk probably will. And don’t go for idiotic comparisons, Hitler and Chris Brown? Orangutan has said and threatened many things but in no way, does he merit a comparison with Hitler. Don’t twist my words to suit your views.
    Is it possible for anyone to be affected by the President 24*7, unless they are illegal immigrants of course.
    I don’t believe in male or female superiority. Individual merit is a thing of beauty though. Hypocrites parading as “feminists” isn’t. Vomit.

    I would call out your double talk and hypocrisy and you could insult me with whatever word you wish. I don’t care.
    Now, back to Kaiser, master of Hypocrisy, school of bitchcraft and click baitery.

  532. Giulia says:

    Sandy, I love your spirited comments and agree with you re Islam tenets regarding women. Sadly, muslim women harboring any hope for judicial justice in the west will have those hopes terminated as western courts, far from upholding the right of women as individals, instead carve out exceptions for religion. This is not the first time, either – where I am it is common to defer to the religious tribunals of Orthodox jews, for example, with their street patrols and sometimes violent enforcement.

    As for why people, women, voted for 45, Thomas Frank had been warning of this particular turn since he wrote What’s the Matter with Kansas. However Sinclair Lewis’s book It Can’t Happen Here already imagined America’s descent into fascism way back in the ’30s. Kaiser’s obsessive need to blame white women, Susan Sarandon, Bernie or Ralph Nader is ironically symptomatic of the conditions that gave rise to Trump. Trump is not a passing storm, after which things return to “normal.” The refusal by the Democrats to grapple with the real world effects of decades of democrat shift to neoliberalim on their base ensures the election of another, future Trump figure, just as malevolent and undoubedtly more effective. It’s a rich subject and I’m sorry not to be more eloquent on it.

  533. Meg says:

    Sandy: I have only one word about how I found your many words against Islam and Muslims: REPUGNANT.

  534. H. says:

    Back to Kaiser the hypocritical, skitzo, white chocolate, perfect tease 26

  535. ES says:

    Sandys views of Muslim women wearing hijab in Western countries are pretty accurate. They come to the Western countries were women’s rights were hard won and bring their predjudices with them. They might say they “want” to wear hidjab but it is the social pressure from their own families that they don’t want to fight. They continues to support through their own actions the subservient position of women , while the women in their own countries suffer and cannot enjoy the benefits that Western women have.
    Americans , especially, are still in the rose colored period in regards to hidjab. To me hidjab is a symbol of oppression and always will be.
    Muslim women in more progressive Muslim countries/ regions don’t wear hidjab. Once more hardline Islam is starting to take root they are starting to wear it. And that tells you all you need to know about it.

  536. Just me says:

    As a Muslim woman, I’d like to tell all you islamophobic, bigoted, racist bitches to go fuck yourselves!!! (Thanks Lynn ;). We don’t need your white savior complex. You should clean house before looking at other faiths. E.g. Look at how women are forbidden from wearing sleeves attire in Paul Ryan’s office. I could write a whole page arguing and attempting to have a dialogue with you, but you’re so blinded by your hatred there’s no point. So again, I suggest, no…I demand!!! You women hating, president grab’ by the pussy loving, fundementalist bitches go fuck yourselves.

  537. Mary-Sue says:

    Sandy only brought up the subject of Muslim women wearing the hijab because she- as a Christian, American white woman- became very triggered by white/Christian/conservative Trump-supporters being criticized. Anyone with sense can see how equating what some women are wearing to the supposedly oh-so ‘liberated’ American women and men actively choosing to go out and vote for/support the oppression of many different groups of people (and have the nerve to keep defending that choice) is illogical. No matter how any of us feel about the hijab (and more importantly sexist pressures behind it), just seeing a woman wearing one isn’t getting people deported, (and opening up undocumented immigrants to all kinds of exploitation and abuse), isn’t preventing people- some of whom are the same people Sandy claims to want to ‘save’ from Islam- from being able to come to America, isn’t increasing hate crimes and emboldening the white supremacists to be as openly vile and racist as they please, isn’t fueling their entitlement- their belief that the moment anyone sends the message that their views and behaviors aren’t ok, they get to claim victimhood (the same mentality that got two men stabbed up in Portland), isn’t affecting anyone’s healthcare or helping republicans chip away at women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy, isn’t putting in office an unstable and unqualified ticking time bomb, isn’t getting homophobic and transphobic people appointed, and isn’t sending the message to men and boys that sex crimes are okay by making someone who brags about getting away with them president. But logic doesn’t matter- it’s all about how personally attacked and butthurt this Becky feels over Trump-loving white Xtians getting called out and wanting to bend over backwards to try to separate people’s votes and support of Trump from the effects and behaviors. Her comments all come from a place of white fragility and narcissism.

  538. Celia says:

    well this place went downhill fast didn’t it?

    Celebitchy I gave up on around a year ago and commented here at the time, I just popped back to say that I thought Dlisted had really lost the plot aswell but im not sure its even worth posting that now seeing as this place has degenerated into an identity politics shit flinging fest.

    Alison at the D either isn’t ‘Alison’ any more or she’s had some wierd SJW epiphany – she used to be funny almost a match for MK, now its dour judgy clickbait with one sort of funny comment tacked on at the end, they only do half the articles a day they used to, MK is always taking time out and the comments btl are no longer witty but reactionary pearl clutching.

    If even the D has stopped this low I think its time for us all to stop reading celeb gossip – oh and to all the Americans on here – maybe its time for you all to avoid celeb gossip sites that write deliberate political articles ( which they shouldn’t be writing as they know jack shit about politics like a genuine journo would) because you are giving them just what they want divisive angry people who pay their wages….

  539. lrheuer says:

    Hi! I used to like Celebitchy (a lifetime ago) but when you started to walk on eggshells in order not to “displease” with the writer (Kaiser), it was not fun anymore and I left it for good. Different opinions is the reason why the comment section exists, right? They should follow Lainey Gossip style instead. She writes what she wants and that’s it. No comments. Her voice only.

  540. Hypocrisy says:

    I wonder how it feels to be probably the only celeb gossip website that has MULTIPLE blogs and posts, about how your website sucks and it’s all down to one person.
    Like everytime you type Celebitchy Kaiser, this and a bunch of other websites pop up. I bet Kaiser doesn’t read, just like she never answers people on Twitter who come at her. When she can’t delete criticism and ban people she doesn’t know how to react.
    It’s really sad because it’s only a gossip site, a celeb one at that and Kaiser insists on making all this mean more then it is, by deleting opinions and banning people.
    Is it that serious to her that people disagree, about celebs that none of us care about? Seriously.
    I feel bad sometimes because I’m like, the biggest issue I have is that Kaiser silences so many voices for no reason on a GOSSIP SITE for godsakes.
    And Celebitchy (the owner) seems to not care at all about her own site because she’s allowing someone to actively ruin it.

    And I’ll say it, Sixer barely add to a conversation, most of the time she’s just…spouting the same “flying Elvi”bs.
    I have no issues with Sixer, but some of the regulars (you know the people Kaiser deletes the posts of the least) are all so one note.
    Maybe that’s why she allows them a bit more freedom.

  541. LinaLamont says:

    “The refusal by the Democrats to grapple with the real world effects of decades of democrat shift to neoliberalim on their base ensures the election of another, future Trump figure, just as malevolent and undoubedtly more effective.” cough BULLSHIT cough      It’s white people afraid of not being the majority and in control of this country… pure and simple.

  542. mnemoni says:

    I think it’s both those things, and more.

  543. LinaLamont says:

    “I wonder how it feels to be probably the only celeb gossip website that has MULTIPLE blogs and posts, about how your website sucks and it’s all down to one person.”
    So, I decided to check it out. Seems all the anti-CB blogs and sites were started by pro-Trumpsters. Hmmmm.

  544. Mae says:

    @LinaLamont I really am over the whole Trump rhetoric. To be blunt as a woman of colour I have seen systemic and institutional racism/sexism my whole life. My life didn’t do a complete turn around into chaos as soon as Trump got elected. It really was just the same shit, different day. I am getting annoyed by all the crying coming from bleeding heart liberals who in my opinion are just the sort to want to get cookies for being appalled.

    Kaiser might not be a Trump supporter but she is a racist. Racists don’t only come in the extremes. Most of her racism comes in small details.It is very nuanced. If you are so against the ideals of Trump and what he stands for, I really hope you went on her site and said something about her treatment of QQ and AlmondJoy, because her treatment of them was the same sort of shit. But you probably won’t because only white republican men uphold systems of oppression according to that site.

  545. LinaLamont says:

    I’m not a bleeding heart liberal, so, you can cut the crap. Furthermore, my life doesn’t revolve around celebrity sites. YOU go and defend a BET awards show if you want. I’m not interested. Even furthermore, Trump ushered in a new era of destruction of this country. BULLSHIT to those who say otherwise.

  546. Mae says:

    Oh you’re not interested. Right of course. I say BULLSHIT to those who think that the destruction of America began with Trump. Sorry but my ancestors were slaves who built up America and never got reparations and never will. My parents lived through Jim Crow. I had family serve in segregated armies during WWII, fighting for freedom and never being treated equally. I had great grandfathers and great uncles lynched by a whole bunch of ‘Trumps’. This shit isn’t new to me. It might be something new to you and if it is I say welcome to life not lived in a bubble.

    People need to stop acting like Trump alone is the problem. Democrats in this country have done just as much harm to minorities as Republicans. They just do harm in different ways and maybe you need to look into that and walk a mile in a minorities shoes in this Country to see that.

    My life sure as hell doesn’t revolve around celeb sites but I will call out the hypocrisy of smiling racists.

    And just for your information, it isn’t about defending the BET award shows. It is about erasure. Kaiser calls others out for erasure and then goes and silences two black women on her site for not agreeing with what she said and for portraying blacks in a problematic way. If you wouldn’t defend that then I would have to say I see right through you like so many who claim to be allies to the disadvantaged. You think you can control the conversation and you thought you could talk down to me while doing it.

    Miss me with that BS. The only reason so many of the majority in this country care now about Trump is because he might just be coming for every one of us for once. That is the truth of the matter and most of us who have been on the outside can see that. That’s why so many of the majority is crying away and simplifying everything with ‘TRUMP’.

    I cared not only when this country came for blacks, I cared when it did shit to other groups like Jews and the LGBTQ. That’s the difference. Trump’s destruction is no different to my race in this country from any of our previous presidents.

    Good to know you always have the luxury of picking and choosing what interests you but you have probably never been on the bottom where every bit is essential to your dignity, Thanks for showing yourself though. Miss me with any further responses too. I know when I am talking to one who thinks they are superior to all those they are apparently trying to speak up for against Trump.

  547. Woke snowflake says:

    We’ve all been banned by someone who sits in front of a computer all day, every day copy and pasting articles about celebrities and tweeting about being a submissive perfect tease 26 all while claiming to be feminist. LOL. She’s nothing but a proper slag.

  548. Hypocrisy says:

    So many commenters are mentioning QQ and AlmondJoy leaving lol…

  549. Josie says:

    @hypocrisy….where can I see those? I’m surprised she isn’t deleting those comments straight away!! Blowing her cover and what not.

    Things I know about Kaiser:
    -she’s Indian
    -she’s single
    -she used to be a commenter
    -she has large breasts and chin hair

  550. Hypocrisy says:

    On the Beyonce post and the Jesse post yesterday of Kaiser didn’t delete them.

  551. Ames says:

    Kaiser’s raging lady boner for all things Jolie has been fixing to red-line the Crazypants-Even-For-The-Internet meter for some time now.

    After reading another story about the decades-long, rampant and systemic exploitation and abuse by UN Peacekeepers of conflict-displaced women and children, I simply could not take one more “good for her!” adulatory post (and comment section circle-jerk) about how Jolie is making such a DIFFERENCE in the world.

    As Special Envoy for the UNHCR, Jolie COULD make one hell of a difference.

    By talking about it, every single time a microphone is in front of her face.

    The UN had set out to systematically smear, ruin, and/or silence anyone who has tried to make them accountable from the top down, but the story is emerging and it’s getting harder for them to deflect, deny, and spin.

    The few times Jolie has directly addressed the issue have been little more than bland “oh, that’s terrible,” few-bad-apples-and-all-that dismissals of the TRUE scope of what the UN has been ignoring, denying, and covering up for years.

    Jolie doesn’t want to use her unique position to truly make a difference. She wants a promotion to a seat at the big table.

    She can fly to Africa EVERY weekend, not just on World Refugee Day, to celebrate Take A Picture With A Refugee Day. That doesn’t make her any less complicit by her silence and inaction.

    Suffice it to say, Kaiser REEEEEEEEALLY doesn’t want to have this conversation. 🙂

  552. Woohoohoo, the second comment on the Vogue apologizes for their Gigi Hadid-Zayn Malik ‘gender fluid’ cover erticle is this:

    Luna says:
    July 17, 2017 at 11:29 am
    but when will you apologize for silencing two of the few black voices on your site because you can’t take criticism?

    What I want to know is will Luna’s comment just be deleted or will she face a permanent ban?

  553. And it’s gone. THis is as far as the conversation got:

    “”QueenB says: whats that about?

    Erica says: Are you asking Vogue or Celebitchy? Genuinely, curiously, asking because I am new here.

    Pollyanna says: Cb. QQ and Almond Joy left because of this writer.

    QueenB says: So what happened?

    HadToChangeMyName says: Wait, what? QQ left? Almond Joy left? When? “”

  554. This was further down the thread, and then more deleting happened:

    CN says: Oh wow! I didn’t realize they left.
    I really wish the whole thing had been handled differently.
    @QueenB I believe it was to do with coverage of the BET awards.
    Some commenters were not happy that the only thing highlighted on
    here was an altercation that happened between Joe Budden and
    Migos. They pointed out that there were many other memorable positive
    things that happened that night and that deserved coverage.
    In the end commenting was turned off.

    Rita says: and now those comments are gone too.
    the comments that were just made

  555. paolanqar says:

    LOLOLOLOLOL to Kaiser’s attempts at writing intelligent pieces about Game of Thrones.
    Give it up bisch, is not for you.

  556. Hypocrisy says:

    wow at this comment on The Royal posts-
    “Disco Dancer says:
    July 17, 2017 at 1:05 pm
    In other words, Princess Charlotte will be no beauty. If these royals can’t be bothered to work for their nation and represent their nation in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, at least give us good looks to go googly eyed at while we blindly hand over our tax dollars to fund their lifestyles and their holi-tours. But, even good looks can’t be expected from the princesses and princelings of the BRF.
    Will say though, George looks like Pa Middleton and that is only a good thing. Michael Middleton is still quite a handsome man.”

    Kaiser didn’t delete this.

  557. ES says:

    If it is a person they don’t like anything goes, hypocrisy indeed.

  558. Emma Hales says:

    Some one mentioned Love Lola hearts blog, although her writing is quite witty and original as compared to “Kaiser”, she, too, doesn’t let commentators say anything positive about the Duchess of Cambridge. As an indifferent British, I don’t understand the level of hatred and unhealthy obsessiveness they suffer from. Every little aspect of Kate, from clothes to her facial expressions are dissected, analysed and commented upon. Absolutely sick. The new low for Celebitchy is child shaming, Princess or Commoner, no child deserves to be “criticized” for looks especially from obsessive internet trolls. Whatever the Duchess wears, if it isn’t the favourite colour of self righteous Celebitchy and Lola hearts mob, they generally shred her to pieces. What sad individuals indeed.

  559. Hypocrisy says:

    You know hat makes the Kaiser dismissing reporting on the BET Awards even worst? She said it was boring (aka she didn’t watch it, and saw that it was trending and wrote about that) but there have been 3 Posts about what Kate Middleton’s clothes. One on her wearing a plain striped shirt and tights, Really?
    I guess Kaiser is not smart enough to talk about black people and issues unless, it’s something copied from Tumblr SJW (because all her opinions on race sound like those)
    It’s so annoying.
    I hope Kaiser knows that she’s basically promoting bullying, body shaming, and sexism, by having these daily roasts of another woman.
    Yes, Kate doesn’t work much, but none of them do. They just target Kate and say whatever sexist, shaming or disgusting things about her they want. That sounds like Trump to me. Instead of focusing on the men who are equally responsible, let me pick a woman apart to the bone.
    The hate has grown so much that people in the comments are calling CHILDERN unattractive and no one blinks an eye
    Anyone who joins in on the bottomless pit of pure hate, are hypocrites. Including Sixer. Who is supposed to be this sweet older woman, yet she joins in on the hate fest.
    Then if you dare make a good comment, people give you all these sarcastic and unoriginal snarky comments.
    it’s childish, and it reminds me of how Kaiser deletes comments, people shit on comments they don’t agree with on this site.
    Not to mention a bunch of white women, constantly chastising WOC on what is racists or not. I don’t mean to be that person, but on a site that says white people shouldn’t be in the conversation, why does Kaiser constantly get to have a say in whats racists or not outside of her own race?
    And I’m just going by their rules.
    But I will say this, as black women it annoys the shit out of me to see some of the white regular commenter declaring if something is racist or not, so dismissively.

    (also why do they hate Ansel Ensgort? He didn’t do anything but star in a movie and all of a sudden his name is popping up just like Taylor Swift’s did. I guess Kaiser has found her new person to hate and put down for no reason. Because the kid hasn’t even done anything yet he has all these haters, women twice his age at that…smh)

  560. Miu says:

    I tried to protest re that comment about a child’s looks, but guess what? I am now banned!

  561. Emma Hales says:

    Well, well! Sixer got called out for calling (writing) Kate Middleton as “twat” by meritt. Kaiser -the jobless hag got called out for suggesting The Duchess was being unkind to Lottie!

  562. Hypocrisy. says:

    Everyone jumped on Merrit too. Also, Sixer can be rude. Like she was rude to one of those Tom Hiddleston Fans and I also feel like sometimes she lies when she tells her little “family stories”.
    And of course Kaiser doesn’t let a chance to shade Kate Middleton slide past. She did allow comments talking about Charlotte’s looks past moderation.
    I read The Kate Middleton Review, and the way she handles things is amazing. Unlike Kaiser she doesn’t delete comments she disagrees with, instead she kindly talks to her readers about it. If she sees a comment unfairly criticizing the kids she always jumps in.
    Kaiser only can talk shit about and too celebs because they won’t challenge or talk shit back. Which is why Kaiser can’t go in the comments and have a conversation about different view points.
    Because she can’t except any criticism.
    She’s always calling people thin skinned but she in my opinion is the most thin skinned.

  563. lrheuer says:

    I just want to be clear and say I don’t give a damn about Trump. I just hate to be banned because I don’t think Angelina Jolie is the second coming of Jesus.

  564. Becky says:

    Well, I found this page by doing a google search, and now know it’s not just me and you just cannot even make a polite constructive criticism of Kaiser without very obviously getting blocked because of what you’ve posted. I thought 1 post was blocked, and then the site sees my post as spam which is why they’re not going through.

  565. Hypocrisy. says:

    No kaiser banned you.Whenever your comments go into infinite moderation, or they don’t show up then that means you are banned.

  566. Anonymous says:

    Here is my recent experience, today in fact.

    I rarely comment on CB but im sick and tired of Kaiser for many reasons, one being her preternaturally thick attempt at claiming she knows all about Britain and Britishness when she cant even do the basic fucking research or actually admit she knows nothing. So she is banging on about how ‘terrible’ it is for black people working on TV in the UK err no it isn’t love, we have some of the most diverse casting in the western world, so I point this out, just saying, how do you KNOW? when you don’t get to watch British TV? deleted in 1 minute! I go on to comment on that child of nepotism Brooklyn Beckham and his ‘photography career’ all I do is call him a charisma vacuum – that’s it nothing else, deleted 1 minute later! so I call her out on blocking a comment that AGREES with her opinion on him – deleted too, then banned!

    Have you seen how she is trying to ape Lainey because even after all these years she has no fucking writing style she can call her own other than bitter hateful clickbait?

    and while I am here that prat Sixer can fuck right off with her twee ‘Britisher’, if she ever referred to herself as that to anyone in the UK she would become a social pariah in 10 seconds flat, EVERYTHING has to refer back to her and her fucking kids and her husband. Lak is completely full of herself aswell. Ive no idea why I ever went there, im certainly stopping now!

  567. Hypocrisy says:

    Wow, people are gleefully victim blaming T Swift for her sexual harassment case. One person is hoping that she loses it.
    Also, someone is also comparing Taylor Swift & the Kanye West situation to Emmit Till. Fuck out of here.
    What Taylor complained about was, “I made that bitch famous” which they did not discuss on the video, This is not at all like Emmit and to even say that is simplifying, reaching and just fucked up.

    I don’t even like T Swift, but the fact that Kaiser is letting comments that blame a sexual harassment victim for being sexually harassed on the site proves what type of person she is. It proves the types of hateful commenters she has on her site.
    The same five people circle jerk every TS post about how much they hate her and vomit up the same bs.
    This reminds me of that one commenter who said that Oj wasn’t a danger to society, that “Yes he beat his wife” but he wasn’t a danger to society.
    That’s the type of dumb shit that gets said on a site like CB.

  568. Sarah says:

    I am friends with a poster named Millie who comments on Celebitchy. She used to comment on here as well. She is the reason I found both Celebitchy to read and this wonderful site to read the venting.

    Anyways, we were just chatting on facebook and she told me that her comment on the Kat Von D thread got deleted. Basically, she pointed out how hypocritical it was for Kat Von D to be giving herself pats on the back for disqualifying a Trump supporter from her make up contest while in the past she dated a Neo-Nazi and was best friends with openly racist Jeffree Star.

    It is ridiculous to think that according to some posters a Trump supporter is evil incarnate and can never change yet a person who fraternized with Neo-Nazis and racists can turn her life around.

    I think disqualifying someone from a makeup contest over political beliefs is just pushing it a little too far. Too bad people didn’t stop giving Kat coin for her sketchy friendships.

    I guess Kaiser didn’t like differing opinions though and deleted. The hypocrisy of that site is astounding.

    Also, how many times can those people drag Kate Middleton for filth? No matter what she does there is always something wrong. They go in on her at a nasty level and it is wrong. Kaiser lets all sorts of vile junk get through the comments because she plays favourites.

  569. Rachie says:

    The perfect tease 26 kaiser posting a picture of working from home today! Lol. Like she ever leaves the flat. Slag.

  570. Becky says:

    @Hypocrisy Yeah I guessed that 😉 I posted such an innocuous comment on GOT thread. I just said “can you please not incl info about an ep in the header?” as I hadn’t seen the episode yet, and I didn’t want to know anything until I saw the episode, and that came up on the main page. Ended up going into the post anyway, as it so annoyed me that my posts, about 6 attempts were all deleted. I tried posting in another thread, they went through but several were then actively deleted, after they cleared moderation, including someone replying to me – so it’s obviously not random moderating going on.

    Why block someone for making such an unoffensive request, and the block them from the site altogether? So immature and insecure. Stupid, as I easily posted under a different username (and also now use a VPN), and I’m going to spam Kaiser’s twitter and their email til I get a response. Or make a timely comment under my new username that she has no respect for the people who visit her site and give that ad revenue, by deleting posts she doesn’t like.

    Also, I agree about the Taylor Swift thread, I can’t stand her either but it’s pathetic those comments about sexual assault are still there, but as post like mine above was deleted.

  571. Frosty says:

    Two Angelina posts today and the ride or die loonies are in their glory. Apparently Kaiser has decided that allowing negative angie comments spices things up a bit, along with her obligatory gratuitous Aniston slam. Haven’t been on the site in quite a while – didn’t see any of the usual commenter posse

  572. Josie says:

    @Frosty I jumped in yesterday to look around and I noticed the same. I saw Sixer and a few others. But the normal regulars that I was used to when I was a regular poster 6 months back we’re nowhere to be found.

  573. Hypocrisy says:

    Good god, people are giving both Joli and Kaiser the business. I love how Kaiser brought up Aniston in the first post about Angie because she knew people would see through Angie’s bullshit.

  574. Frosty says:

    @Josie – it’s a refreshing change, let’s other commenters have the floor. I imagine the usual bunch are collapsed in a corner somewhere, wearing their tear stained I’m With Her t-shirts and clutching a bottle of Night Train (and I voted for HRC but come on lol)
    @ I love it! And commenters even pushing back against the angietoons a little bit too. The quotes from the VF interview with her make Angie sound like a typical self-obsessed movie star, and some of the loons are butt-hurt Angie’s halo is slipping.

  575. Anonymous says:

    She has changed up her campaigns against commenters, in case you are wondering why completely fine comments are getting deleted, I haven’t been banned ( yet) as she is so desperate for clicks and comments at the moment ( have you seen how few there are) that her new approach is not to ALWAYS do a quick ban, but if you comment against her on anything that gets deleted then all your ok comments get deleted too in retaliation, but try again a few days later and you can still comment. – not that we should – the sooner she is living on the bread line and the place explodes in a glorious civil war between anyone on CB and Kaiser ( and each other as some of the regulars are a piece of work) the better.

  576. Emma Hales says:

    So today, celebitchy is celebrating itself for having “the smartest and the most educated readers” LOL! most intolerable, biased, self righteous, arrogant pseudointellectuals and exclusive multi pair of tits more like. At least, Daily Wail’s comment section is guaranteed to squeeze a laugh or two.
    Calling people “deplorables” or “fruitcakes” didn’t do much for the overconfident elites, it is only a matter of time before celebitchy would go the same way, branding others with a different opinion as “deplorables” (how very original) isn’t a good business move.
    Is it just me or this sixer person really is a narcissist. No one gives a damn about your nationality or your sixer sprogs. Funny how she is allowed to thread jack every single article with her mindless drivel and make them all about herself while a woman of colour, Almond joy was completely banned for voicing her genuine outrage.

    I saw a comment by jane, who called out celeBITCHy for their hypocrisy but was reminded by someone “her site, her rules” um… isn’t this the same mentality of Brexiteers and Trump followers as in “their country, their rules”

    If these people are the most spechulestly shmartest and rightest people, we live in stupid times. I find nothing of the intellect there. My favorite site is Daily mash and (funny and informative)

  577. Hypocrisy says:

    So Okatu Fairy never adds to a conversation. She came on the Angie Jolie post ( the next day so the thread could die out and no one could challenge her as she always does) and basically tried to shame everyone for calling out Angie. She was actually standing up for Karen, the “Angie can do no wrong” stan.
    I thought Okatu Fairy was supposed to be this “woke Feminist?”
    I guess she’s not when it comes to celebs she stans for.’
    She’s one of those, “anyone who criticizes Beyonce is a racist”, now everyone who rightfully calls Angie out is being sexists (there was a small few on that thread being unreasonable and attacking Jolie, but that number was very very small)
    Also, I love how Kaiser is still not giving Jolie the, “out of touch white women” treatment. One that she would have done from day one if it was any other celeb.
    It’s disgusting that she loves Jolie so much that she willing to twist herself into a pretzel to try and relieve her of any fault.
    It’s backward. Kaiser hasn’t been on her side, but she seems to be trying t subtly stand up for her. Which means you are subtly standing up for a woman who used a horrific “game” for a movie.

    Jolie is human, and people like kaiser don’t allow certain people to be human. Kaiser has set the tone of, “Once you fuck up, I drag you” but now she’s not living up to her own rules. Why is it only certain White Celebs can be “priveleged, white saviors, out of touch?” but when Jolie does something that is all those things, Kaiser doesn’t go in?
    As someone said in the comments, Kaiser has dragged people for less. The Comments have dragged folks for less.She has vilified people for nothing (the best example everyone is using is Ansel Ensgort) but when Jolie does something we don’t get those critical reviews.
    Also Okatu just stans period. She never wants to listen to any other point of view but her own.All her answers are always, “But the right does blank so I don’t care” She also never even talked about her opinion on the matter.
    She came to the thread knowing people would be rightfully pissed and she already had her mind made up to low key cape for jolie but do it in a way that called out other commenters.
    Otaku basically lives by, “Two wrongs make it right” and only pops up on certain celebs threads, a day late trying to lecture people.
    No, Jolie offered this info out her own mouth. She’ll eventually put out a statement, but if this was Taylor Swift or any other hated person, Kaiser would have unleashed.
    Also, the commenter who said, “It’s her site, her rules” doesn’t comment much so, I wonder how she would feel if her comment about some celeb gets deleted because Kaiser doesn’t agree with it.
    It’s stupid. It’s a gossip site.
    (Also there are sometimes that I do agree with Okatu, she sometimes hits it right on the nail, but I feel like when it comes to certain celebs and topics she can be one sided and dismissive. I would love for her to go on Kate Middleton posts and tell folks about themselves, lol)

  578. Hypocrisy says:

    lol! the person who said, “Her site her rules” just saw the comment thread get deleted and she asked, “What happened to the comments?”
    The same thing you said she could do, delete any comments that criticize her in any way.

  579. paolanqar says:

    Hypocrisy lol about the person who said ‘her site her rules’ to then find out her comments were deleted! 😀

    I honestly can’t believe what I am reading on CB on the Angelina Jolie’s post. It is honestly upsetting to see these people bend over and backwards (like a pretzel lol!) to defend her.
    It was her interview. Her words. Her PR team. But no, they still need evidence.
    I’d say the AJ’s stans are even worse than Beyoncè’s. Go figure!

  580. paolanqar says:

    What kind of loon that ‘I am bored’ poster is??

  581. Becky says:

    I’ve been using another username the last few days, but after that sycophantic thread the other day “the smartest and the most educated readers” 😂 I commented about moderating and deleting, and my posts were deleted!

    After a poster called Bearcatlawyer made a stupid, hypocritical reply – she is actually a lawyer, you’d think she’d know better – I tried several times to reply, then the posts went to the bottom of the thread and all but the stupid “her site, her rules” comment disappeared.

    @Emma, that was me, Jane was my new username 😉

    There’s some anal retentive moderator on there, as the deleting is not random.

    Thing is it isn’t “her” site, she doesn’t own it. Kaiser is just the main writer on there, and she’s a pathetic control freak.

  582. paolanqar says:

    sooooo many comments have disappeared from that threat, including my favourite, from someone I don’t remember the name (sorry) who was calling out each one of them for making excuses for Jolie’s behaviour and telling it like it is.
    That was a great comment.

  583. Anonymous says:

    I have found my people!! I like having a daily gossip site to go to but I CANNOT stand Kaiser and her writing style….also I find the comments can get very negative and one sided. I’ve decided to quit the site because it just makes me super angry. It is funny to find so many anti-Kaiser posts online, I should’ve checked sooner

  584. Hina says:

    Reading the comments on the latest Angelina article is hilarious, they’re all bats–t. Does Kaiser comment under different names? Is she ‘I am bored’? Maybe it’s already been mentioned, but did you notice that some time ago Kaiser deleted an entire article because people disagreed with her? They should really add to the commenting guidelines – ‘Only Kaiser approved opinions allowed’.

  585. Anonymous says:

    @Hina what article did she delete?? I didn’t hear about that lol

  586. Hina says:

    @Anonymous It was an article about Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, Kaiser went all out in her hatred for Vikander, she was just spewing venom. Commenters pointed it out, telling Kaiser that she was taking it too far and just being overall cruel. Instead of accepting criticism like an adult, she quickly deleted the article. I don’t know if she’s in love with Fassbender and that’s why she acts like a little tween and hates his girlfriend lol…or maybe this is just who Kaiser is, your average ‘mean girl’ on a power trip.

  587. Becky says:

    @Hina also curious to know which article was deleted?

    Was reading the comment above about the BET awards, tbh I missed that drama, but not surprised at all.

    Just thinking of a recent Brad Pitt post, shading him for attending a festival “Brad Pitt, hip & cool 53-year-old, hung out with the youngsters at Glastonbury”. Quite a few posters pointed out the shade and what was wrong with attending, though there were loads of comments trashing him. I replied to someone call Bap, who said that that the maybe the children prefer to be with AJ. I replied, with my own experience of my parents’ separation, that quite often the kids don’t have much choice, to which they responded “did you read the documents on the plane incident?”. I used to be a fan of both of them – note used to be in light of their recent mess of a separation – don’t hate or love either of them, but I was never THAT much of a fan. I replied “no I didn’t, but I’m sure you’re about to tell me”, well tried to but the comment disappeared though I tried 2 or 3 times to post it. Interesting that someone has pointed out that Bap is an Angie stan or possibly Kaiser herself.

    I used to read Lainey, but although she’s more successful I gave up on her site: too few posts, posted too late, awful writing style, had favourites, no comment section. I’ve read somewhere else that she doesn’t allow comments on her site as she’s a huge control freak (appears to be an issue with these celebrity bloggers 😉 ). What I’ve seen of Lainey’s site recently despite the re-design, is pretty obvious shilling.

  588. Hypocrisy says:

    So…i’m going to out myself as writing on Celebitchy for the first time in a while. Patty, on the “Confederate movie” thread, for some reason brought up, “White people being pissed about Oj” and I was like..wait a minute.
    Didn’t you say Oj was not a “menace to society” and he “Yeah he beat his wife but he’s not dangerous?”In a pass Oj thread?
    That triggered something in me as a woman whose mother was abused. So I commented what Patty had said, because, she was basically trying to compare two separate situations to somehow stand up for Oj.
    I don’t believe that shit. No black person in my life care about OJ, or are happy that he got off. I believe he served his time for his crime, but OJ is a danger to society.
    So, of course, another commenter tells Patty, “She doesn’t have to explain herself to nit picking” but you did say that. You also shouldn’t tried to cape for a women beater in a situation that had nothing to do with OJ.
    I hate how some of the black commenters on that site love to fucking shut down other POC, when they disagree about something.
    Yet we have a bunch of white folks lecturing POC on whats racists or not (going by their rules white people should not be in the conversation, so why does SIxer get to always come in and have a say?), but when someone says they are black and has a different view point immediately they are mocked or told they are wrong. They are shut down and bombarded with passive aggressive comments.
    It fucking sucks.
    People can be so fucking condensing and…rude.
    Just because I don’t agree with something doesn’t give you the right to jump down my throat.
    And once Patty said that in the Oj thread and tried to defend it, I was like, you are Cancelled in my book.
    Oj doesn’t stand for anything to me but a person who beat women and possibly killed two people.
    He’s a has been who doesn’t give a shit about black people.
    So cape all you want for OJ because I bet you he won’t be caping for you. He never has for black people.

    (Also Kaiser banned me so I wasn’t able to defend myself and I’m not about to make another account)

  589. LinaLamont says:

    If it’s any consolation, no-one in the industry (show biz) even knows what a Kaiser or Celebitchy is. If she (or anyone from that rag) were at an industry function or face-to-face with a celebrity, she wouldn’t be given the time of day—-except by Hiddleston, who’s very polite (tongue planted firmly in cheek).
    P.S. I have to say, though, some of you people should reevaluate your lives. You’re way too invested in what others do and think. It’s not normal or healthy.
    Try investing more time in understanding what the current regime is really doing, what got us here, your part in it, and the ramifications.
    Peace out.

  590. Hina says:

    @LinaLamont, But you know that people are capable of paying attention to many different things at the same time. You can read a gossip site (or in our case gossip about a gossip site) and still understand and pay attention to world politics, it’s not mutually exclusive. 🙂

  591. Hypocrisy says:

    Well, I hate read CB at work and I try to not get into politics on the internet. I do get hopped up on coffee rants every now and again, but idk, I think my life is fine. Maybe I do get a little too invested at times.

  592. A Real Kitten... says:

    Bloody hell. Kaiser the perfect tease26 is becoming more and more of a joke in the fet life U.K. Community. Her attempts and aspirations as an erotica author are more laughable than her attempts to know the American political system and her opinion of “celebrity” gossip, culture, and fashion. If she would like to have credibility as a fashion poster, she may want to change that disastrous bedding she poses on (and lives in) everyday. No wonder we call her the walking third arm pit.

  593. Just me says:

    I feel like I missed something. You’re going to have to elaborate on your post.

  594. Emma Hales says:

    On an another Royal post, a poster (mimchen) said that Princess Charlotte isn’t pretty. Is she being a shameless indecent bully? No, I don’t think so. She didn’t use strong or ugly words. Charlotte Brontè did a wonderful job in humanising the average looks. Being not-so-pretty is normal, not something to be ashamed of and definitely not something to be taken as some sort of an insult.

    Also, being a pre-med student, I can’t help but nitpick on Jwoolman. No, pattern baldness isn’t inherited from maternal line. Baldness in men is mostly related to the Y-chromosome. A phenomenon known as sex- influenced trait. Male hormones only stimulate it further. Men need only one allele to go bald whereas female would need two and our hormones just suppress it. George would most likely end up the same. And that is normal too. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    In an era of political correctness and oversensitivity, a little honesty is too hard to digest for some. I don’t care. Those little children are going to be much, much more than their looks. I see a strong willed character in Charrrlote already, my fav. Royal.

    @linaLamont, it is a bit rich coming from you, seeing as you, too, are here. I am sure, we all of us enjoy life and it’s offerings. But sometimes, a little escape from it doesn’t harm anyone’s mental health. Some turn to more conventional form of entertainment while others (like us) find it fun to converse with strangers on a global platform. That is not unhealthy.

    Constantly, fussing about national politics and over thinking it, in my opinion, IS unhealthy obsession. Politics and religion, two things people all around the globe disagree on and turn sour, shouldn’t be discussed (in my extremely humble opinion) especially on a blog called Celebitchy. I’d rather hear more about Taylor Swift and her court case against that pervert pig who touched her inappropriately than some guy’s dong and thong. See, I admired J.K Rowling for making my childhood so magical, but seeing her arrogant hypocritical nature was something new to me.

    But, I wonder, will Kaiser report (copy and paste) on Taylor Swift case though. I admire Taylor Swift more than ever now. See, haters, Tay Tay inspired many impressionable young girls to stand up and call out the sleazy, dirty males who touch them inappropriately and then try to intimidate, you go Taylor!

    Also, have you girls ever experienced such things? I remember one time, I was with my mum out shopping, when some man passed right behind me and pinched my left butt cheek. I was 14 at the time, but the experience left me so scared and ashamed. I still become restless at night and cry myself to sleep, when the memory itself pinches my mind and thoughts. So scary world out there.

  595. Kaiser is reporting on the Taylot Swift case, and this time she isn’t letting her hate for the singer shine through (although she’s still quick to point out how terrible Taylor is supposed to be).

    When it comes to sexual assault and sexual harrassment, I think most women experience it (but mainly, I guess, the type many say isn’t harrassment at all). I’ve been whistled at, cat-called, had my ass groped, my boobs groped, jerked off at, flashed to, all by strangers. And I wasn’t a hot young chick or anything like that.

  596. Mae says:

    Anyone else find it annoying that Kaiser just accuses Ansel Elgort of being the subject of Chloe Grace Mortez blind item? Even though all evidence apparently says it is likely not him, just because she hates him she decides he must have been the one told Chloe she isn’t attractive and he would never date her. I was really annoyed because it is a clear case showing how Kaiser cannot even try and be objective and unbiased.

  597. Emma Hales says:

    I am too lazy to Google whether the unwanted touching I suffered as a teen classifies as a harassment or it is me being “neurotical” but whatever.
    Funny how Kaiser-the master troll uses the word “allegedly” while reporting (copy and paste) Taylor’s case, no such bias during Amber Heard domestic violence case. Hypocrites! Also, I am not surprised that they are defending Serena real woman now Williams, if it it had been Taylor/Jen Aniston/Jen garner/Kate Middleton or anyone who is on Kaiser’s shit list, they would have shredded them into pieces and burned them with the fire of collective offensiveness. Such BLOODY HYPOCRITES!

  598. Diana says:

    I’ll admit to perusing CB during Jolie’s Vanity Fair interview and the back and forth statements by Jolie and VF. Honestly, I think comments were down so low that Kaiser got her butt in trouble so she had to start letting even negative Jolie comments through just to preserve the site and her job.
    I did love that commenters seemed able to be a lot more clear about how distasteful they find Jolie. The Loons came off looking cray-cray.
    As for TSwift, Kaiser just hates, hates, hates that girl. I think it is a bigot thing with her. She has to hate blonde, always been rich, thin, attractive white girl. I don’t see any other reason that she could hate her with such ferocity.
    Serena Williams is a site fave and will never get the same reaction as the those mentioned above. I get it in that Serena doesn’t get the endorsement deals and treatment that she should. I think she is probably a genuinely nice woman that is thrilled with her impending motherhood so I think what she said is flat out wrong, womanhood=motherhood, I don’t think she really meant it that way. Unlike some crazy CB posters, I’m not looking to be outraged particularly by a decent person that might have made an error in communication or just been thoughtless for a moment. It happens.

  599. Emma Hales says:

    Oh please, I am not “outraged” over Serena William’s nonsensical quote. I am not into sports, I couldn’t care less about her or the amount of magazine covers and lucrative advertisement contracts she should get (LOL!) I was just pointing out the favouritism game they play; white, blond, skinny, rich= evil racist sort of mentality. See the jobless, probably overweight bullies cheer on Indian “diplomat” calling first daughter (like it or not) “half-wit” India, the rape capital of the world, I would rather live under Trump than Modi, the Gujarat massacre leader. Also, Sharapova is a “little bitch” because ever decent Serena Williams called her so. But it is sports and these little things happen, i understand but lordy! If only it would have been Sharapova calling Serena that word! Also, I Wonder whether the hags would talk about Meghan Markle’s ugly leg shape or her nose-job, the way they drone on about Kate’s “long torso, short legs”, Ivanka’s “giraffe neck”, Taylor’s “squinty eyes” etc. etc. Thought not.

    But like someone above said and I understand it now, even caring about what little internet randoms say shouldn’t matter at all. I could do with a hobby or two.
    FYI, even though she may be “Hot and Young”, it still doesn’t give license to the perverts to touch them. Get over yourself.

  600. Hypocrisy says:

    Someone literally said, “I respect the both of them” in the comments to the “little bitch story” and five people dogpiled her and I’m thinking, “what did she say wrong? Out of all the comments, multiple people decided to jump on that one?”

  601. Frosty says:

    Heather Heyer, the young woman who was killed in Charlottesville, was a Bernie supporter. The loathsome Kaiser must be so happy then, one less “berniebro”. Too mean? Too soon? Hate and spite are what Kaiser serves up on the daily, for months she’s ranted about how terrible and divisive Bernie supporters are, blah blah blah. Well, there ya go now Kaiser. You got your wish.

  602. Frosty says:

    Sure enough, Kaiser’s put up a post trying to tear apart Susan Sarandon who guested on Jimmy Fallon, for having the temerity to comment on Charlottesville. Yeah, because Susan Sarandan is the problem, she’s the cause of all misery. Dear god. With “friends” like Kaiser, democrats don’t need enemies. Oh ho ho, Kaiser’s even dragged out her alleged indian ancestry to bolster her cred. What an embarassment she is. Glad I use a browser with a built in ad blocker so I can starve the site of a few ads at least.

  603. H! says:

    LOL! “Indian Ancestry”. She reads this blog and knows her ‘cover’ is blown, so she goes out of her way to drop some researched (errr, googled) crap. Much like her interest in VA state politics. Without going into too much boring detail, VA is a U.S. state -along with Nevada- where you can set up a virtual business and get licensed. Something to do with taxes.
    She’s nowhere near VA.

  604. Giulia says:

    Wow, this is aggressive even for Kaiser. In her Trump post today I thought to let a ray of light into the general gloom by posting this, and she pulled it immediately. I can’t figure out why though, people post links all the time. Replaced period with “dot” to be a good citizen here lol

  605. Giulia says:

    Sorry for replying to myself, but I see what happened – Kaiser was getting ready to post about it. But still. Stay klassy, Kaiser.

  606. Pennie says:

    Giulia – she deleted your post with the link because she STOLE it as her own.
    Classic Kaiser move.

  607. Classic idiotic Celebitchy commentators: They complain why Taylor Swift is even a thing and that she should go away, then go and write obsessively on not 1, not 2, but 3 clickbait TS articles Kaiser spawned today.

  608. Hypocrisy says:

    Yes, I don’t get it. Everyone’s so distressed about her stupid song, yet people say they not only watched the video, but they read the lyrics and listened to the song. If you hate someone and want them to go away why do you pay so much attention to what she does and what her fans do?
    As someone said, They are just as obsessed with hating Taylor as people are with loving her.
    I’ve seen the same people in all three threads saying the same thing.

    They take their Taylor hate to the soul, as if she killled their dog or something.

  609. Unrelated to Celebitchy, but related to Swift:

    That crazy dude that first sued Swift because she didn’t accept his unsolicited song for her, and then sued Ariana Grande because she had her eyes half closed when they took a picture together, is now publishing a book about what really happened with Swift (whom he never met). In his own words, the book contains car chases and shit … Which surely totally happened. This is material for Celebitchy: a whole book about whining how evil Swift is, of which most likely none is true.

    But seriously, I don’t envy these celebs for this type of shit they have to put up with.

  610. Hypocrisy says:

    Day 5000 of the same whiny bitches whining about Taylor Swift and not knowing that they sound as crazy and unhinged as her “fans” do. Your whining about someone you decided to bring into your life.
    You click on her articles and follow everything she does.
    Shambles while you’re making these grand stands, do you know how dumb you look commenting on every single Tay Tay posts just to say the same thing? By clicking on her videos, reading her twitter and doing all of that, you are giving her attention.
    and the excuse of, “she wants us to talk about her” is fucking stupid. So you just do what Taylor wants? Since you hate her so much do,you know what will hurt her? If you don’t fucking pay her any attention. You pay attention because you’re obsessed with hating her, just as her super fans are obsessed with loving her.
    I’m sick of these women whining about people liking Taylor Swift.

  611. paolanqar says:

    The numbers are quite sad to be honest. There are tons of comments only when Kaiser covers Trump, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie or the Royals. There are posts with 5 or 11 comments.
    That is why there 4 taylor Swift’s post in only 2 days. And the commenters are always the same, saying the same things over and over again and agreeing/disagreeing with each other on a loop.
    That site is dead.

  612. Hypocrisy says:

    Day 50001111- people who hates Taylor Swift watch her video, take notes of it just to bitch about it later.
    I’m sorry but if you hate her and you go in hating her you won’t see anything but your hate

    Shambles, shut up. Your obessed with hating her, so much so that you and the rest of the people who show up EVERY thread follow every tiny thing she does just to bitch about her.(I actually liked shambles)

    The video was just a fun stupid piece of bullshit. Tom Hiddleston isn’t crying and she isn’t coming for him. Stop reaching.

    Would they feel better if she made a video of her crying and apologizing to them? Why do they care so much about her and her fans?

  613. Hypocrisy says:

    funny how they are coverng the VMA’s but did’t cover the BET AWARDS.

  614. Kaiser is again deleting comments of Swift’s supporters. On the bottom of the comment section, one Swift-hater is having a rambling conversation with no one because Kaiser deleted her opponent.

    That’s the stupidest feature on that page, too. Fucktard, delete the whole conversation, not half of it. Throwing the rest of the conversation at the end as solo comments is retarded.

  615. Or at least just edit the comment you’re having a problem with by posting “this comment didn’t meet community standards” or something like that. That way the conversation, albeit now one-sided, remains and you don’t make the other poster look like a fool by bitching to themselves.

  616. Frosty says:

    Someone else mentioned this and I agree. Kaiser’s probably a paid shill for certain celebs or viewpoints. The site obsessively covers only certain topics, despite their readership falling off a cliff as a result. Even so, that’s still about 2 million eyeballs to flack AJ’s crappy movies to create buzz, for instance or tone deaf and hysterical political posts. Every. damn. day.

  617. ES says:

    >Or at least just edit the comment you’re having a problem with by posting “this comment didn’t meet community standards” or something like that.

    Exactly. That is what the Guardian does. But this is why the Guardian is a respectable newspaper and Kaiser is a no-name blogger.

  618. Hypocrisy says:

    Taylor Swift is trump (according to them) and all those “Woke” white women over at CB would rather stick up for a woman who has been cosplaying black as a career, because she dislikes Taylor? Kanye who obviously had an obsession with Tay enough to write some lines in a song years later?
    Everyone gives Tay way too much power and way too much attention. Everyday their is a story about her and every day the haters get to post whatever and anyone who sticks up for her gets their comments deleted.
    What a bunch of sorry people.

  619. ES says:

    > Everyday their is a story about her and every day the haters get to post whatever and anyone who sticks up for her gets their comments deleted.

    That is the same dynamic as Kate posts, which are a reliable click-bait. I am guessing Kaiser would love to turn Taylor into one as well cha-ching.

    Yesterday I saw a comment asking why is the site so pro-Kardashian. I am wondering if it is still there.

    Myself, I don’t see how you can be “woke” or just simply a decent person and accept Kardashians in any shape or or form. Kardashians are filth. Anyone who associates with them taints themselves. It is sort of like associating with Trump – all his advisors had their reputation destroyed.

  620. paolanqar says:

    I am waiting for Kaiser to publish something on Munroe Bergdorf but I know she won’t. Her head might explode from all the comments concernig racism.

  621. Hypocrisy says:

    “This comment pissed me off, OG OhDear says:
    September 3, 2017 at 9:42 am
    (1) That’s nice that the donated. No snark.

    (2) I’m really bothered how she’s using POC to take potshots at Kanye (and Kim) and defend herself from the Beyoncé Formation mocking (meaning how people mocked her for using visuals similar to Formation). As the post said, Kahn is problematic as hell. And the Todrick Hall interview is cringeworthy at parts (esp. the part talking about how they all talked about racism at Thanksgiving or other). As usual, she’s very clearly telling and using her “friends” to deflect and defend. And she thinks those defenses will work better because it’s a POC saying it.”

    So basically you’re saying this gay black man, not only can’t make decisions for himself, but that the racists, LGBT and Black Twitter who has been harassing him for weeks isn’t the reason why he’s speaking up? He got so much heat for being in a two-second clip.
    I’m positive he’s saying something so the trolls can leave him alone.
    but whatever.
    I guess black men and women don’t have any agency.

    Also look at the last Kim K post people are shit talking the site and for some reason it hasn’t been deleted.

  622. paolanqar – your wish has come true! The comments are predictable, two sides fighting over who’s right with their dictionary definition. However, what’s interesting is people lamenting many regulars who are gone for good. Kaiser is definitively slowly loosing her fanbase. Shame that new ones keep comming.

  623. Hypocrisy says:

    you should check out the amal post. ppl were calling her out the whole thread.

  624. paolanqar says:

    Ellie Monroe thank you for letting me know.
    I went to read some of the comments and after this ‘Its ok to generalize about white people. Nothing bad happens because of that.’ I had to leave.
    I just can’t.

  625. Right now they are having their 2017 visitor annual survey. Nice way to let them know their lack of broad content sucks and you wouldn’t recommend their site to a friend.

  626. Heather says:

    “Kaiser” going on about the United States senator Ted Cruz…, as Perfect Tease 26″ slags her arse all over the U.K. reeks of irony, desperation, and a waif of Schizophrenia!?!..

  627. Hina says:

    @Heather Who/what is ‘perfect tease 26’?

  628. Anonymous says:

    @lina Perhaps a question best suited for Kaiser. That is if you can drag her away from fetlife or other people’s spouses…

  629. Hypocrisy says:

    I just googled perfect tease 26 and all that came up was a not safe for work twitter page with a bunch of porn and nude shots of some woman. I don’t get it.

  630. Heather says:

    It’s not just some woman.

  631. Frosty says:

    Ahahahaha I caught her banning my comment. Kaiser is so thin skinned. I copied it before she had a chance to pull it in today’s trump-russia post:

    “Frosty says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 22, 2017 at 11:37 am

    You may click on your name and/or comment to edit.

    One thing that bothers me about all this is here we had a candidate with almost a billion dollars to burn for her campaign, yet this FB/Russian/bot/ads thing cost $100,000. Dirt cheap. I’m on twitter and it’s utter promotional crap, so betting FB bots ads are similarly crap. Point is, I don’t believe these ads swayed the election. Second point, WTH did that — or anyone else;s — almost-billion dollar campaign actually accomplish for the cost?
    Finally, and I say this as a life long dem, enough with “the deplorables.” Mitt Romney slagged the “47percent” and Hillary slagged “the deplorables.” Both elitist claptrap. Wiping “47 percent” of “deplorables” off the map is a despiscable, neo-liberal mentality. I don’t give a good g-ddamn who is saying it.”

    Kaiser and her ilk will not hear that in fact they are far more like the people they claim to despise than not. She won’t hear, even though it’s true, that Hillary was simply a bad candidate. A historically bad candidate actually.

  632. Frosty says:
    I don’t doubt Russia paid for ads and commenters. FWIW the US meddles in elections all over the world, all the time. In a post-colonial world, this is one way the US, Russia and China express power, along with proxy wars.

  633. Hypocrisy says: terms of the comment section I will admit..Celebitchy has made a change for the better. I just checked in and not only do I see CRITICISM of the writers coming through moderation and staying, I also see a lot of the regulars (Kitten, Nicole & Skylark) actually seeming to get feed up with Kaiser.
    I’ll even admit that Kaiser is..started to get a little more level headed and unbiased in her writing. A LITTLE BIT. And when she isn’t people call her out as soon as they can.
    Shit, even people in the Kate Middleton posts are being fair (plus a bunch of peeps finally called out Nosugarhere on her half-truths, I cackled at that thread)
    It’s a small step..but dare I say..I kind of like it?

    I feel like Celebitchy (the owner) has either told Kaiser to stop with all the moderation or..something has happened that made it stop, but I see a lot of calling out on almost every post. Also, I’ll admit, I do enjoy the other two writers…and in a way even Celebitchy (the owners) writing a little bit.
    It seems like someone found out that Kaiser is a problem and are trying to fix it…slowly.

  634. Tula says:

    Lots of innuendo re Kaiser – seems those in the know have lots to say bout her!

    I can’t agree entirely w/Hypocisy above, but will say Kaiser is letting through more opposing view posts – it’s got to be part of an effort to increase clicks – in my opinion.
    Not because she’s trying to soften or be more fair.

    Banning anyone from posting on a gossip site who has not violated any of the posting terms is just outrageous.
    Posters lately have even admitted that it’s a liberal leaning/supporting gossip site and those who post anything contrary shouldn’t be there.

    A liberal gossip site.
    That’s nuts, if you ask me.

    One cannot participate in gossip if one is conservative leaning politically?

    Brings ot mind how Hollywood believes the same.
    I had to turn off the Emmy’s 5 minutes into the show.
    It’s bewildering how Hollywood has no regard for the other half of the US who differs politicallly.
    No regard in offending an entire half of viewers/fans?

    I wonder how long it will take for Hollywood to feel it in the pocketbook and if that will make a difference to them.

  635. Giulia says:

    Damn. The plagiarist struck again. Kaiser-ed again. I posted this in the Tom Brady/kneeling/Trump thread – she waited long enough to read it then pulled it. In what universe does this comment not follow their comment guidelines??
    Giulia says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    September 26, 2017 at 8:18 am
    You may click on your name and/or comment to edit.

    Ugh. I seem to say that every day now.

    Re: “grateful”, a similar line of thinking swirled around the confirmation process of Clarence Thomas. Along the lines of how dare he be an arch conservative, he should be grateful because affirmative action gave him the opportunity, etc. It’s just interesting to me to see the same sorts of statements made about “minorities”, and especially about black people. Beneath the surface partisan differences there’s this shared underlying attitude that “freedom” is something that benevolent “white” people bestowed on benighted “POC.” No. Just NOE.

    Anyway, I try to read different points of view, keep up my game. From the National Review:

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

  636. H! says:

    It is not innuendo when you find all of the slag’s information in your husband’s mobile during and after their affair.

  637. Tula says:

    Well that is just awful!
    So you know her?

  638. Laura says:

    Shitser sixer is back!

    Kaiser surprised me with her article on Hugh Heffner, well written and entirely unbiased, predictably her minions disagreed.

  639. H! says:


    Unfortunately, yes.

  640. Tula says:

    Well, I hope that you were able to salvage your marriage after what I imagine was heartbreak.

    Whoever she is, the “gossip” site she writes for seems to be nothing more than an echo chamber for hatred and division.

    I don’t read it anymore.

  641. Kristi says:

    I think Kaiser also writes as “Marenah” on Reality Tea

  642. Britbel says:

    Cannot confirm reality tea but more Instagram snarky fashion reviews can be found at fashion_critique

  643. Melody says:

    I too was banned from there more than a year ago because I too work in the industry. It’s clear this person wants NO ONE lurking around that has any real industry knowledge. So if you see repeat posts from someone claiming to work in the industry, they don’t or they would be banned. Also clearly the owner and writer has zero industry insights. This alone should tell you eveything you need to know about these gossip sites. They are just a bunch of folks sitting in basements posting second hand gossip. Lainey included. Don’t be fooled, they know nothing.

  644. Sara says:

    Adding to the chorus that the owners of that site need to step up and monitor the arbitrary banning and generally inconsistent, unprofessional fawning over a moderator’s own favorite topics and people. I used to be a regular reader but also got fed up with it. This is becoming the norm, though. There’s a British gossip site that allows outrageous abuse and trolling to the point of being scary and stalker-ish, but I got banned without notice for what I thought was an entirely innocuous post rebutting something I knew to be false. I talked directly to the celebrity involved on a long plane ride about a celebrity I talked to on a plane. You have to wonder who is really paying for these blogs. They can’t be generating enough income on their own to afford multiple full-time moderators

  645. Sara says:

    Sorry–correction….I sat next to a famous person on a plane trip who was travelling coach–very low-key with no entourage and in normal-person clothes. He was very polite when I made it clear I would respect his privacy, but I had a single question about the very public scandal he was involved in. He laughed and said he knew that a lot of gossip sites were run by PR companies and publicists who were really shrewd about hiding that fact. He wasn’t bothered by the manufactured scandal and said he was about to bow out of the movie-biz madness even before all of that happened. He made it clear, though, that no one should pay attention to gossip sites and blogs because most of them were cleverly disguised, paid shills.

  646. Big D says:

    Its a fun site to read certain stories but that kaiser is absolutely ridiculous.

    I imagine 90% of the commentators there to be frustrated,neurotic and traumatized women who hate men for whatever reason. If you don’t toe the party line-even if it’s a ridiculous line they are following-you are out. You can offer an opinion- balanced, non insulting to ANYBODY and still be banned, as I found out to my cost.
    And how it pushes itself to be a site supporting women that trashes every single one that wears a particular outfit or is just daring to think or express herself outside the box is beyond my level of comprehension. Ladies, PLEASE explain this one to me.

    I can’t imagine that Kaiser thing is in a happy relationship. no normal man-or woman for that matter-could possibly handle the negativity that oozes out of this one.

  647. Sara says:

    I finally stopped reading there because of the borderline-abusive cliches and puzzling obsession with certain celebrities–and was also banned from posting for no reason. The Kaiser mod is basically a glorified troll who must have very little going on outside Celebitchy. But the constant faddish slang (“would you hit it?”–!!!) can also be offensive and gets old quickly. Moving on now to another guilty gossip pleasure. It’s too easy to get hooked on the gossip world, too.

  648. Kristi says:

    Celebitchy is a trollercoaster and Kaiser is in the first car.

  649. Tula says:

    While I agree with most of what you say, I respectfully disagree on Lainey.
    Her staff and she specifically are well-written and successful in examing gossip – not just reporting it.
    There’s much more thought and skill that makes up
    No comparison, in my opinion.
    Lainey runs her business professionally, unlike the petty, divisive, ridiculousness that is Celebitchy.
    Does Lainey have connections in the gossip world?
    I believe so.
    But she doesn’t flaunt it or pretend to have connections where they don’t exist.
    I’m sure she probably has loyalties to certain entities, for whatever reason.
    Quid pro quo as much in life is, right?

  650. Hina says:

    I thought that Kaiser had calmed down with moderating a bit, but I guess it was just temporary. The first comment on the “Angelina Jolie was once involved in a plot to honey-trap & capture Joseph Kony” story was someone saying “PR Stunt” and that comment was deleted, no one is allowed to be even mildly critical of Kaiser’s Lord and Saviour Saint Angie. It’s actually a little scary how much Kaiser and her minions worship Angelina…

  651. Becky says:

    Yep, there was me thinking the deleting had stopped – there is now a comment on the Weinstein posts about threadjacking (why can’t they discuss what they like?). On the 1st HW article yesterday (Oct 9), Kaiser the control freak asked Moon please do not thread jack. Today I posted on my old username, replying to someone who mentioned the dove ad controversy – post deleted! I posted a couple of Ok and ? then was blocked.

  652. Sara says:

    I did not even get the courtesy of being informed that my post was deleted and my posts have continued to be deleted–mostly because I have contacts in the aid community who have some scathing things to say about The Sainted One, and I was very explicit about that. I also know some people around from Gov. Nicholls, the address of their almost-unused and former property in New Orleans (a tax haven and business writeoff for his production company, BTW). There’s also a long history of scandals and incompetence by Make It Right, posts for which did get approved. So Brad bad, Sainted One good. It’s ridiculous. There’s no way to stop these little gossip autocrats, so I suggest just not giving them the traffic and ad revenue. Losing money from inadequate traffic can have an effect. I agree that this site is very deceptive and shelters some hard-to-detect Crazy and needs to disappear.

  653. Kimburrrly says:

    On one hand you have the public “Kaiser” lambasting HW and the culture that surrounds Hollywood while claiming she’s a modern day feminist, and the other hand the private “perfect tease 26” degrading herself and us women by using her slutty self to attract alpha males. Seems just as fishy as her vagina.

  654. Tula says:

    Oh my – just looked up perfect tease 26!!!!

  655. Becky says:

    @Kimburrly how do people know that Kaiser has this fetish account, has she let slip somehow?

    @Sara they don’t say they’re deleting comments, that would be admitting to it (check out the comment guidelines, except for the ridiculous point about keeping on topic, it’s all about inappropriate posts not “disagrees with Kaiser”)
    Interested to know about AJ’s rep in the aid/NGO community; I used to be a fan, now I’m pretty much on the fence about her. I didn’t know she’d been diagnosed with a personality disorder in the past. They can be very difficult to treat.

  656. Hina says:

    So Kaiser just deleted another article the -“people, brad pitt threatened harvey weinstein with a missouri whooping in 1995!” Gwyneth talked about being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein and Brad Pitt had confronted Harvey about it, Kasier thought it would be a good idea to call Brad Pitt “Captain save a ho”…and by that basically calling a woman who was sexually harassed a “whore”. And just like the last time before the article was deleted, people were calling Kaiser out on it in the comments. I don’t know why I even bother with that site anymore, maybe it’s like hate watching a show or something haha.

  657. Frosty says:

    Kaiser is so full of shit. Every day she posts misogynistic and/or race-baiting nonsense. And yet here she is, riding around on her high horse about Harvey Weinstein. She can’t help showing her actual mentality though – like calling Brad Pitt Captain Save A Ho – despite her theatrical huffing and puffing about being an enlightened feminist. Please!

  658. Sara says:

    That cutesy, aggressively sexist label for the Brad-Weinstein encounter is disgusting. I can almost imagine her looking in the mirror after she comes up with these sarcastic slogans and smirking about her own cleverness (gee, I should copyright this!). I don’t know why anyone would go to the site again after reading that–as if all her other back-patting cutesiness and veiled misogyny weren’t bad enough. I think I remember that she is half-Indian, so the race-baiting and snarky “ho” references are certainly revealing. Self-hate, anyone? I am really relieved that other people find this moderator offensive and hypocritical. I thought it was just me. Permanent moratorium here on Celebitchy. May it fade away quickly.

  659. Sara says:

    I have a mental health background, so I have strong opinions about claims to treat a personality disorder. Some professionals do claim they can do that, but there are also those who genuinely believe in conversion therapy for homosexuality. News flash–it is extremely rare to reach anyone with a true personality disorder and change either their fundamental psychopathology or to get very far with sincere behavior change. This girl showed serious signs of being off from a very early age. Like many intelligent but disturbed people, she learned to mimic a degree of normalcy–reinforced, of course, by being paid a lot to play pretend and being praised for it. I can’t decide whether she is at the end of the sociopathy spectrum or may be an actual psychopath. Doesn’t matter: she has learned to disguise her essential nature and fools most of the people most of the time. Just an observation, of course.

  660. Hypocrisy says:

    Frosty is that what she said in the deleted brad post today?

  661. Frosty says:

    Hypocrisy – yep you’re right, she took the post down. Totally missing the point of our critique, I’m sure – because kaiser will go rgiht back to bashing Paltrow and other women on the basis of the clothing or hair or alleged “privilege.” Hmmm, what’s their “privilege” mean in the context of getting harassed or assaulted like Weinstein or Cosby or Bill O’reilly? The weinstein revelation kind of puts Lindsey Lohan’s disintegration in a different light, no? Kaiser’s such a simplistic ass.

    OT: The other day Kaiser decided to land in comments to scold a commenter for thread jacking. This from someone who has no problem at all with commenters who thread sit, or literally argue with every commenter who doesn’t follow the party line – like the deranged Maya on any AJ thread. Unless Maya’s paid, which is possible. The party line is AJ does not have PR people, which is a lie and a joke on AJ’s part. The reason I think CB is mostly paid is that the site itself probably doesn’t generate that much income. They probably make more money as a PR tool.

  662. Hypocrisy says:

    Wow…so she called GP an hoe? I get it was an “joke” but what the fuck? She can’t stand to give two people the respect they deserve for half an second?

  663. Frosty says:

    No no she didn’t call GP a ho, she called Brad Pitt “Captain Save a Ho” because he threatened to whoop Harvey Weinstein’s ass or go Missouri on him (or something), after Harvey W got creepy with GP. Kaiser, the faux inclusive woman of color, often trips herself up trying to get fancy. Quoting Chris Brown in reference to Brad Pitt and in that situation was incoherent at best.

  664. ES says:

    > I don’t know why I even bother with that site anymore, maybe it’s like hate watching a show or something haha.

    It is like being fascinated by any other self-destructive behavior. You know you shouldn’t look but you just can’t look away because you can’t believe what is happening.

  665. Hypocrisy says:

    but basically “Captin Save a Ho” means that he’s saving an Ho, GP.

  666. Frosty says:

    Yes, that’s true. So Kaiser got to bash 2 of her least favorite people simultaneously.

  667. Sara says:

    Not to get too global, but there’s no one steering the ship at so many gossip sites that I still wonder whether most of them are phoney PR tools meant to stir up interest of any kind and polarize people around a particular view. There are many ways to market that to promote a particular celebrity, obviously.

    This Kaiser person expresses much obvious jealousy of “privilege” –possibly meaning “you have more than I do, so I’m going to snark and bash you in ways you can’t fight in order to feel better about my resentment and bitterness about my lack of power.” Well, many Asian women have figured out how to circumvent that, so I don’t really see the problem. A poor-me problem, I think.

    Paltrow may be obnoxious, but there is absolutely no defense for calling her a hoe. None. Unless, of course, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth is now grounds for trashing someone because you were not so fortunate. We don’t know how Pitt attempted to defend her or what was said. It’s all gossip…..

  668. H!!! says:

    LOL. Now the Kaiser / perfect tease 26 slag has morphed into hottss2000. Does this woman even go outside or does she just spend every waking hour and all her time on the Internet?!?!. Fake feminist. Fake Indian. Real skitzo!!!

  669. H!!!! says:

    Correction. hotss2000. Unlike the kaiser/ perfect tease 26, I like to be accurate with my information. I also do not sleep with married men, but I digress.

  670. Sara says:

    You don’t know how a blogger’s mentality seeps into your own view of things until you stop reading the posts and the comments and banish the whole thing from your recreational reading routine. I got really hooked on Celebitchy for a while and now realize that it’s really kind of toxic and can wear on you and be insidious. All of these gossip blogs try to brand themselves with a specific attitude and perspective, and it’s far too easy to adopt their point of view about popular culture and what you should or should not keep up with. It’s been interesting to read other people’s critiques of Celebitchy. That one is a good example of how gossip blogs can go way off the rails.

  671. BannedFromCelebitchy Now an Reddit Community-Please Sub! says:
  672. BannedFromCelebitchy Now an Reddit Community-Please Sub! says:

    I made this sub for a more up to date, flexible place for people to discuss Celebitchy. It’s rough, but you can post pictures and discuss different threads.
    I feel like this place has been really dead.

  673. Sara says:

    Wow. What a great approach to this. I agree that this site needs to be supervised by its negligent owners and probably may need to be shut down because of a very incompetent moderator. Thanks for doing this. I don’t have access to Reddit. I refuse to be any part of social media. I am an old fart and am a degreed law, medical, and science academic librarian. We saw the legal dangers of social media decades ago. Be very careful of anything you post to these totally unregulated sites. The implications of your posts could follow you forever. We don’t know.

  674. BannedFromCelebitchy is Now an Reddit Community-Please Sub! says:

    I agree. The situation with Weinstein and the witch hunt for all the women involved showed that. Lainey, by making that blind about that women ruined her career, which is why I don’t get why the readers over at CB don’t see that their hateful ways(mostly irrational hate at times) do and can hurt people.
    Also as I stated on Reddit, it’s not my goal to promote hate or pile on ppl (as Kaiser and cb do) it’s to discuss.
    No hate, no bigoted speech, no attacking these people personally just…discussion, that isn’t allowed on CB.
    I was very clear that it’s not a Hate Sub and I will not tolerate, slander, hatred or any of that.

    I still read here so I’ll see your posts.

  675. Anon says:

    Can you expand on what you’ve said about Lainey and her career being ruined?
    Are we talking about Lainey or

  676. BannedFromCelebitchy is Now an Reddit Community-Please Sub! says:

    Lianey made a blind about a women being sexually involved with Harvey Weinstein for a magazine cover. Saying things like, “She liked it” and shitty stuff like that. That woman (i forget her name) said that it never happened but her career was ruined because of the blind Lainey made.

  677. BannedFromCelebitchy is Now an Reddit Community-Please Sub! says:

    Disgusting comments about shit that has nothing to do with the post.

    (also Kaiser ignored my request to remove the gross comments