Day 16 – My pets

I have two pets.  Well, three if you count JP, but we won’t go there.  Max is a two-year old Bernese Mountain Dog and Baxter is a seven-year old tortoise cat.  I actually gained custody of Baxter when JP and I got married. 

My pets are members of my family.  I often cook for my pets (no, simplysusanna, you’re not alone there) and trust me, for this vegetarian, it’s not easy.  But I know dogs and cats are carnivores and it is what it is.  When I don’t cook for my pets, I’m the annoying girl in the market blocking the pet aisle looking at all the labels to find the best foods at the best price. 

In return, Max and Baxter give me unconditional love and affection (OK, there are conditions with the cat, there always are, but I don’t mind fooling myself).  They give me cuddles when I need them (yes, the cat still has her conditions, but that’s life).  And when I’m sad, Max will burrow his little puppy face into mine and lick away my tears.  The cat… well, she does stand there and stare at me, then demands scritches behind her ears.  I suppose that counts for something.

Treat your furbabies with respect and dignity, keep them safe, and love them.  We’re all they have, and they return our love (even Baxter, when she’s done licking her privates).

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2 Responses to Day 16 – My pets

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Liana. Would love to see pictures of your furkids. If you’re buying food for them, look for the Organix brand. It isn’t home-cooked food, but it’s decent. Please give Max a belly-rub and Baxter a scritch behind the ears from me. Tell them JackJack said hello 🙂

  2. Liana says:

    I’ll post some pics soon.

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