On Megan Fox and the plastic surgery issue…

I think that it is clear that Megan Fox has tampered with her God-given beautiful face and body.  Why do beautiful girls do this to themselves? Why do they let the opinions and comments of suits – more than likely men – determine how they alter their appearance?

Hollywood sucks. It can take a girl of beautiful looks, average intelligence, and dubious talent and make her up, make her over, prop her up with platitudes while tearing her down with criticism at the same time, telling her that she can do what she wants, say what she wants, and people will listen and care and think she’s deep and intellectual while they prey on the fact that she’s really not that smart, and really somewhat naive.  If she doesn’t go along with the marketing plan there’s always the casting couch.

This industry uses up the pretty young things and spits them out when it’s done with them, relegating them to the land of reality television just to make a living because really? They’re left with no marketable skills in a world that requires more than plastic, Botox, and youth to survive the long haul. The smart ones are few and far between, but they win Oscars and have career longevity because they played the game – yes, one must play the game – but they did it on their terms for the most part, and struggled and fought the machine the whole time.

So no. I’m not jealous of Megan Fox. I’m not jealous of Heidi Montag. I’m not jealous of any of the starlets Hollywood puts out because in ten years, they are destined for the Surreal Life in the Big Brother house, or the arm of some leering lecherous old dude with a truckload of money and the morals of an alley cat. I want more for myself than that. I deserve more. So do girls like Megan Fox… they just don’t realize it.

(originally posted in the comments at Celebitchy)

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