Day 4: My Music

I’m a rockerchick.  I like rock.  I like metal.  For awhile I liked some goth stuff.  But it has to have a heavy bass line and it has to rock.  Do I hate lyrical ballady music?  Not really.  There are some things in that vein that I like.  I like Imogen Heap.  I actually like her a lot.  Some stuff that Sara Bareilles does is decent.  And Anna Nalick is cool.  I never wish to Journey to Boston with Billy Joel in an REO Speedwagon, though.  Give me the following and I’m a happy princess:

  • The Who
  • Black Sabbath
  • Type O
  • Seventh Void
  • Laibach
  • Lacuna Coil
  • Ozzy
  • the unpeppy darker Beatles stuff
  • Danzig
  • the Misfits
  • the Ramones
  • the Plasmatics
  • Pantera

just to name a few.

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