2011 Academy Awards

Hanging out with a couple of friends and my computer, watching the Oscars.  Overall, the tone of the show is a little… underwhelming.  James Franco seems like he’s a little on the stoned side and is phoning it in, although in his mind, he’s actually phoning in for a pizza delivery.  Anne Hathaway is trying but is coming off as shrill and “lookatmemom!” When Billy Crystal came out, he kind of schooled the young uns.

Fashionwise, Jennifer Lawrence was simple and stunning.  My best dressed.  Nicole Kidman, while not worst dressed (that would be Colleen Atwood), was not my favorite.

Now on to the winners:

  • Art Direction and Cinematography: my favorite awards because of my love for film.  Alice in Wonderland for the former, Inception for the latter.  Both incredibly deserved.  The intricacies of both of these films was apparent.
  • Supporting Actress:  Melissa Leo.  Meh.  I don’t know why she bugs me, but she does.  And really, because you portrayed a kind of trashy character doesn’t mean you have to actually BE trashy and drop the f-bomb.  I mean, come on, at fifty years of age, you should at least have some sense of propriety (not that I’m a bastion of propriety by a long shot.)  I wanted Helena Bonham Carter for her nuanced performance in The King’s Speech.  But as my friend Lynne says:  I also want a pony, do you see one here?
  • Animated Short FilmThe Lost Thing. I actually didn’t see this, which is unusual.  I usually see most of the shorts and documentaries.
  • Animated FeatureToy Story 3.  Blah.  I would have loved to have seen The Illusionist take home the award.  But instead, the commercial dreck wins.
  •  Adapted ScreenplayThe Social Network.  God, I’m sorry, but I really didn’t like this film, and I like Aaron Sorkin even less.  I was hoping for Winter’s Bone.  But I’m looking around and still, no pony. 
  • Original ScreenplayThe King’s Speech.  Wow, finally I am pleased with something.  Any one of the nominated screenplays would have been more than acceptable and more than deserving, but I have a real soft spot for this film.
  • Foreign Language FilmIn a Better World.  I actually saw this and it was quite deserving.  Loved the presentation by Helen Mirren and Russell Brand.
  • Supporting Actor:  Christian Bale.  Very deserved win.  Lovely speech. I would have been happy with any of these fine actors winning, but Christian Bale’s transformation into Dickey Ecklund was amazing.  The tweaks and twitches, the body transformation… Well done.
  • Original Score:  Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Social Network.  The score was the best part of the film, so the win was well deserved.  But damn, Trent.  You’re looking like the minivan majority spokesman these days.  I guess we all have to grow up some time, though.  If, on the off-chance you read this, sorry dude.  I still love you and you’re still welcome to crash at our place.
  • Sound Mixing and Sound EditingInception for both.  Well deserved.  That’s really all I can say.
  • MakeupThe Wolfman.  Like Cate Blanchett said “that’s gross.”  And in being so realistically gross, it proves the win.
  • Costume DesignAlice in Wonderland (Colleen Atwood).  The costumes were amazing in this film more than any other nominated film.  Well done.  And Colleen designed Helena Bonham Carter’s dress for the Oscars.
  • Documentary ShortStrangers No More.  Again, I missed this film, so I can’t comment.
  • Live Action ShortGod of Love.  Congrats to Luke Matheny.  I saw this at a panel at my alma mater, NYU/Tisch Maurice (Kanbar Institute of Film and Television).  I was pulling for this and am SO glad it won.  And Luke, no need for a haircut, you look great.
  • Documentary FeatureInside Job.  Good thought provoking film.  Good win.
  • Visual EffectsInception.  I would have been shocked had this NOT won.  The effects in this film were amazing.  Honestly, the script was a little weak, but the film was made wonderful by the visual effects.
  • Film EditingThe Social Network.  Hmmm, I would have expected The Black Swan.  I thought the editing was simply more deft and better done in the Black Swan.  But OK.
  • Original SongWe Belong Together from Toy Story 3.  Ugh.  Randy Newman.  Blech.  Toy Story, double blech.  But nothing else was really any better.  And Gwyneth dawg… you wuz pitchy.
  • Directing:  Tom Hooper, The King’s Speech.  This category was truly anyone’s game.  And the winner was Hooper.  He did an awesome job with The King’s Speech.  And his acceptance speech was good.  Yes, always listen to your mother.  Tom Hooper just always comes off as a lovely man.
  • Leading Actress:  Natalie Portman, The Black Swan.  Not sure how I feel about this win.  Watching the other clips, I think there were more deserving actors.  I think Jennifer Lawrence should be up there right now.  Not that Natalie was bad and is undeserving, she was good.  Very good.  But I think there was a better choice.  But thanks so much for thanking crew members.  That was classy.  And I mean that.
  • Leading Actor:  Colin Firth, The King’s Speech.  I adore this man.  He has been this quiet presence that propels so many films to quiet greatness.  Now it’s his turn to shine.  His Bertie was a flawed man thrust into a role he neither wanted nor needed, but rose to the occasion. And I was riveted to the screen for all three of the times I saw this film.
  • Best PictureThe King’s Speech.  I loved this film.  Simply loved it.  With the exception of that damned Toy Story 3, all the films were excellent.  But TKS just resonated with me in a way none of the others did.  Congratulations.

Overall, this year’s Oscars were really uneventful and underwhelming.  But hell, they ended close to on time.  Thanks to Laura (the hostess with the mostess) Allison, Lynne,  Annie, and Amy for helping me blog this.

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One Response to 2011 Academy Awards

  1. Linda R. says:

    Thanks, Liana and company. I got the highlights of the show and didn’t have to watch it. That’s a good thing.

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