Master Procrasdisaster

I am a master at procrastination.  So much so that my husband refers to it as Procrasdisaster (the ability to create a disaster due to procrastination.)  Hence the two year lapse in my blog.  Let me fill you in (if you still care)

  1. Still apparently banned from Celebitchy.  I might even be over it.  Nah.
  2. Living in London.  How long do you need to live abroad before you can be considered an expat?  I do still come home for visits, but it’s mostly to Los Angeles to see my parents.
  3. Thought I was pregnant (finally) but it turned out to be gas.
  4. Still married, still happy.
  5. Still working in casting and loving it.
  6. Hating this whole Obama/Syria thing.  Please tell me that the US is not going to bomb Syria.

That’s about it.  But I do think I might actually get back to my blog on a semi regular basis.  I kind of like writing and I kind of miss doing it.  So, what are you all up to?  Feel free to friend me on facebook (  I’m not on a lot, but early in the morning I pop on and see what’s happening.

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Urban Dictionary…. HAHAHAHAHA

“Lianas are often seen holding on to a machine gun, for they fear a zombie attack will happen at any given moment. Often can they be found in underground punk showings or Walmarts during graveyard hours.”

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What to do… what to do

OK, I’ve been on the low end of the production team for a couple of films and television series. And I’m not really going anywhere. The jump from PA to AD isn’t that great and really, I’ve been spending so much time away from home (even though I currently work locally, I still have such strange hours). JP and I want to start a family and I’m starting to think that spending ridiculous hours on set or on location just isn’t worth it anymore. I’ve been offered a position in a casting office here in New York. It pays more than I currently get and the hours are actually “normal,” plus there are good benefits. And I would just research. So IF we got pregnant, it would be ideal for me. Seriously, working directly with actors just doesn’t have the same appeal to me, and being on set is becoming more of a chore than a joy.

So… do I take the certainty of the job in the casting office or do I continue on with the uncertainty of production? I think I know the answer.

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Being Banned

Yes, I am banned once again from Celebitchy.  And before you tell me that it’s my use of asterisks or ellipses, no.  I’m actually BANNED.  For what?  Nothing.  I did nothing to merit being banned other than state that a job that I have held – production assistant – isn’t just an internship.  Yup.  That’s it.  That’s all I said and the great and moronic Kaiser banned me for it.  And Katie, the real Celebitchy, ignored my emails.  Lovely, right? Continue reading

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Oh my

I’ve let my blog lapse BIG TIME. I’ll get to thinking and get to posting.  I actually have some ideas that I have to kick about.

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2011 Academy Awards

Hanging out with a couple of friends and my computer, watching the Oscars.  Overall, the tone of the show is a little… underwhelming.  James Franco seems like he’s a little on the stoned side and is phoning it in, although in his mind, he’s actually phoning in for a pizza delivery.  Anne Hathaway is trying but is coming off as shrill and “lookatmemom!” When Billy Crystal came out, he kind of schooled the young uns. Continue reading

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Oh Come On Grammys

Yeah, you did good remembering Dio and Alex Chilton, but you left off Pete. Just because Type O wasn’t “mainstream” doesn’t mean Peter Steele wasn’t influential.

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