First married Thanksgiving

… and we were thousands of miles apart.  I know JP’s a musician and I know that he pretty much has to take whatever work he can get, but I am angry and disappointed that we are spending this time apart so early in our marriage.  I won’t see him until right before Christmas.  And on top of it, this little groupie bitch emailed me to say that JP was cheating on me.  With her.  I know that’s a lie, but it sucks that I even have to be brought into someone else’s wishful thinking and psychotic behavior.  And yes, Rae, I know that you’re nowhere near where my husband is.  I know you’re in Baltimore.  My husband is not so well endowed that he can cheat on me with you from thousands of miles away.

Sorry if I sound whiny, but I’m having a bad couple of days.  I’m going skeet shooting with my dad later.  If anything can make me feel better, it’s my dad and shooting at shit.

update:  went skeet shooting.  shot like crap, dad gave me advice and since he was holding a gun, I think I’ll follow it.

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