Day 9 – My beliefs

I’m just going to be short, sweet, and to the point when it comes to my beliefs:

  1. I am vegetarian.  If you are not, that is fine.  I will not lecture you nor attempt to convert you. I choose not to eat animals (although I do have dairy and the occasional egg).  That is my choice.  I recognize that it is not everyone’s choice.  So feel free to order that burger around me.  I won’t make a single comment.
  2. I believe in God.  If you don’t believe in Him, then kindly refrain from acting as though I am stupid or archaic for believing in him.  I heard that enough from one of my friends until he started believing in God again.  I will not prosthelytize or mock your lack of a belief in God.  That’s not how I am, how I was taught, or how I was made.  I am Catholic, and while I struggle with the day to day operations of being a true Catholic, I try really hard.  So leave my beliefs alone and I will leave yours alone.
  3. I hate politics.  I understand the aspects of politics, but think it’s all just a stupid game of one upsmanship.  I vote because it’s my responsibility, but more and more I feel like it is a choice between the lesser of two evils.  Please don’t try pounding into my head that one “side” is better, smarter, faster than the other, because I’m not buying it.  All politicians basically suck and no one current or on the horizon looks any better.
  4. I hate war.  I hate all fighting, actually.  So, please people, Liana respectfully requests that you stop running planes into buildings, killing my loved ones, sending more children to fight a battle we shouldn’t be fighting (not the way we’re fighting it or the piss poor lies that got us there in the first place), and killing innocent people all in the name of “a war on terrorism.”  Stop trying to fool me into believing that’s what it’s all about.  Because I may have believed you all at first, but now I KNOW you’re lying.  Please bring our troops home to be with their loved ones.  Life is short enough without being shot at and having bombs thrown at you.
  5. I believe in the power of music.  I love how music, done properly, can piss people off.  I don’t really love it being used to piss me off, though.  Oh well, can’t enjoy one without the chance of the other, I guess.

So there you go.

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One Response to Day 9 – My beliefs

  1. JP says:

    Love #5. It’s always been my dream to piss off as many people musically as possible.

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