The Lady Gaga Kerfluffle

There’s a lot of debate on the celeb blogs regarding Lady Gaga and her behavior as of late (notably her nonsense at baseball games in New York and the comments made by Jerry Seinfeld).  Here’s my opinion (taken from my post on Celebitchy) and now that I’m back in New York for part of the summer, my New York is back up in full force!  So Jerry Seinfeld called her out on her behavior…

She behaved like a jerk.  If you go to a game at Citi or Yankee stadium in your bra and panties, expect to be photographed (actually, if any of US showed up like that, we’d probably be asked to put on some clothing or go home). 

I don’t care how close her family is, how New York she is, how Italian she is (I’m all of the above, though I’m bi-Coastal because of my career), it doesn’t give her the right to continually prance about in public in her underwear flipping off anyone at a family venue.

She could have simply shown up to the game in actual clothing, graciously accepted her premium front row seats (that someone may or may not have been ousted from for her in the first place) and when she didn’t like the attention that I can’t imagine someone showing up at a stadium in her underwear got, she could have politely requested another more private seat without resorting to profanity and the bird.  But no.  She did everything in her power to ensure that she got the attention she wanted, then complained about it then was rewarded for her behavior with a seat in a private luxury box “owned” by Jerry Seinfeld.  

After all the attention from the Met incident, she proceeded to behave in a similar manner at Yankee Stadium a few days later.  Yeah, she didn’t actually like the attention.  Doing it again ensured she would continue to get the attention she so abhors.  Give me a much needed break, Gaga, and stop insulting the intelligence of others.

Seinfeld is an ass, but even an ass occasionally has a correct opinion of someone’s behavior.

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