Day 5 – My definition of love

To me, love is a strong attachment between two people, a feeling of warmth and affection.  You can love many people; a spouse, a partner, a parent, a child, a pet… Love is ever-growing and ever-changing.  You can fall in and out of love, love can grow deeper or weaker, love can change from passionate to practical, or become a combination of both.  Love can be all-consuming and the most wonderful feeling in the world, and love can break your heart and leave you empty with its loss.

I’ve loved and been loved.  I’ve had all these kinds of love.  The best kind is the love I have for JP:  passionate, yet practical.  Love borne out of years of friendship and out of knowing him so very well.  Love borne out of appreciating the wonderful facets that he brings to my life.  Love borne out of knowing  his strengths and his weaknesses.  And he knows the same about me.  He knows when to hold me close and when to give me space.  He knows what makes me laugh and what makes me cry.  And he knows when to say nothing and just hand me a bar of chocolate.

Love is life.  And I am lucky to be blessed with it in so many ways.

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