I’ve been asked why…

OK, I have been asked a million times throughout the years why I never ended up boning my male best friend.  Now, I can divulge the truth.

We did attempt it once.  In 1999.  With disastrous consequences.  We were hanging out and somehow ended up kissing, which wasn’t exactly earth shaking, but what the hell, we were drinking a bit.  We made the attempt to go further, but it was frightening.  It was, in his words “like our genitalia repelled each others’.”  It was like a scene from a movie, we moved in for the kill, then suddenly each of us shot back to opposite ends of the couch.  We fixed our clothing, looked at each other, and said in union “we’re not ever doing THAT again.”  And we never did.  We spent the rest of the night watching Iggy Pop on “Behind the Music.”  It didn’t change our relationship except in making it actually stronger.  

 I couldn’t figure out why two people who got along so well and had so much personal chemistry could have such powerful anti-sexual chemistry.   JP claims it’s because I was a “younger, prettier, smaller version of Pete and really, it’s almost impossible to screw yourself.”  I kind of want to know what he meant by “almost” impossible.  JP, would you like to enlighten the class?  I do know what he means about the other stuff though.  We were more like brother and sister in so many ways that anything more seemed wrong and incestuous.

So yeah.  It is possible for women and men to be friends without there being any sexual attraction.  With the exception of that one ten minute period where were were bored watching TV and thought we’d see what would happen, we never were in the least bit interested in each other sexually.  It happens.

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2 Responses to I’ve been asked why…

  1. JP says:

    I have nothing to enlighten the class about. Really. I swear.

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