Day 7 – My Best Friend

Well, my best friend passed away a few months ago and I already talked about him anyway.  My second best friend is the love of my life, and I already talked about him.  So I’ll talk about my best female friend, Allie.

Allie is one of the smartest, most vibrant, most alive people I know.  She’s a psychologist (PhD and everything) and currently teaches at a fairly prestigious college upstate.  She worked as a forensic psychologist for several years before deciding to simplify her life and move up to the Adirondacks with her husband and their son, Matt. 

On paper, it would seem unlikely for Allie and I to even know each other, much less be friends.   But that’s just on paper.  In reality, we’re quite similar.  We both like rock, the harder the better.  We both have tattoos.  We both have a thing for guys with long hair, bands, and tats.   We both have rather random sense of humors.  We get each other.

When we lost Pete, she was my rock.  She understood what I needed, even though she was hurting, too.  She would drag me out of the doldrums, sometimes kicking and screaming, but she always knew exactly what we needed to be doing or not doing at any given moment.   We helped each other heal, even though she was definitely the stronger of us.  When I married JP, she was standing next to me.  I remember her telling me; “I know you’d rather Pete be here, but trust me, I look better in the dress.”

I love that at any given moment, I can pick up the phone and be connected with someone who can make me laugh when I need it, cry with me when I need it, and just listen when I need it.  And I can see her after not seeing her for months and it feels like I just hung out with her the night before.  It’s that effortless.  My friendship with Allie is that effortless.  It’s not a lot of work.  It just is.

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One Response to Day 7 – My Best Friend

  1. Allie says:

    Awwww, I love you, my friend.

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