Mel Gibson: Douchenozzle Extraordinaire

It takes a special man to be a more recognizable douche than Massengill™.  But Mel Gibson has managed to do a damn good job doing just that.  Six tapes (thus far) of him spewing the most atrocious, misogynistic, frightening crap at a woman who mothered his child is the proof.

Yes, Oksana Grigorieva was the “other woman,” the one to get knocked up.   Gibson left his wife to be with her.  If her mind was set on a big paycheck and the dubious honor of becoming the wife/consort of a modern Hollywood legend, the job description certainly wasn’t what she thought and the legend had feet of clay.  He brutalized her with his words, and apparently with his hands.  And nothing that I have heard thus far has surprised me in the least.  Gibson’s reputation within the industry is that of a womanizer, a drinker, and a player who wields his power like a flaming sword, artfully cutting down those who dare to “cross him.”  Of course, crossing Mel Gibson could be something as simple as disagreeing with him or not seeing things his way. Hell, he could rant at someone over a toilet paper roll hung the wrong way, from what I have heard.

I think that when Mel scuttled his wife, he lost some of the lustre that he had gained over the years.  I think it took him down a few notches in the minds of some of the fans who were willing to forgive his ridiculous tirade following his public DUI arrest as an anomaly.  Of course, there are those who know that it was not an anomaly, but a little peek into the private maelstrom that is the mind of Mel Gibson (and yes, throughout his career, Gibson has at times been brilliant, but being brilliant doesn’t make someone a good person).

Anyway, when that lustre faded, when the world started seeing the cracks in the carefully constructed veneer of Mel Gibson, he started feeling it.  He started resenting it.  And he decided that there was one person to blame for that.  Oksana Grigorieva.  He would have to make her pay for his downfall.   He started with the less obvious but more insidious abuse, the verbal assault.  I’m sure that led to physical abuse as it usually does.  I’m sure it started with the “accidental” backhand then moved on to punching and choking.  Abuse has a definitive cycle.  And of course, there are the apologies.  Comments that he “wasn’t safe” for her.  Of course not.  She would never be safe with him. 

Robyn Gibson claims there was no physical abuse in her marriage and I believe her.  In Gibson’s great cinematic story of his life, Robyn has been cast as the Madonna (albeit one who is probably going to hell because she’s Episcopalian) and Oksana has been cast as the Whore.  In Gibson’s world, the Madonna is untouchable, but the Whore can be abused and maligned and no one will care.   But we do care.  No one can hear a man screaming, ranting, raving, saying the most horrible things to a woman without caring, without feeling angry, without feeling uncomfortable.  Not anyone with a heart, at least. 

Now, I do have questions about Oksana’s motives.  I don’t care why she got involved with Gibson.  I don’t care if she had dollar signs instead of pupils when she looked at Gibson.  I don’t care if she was a “gold digger.”  I do wonder why it took so long to get the restraining order.  Why she didn’t at least get her son out of there if she wasn’t willing to leave.  Why her son had to watch her be abused and still have to stay in that house, undoubtedly in fear of Gibson, when he had a father he could have stayed with at least temporarily.  Why didn’t she report the abuse to someone other than the dentist (who didn’t follow through the way he was supposed to)?  And if she did tell friends about the abuse, why didn’t she lean on them for support in leaving the situation instead of spending another six months in his company and in his house.  Yes, I understand the importance of gathering the evidence, but I really think she could have done that from outside his home.

But in the long run, none of this is as important as the fact that those children are now somewhat safe.  At least Alexander is.  Lucia still has to spend time with the man who verbally and more than likely physically brutalized her mother.  Hopefully, all the truth will win out and everyone will be safe and sound and away from the nightmare.

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